Slashdog ch. 4 updated

Slashdog has now been updated to LN version through chapter 4. I’ll be moving on to chapter 5 next, though I will be busy with spring cleaning for the next couple of weeks. I might be able to finish 5 by the end of the month, but I can’t make any guarantees.

For Vandread, I might begin work on the final Extra Stage chapter after Slashdog ch. 5, or I might wait until I’m further along. In any case, I would like to finish both the Extra Stage translation and the Slashdog update before starting on Slashdog volume 2.

Extra Stage Chapter 7 Complete

Vandread Extra Stage is now complete up through chapter 7. This time we focus on Misty, with Rebecca, Ezra, and Meia all playing roles as well (oh, and Pyoro was there too I suppose). With this, there’s only one chapter remaining, fittingly named for our favorite main characters who have somehow managed to not make any major appearances the entire volume.

That said, I won’t be starting the final chapter immediately. First, I plan to devote some time to finalizing the Slashdog update. Things will be busy towards the end of this month so I doubt I’ll have as much time to translate after next week, but things should pick up again in early April.

A lot of exciting things to look forward to. Slashdog volume 2 is about to be released, Extra Stage is almost finished, Salshdog volume 1 will soon be fully updated, and there’s still two chapters left in Railgun PSP. I may even announce a new project at some point in the not too distant future, so stay tuned.