Slashdog Volume 2 COMPLETE

All except the Afterword that is. The final chapter and all the subsequent mini-chapters are now fully translated. I’ll apologize in advance for any inconsistencies with terminology or titles. I plan to try to establish some consistency when I do my readthrough prior to adding it to the DxD novel database.

Some thoughts I’ve been having about terminology. I’ve already taken to using a slightly unorthodox approach to the names of the Four Fiends and the Four Divine Beasts and the Yellow Dragon. While I originally used the Japanese names exclusively, sometimes annotated with the English translation, during my work on this volume I decided to use the Chinese names with the Japanese readings appearing as rubies above. I did this primarily due to Koga’s forced artificial Balance Breaker specifically using the Chinese name of his Fiend, thereby drawing readers’ attention to the name usage. The Japanese name is still technically the reading in all cases except for Koga’s BB, so I’ll be including both readings to in order to indicate as much.

I’m still using the Japanese names for the Four Divine Beasts and Ouryuu when they’re speaking of the characters instead of the beasts themselves though and plan to keep it that way. The Japanese pronunciation is how you say their names after all, even if the characters are the same as the Chinese name. This is also an easy way to tell the difference between whether the character or the beast is being referenced.

What I am debating though are the terms Four Fiends and Four Divine Beasts themselves. I could arguably write them as Sì-xiōngShikyou and Sì-shénShishin, which would also match with how Si-xiong is used in activation of Koga’s BB. (As an aside, Ishibumi indicates that the latter term is read Shishin, but most other sources I’ve checked have it pronounced Shijin). On the other hand, readers are probably more accustomed to the current forms (plus I’d rather not rename the ‘Four Fiends Project’).

Going forward, I’ll be finishing the afterword first, then transcribing the text onto the Occult Research Club website where it’ll be open to editors. October promises to be a crazy month unfortunately, but I do want to try and knock out a chunk of Railgun PSP chapter 4, which is fortunately nowhere near as long as chapter 3 (though who knows how complex it’ll be). I’ll move onto Slashdog 3 no later than December if all goes well, possibly earlier. Vandread volume 1 is still on hold but I would like to finish it someday.

Vandread Extra Stage COMPLETE!!!

At long last, Vandread the Extra Stage is done! Well, there is still the afterword, but the novel is complete. Check one off the to do list.

With that finished, I’ll be moving on to Slashdog ch 3 next. I haven’t forgotten about Railgun, but Slashdog is my main focus. On the bright side, wordpress appears to have offered a new editing format that, if appearances can be judged, might expedite my work on Railgun when I do go back to it. So far, my experience is that the new style will allow me to implement my custom page formatting without having to constantly switch between a visual and HTML editor like I usually do.

Some people have asked me about the DxD Harem King Memorial volume that recently came out. It does seem that there will be a team effort to translate it at some point, but it’s still in the discussion phase so there’s no time table as of yet.

January Progress Update & Project Discussion

It’s been a while since my last post so I wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been working on. As many of you may know, Slashdog has begun publication as a light novel series. While the first volume is merely an edited version of the web novel, volume 2 is scheduled for release in March and promises to include new content.

Presently, I have been making my way through the first volume and comparing it side by side with the web novel to discern any differences. I am updating the translation to match the LN version while also correcting many mistakes from when I first debuted the work. I should be finished before the next volume is released.

For my other active projects, Railgun PSP and Vandread Extra Stage, I will continue working on both, though Slashdog will be the main focus of my efforts. Both projects are nearing completion though and with any luck will be finished no later than June or July, and possibly before that.

Going forward, I intend to maintain only 3 active projects at a time, which I’m designating as A, B, and C. Slot A is reserved for all future Slashdog releases and will receive the largest share of devoted time and effort. B and C will be roughly equal in terms of time devoted.

While this may be a little premature, I do have some ideas for future projects to replace Railgun and Extra Stage which I wanted to share:

Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble: The third Raildex PSP game and a prequel to the Endymion movie. Based on what I’ve read about it, it contains 4 distinct stories. One of these is apparently identical to the Road to Endymion SS, but the other 3 are otherwise untranslated. I haven’t played the game yet so I’m mostly unsure of the format, but it appears to divided into events rather than chapters like the previous two games.

Vandread: I previously began work on the first volume of Vandread and would like to return to it at some point. The series has a total of seven volumes, including Extra Stage, so I doubt I’ll be able to finish the whole series myself. That said, should there be a lack of interest, I may choose to sideline the project due to the fact that it differs little from the anime.

Gundam Novels: As a Gundam fan, I think I would enjoy the challenge of translating a Gundam novel, and there are plenty of untranslated ones to choose from. While I did consider finishing the mostly translated Gundam UC, at the moment my inclination is towards the two volume Gundam F91 novel. The main reason for this is that F91 is one of the most neglected parts of  the Gundam franchise. Originally planned as an anime, the broadcast was scrapped partway through production, resulting in what essentially amounts to a single compilation movie to cover everything. I think that the series that launched Crossbone Gundam deserves better than some choppy movie. A two volume novel might just do the trick.

I have some other ideas as well, but I think these should be enough for the moment. Let me know what you think or if you have any other suggestions I might consider. Be aware though, I won’t be starting any new projects until after finishing the present ones.

Vandread Extra Stage 6 Complete

The sixth chapter of extra stage is now fully completed. Just two more to go before the entire volume is done. In other news, Railgun PSP chapter 3 is just short of 50% complete, which also puts me more than halfway done with the entire game.

As much as I might like to make grandiose promises about upcoming releases though, I do need to bring up a point from reality. I will be starting training for a new job at the end of September, a fact which is (for me at least) a matter great excitement. Naturally this will mean less free time, especially during the early part of October when I expect my translations to all but grind to a halt. On the bright side, this will be my permanent career if all goes well, so once I’m settled in things might speed up a good amount.

Lastly, while I would very much like to pick up the new Slashdog when it comes out in November, I won’t be making any guarantees at this time. I don’t plan to make a decision until late October at the earliest and even if I do decide to pick it up it may not be for a couple of months.

Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 5

At long last the 5th chapter of Extra Stage is complete. This chapter tells the untold tale of how Gascogne survived. With this we have finally moved past the events of the anime themselves and from here on will focused on the post-anime events. The next chapter, based on plot summaries I’ve read in the past, will likely focus on Misty, while the last two will probably focus on Hibiki and Dita.

Going forward, I am going to work on Railgun PSP chapter 2 next. I don’t know if I’ll be completing it before returning to Extra Stage but if my previous experience teaches me anything it’s that I have a hard time putting down VNs.

In any case, enjoy chapter 5.

Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 5

Extra Stage Chapter 4 complete

The fourth chapter of Vandread the Extra Stage is now finished. With this the volume passes the halfway mark and concludes the story that started in chapter 3. The next chapter will focus on Gascogne and I expect that it’s a one chapter story this time instead of 2.

I will continue to focus on Extra Stage over the earlier volumes for now, though as a followup to my Index PSP project, I also plan to translate the Railgun PSP game as well. I’d also like to enhance the Index translation for improved comprehension. The next couple months might get busy in real life as well. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Incidentally, an interesting thought occurred to me during this chapter. I was rewatching the anime and noticed that Amarone and Belvedere were listed in the season 1 credits as “Bridge Crew A” and “Bridge Crew B” (they were named in Second Stage credits though). Seems that the names Amarone, Belvedere, and Celtic aren’t alphabetical by chance.

B-T Teaser Launch

I have officially opened a teaser project for Vandread on Baka-Tsuki. Once uploaded, all chapter will be available to edit by proofreaders. I have already uploaded the completed chapters of volume 1 and will try to get the Extra Stage chapters done sometime this week. I’ll also begin uploading the illustrations for the untranslated volumes as soon as I’m up to it.

Vandread Volume 1 Chapter 2 Complete

With this Chapter 2 is finished. Anime-wise this puts us at the end of episode 1 and overall puts Volume 1 at just over 1/3 complete.

I’ll be focusing a bit more on Extra Stage before starting chapter 3. The next two parts are relatively short so there shouldn’t be too much in the way of waiting. I want to try to make up some distance between the two volumes, since even though I’m nearly finished Chapter 2 of Extra Stage as well, Extra Stage has eight chapter to Volume 1’s six.

Vandread Volume 1 Chapter 2

Extra Stage Chapter 1 Complete

First chapter of Extra Stage is officially translated. And as if to make up for Volume 1’s sausage fest of a first chapter, this chapter consists of (almost) exclusively female characters.

Unfortunately for those who have not watched the anime, this chapter is a huge spoiler. While it indeed takes place before the anime, the narration sequences reference future events rather explicitly. So if you haven’t seen the anime yet, I recommend watching it before reading.

Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 1

Vandread Volume 1 Chapter 1 Complete

One chapter down. On the one hand, I feel a slight sense of accomplishment for having finished my first light novel chapter (Slashdog was technically a web novel and DxD EX was a Blu Ray special). On the other hand, I find it somewhat troubling that all that work literally amounts to HALF of the first anime episode. Moreover, the entire first chapter is 100% devoid of female characters. Seriously, how am I supposed to get people to read a chapter that has no women in it?

On the bright side, I do plan to make up for it with my next release. Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 1 is essentially all female characters so hopefully that balances things out. I’ve already got 2 of 3 parts done so it shouldn’t take too long.

I’m also planning to begin working on a teaser project page on B-T. Not sure when I’ll get around to it but anyone who wants to edit, proofread, or otherwise contribute, just keep your eyes peeled.

And with that, I present the first chapter of Vandread.

Vandread Volume 1 Chapter 1