Index PSP v1.1

I’ve made some enhancements to the Index PSP game chapters, specifically by adding in screenshots similar to those used in the Railgun PSP first chapter (and correcting some minor typos as well). Hopefully this makes the chapters themselves more enjoyable for the readers. My general rules for selecting screenshots was as follows: First, any unique screenshot was added regardless. Second, I would include a screenshot whenever the background setting changed. Third, I would include a screenshot whenever a new character debuted on screen. (In certain cases, I would delay including a shot of the second type by a few dialogue lines if a character was about to debut).

With this, the chapters are closer to the original experience, though obviously still lacking in both the action and lack of sound effects and voices.

A brief update on current projects. I’m past 60% in my work on Extra Stage and plan to continue forwards. Volume 1 remains on hold for the present. I also intend to begin the second chapter of Railgun PSP shortly. Meanwhile, Ishibumi has been dropping hints about more Slashdog in the works but it sounds like it’ll be a while before there’s anything new.