High School DxD EX Chapter 3

New Church Trio

Invaders who have time travelled from thirty years into the future——the mechanical lifeforms ‘UL’. Together with Ise’s children who appeared to pursue them from thirty years into the future, I had encountered one of the ‘Invade Fanatics’ who were the leaders of the ‘UL’, a mechanical dragon named Garvarudan, against whom we had battled.

“……Having said all that, that was essentially what happened. You guys should also be careful.”


I, concealing the truth from the ORC members, reported the main points about the ‘Unknown Enemy Lifeform’ going on a rampage.

Since that mechanical dragon flew off, one day has passed. At this point I, having somehow or another managed to clean up the trees in the forest, I was attempting to provide an excuse to my students who reside within Kuou Town…….

“Sensei! We were also assaulted by them! Those guys——”

“The members of the student council also apparently encountered them——”

——In this way, they reported having come into contact with the ‘UL’. Fortunately, having apparently not encountered the leadership class or Loki, they had not figured out the truth.

……For whatever reason, the enemy was showing no hesitation in attacking the people from this time period. Well, their goal being nothing short of rewriting history, it was actually rather natural that they would attack the comrades of the two heavenly dragons of this time period who had caused them so much trouble in the future. If they had come to the past of this timeline in order to exert influence over history, it was understandable that they would assault us who were in their way.

As for the silver lining, though those guys had travelled to this time period to change history, they had come to this timeline. For example——had they gone a little further into the past, back to before the formation of the ‘Khaos Brigade’, that would be an instant out. ——Had that been the case, as far as the power to fight those ‘UL’ head on, since Ise and company ought not to be enough, in that situation they would be one-sidedly slaughtered.

As for the opponent’s means of transportation, whether it was accomplished using some kind of technique, or it was a result of unexpected happenings due to changes made to this timeline……. I dare say, the latter seems to be likely…….

To me students I said,

“Anyway, we ought to refrain from acting alone for now. Members of the rearguard especially must absolutely move together with the vanguard attackers even during midday. You should act in teams of no less than three.”

Having delivered those precise words, I began heading towards the place where I had planned to meet with Ise’s children.


Having arrived at a residential area park that was a short distance from Kuou Academy, I, taking a seat on the bench, received a report from Xenovia’s son——Zen.

“Well then, Kurenai left to go meet up with your other siblings huh.”

“Yes, it would seem that the predicted timing was slightly off, so he headed off to the vicinity of the corrected space-time coordinates of the arrival point.”

Regarding the absent Kurenai, Zen explained that he had gone off to greet their other siblings. The children of Ise who had come to this place included Zen, Shirayuki, and Kurobara.

“——Then, in addition to you as well as Shirayuki and Kurobara we met up with last night, you have other brothers and sisters who I have not yet met.”

“Indeed, that is so.”

As he explained it, since the battle with Garvarudan had happened just after meeting up with their other siblings, today they had arranged to meet up with them at the location.

Having waited on the bench for about ten minutes, judging from how Zen kept glancing over at the park’s clock, I guessed that the agreed upon meeting time had already passed.

Seated next to each other on the corner of the bench, Shirayuki and Kurobara were stuffing their faces with a chocolate bar I had brought as emergency rations. As I had been tasting it, the two of them had been staring at me.

“The sweets from this time period are also good nya.”

“……Un, delicious.”

They were apparently quite delighted with the chocolate bar. These apparently had inherited their mothers’ interest in food.

“……Their late huh.”

Saying that, Zen stood up and started walking towards the exit of the park. At that moment, having seemingly discovered something near the entrance to the park, Zen stopped. “Oh no” he said while covering his face with his hand, seemingly annoyed.

Concerned about what it was he had discovered, I, together with Shirayuki and Kurobara, made my way over to the park’s entrance, and directed my gaze at what Zen had been looking at.

“Hey, obaa-chan, going by the map, I think we should be pretty close to the place.”

There, on the opposing sidewalk across the street, there was a blonde haired young girl with a map in one hand while holding a elderly woman’s hand with the other, while from behind them a chestnut haired young boy followed. Raising their hands, the three people energetically crossed through the pedestrian crossing.

Once across, the young girl and boy bowed deeply to the old woman while expressing their thanks with a “Thank you very much”.

After confirming that the old woman had parted with the blonde haired young girl and the chestnut haired young boy, Zen approached the two of them while letting out a sigh.

“Nee-san! You are publicly displaying your presence within this time period!”

Zen spoke as such to the young girl. As Zen had said it wasn’t good to have too much contact with people from the past. Even in the case of that old woman, it seems that originally she had lost her way. By shortening the amount of time she remained lost, even this could result in changes in history. Even such a simple change could have consequences since it could turn out to have tremendous impact down the road. Well, in the case of rescuing an old woman who was lost, it’s not likely that it would influence our future selves…….

Upon recognizing Zen the young girl put on a smile devoid of worry.

“Ara, if it isn’t Zen. Were you were looking for us? Moreover even Shirayuki and Kurobara! Are? What about Kurenai nii-san?”

The young girl paid completely no mind to what Zen had said. Apparently she was Zen’s older sister.


“Onee-chan nya‏♪”

As for the two catgirls, they came together and embraced the young girl who held them in her bosom.

Zen had become completely perplexed trying to interact with this young girl.

“……Geez, nee-san is……. Is Kurenai nii-san just moving about as he pleases?”

Zen spoke to the chestnut haired young boy.

“Shin, seeing as you were accompanying her……, it’s impossible huh?”

The chestnut haired boy——the boy he had called Shin, shrugged his shoulders.

“……It’s usually impossible, since it is Airi nee-san.”

The boy called Shin, along with the girl called Airi who had been standing behind, then became aware of me. Zen provided them with a brief explanation, and after they understood the situation they proceeded to formally introduce themselves.

The girl gave a self-introduction.

“Nice to meet you, first generation Governor General Azazel. I am called Hyoudou Airi {TN: Up until now, Airi’s name was the only one written in Katekana other than Ex. Here though, it is written in Kanji.}. My mother is Hyoudou Asia……um, in this time period she was called Asia Argento. I am the eldest daughter of my father, Hyoudou Issei.”

Asia’s daughter! Aah, I had felt that that was the case. After all her appearance is just like that of her mother right down to the color of her eyes. Even the length of her hair was a perfect match. Asia’s daughter doesn’t seem to be as vigorously lively as her however…….

Subsequently the chestnut haired boy——Shin gave his greeting. There was a crucifix hanging on his chest.

“Likewise I am the son of the Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei and Shidou Irina——the third son named Shidou Shin.”

This guy was Irina’s son huh. In addition to having the same hair color, the face also matches. From this it could be sensed that he was that girl’s son.

Indeed, the ones Zen had planned to rendezvous with, they were Asia’s daughter and Irina’s son huh. Together with Zen——whether it was unexpected or just inevitable, it was the same combination of three like their parents, Asia, Xenovia, and Irina, who had such a good relationship.

Having all them gathered here reminds me, even in this time period they are wearing clothes that don’t stand out. Naturally, they weren’t ordinary clothes, but rather seemed to be specialized clothes which had been made to emphasize defense however……. What their bodies had been clad in had been bestowed so as to not influence history, which made me think that they had been prepared by their parents from the future.

Well then, as far as the children I have met so far, they include Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, and Kuroka’s children! All the same I chose to inquire about the order of their births.

“Just a minute, can you explain the order to me. Specifically I’d like to know your ages and the sequence in which you were born. Of those I’ve already met, Kurenai, Zen, Ex, Shirayuki, Kurobara, and now Airi and Shin……”

At that point, they seemed to have understand even though I wasn’t able to talk smoothly.

It was Zen who delivered the reply.

“Kurenai nii-san is the eldest. The next one to be born was Airi nee-san. They were born in the same year. After that, there’s myself, Shin, and one other who are the same age. The next youngest is Ex and one other person, and then after Ex it’s Shirayuki and Kurobara.”

From what Zen had said, I could sense that Ise had even more children! Oi oi oi, if that’s the case, just how many more are there!?

“……Wait wait, if it’s as you say, it seems there ought to be a proportional number of little brats too……”

To my inquiry, Zen nodded.

“Yeah, they are non-combatants……or, perhaps I should say that there is a significant number of our siblings who are still young. Those of us who have come to this time period, we are the members who have come of age to do battle.”

“The numbers of us sibling who are interfering in this time period is a total of ten.”

Shin had continued to follow up on his reply.

……I see, so Ise and the others, they really went all out. Although one would expect devils to have a low birth rate, in this case, making a great contribution to the society of devils, Ise of the future, having fathered children to his heart’s content, had become a parent to so many.

How? Wouldn’t it be unexpectedly difficult to have children with multiple women? There’s no mistaking that it’s absolutely mind boggling. Fufufu, just imagining it was like drinking sake.

As I was feeling astonishment and admiration, suddenly a miniature communication-type magic circle appeared next to Zen’s ear. It seemed to be a communication from the other siblings.

“Hmm? Ahh, it’s you huh. ……What!?”

Zen was astonished by the report he received. Simultaneously, Zen produced a small magic circle in his hand and projected a map from it.

“No, just a, wait, Ex! Refrain from taking action on your own!! Didn’t we all agree to that when we came to this time period!?  O-OI!!  Ex!!”

It appears that Ex——Rias’s son, was the one who was communicating, but Zen was yelling “OI!” angrily at what his younger brother was conveying.

Airi inquired of Zen.

“What’s the matter? Is it from Ex?”

Zen nodded.

“——Ex, he’s encountered the ‘UL’. The opponents are only the subordinates of the ‘Invade Fanatics’ however, that guy, he said he’d do it himself……!! He wouldn’t even send me the location!! Damn it!”

Even though Zen had cursed, Airi was simply laughing out loud.

“Well, that certainly seems like that child. Alright then, I’ll contact him personally.”

As Airi said that, she made a communication type magic circle develop near her ear. It seems that it had immediately linked up with Ex.

“Ex! It’s me, Airi. Since we will also be coming over there, please wait just a little. Please refrain from doing anything on your own.”

At that instant Airi was releasing a silent pressure from her entire body. For her to be exuding that from her entire body, this was some girl!

Airi, who was floating a smile that was just like that of Asia, spoke to her little brother through the magic circle with intensity in her voice.

“——Did you not hear what I said?”

Seeing this, the pair of Shirayuki and Kurobara were hugging each other in fear.

“Scary, Airi nee-san……”

“Nyeah……never ever make Airi onee-chan mad……”

It was apparent that Zen and Shin had both turned pale.

……Ooh, to think that the daughter of the gentle Asia would have become such a bold child……. Clearly something must have happened in the future.

An instant later, Airi’s whole face broke into a smile.

“Indeed, that’s fine. You’re such a good child Ex. Well then, please wait while we head over there.”

The exchange of communication having ended, it appeared that the aggressive Ex had been forced to yield.

Airi spoke to Zen and Shin.

“Zen, Shin, let’s go. We’re heading to Ex’s location, where we’ll blow away those ‘UL’.”

The pair of brothers responded.


Airi stroked the heads of Shirayuki and Kurobara.

“Shirayuki and Kurobara should stay on standby here temporarily. Please follow us once Kurenai nii-san arrives to rendezvous with you along with the other siblings.”

The pair of catgirls nodded.


“Understood nya.”

Airi’s appearance as she gave orders gave a strong impression of her seniority. Having said that, as Asia’s daughter, for her to have become a girl of such lucidity while possessing looks that were identical to those of her mother……. When I had started encountering Ise’s children who had come to this time period, I had imagined that Asia’s children would have had quiet personalities. By no means would I have expected this.

Truly, it was clear that something or other had happened in the future.

As I was thoughtfully pondering Airi’s face, the young girl, becoming aware of my gaze, touched her face with her hand while showing a confused expression.

“……What is it? Is there something on my face?”

“No, it’s just that you’re rather energetic for Asia’s daughter.”

To what I had said, she looked at me blankly, and they broke out into hearty laughter.

“Ahahaha, people often say that. Of all our  mothers, she was the most airheaded of all of them. It’s because of that, right?”

Asia’s daughter spoke with valient green eyes. That——without a doubt that was the same look as her father Ise.

“Naturally I said ‘I will protect Okaa-san!’ just before I left.”

The daughter of Hyoudou Issei——. I could agree to something like this. Couldn’t it be said that that guy had produced some magnificent children?

However, as I was thinking that her siblings let out troubled sighs.

“……Just now, it’s troubling how these things keep appearing before us every time, nee-chan.”

“Going by all we’ve been told about the time father was young, this resembles that to some extent…….”

Zen and Shin were uttering such words of advice to their sister.

Airi, the sister in question, replied while wearing an energetic smile.

“What are you saying? Isn’t the front line my stage? I wouldn’t be a woman if I don’t dance flashily.”

Having said this, Airi then spoke to me.

“Come now, First Generation Governor General, let us make our way to the coordinates that Ex has sent us.”

——The front line is my stage.

It seemed certain that I would come to understand the meaning behind those words Airi had uttered.


The place I transferred to together with Ise’s children——was in the neighboring prefecture. It was a certain quarry site deep in the mountains.

……Although it was a different location, it resembled the place where Ise and the others had previously battled Loki. This was the place that Ex said he discovered the aforementioned ‘UL’ . Even though it was still daytime, we could immediately sense that there were strange waves in the air coming from the quarry. This place had already been changed into a small unusual space.

Surveying from under cover the entirety of bare rock of the quarry that resembled a special effects movie was a crimson haired young boy maintaining an alert posture.

We all walked up to Ex, at which point Airi inquired of Ex.

“Well, what’s going on?”

“……Just now, five of them transferred to this place.”

As he said this, Ex pointed ahead.

There was something like a large magic circle shining on the ground, and there was also an identical one floating in the sky above it. Stationed around the circumference of the magic circle were the small fry ‘UL’ who were acting as guards.

From the magic circle in the sky, no more than half of a lustrous black object had appeared. It seemed to be in the process of transferring to this place. Already on the magic circle below, it was dotted with four identical black objects that had finished transferring. They all seemed to have the form of extremely thick cylinders.

Those were also ‘UL’ then. Far from the human and dragon forms, there were these ordinary columns as well. ……Well, they were originally lifeforms from a parallel dimension. There would appear to be no method to measure them by our scale.

Zen spoke to me as I was making this very interesting observation.

“Regarding that——those ‘UL’ can each be said to also be one part of ‘Beuba Rekorugu’, one of the ‘Eclipsed Seven Luminaries’ Rezwo Roado’s ‘Invade Fanatics {KanjiFour Generals}’.”

“One part? What do you mean by that?”

To my inquiry Zen and Shin replied successively.

“For specific ‘UL’, they have the special ability for independent beings to separate and combine. ‘Beuba Rekorugu’ is an executive possessing that trait. By separating his body into numerous parts, it becomes possible to transfer them all one by one.”

“It’s due to the whole being so gigantic. It’s impossible for him to be transferred through time without doing so in small pieces like that. Because his size is so large, the amount of energy required to transfer it swells as a result.”

Separate and combine——. Since it apparently was a lifeform with combination mechanism, it was most certainly a robot. In other words, that huge ‘UL’ had separated it’s body, the pieces of which were being sent to this time period one at a time. Well then, if they were all able to reunite and combine it would return to its original size.

Ex let out a breath.

“It was fortunate we became able to capture him early. It would not be an exaggeration to say the ability of ‘Beuba Rekorugu’ is that of a strategic weapon. If they had managed to successfully transfer all of him here and reunite him, who knows what could have happened……”

A strategic weapon was certainly bad news. If such a thing were to be sent here and allowed to rampage for a day, it would obviously become a major incident. My explanation would be insufficient since it would apparently become an international problem for all the people of influence. It would be best to take advantage of the situation and kill it right here.

Since Ise’s children also understood this, they had already assumed combat readiness. Each of them had produced their specialized weapon or skill. ——Speaking of which, weren’t those a pair of battle purpose fingerless gloves which Airi had produced, which she was now putting on her hands!!

As I was unable to hold back my astonishment, Airi made a gallant proclamation.

“——Let’s go then. Ex, would you please fight as well.”

As she spoke, taking a single step forward, and like that faced the direction of the ‘UL’!

“Oi, that girl, just now, when she said ‘the front lines are my stage’……is that true in battle? Is that really a child of Asia?”

I inquired to Zen about Airi who was brimming full of fighting spirit.

Zen floated a broad grin.

“Airi nee-san, among us siblings she stands alongside Ex as an ace of a vanguard.”

Shin continued.

“At any rate, among the children of the Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei, Ex and Airi, the two of them are tied as the strongest in combat. And the one whose battle skills were influenced the most by father is Airi nee-san.”

——! I found these words astonishing as well. ……How could this be. For that Asia’s child, and moreover for her daughter, to be the type fighting alongside those on the front lines!

As I was once again in shock from the answer to my questions, Airi’s figure completely disappeared with a *Suu* sound, and in the next instant several of the soldier ‘UL’ near the circumference of the magic circle were smashed by punches and kicks! Her use of Tai Sabaki was magnificent {TN: Tai Sabaki is a defensive body movement. It is used not just to evade attacks but to give the user an advantage at the same time}. Her movements were refined, like someone who had been studying martial arts since childhood. Using movements as though she was dancing, those kicks she was throwing were full of vigor, and the force produced through the rotation of her hips was applied to her fists. At the moment of impact she instantly raised her aura as the blow hammered into them.

From where in those thin arms did she get so much power. You could truly say that she was Ise’s daughter, as she completely resembles him as a power idiot.

“We can’t just entrust this to Nee-san alone.”

Leaving behind a red motion blur, Ex began chopping up the ‘UL’ at high speeds.

As for Zen and Shin, they were stunned by how their older sister and younger brother had started a battle immediately upon arrival.

“……In this manner, those two really do resemble each other. Whether it’s staying true to their words, or commencing attack as soon as they see their opponent.”

“Well, shouldn’t we follow after Nee-san and Ex like we always do? Now, shall we go?”

Zen prepared his Durandal IV, while Shin grew one pure white angel wing and one dragon wing and carried a specialized Japanese sword in each hand. He was wielding Katanas in a two sword style? They probably weren’t ordinary Japanese swords. The twin style swords were continuously releasing holy waves.

Zen and Shin having now joined Ex and Airi at the front, the numerous soldier ‘UL’ surrounding the magic circle were routed. Those guys were firing off beams, balls of light were being fired, but Ise’s children weren’t worried as they bravely defeated them all one by one.

……I didn’t even get a turn. More or less, I was about to manifest a spear of light in my hand but……

‘Boost!!’ ‘Explosion!!’

A familiar voice resounded. It was coming from the gauntlet Ex was equipping——the artificial Longinus, which resembled the Boosted Gear.

Something was heard being fired from the gauntlet, following which a cartridge popped out. Instantly, an enormous crimson aura was released from the gauntlet, which wrapped itself around Ex’s sword. It greatly enhanced Ex’s own personal aura, causing his movements to become much more nimble. In that condition, why, he was mercilessly slaughtering the ‘UL’ splendidly. It seemed to function similar to the Durandal IV Zen carried in that it increases in power by using a charged bullet.

While the operating mechanism seemed to be somewhat different, fundamentally in terms of ability it was perfectly identical to the genuine Boosted Gear. It would double power, utilizing that power to improve one’s physical abilities.

I also caused destruction by firing an enormous javelin of light at the ‘UL’. For the time being, it could be said to be an effective measure against those guys, this apparently being due to the countermeasure-use technical equation Himejima Kurenai had taught me, so the spears of light I fired were capable of  bringing down small fry ‘UL’ with some effectiveness.

It was a technical equation discovered to bypass the unique barrier not visible to the naked eye that covers their exterior, so just incorporating it into one’s offensive technique was enough to overcome them. Well, it was more like overcoming it through bulldozing it rather than undoing it, so it performance was abominable. Although I would like to immediately teach it to everyone other than ourselves, I can’t let it slip to my students or else the equation may end up recorded in history. ……Supposing I were able to fix the equation, though that would also be extremely bothersome……well, for the present it’s good enough it would seem.

With most of the soldier ‘UL’ having been defeated by this point——the radiant lustrous black cylinders from before began to rumble. Thereupon, the entire surface of each cylinder sliding with a clickity-clack sound, like they were transforming into something. Changing from the form of a cylinder, they now stood before us. There was a mechanical humanoid, a four-legged beast, and something similar to a giant bird flying in the air, each having transformed from one of the cylinders. These five cylinders, it seems each of them transforms into a different shape.

Thus, the atmosphere that surrounded each of the transformed cylinder ‘UL’, which clearly exceeding that of the soldier ‘UL’, made it clearly recognizable that they would be especially difficult opponents.

——Then, just as I was thinking that, the bodies of the cylinder ‘UL’ that had already transformed were changing yet again; the arms of the humanoid took the form of gun barrels and pointed the muzzles at us! From the back of the beast-type a closely packed protuberance emerged, which produced objects that were shaped like missiles! Each of the various transformed forms of the cylinder ‘UL’ formed armaments all over their entire bodies!

Pointing them towards us, they respectively unleashed a bombardment, a missile attack, and a dive bombing run! Having no cover to hide from all these attacks from our opponents, we were blown away along with the solider ‘UL’. It didn’t matter if it was an enemy or ally!

Spreading my wings, I was just barely able to gain some distance and find temporary shelter. My entire body covered with a defensive-type magic circle, the bombardment pounded upon me like rain as I attempted to stop the damage from the missile bombing.

A mere one shot struck the magic circle with a heavy thud of an impact that was even transmitted to my body, easily causing the the magic circle to collapse. This kind of thing, just how many of them can I possibly withstand!

The quarry site, having been subjected to such a super widespread bombardment over a wide area, was enveloped in explosions and fumes!! Evidently the shape of the landscape had been forcibly transformed!! No, it was still in the process of being transformed! Huge craters carved into the rock face were still being formed!

Oi oi oi, the battle in the forest the other day was enough; did you say that you think I should be in a position to clean up afterwards due to how remote this place is, expecting a perfect restoration this time as well!! Geez, it’s good that we’re preventing the complete transference of the opponent, since even this level of damage is far from normal!! I guess that’s because it’s a strategic class weapon. If it were allowed to complete its body it not only wouldn’t just stop at noticable damage, I can’t even imagine the result.

As for Ise’s children——while I had boldly expanded a defensive magic circle, they were precisely knocking down the missiles and bombardment shots one by one with the specialized weaponry they were wielding. It appeared they were well practiced in this sort of offensive combat. These guys, you could tell they had been battling the ‘UL’ in the world of the future. Rather than curl up behind a poor defense they intercepted the attack and suffered noticeably less damage.

The bombing that was like a heavy downpour having ceased, Ex pointed his crimson sword at the cylinder ‘UL’ that each was one part of the ‘Beuba Rekorugu’ of the ‘Invade Fanatics’. It seemed that he had invoked the power of the gauntlet.

Seeing that Airi gave him a warning.

“Ex, please stop overworking that ‘Boosted Gear Diabolus‘. {Kanji: Gauntlet of the Red Dragon King Crown Prince (Yes, it says ‘king’ not emperor)} ——As yet, it’s still unstable right?”


Airi had spoken of the ‘Boosted Gear Diabolus’, which was apparently the name of Ex’s gauntlet. It was usable but……it was still unstable.

Airi bravely took one step forward.

“……Here I go.”

Thereupon, a golden aura being emitted from Airi’s entire body, her hair began to sway.

The girl chanted a powerful spell.

“——Respond to my voice, possessor of the golden scales, thou who is great. For the sake of together striking dead the enemies before us——reveal thyself before me——!!”

Magic circles appeared on Airi’s face, hands, and feet——the design that appeared was that of the dragon gate! Could it be she was using herself as a Yorishiro to summon the other party!!? {See YorishiroAnd then, I noticed a golden aura that was emitted from the pattern of the magic circle on Airi’s chest!

A large amount of light was released from Airi’s torso together with the magic circle. When the light stopped, there was a figure beside Airi. That figure’s body——it had the silhouette of an enormous dragon with a golden aura. ——It was Fafnir.

You could tell it was Fafnir from the golden brilliance that was exuded from him.

“Fafnir-chan, I know you only just arrived here, but I have good news. ——We have met up with the companions of the one who placed the curse on Okaa-san.”

Turning into light, Fafnir proceeded to wrap around Airi completely covering her.

——That figure of Airi’s now appeared to be wearing a heavenly raiment.

“My artificial Longinus——’Gigantis Maiden Robe {Kanji: Heavenly Raiment of the Golden Dragon Monarch’.”

——An artificial Longinus!! So Airi was also carrying one! Moreover……this one used Fafnir as a core. I had also made use of Fafnir’s borrowed power but this seemed to be the successor.

From the aura emitted by the raiment a dragon silhouette appeared. That silhouette then spoke.

‘The honorable me, will lend my power to Airi-tan!!’ {Fafnir refers to himself as ‘Ore-sama’. I tried to convey that meaning.}

Airi, while wrapped in the raiment, spun on the spot as though she was dancing in place, and her aura all at once vastly increased. And then, she and the silhouette of Fafnir cried out together!!

” ‘Balance Adjust {Kanji: Demon Move Transformation}!!’ ”

Instantly, Airi’s entire body swelled with golden aura, a tremendous amount of it! The aura’s brilliance formed a shape, which wrapped around Airi’s entire body.

The golden light then burst, and from within it——appeared the figure of a young girl wearing golden plate armor!! Was this the pseudo-Balance Breaker {Kanji: Forbidden Move} of an artificial Longinus!? No, I could sense that the power had stabilized compared to when I would sometimes manifest it!

Wearing the golden armor, Airi faced off against the lustrous black column ‘UL’.

“——Counter Balance {Kanji: Demon Move}, ‘Gigantis Blessed Scalemail {Kanji: Armor of the Golden Dragon Monarch}‘.”

——Counter Balance. Written as Demon Move but read as Counter Balance.

Zen gave this explanation to myself who was astonished at this phenomenon.

“In our time period, when it comes to artificial Sacred Gears and artificial Longinus, just like how for the genuine ones there’s no issue with the state of their Balance Breakers——they’re capable of reaching Counter Balances. For the Balance Breaker, it’s merely the unleashment of power that destroys the balance of the world, but the the Counter Balance is the opposite. In comparison to the genuine ones which are stable by nature, this is a state which is attained by the possessor’s power being used to forcibly stabilize the artificial Sacred Gear.”

I get it, then this ought to be the fruit produced in the future from my present artificial Sacred Gear’s Balance Breaker theories.

Well, I had believed that anything appeared to be possible, so thus having been show the answer previously……I was happy for it, but at the same time I was also annoyed for having it be directly answered.

So just as the Balance Breaker is a power up for the genuine Sacred Gears, the Counter Balance is a power up for the artificial Sacred Gears.

Airi spoke to us while wearing the armor.

“Zen, Shin, Ex, and you as well first generation Governor General, if you all would please follow me.”

Zen and Shin responded “”Understood””, spread their wings, and rushed forward.

Zen spoke.

“Ex! You’re together with the first generation Governor General!”

“Zen and I will be the ones to follow Airi nee-san!”

As Shin also spoke, he once again gripped his two Japanese-style swords, thrusting them into the cylinder ‘UL’!

Zen began a high speed battle with the beast-type ‘UL’. Leaping high up into the air, it launched an attack at Zen who was flying in the air, but he simply evaded it. ——But a jet engine appeared from its back at that moment, spouting flames. Using the engine to change its posture in midair, it began to attack Zen who had evaded it’s attack.

However, evading even that, Zen slashed at it with Durandal!


On the other side, Shin was fighting with the humanoid and another beast-type ‘UL’. As he was continuously dodging the opponent’s bombardment, the beast-type started to transform, taking on the shape of an enormous sword! The humanoid took hold of this, and swung it downwards at Shin! It was a combination attack by means of transformation!

——However, catching the blow with his two specialized swords, Shin forced the sword back!!

He slashed the humanoid with a cross slash!

“I’ll simply deal with all you ‘UL’ at once! And let us say AMEN!”

The way he performed that cross slash, it certainly appeared to be the fighting style of Irina’s son.

Zen and Shin would sometimes join up and follow up on each other’s attacks. It seemed that they also moved so as to not be a hinderance to Airi against her opponent.

Speaking of Airi——while leaving a trail of golden light, she was moving about faster the one’s eyes could follow. She was attacking the giant bird type cylinder ‘UL’ unilaterally, successively landing unseen blows on the opponent’s body!

Finally Airi thrust her fist onto the giant bird’s abdomen! When Airi withdrew her fist she distanced herself from that spot. The giant bird type ‘UL’, having received lethal damage, sparks began to fall from its entire body as though it was short circuiting, and while emitting smoke——it shattered!!

Just by having used the Counter Balance, Airi had disposed of it in a moment! Zen and Shin had apparently left her to fight independently. The result was that they were completely slaughtering them one by one——.

Regarding the actions of the three siblings, Ex smiled bitterly.

“Seriously, it’s always like this whenever those three fight.”

“Those guys, are they always fighting together?”

Ex nodded in response to my inquiry.

“Yeah, since Asia kaa-san, Xenovia kaa-san, and Irina kaa-san were close fellow companions, since they were young those three have always acted as a trio. Because of that——they have developed the perfect formation.”

Like Ex said, Zen, Shin, and Airi were fighting as a trio, not bumping into each other, but rather they would each smoothly follow up on the other’s attacks, completely decimating their opponents.

“There’s nothing my Durandal IV can’t cut, almost.”

In the end, Zen bisected the beastial cylindrical ‘UL’ into two equal parts using Durandal’s tremendous attack power.

On the other side, that of the humanoid ‘UL’ that was holding the ‘UL’ that had taken the form of a giant sword, Shin had simultaneously sliced through them crosswise. Shin then kissed the crucifix around his neck and spoke.

“——Against the famous spirit swords that have received the divine protection of the Holy Spirit, how could it be sharper than Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamatonokami Yasusada?” {TN: Two swords once wielded by Okita Souji. Not sure what the connection between them and Christianity is supposed to be. Then again, Ama no Murakumo was also a Holy Sword in DxD.}

The one remaining cylindrical ‘UL’ transformed as well, becoming a half-beast half-man. The upper half of its body was humanoid, the lower half had the four legs of a beast, and there were also wings sprouting from its back.

As for Airi, she stepped right up to that thing.


Airi spoke with passion.

“Okaa-san, she always enjoyed growing flowers, and she took pride in her needlework. She was also proud of her cooking, having inherited the the Hyoudou flavor perfectly, and even Otou-san and Ojii-chan were pleased by it. Always smiling, never angry about anything, and because she was so unsuspecting, Otou-san, Faf-chan, and I were always very protective of her……”

An immense amount of golden aura was wrapping itself around Airi’s fist. This young girl, she raised a tearful voice.

“Anyone who torments Okaa-san, I’ll absolutely never forgive them!!!”

Zen, Shin, and Ex each continued at this point.

“That’s about it. We will absolutely save Asia kaa-san!!”

“Naturally! I can’t imagine never being able to eat Mama Asia’s cooking again.”

“Regardless of whether it’s Loki, or even the ‘Eclipsed Seven Luminaries’, anyone who harms our important family——”

The three brothers, each swung their respective weapon whose auras had been instantly raised, and their older sister Airi——

“Don’t underestimate the family of the Sekiryuutei, you idioooooots!!!”

Wrapping her fist with the maximum amount of aura, she unleashed it all at the ‘UL’.

Being struck by the coordinated consecutive attacks of Ise’s four children, the ‘Invade Fanatic’, specifically a portion of the ‘UL’ called ‘Beuba Rekorugu’, disappeared within the light of the aura.

The battle having ended, as we were taking a quick breather we looked over how much the quarry site had changed in the end.

Airi discovered a piece of armor and went “Ha ha ha” while wearing a mischievous smile. She stuck out her tongue.

“I overdid it☆”

At this brief comment, her three brothers all muttered to themselves “””Indeed you did.””” while sighing.

As it would seem, they’ve previously had troubles with their older sister’s naughty manners.

Regarding the giant transportation-type magic circles the ‘UL’ had deployed in the sky and one the ground, Ise’s children and I made them disappear together. With this we had prevented the possible transference of ‘Beuba Rekorugu’, or at least temporarily since it would take a long time to restore or reconstruct the magic circle. Essentially, it could be said that we’d repelled ‘Beuba Rekorugu’.

——Then, Ex and the others apparently noticed the presence of someone approaching. Indeed, I could sense the aura of Rias and company in the vicinity. This was proven when they came into visual range. Since they hadn’t sensed our presence, could this be the influence of the ‘UL’? After all the power that was being released from that magic circle of theirs earlier was something even I didn’t understand.

Ex and the others donned hoods, cutting of their aura. It would be unpleasant if their faces or aura were to be recognized.

Having been brought about due to the influence of the transference of the ‘UL’, the members of the ORC were now flying in the sky. When they spotted us, they flew down towards us.

When they arrived, upon seeing the severely altered quarry site, Rias was astonished.

“……Azazel, how did all this happen?”

“Ahh, this is umm……”

Scratching my cheek, I struggled to come up with an explanation. Well, it was certainly an attack of the ‘UL’. I couldn’t just say that it was a large scale battle with the unidentifiable enemy lifeforms……

Rias’s gaze——was also directed at the hooded figures of Ex and the others.

“……Who on earth are you guys——”

The ORC members looked at them suspiciously.

Having raised her hood, Airi fixed her gaze upon Ise, Rias, and then Asia before turning to me and whispering.


——!! ……I see. Smiling broadly in response to Airi’s whispered words, I nodded once.

I was profoundly impressed by Airi’s acting.

“Azazel-dono, we’ll be fine from here. Well then, everyone, let’s go.”


Ex, Zen, and Shin said this as they accompanied Airi.

Thereupon, a transportation-type magic circle expanded beneath their feet, and the four of them were enveloped in the light of the jump. The light burst——and they were transferred from this place.

Ise, who had been suspiciously watching Airi and company——his own future children transfer away, spoke to me.

“……They’ve left. Sensei, are those guys coworkers of Sensei’s?

“Mm? Aah, sort of. They’re agents I’m acquainted with who are cooperating with us for this current matter.”

They’re your children, how could I possibly say something like that right now.

Suddenly, Asia took a step forward and inclined her head.

“Due the deep hoods they were wearing, I couldn’t see their faces clearly but……it felt like they were looking at me very intently.”

“It’s because you’re so cute Asia. Wouldn’t anyone be fascinated by you? That must be it.”

It was Ise who said this.

Asia held his hand and put on a gentle expression.

“However, from those people, I sensed from their ambience that it wasn’t like they were looking at a stranger……”

——! ……Even though they had been born in a different time period, it seems that there was some mysterious communication that passed between them. At any rate, they were parent and child after all.

“To be honest the same goes for me.”

“Me too, me too.”

Xenovia and Irina picked up on what Asia had said.

“Now that you mention it I seemed to feel as though the short one was staring at me……”

Apparently Rias had also perceived something.

As the ORC members were in the middle of this mysterious personal experience, I thought back to what Airi had previously whispered in ear.

Airi had whispered in a voice that only I could hear.

——Regarding my name, Otou-san and Okaa-san named me that by taking the initials of Asia, Ise, and Rias. And thus, for that reason they gave me the characters of ‘Love’ and ‘Truth’. {TN: Airi’s name, again, is usually written just with Katakana (the same is true of Ise in many cases). In Kanji though, it’s written ‘愛理’, which has the characters of love and truth/reason/justice.}

As for myself, I felt deep admiration for the name those two had chosen; that it was a name that was not perfectly suited for her, I didn’t feel that way at all.

It happened after Ise and the others had left this place. I noticed that my private line had recorded a verbal message. The playback was heard only by me.

‘Azazel-sensei, I want to meet with you, but I guess there’s no so good huh. As for me, I am the superior of Ex and the others from thirty years into the future——Gasper Vladi.’ {TN: Gasper refers to himself with the feminine ‘watashi’}

Finally, it was the long awaited notification of contact from that guy——.

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    Tai Sabaki is basically “repositioning”. Its other function is to fix the user’s stance (kamae) so that he/she is ready for the next move in addition for defensive purposes.

    I see. I think the “King” on Ex’s Boosted Gear name refers to Ise’s future status as a “King”.

    As for Fafnir’s Ore-Sama, I guess the Pantsu Dragon King becomes smugger over time…

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    1. For the gloves, the example I thought of was actually Koneko, who wore gloves before facing Riser.

      For Tai Sabaki, I left it untranslated since it seemed like the name of a technique more than a general fighting maneuver while giving a brief explanation.

      The swords I willing to differ on. For starters, I’m not even 100% certain that what I translated as Holy Spirit was referring to the figure from Christianity.

      On a side note, the chant Xenovia uses when first summoning Durandal actually refers to the legend of its origin. From Wikipedia: “In The Song of Roland, the sword is said to contain within its golden hilt one tooth of Saint Peter, blood of Saint Basil, hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and to be the sharpest sword in all existence.”

      Durandal has direct ties to Christianity, as do the swords of Arthurian legend. That was the source of my confusion as Shin’s swords (not to mention the Ama no Murakumo that appears in the main series) are purely Japanese.


      1. Koneko’s gloves is similar to the ones used in MMA/UFC, but I’m not really sure whether it is reinforced or not (though that’s the model Airi did use).

        I agree. Especially since the word itself does not have a Western Martial Arts etymology equivalent (AFAIK).

        Thanks for reminding me about Durandal. I’m often mixing the aspects that I forgot to write the correct facts 😀

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    So Fafnir is an “oresama”, huh? It’s usually translated as things like “the great me”. It basically has a nuance on the lines of “I, who am the effing master before you lot, bunch of small fry”. People who call themselves as such (and who are referred to like that too) tend to be people with pride to spare (which they don’t, since it would be a waste to spare it on the commoner masses) who more often than not find enjoyment in realizing their own greatness in comparison with the bunch of worthless minions they take most of the rest of the world as. Usually the head of a delinquent gang (or a minion whose fumes have gotten up to his head).

    Okita has nothing to do with christianity, the same way Holy Swords (can be also translated as Sacred Swords) have also nothing to do with it specifically. Holy/Sacred Swords are just blessed swords with the “holy” attribute, that can be granted by divinities of any theological system. The reason Shin uses katanas is because Irina likes samurais and favors katanas as shown by the fact that she always turned Ex. Mimic from an undeployed state of turned into a rope (not sure exactly why, perhaps that’s what she believed it was easier to hide and take out) to a deployed attack state of a katana.

    When written in kanji, it’s “Issei” of “Hyoudou Issei”, his given name. When written in katakana, read “ISE-EH”, it’s “Ise”, his pet name that comes from two simplifications: the first is takng aout the gotal pause before the “s” and the second is (a very common thing) the assimilation of the “i” in the preceding “e” making it a dragged “e”. In Airi’s case, it’s most likely often in katakana due to it being her true name (Asia-Issei-Rias) with the kanji rendering being a compulsory procedure in the Japanese Family Register (the characters were still chosen so as to not lose the feelings behind the meaning). The kanji chosen for “truth”, BTW, means also “reason” and “justice”, so, among others, it can be taken to mean “because of love (love is the reason)”.


    1. Changed the glove description. I understood what the Japanese was referring to but wasn’t sure how to phrase it.

      The reason I mentioned the Christian thing was that Shin references the Holy Spirit of (presumably) Christianity just prior as though implying a connection where logically there shouldn’t be one. It’s possible I misunderstood that part.


      1. It’s just like crusaders. Some of them also spoke about the “will of God” and “purging the heathens” even in cases when they were using weapons taken from said “heathens”.


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    The other two are weird though. For Rezwo Roado (Jp: レッズォ ロアド) the ‘Rezwo’ part is the weird part. For those who can’t read Katakana, the first character is ‘re’; the second, a small ‘tsu’, adds the following consonant to the end of the previous syllable (making the first syllable ‘rez’); the third makes the ‘zu’ sound, but the fourth is a small ‘o’. Normally a small ‘o’ replaces the vowel before it, but this applies when the consonant vowel combination is absent in Japanese (eg ‘fo’). Since a character exists for ‘zo’, I assumed that it was meant for ‘zuo’ to be one syllable, hence ‘zwo’.

    Beuba Rekorugu (Jp: ベゥバ レコルグ) also has a strange spelling, this time with the second character, a small ‘u’, following the ‘be’ character despite the existence of ‘bu’ in Japanese. For this one, I simply read Beuba as two syllables, similar to beauty in English.

    Let me know if anyone has any improvements or thoughts.


    1. P.S. Is Shin really used Issei’s surname instead of keeping Irina’s? (I know this is more with the kanji reading, since in my kanji scanner “Shidou” and “Hyoudou” have peculiarly similar reading)


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      2. I see. Thanks for fixing that. (Yeah, the entire chapter 3 summary I made was very rough because I didn’t really pay attention to details on the first three pages, not to mention the time constraints). :heh:


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