Project Decided

So I’ve officially started work on Kampfer. Currently, it’s only on the level of a teaser project on B-T but hopefully that will change soon.

I said started, but to be perfectly honest I’m actually retranslating much the first chapter. I originally planned to just read what had already been translated and pick up where it left off, but the 1st chapter was just too hard to follow. I’m a novice at translating and already I believe I’ve made some major improvements. Not trying to brag but it’s pretty low quality.

Fortunately chapters 2 and on were done by a different translator so hopefully I can get on to the real deal once chapter 1 is up and running.

8 thoughts on “Project Decided

  1. Well, so far my new project is going smoothly. My new translation method is working perfectly (the old one I used for Slashdog was inapplicable). Given the results I shouldn’t have any problems going forward.

    That said, the old version of Chapter 1 is a mess. Don’t believe me? Go to the B-T, and under history use the “compare selected revisions” option to see just how much I’ve changed so far.


  2. kampfer? i dont know that serie so much but eh know about that is……is qa serie very weird, i dont read it but whatever, its not problem of you, jerutz, so, no problem, good luck in your work


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