Vandread Extra Stage COMPLETE!!!

At long last, Vandread the Extra Stage is done! Well, there is still the afterword, but the novel is complete. Check one off the to do list.

With that finished, I’ll be moving on to Slashdog ch 3 next. I haven’t forgotten about Railgun, but Slashdog is my main focus. On the bright side, wordpress appears to have offered a new editing format that, if appearances can be judged, might expedite my work on Railgun when I do go back to it. So far, my experience is that the new style will allow me to implement my custom page formatting without having to constantly switch between a visual and HTML editor like I usually do.

Some people have asked me about the DxD Harem King Memorial volume that recently came out. It does seem that there will be a team effort to translate it at some point, but it’s still in the discussion phase so there’s no time table as of yet.

Vandread Extra Stage 6 Complete

The sixth chapter of extra stage is now fully completed. Just two more to go before the entire volume is done. In other news, Railgun PSP chapter 3 is just short of 50% complete, which also puts me more than halfway done with the entire game.

As much as I might like to make grandiose promises about upcoming releases though, I do need to bring up a point from reality. I will be starting training for a new job at the end of September, a fact which is (for me at least) a matter great excitement. Naturally this will mean less free time, especially during the early part of October when I expect my translations to all but grind to a halt. On the bright side, this will be my permanent career if all goes well, so once I’m settled in things might speed up a good amount.

Lastly, while I would very much like to pick up the new Slashdog when it comes out in November, I won’t be making any guarantees at this time. I don’t plan to make a decision until late October at the earliest and even if I do decide to pick it up it may not be for a couple of months.

Extra Stage Chapter 4 complete

The fourth chapter of Vandread the Extra Stage is now finished. With this the volume passes the halfway mark and concludes the story that started in chapter 3. The next chapter will focus on Gascogne and I expect that it’s a one chapter story this time instead of 2.

I will continue to focus on Extra Stage over the earlier volumes for now, though as a followup to my Index PSP project, I also plan to translate the Railgun PSP game as well. I’d also like to enhance the Index translation for improved comprehension. The next couple months might get busy in real life as well. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Incidentally, an interesting thought occurred to me during this chapter. I was rewatching the anime and noticed that Amarone and Belvedere were listed in the season 1 credits as “Bridge Crew A” and “Bridge Crew B” (they were named in Second Stage credits though). Seems that the names Amarone, Belvedere, and Celtic aren’t alphabetical by chance.

Extra Stage Chapter 1 Complete

First chapter of Extra Stage is officially translated. And as if to make up for Volume 1’s sausage fest of a first chapter, this chapter consists of (almost) exclusively female characters.

Unfortunately for those who have not watched the anime, this chapter is a huge spoiler. While it indeed takes place before the anime, the narration sequences reference future events rather explicitly. So if you haven’t seen the anime yet, I recommend watching it before reading.

Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 1

EX Status and Next Project

I’ve have finished editing and transferring the first 3 EX chapters to Baka-Tsuki. I have also uploaded the cover art for chapters 1 and 2. My raws for chapter 3 did not include the cover art and I don’t have raws for 4-6, so if you have those cover art images feel free to upload them as I won’t be.

For my upcoming work, I plan to alternate between my work on Vandread Volume 1 and Vandread Extra Stage. The chapters are divided into bite size parts so I expect updates to be no less than once a week on average. I will remain on call for any future Slashdog installments (anxiously awaiting that one) but I do not plan on committing to any other project at this time.

I have not yet decided if I will post Vandread on B-T. Creating a whole project page and everything is not something I’m experienced with. In any case, I definitely won’t be adding it until I have a full chapter to upload.

Vandread Extra Stage Begins

Just posted the first little piece of Vandread Extra Stage chapter 1. Going forward my plan is to alternate between the main Vandread volumes and Extra Stage. For those who’ve never seen the anime of Vandread, feel free to read the main volumes as they come out but I recommend not reading Extra Stage until either the main volumes are done or you’ve watched both anime seasons. For those who enjoyed the anime, Extra Stage contains numerous stories that take place before, during, and after the events of the anime. The first chapter for example starts us off at the time Barnette first arrived at the pirate hideout.

Hope you all enjoy.