Railgun PSP Chapter 3 complete

So it’s been awhile since my last major upload. But at last, Railgun PSP Chapter 3 is finished. A warning to those of you who are ready to just jump in and get started: this chapter is huge. It’s larger than the previous two combined. Moreover, there are some complexities specific to this chapter that may make it tricky to determine where you should go next. For this reason, I highly advise taking notes of your decisions as you read. If you do find yourself getting turned around, let me know in detail and I’ll try to give you proper direction. If necessary I make create a faq page for some of the more confusing sections.

So for what’s next, I’m sorry to have to say that I will be taking a short break from Railgun and Vandread. Instead, I will be spending the next short while on updating Slashdog. For those who haven’t been following, the web novel Slashdog, my first ever translation project, was recently republished as a light novel. My next project is going to be updating the existing translation to better reflect the new version. This will be a multi-stage process. First, I plan to do a final edit on the web novel version, from which I will produce a final PDF version of the web novel. After that, I will update the translation on my blog and on B-T. This will include any changes between the two version as well as the added illustrations.

This hopefully won’t take too long to complete. I intend to focus on Vandread for a bit afterwards before returning to Railgun.