DxD EX Decision

So I’ve been in discussion with the other individual interested in translating EX. We’ve agreed to split the work between us with me taking the first three chapters. That said, we’ve also agreed not to upload anything until all parts have been released.

In the meantime I intend to continue my work on Kampfer. I’ll translate EX on the side so that it’s ready in a couple of months.

13 thoughts on “DxD EX Decision

  1. You’re truly talented and awesome…keep translating.. it’ll be very much appreciated.. I’ve read all the volumes (volume 1 to 20)of the main light novel of highschool dxd.. it’s awesome and my most favorite of all time..the anime is also awesome but sadly it’s unfinished right now.. I’ve also read the first three chapters of highschool dxd ex from your website and liked it..I want to read more so where can I find more chapters.. please reply… I’ve also read the highschool dxd dx1 and trying to find the dx2 volume…so please reply,bro…okay??? I’ve to read it… thanks for hard work.😊..


    1. Neither at this point. For starters, DX1 is being worked on and is almost finished. As for DX2, to my knowledge that doesn’t even come out in Japan until Friday.


  2. I think you and your friend translated the chapters of DxD EX who have already left and did not come up to the net, but when the whole series then comes what may be uploaded traduccido have a focus and so the chapters not yet translated, in doing so give something to the public Yea concentrate while completing the translation ….

    I think it’s better that way because it means that when the EX series is over, we will all have to wait the tedious wait months and months to translate all the chapters at the time when the EX series is finished, at least the public could say :

    “Oh look, I went the last chapter, men, this will take time but at least our friend jerutz had ready the first two chapters translated, so waiting for the other chapters will not be so tedious”

    and due to the fact that the translation has no fixed schedule it means that the speed of your translation can be more lax, which will take two weeks to translate a chapter, assuming anyway, you could take a month and more as it leaves another chapter EX Series

    that’s my opinion, you are not forcing you or something, if you want to do it your way then respect your decision but until then, only just say: good luck and I hope you do not have problems in your life.


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