Slashdog Chapter 3 Complete

The 3rd chapter of Slashdog 2 is finished. Things really start to heat up in this chapter and even I’m itching to see what happens next.

Before I do though, I want to finish Vandread’s afterword. It should only take me a few days at most. I might knock out a few scenes of Railgun as well, but Slashdog is still my primary focus.

Vandread Extra Stage COMPLETE!!!

At long last, Vandread the Extra Stage is done! Well, there is still the afterword, but the novel is complete. Check one off the to do list.

With that finished, I’ll be moving on to Slashdog ch 3 next. I haven’t forgotten about Railgun, but Slashdog is my main focus. On the bright side, wordpress appears to have offered a new editing format that, if appearances can be judged, might expedite my work on Railgun when I do go back to it. So far, my experience is that the new style will allow me to implement my custom page formatting without having to constantly switch between a visual and HTML editor like I usually do.

Some people have asked me about the DxD Harem King Memorial volume that recently came out. It does seem that there will be a team effort to translate it at some point, but it’s still in the discussion phase so there’s no time table as of yet.


What you are about to read is top secret information relating to High School DxD EX. Only recently as part of the Harem King Memorial volume, which includes the complete text of EX, this TOP SECRET information was added in at the very end of the volume.

I warn you, this information is not for the faint of heart. It details much of the hidden secrets of the world of ‘ExEEvih Etoulde‘, and most importantly about its leadership under the malevolent god Malvezoa. If you fear you may lose sleep after learning the true horrors about this mysterious world, I advise you to keep far away.

You have been warned.

Top Secret

Slashdog Vol 2 Ch 2 complete

So it’s been a long while, but the second chapter is finally finished. The last couple months have been busy but things should pick up going into the winter months.

That said, I’m wondering if Tobio himself wants to see what happens next. Two chapters in and already so much drama. I’m not sure Natsume and Lavinia could make things more awkward if they tried to. For that matter, them trying might actually be an improvement over the current pace.

For those wondering about Vandread, I haven’t forgotten about Extra Stage. Overall the final chapter is about half done or so. I’ve also been working on another collaboration project, but the details are still secret. Fortunately there’s not too much work involved at this point.

Slashdog 2 Chapter 1 Complete

Chapter 1 is finished. According to Bookwalker, this puts me at 13% completion for the whole volume. All in all, given that I’ve had other things taking time away from translating, I’m fairly pleased with the amount of progress I’ve made. I will try to pick up the pace a bit but as always I can’t make any promises.

In regards to the current chapter, I’ve been experimenting with some format improvements. In short, I’ve mastered a way to have reference links for translation notes instead of having them inline. I’ve also experimented with placing furigana readings as ruby’s over the translated Kanji (like this: KanjiFurigana). I am slightly concerned that the furigana text might be too small so let me know if it’s a problem.

Slashdog 2 Prologue complete

Well, we’re off to a bit of a cold start, but the prologue is finished and uploaded. And by cold start, I mean quite literally. You’ll understand after you’ve read it.

I won’t be giving any time tables for when to expect updates. For starters, as I only read as far as I’ve translated, I have no idea how long the chapters are. I can say that this volume is a good 10% shorter in total page count compared to the previous one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be finishing it that much quicker.

Additionally, I’ll almost certainly aim to complete Vandread Extra Stage before devoting myself fully to Slashdog. There’s also Railgun PSP to consider, but I’m leaving that on the back burner for the moment.

I’ll also be uploading the color illustrations shortly, so look forward to it.

Slashdog Final Chapter complete

Here it is. The last chapter is done. The first segment only has some additional dialogue referencing the Church. The second is mostly the same. The third though is all new and it’s a pretty major addition.

I’ve still got the afterword left, but once that’s done I’ll be looking to upload the new version to B-T. After that, volume 2!