New Chapter

Chapter 1 of Slashdog 3 is now live. And with Coronavirus keeping people home, you’ll all be done reading it in half a day I suppose.

Most of my delays in this chapter are from getting involved with other things. My pace has actually improved a lot since I first started translating when it would take me 2 months to translate a chapter. This time, I think I wrapped up the entirety of part 2 in this chapter in less than a week.

I am juggling another project, and even with the lockdowns my day job is still considered essential. I’d like to aim for updates at least once a month though. Stay tuned.

Read the chapter here.

Slashdog update: Loli Akeno

So the Loli Akeno——I mean, Slashdog volume 3 prologue is now posted. Be advised that I have changed the navigation menu to try and clean it up for easier navigation (apparently on mobile devices it simply lists every submenu item instead of sorting them into sub-submenus like it does on desktops). While this reduces the amount of scrolling you’d need to do on a mobile device, you will have to access the Slashdog chapters through their respective volume’s parent page.

For example, to find the new chapter, go under DxD universe, and under Slashdog Series select Slashdog Volume 3. Then click on the link to the prologue once the page loads.

Please note that I have only applied this to Slashdog so far. I may simplify the VN menu later. Vandread will stay as is until I find time to devote to that series.

Slashdog Volume 2 COMPLETE

All except the Afterword that is. The final chapter and all the subsequent mini-chapters are now fully translated. I’ll apologize in advance for any inconsistencies with terminology or titles. I plan to try to establish some consistency when I do my readthrough prior to adding it to the DxD novel database.

Some thoughts I’ve been having about terminology. I’ve already taken to using a slightly unorthodox approach to the names of the Four Fiends and the Four Divine Beasts and the Yellow Dragon. While I originally used the Japanese names exclusively, sometimes annotated with the English translation, during my work on this volume I decided to use the Chinese names with the Japanese readings appearing as rubies above. I did this primarily due to Koga’s forced artificial Balance Breaker specifically using the Chinese name of his Fiend, thereby drawing readers’ attention to the name usage. The Japanese name is still technically the reading in all cases except for Koga’s BB, so I’ll be including both readings to in order to indicate as much.

I’m still using the Japanese names for the Four Divine Beasts and Ouryuu when they’re speaking of the characters instead of the beasts themselves though and plan to keep it that way. The Japanese pronunciation is how you say their names after all, even if the characters are the same as the Chinese name. This is also an easy way to tell the difference between whether the character or the beast is being referenced.

What I am debating though are the terms Four Fiends and Four Divine Beasts themselves. I could arguably write them as Sì-xiōngShikyou and Sì-shénShishin, which would also match with how Si-xiong is used in activation of Koga’s BB. (As an aside, Ishibumi indicates that the latter term is read Shishin, but most other sources I’ve checked have it pronounced Shijin). On the other hand, readers are probably more accustomed to the current forms (plus I’d rather not rename the ‘Four Fiends Project’).

Going forward, I’ll be finishing the afterword first, then transcribing the text onto the Occult Research Club website where it’ll be open to editors. October promises to be a crazy month unfortunately, but I do want to try and knock out a chunk of Railgun PSP chapter 4, which is fortunately nowhere near as long as chapter 3 (though who knows how complex it’ll be). I’ll move onto Slashdog 3 no later than December if all goes well, possibly earlier. Vandread volume 1 is still on hold but I would like to finish it someday.

Slashdog 2 ch 7 is finished

This may have been the longest chapter in the volume. At the very least, it was the longest segment yet to be translated. The remaining 3 or 4 segments include only a few subchapters and the afterword. Overall, the volume has now hit 91% completion.

A lot happened in this chapter, and a lot more has been revealed over the course of this volume. Look forward to the conclusion.

Another chapter

Here it is. Slashdog 2 chapter 6 is done. Things are really heating up. And cooling down I suppose.

The thing that really gets me though is……did I really just finish a whole chapter in only a month? How long have I been capable of this? I wasn’t even devoting 100% of my free time. I went to movies, rewatched the entire TWGOK anime, and I even just recently finished playing Rinne Utopia.

Am I setting standards that people will hold me to now? What have I done?

Slashdog Chapter 5 is finished!

Another chapter finished. A lot of interesting developments this time. New characters making their debuts, a new sacred gear appears, and more. The next segment is a non-numbered chapter, so I expect it to go rather quickly. Stay tuned.

In unrelated news, I recently learned that my TWGOK sugoroku translation has been turned into a fully scanlated game board image. There’s a link in the comment section of the translation’s page. Check it out if you’re a fan of TWGOK.

Overall, Slashdog 2 is now at 63% completion.

Index PSP Patch Complete

So the patch is done. It can be found here:!yQ0B0ARA!7haRldyFs7Dz-Xxjd7MjxWAT6VhhY3BT5ZzFvy-GrvU

To apply the patch, simply drag the ISO file for the game onto the application as indicated. I’ll also be posting this link on the main Index PSP page.

EDIT: A number of people have reported the game crashing on real hardware. To fix this, under recovery menu, go to advanced and make sure the option “force high memory layout” is disabled.

Announcing the Index PSP English Patch

Big news! Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP, a game until now only available in Japanese, will soon be playable in English. Thanks to the technical assistance of Kotcrab, we been able to apply my translation skills towards developing an English patch of the game. This is no mere story mode translation either. Our aim is to allow people to experience the game as a whole. This means that the character movesets and summaries will be in English, the opening will be subbed, and more.

As far as when it will be finished, at our current pace it should be soon. Within a month would be my estimate. Look forward to it.