EX Status and Next Project

I’ve have finished editing and transferring the first 3 EX chapters to Baka-Tsuki. I have also uploaded the cover art for chapters 1 and 2. My raws for chapter 3 did not include the cover art and I don’t have raws for 4-6, so if you have those cover art images feel free to upload them as I won’t be.

For my upcoming work, I plan to alternate between my work on Vandread Volume 1 and Vandread Extra Stage. The chapters are divided into bite size parts so I expect updates to be no less than once a week on average. I will remain on call for any future Slashdog installments (anxiously awaiting that one) but I do not plan on committing to any other project at this time.

I have not yet decided if I will post Vandread on B-T. Creating a whole project page and everything is not something I’m experienced with. In any case, I definitely won’t be adding it until I have a full chapter to upload.

Vandread Extra Stage Begins

Just posted the first little piece of Vandread Extra Stage chapter 1. Going forward my plan is to alternate between the main Vandread volumes and Extra Stage. For those who’ve never seen the anime of Vandread, feel free to read the main volumes as they come out but I recommend not reading Extra Stage until either the main volumes are done or you’ve watched both anime seasons. For those who enjoyed the anime, Extra Stage contains numerous stories that take place before, during, and after the events of the anime. The first chapter for example starts us off at the time Barnette first arrived at the pirate hideout.

Hope you all enjoy.

EX 3 Complete

With this the first three chapters of EX are complete. I’ll begin editing them this week in preparation for uploading them to B-T. Reminder, Ariel Saeba will be doing the remaining chapters (and likely is not far from completion).

One minor note. I do intend to put the cover art on B-T with the chapters (might take a while since it’ll be my first time uploading images). That said, I only have the images for 1 and 2. If anyone has chapter 3 I’ll ask that you please add that.

Going forward, my plan is to continue work on Vandread Volume 1. Simultaneously, I intend to begin work on Vandread Extra Stage, which features content not covered in the anime. I’ll keep my eyes open for news on Slashdog but feel free to let me know if you hear anything before I do.