Slashdog 2 Ch 4 DONE

Another Slashdog chapter is finished. I’m going to be trying to keep up my current pace for chapter 5. Lots to look forward to.

7 thoughts on “Slashdog 2 Ch 4 DONE

  1. Dude whats gonna happen now that baka-tsuki got hit with a copyright strike ? Will you still continue to translate ? And if so , will it be here only ?


    1. Translations will continue here. Slashdog is technically still on B-T. Only the links are removed. It’s possible that the admins will decide to restore Slashdog at some point.


  2. Thank you! Now I can’t wait for chapter 5 😭 oh well it’s not like the progress I’ve made learning Japanese is anywhere near close enough to read this myself so this is amazing, thanks Jerutz!


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