New Project

So at least one person guessed correctly. My latest project is Vandread. I have just posted the first volume’s illustrations and the first part of chapter 1. This may become my primary work once EX is completed so I hope you all enjoy it.

As I said before, there is also an anime version. Unlike most light novels though, for Vandread it seems that the anime and novel were produced concurrently, and as a result I expect them to highly resemble each other. That said, even for those of you saw the anime, the seventh novel volume contains new SS material that the anime didn’t feature.

Announcement of Upcoming Plans

So as most of you are already aware, I am in the process of translating DxD EX. I personally will be doing the first 3 chapters while Ariel Saeba will do the latter 3. We have agreed not to upload anything until after chapter 6 comes out, which to the best of my knowledge is at the end of January.

Regarding my work on Kampfer, I’ve decided to put that project on hold. The reason is that I’m not currently translating new material and am instead merely retranslating. As a result, I’m not uploading anything. Since the thought of going another month with nothing to upload wasn’t appealing, I have taken up a new project. My goal is to get a teaser done over the next week or so but EX is still my priority. My current goal is to finish EX chapter 3 by mid-march at the latest, preferably sooner.

As for what my new project will be, I’ll keep that a surprise. What I will say is that even though it’s never been done before, the series has two 13 episode anime seasons, both of which have been officially subbed and dubbed, plus two compilation movies. There’s also a manga but the plot is entirely different. Look forward to it.