DxD EX Decision

So I’ve been in discussion with the other individual interested in translating EX. We’ve agreed to split the work between us with me taking the first three chapters. That said, we’ve also agreed not to upload anything until all parts have been released.

In the meantime I intend to continue my work on Kampfer. I’ll translate EX on the side so that it’s ready in a couple of months.

Project Decided

So I’ve officially started work on Kampfer. Currently, it’s only on the level of a teaser project on B-T but hopefully that will change soon.

I said started, but to be perfectly honest I’m actually retranslating much the first chapter. I originally planned to just read what had already been translated and pick up where it left off, but the 1st chapter was just too hard to follow. I’m a novice at translating and already I believe I’ve made some major improvements. Not trying to brag but it’s pretty low quality.

Fortunately chapters 2 and on were done by a different translator so hopefully I can get on to the real deal once chapter 1 is up and running.

Slashdog Complete

And with that, Slashdog is officially completed. All chapters have been edited and uploaded to the High School DxD project on B-T. Regarding future projects, there’s still some degree of uncertainty.

To start with, as far as translating DxD EX goes, Ariel Saeba has apparently volunteered to work on it but doesn’t plan on uploading it until all chapters have been released (at least that’s the most recent news I’ve heard). We may end up dividing the workload.

As for other projects, I know I previously mentioned doing some short stories from the Monogatari series. I may come back to that but for the moment I’m considering working on Kampfer. In either case, I expect it may take some time before I upload anything since I will be adjusting to a new translation method.