Index PSP Kanzaki Kaori Chapter

Part 1


Kanzaki Kaori: “Specific details on the target are entirely unknown.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Search for them anyways and defeat them anyways. That’s why we’re here in Academy City.”

Itsuwa: “S-somehow or another we’ve been tasked with a complex situation haven’t we?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “I realize that. I do feel resentment over the fact they have not conveyed all information on the situation to us.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “It doesn’t matter that they’re concealing information,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “but because of that information has been delayed, and I cannot accept the fact that it excessively expands the risk of injury.”

Itsuwa: “It’s strange that they even established a deadline.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “A three day period.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Should we encounter any magicians, we shall endeavor to crush them.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……Well that’s certainly fine. We shall try as much as we can.”

Part 2


Itsuwa: “It would be good if the opponent falls into our detection net, however……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “At present, we can’t just cling to such a small possibility. We’ll continue searching”



Itsuwa: “Eh……, um, it that”

Kanzaki Kaori: “What is it? Have you detected the opponent?”

Itsuwa: “That not the case. However, that person……”


Kanzaki Kaori: “KUH!! How conspicuous!!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “With this I have to apologize for having used up a spiritual item for the sake of detecting magicians!!”

Sasha: “……My first question, does it seem to you that wearing this bondage clothing is by my own preference?”

Sasha: “Supplemental explanation, it would appear that you do not have the right to say such things.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Ch!!”

Itsuwa: “P-please calm down Priestess!! A short temper is disadvantageous!!”

Sasha: “My second answer, at any rate, what we are doing is quite similar.”

Sasha: “My personal opinion, we also have no intention of becoming familiar with the English Puritan Church.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……As expected, you’re planning to cause something in this town.”

Sasha: “My third answer, I have no reason to tell you.”

FIGHT (Kanzaki Kaori & Itsuwa VS. Sasha Kreutzev)

Sasha: “It is……my defeat. In that case, I will behave as appropriate for the defeated”

Kanzaki Kaori: “You’re unexpectedly obedient.”

Sasha: “My fourth answer,”

Sasha: “Whether by torture or by magic, there are many methods you can use to extract information from me aren’t there?”

Sasha: “Supplemental explanation, even if it was only to try and buy time, vexingly there are no methods of doing so.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “This is……a rough sketch?”

Itsuwa: “Academy City Mint Bureau, that’s what it is.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Fumu. Potentially, this could be effective at dealing systematic damage against the science side.”

Part 3


Itsuwa: “Academy City, rather than using the Japanese Yen, Thy produce their own currency.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “There is a 20-30 year gap in technology between the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ after all,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “so they can’t trust the money manufacturing technology from the ‘outside’.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Fundamentally, there isn’t a person in this town who puts their faith in the ‘outside’s’ currency.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Although there are even things like electronic money that’s just currency in the form of data,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “if the city mint bureau were to be destroyed it would undoubtedly cause a major shock to the economy.”

Itsuwa: “And then, if the economy of Academy City that is the core of the science side were to collapse,”

Itsuwa: “it would cause great damage to the science side all over the world……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “At any rate it wouldn’t be a fun situation.”


Misaka Mikoto: “Over there! I found them. They’re the ones aren’t they?”

Misaka Imouto: “Correct Onee-sama, says Misaka as she replies.”

Misaka Imouto: “An obviously dangerous sword, a mysterious atmosphere surrounding her body,”

Misaka Imouto: “Breasts to which the obscene object display laws strangely do not apply. ……There’s no mistake,”

Misaka Imouto: “She is a dangerous ‘outsider’ who has snuck into this city, says Misaka as she concludes as such.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Who does this person……!!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “These clothes of mine were previously calculated so as to stabilize the invocation of my own technical formulas.”

Misaka Mikoto: “We’re the ones who should be livid!! What’s with those breasts!!”

Itsuwa: “Err, given that those 2 over there are already too heated up to be talked down,”

Itsuwa: “although I would like you to summarize the main point……”

Misaka Imouto: “In short the Misakas are obstructing a plan to blow up the mint bureau,”

Misaka Imouto: “Says Misaka as she summarizes the the entire country having despaired for 120 minutes. ”

Itsuwa: “Ha……?”

Misaka Imouto: “This lowly terrorist, I chose her as a jest due to her boobs, says Misaka as she commences her attack.”

FIGHT (Kanzaki Kaori & Itsuwa VS. Misaka Mikoto & Misaka Imouto)

Misaka Mikoto: “W-wait just a minute! This isn’t finished yet!”

Misaka Imouto: “Using the Misaka Network, Misaka has called for assistance from the Sisters.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “HA—! HA—! S-shit, for them to pick a fight as a jest purel due to proportional appearances……!!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “I truly will not forgive Academy City for this!!”

Itsuwa: “Nevertheless,”

Itsuwa: “For us to be called suspects in planning to blow up the mint bureau, how did it come to this?”

Part 4


Itsuwa: “This place is the mint bureau, or at least it’s supposed to be……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Judging from appearances, it doesn’t appear to have been attacked.”

Itsuwa: “However, if it’s as you said……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Then if our adversary’s target is here, then it’s possible the attack will be coming later……is what you’re saying..”

Kanzaki Kaori: “This place, do you sense anything out of the ordinary?”

Itsuwa: “?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Academy City established a time interval.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “A three day time period……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “And yet, if the opponent truly intended to attack here, it seems they could wait a week, a month, or even a year.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “But in spite of this, Academy City specified a period of only three days.”

Itsuwa: “As expected, Academy City is aware of the situation to some extent, that’s what you saying, right?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “I truly hope it isn’t anything ‘disturbing’.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “In any case, it’s highly likely our adversary will come here.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Even if we’re only setting a single trap, let’s see how things unfold.”


Itsuwa: “The wind chimes have sounded! Someone has been caught in our trap!”


Kanzaki Kaori: “Stiyl?”

Itsuwa: “If this is the case, did you also come here to defeat the magician that will soon attack the mint bureau?”

Stiyl: “That is correct.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “What are you planning?”

Stiyl: “Why, just the work of the English Puritan Church.”

Stiyl: “The order that was conveyed to you was a dummy.”

Stiyl: “If such a method is used, it’s possible to send several magicians into Academy City.”

Stiyl: “However, should our trump card be crushed due to the dummy orders, everything would be lost.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “I see.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “However, do you intend to stop me then? Surely you are aware of the fact that I’m a Saint.”

Stiyl: “Certainly, you think I wouldn’t prepare some kind of countermeasure?”

Stiyl: “For controlling this Saint, I have been saving this.”

Stiyl: “I currently have received the full support of the English Puritan Church.”

FIGHT (Kanzaki Kaori & Itsuwa VS. Stiyl)

Kanzaki Kaori: “The ‘countermeasure’ you deployed has been entirely eliminated. This is as far as it goes, Stiyl.”

Stiyl: “Well done, I surrender. To continue fighting as your opponent without my runes, I’m not such a fool as that.”

Stiyl: “I’ll be obtaining a new weapon, a means to get revenge——”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Mirage……!? So he escaped huh?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “At the moment he enacted such safety measures, should I have realized it?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “If it’s possible for people to have produced a ‘countermeasure’ such as that, no one would experience hardships.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Even for myself upon whom this power was bestowed when I was born, such a thing ought to be impossible.”

Part 4


Itsuwa: “This is the luggage Stiyl-san left behind……y-you are sure that it’s safe to be doing this right?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “If the orders they have been given had fallen within the normal range,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “then they ought not have considered expressly eliminating us through brute force.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “If they had explained it with words, this would have been settled peacefully.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “And yet in spite of that they relied on violence. ……They must have some kind of ulterior motive.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Academy City currency……banknote data……?”

Itsuwa: “However, this one……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “And this one, this one, this one as well……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “It’s hard to notice it at first glance, but black magic symbols have been woven into them all over.”

Itsuwa: “This aura……the English Puritan Church……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “To have come to this, with the English Puritan Church sneaking into Academy City using dummy orders as a pretext,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “They revised the new banknote molds at the mint bureau, and secretly inserting black magic symbols……”

Itsuwa: “But, what’s the purpose?”

Itsuwa: “Distributing spell infused money within Academy City, what do they plan to accomplish with that?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……Shouldn’t we consider the possibility of it not being for the ‘inside’ of Academy City.”

Itsuwa: “?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “‘Outside’ of Academy City, a massive Japanese Yen counterfeit scandal is taking place.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Were you aware of such a thing?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “For the sake of breaking out of the situation, they are reconciling the ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ Japanese Yen,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “and by using Academy City’s advanced printing technology, they will succeed in resolving this problem but……”

Itsuwa: “Those new bills, the English Puritans have applied their technique to them……?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “This is problematic. We don’t understand what the English Puritan Church is doing but,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “if the bank notes were to be immediately distributed ‘Outside’ they would be difficult to trace and collect.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “That is unless we stop them immediately!”


Kanzaki Kaori: “……While already understanding the situation, you are going to hinder us?”

Oriana: “Naturally, I will retrieve them. I am in the employ of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Oriana: “Something like a trap placed by the English Puritan Church, you think I would believe that?”

FIGHT (Kanzaki Kaori & Itsuwa VS. Oriana)

Kanzaki Kaori: “That’s as far as this goes. There is no need for you to lose your life.”

Oriana: “Of course. I don’t feel like fighting any further.”

Oriana: “Seeya, obscenely dressed Onee-san.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Oh no, the truck……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “If we don’t hurry the technique infused banknotes will be distributed……!!”


Kanzaki Kaori: “In any case, let’s chase after the truck!”

Itsuwa: “Yes!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “What in the world……?”

Itsuwa: “Over there.”



Kanzaki Kaori: “‘God’s Right Seat’……!!”

Acqua of the Back: “English Puritan Church. You’re here to escort the banknotes then?”

Itsuwa: “As expected, just as with Oriana, you’re also aware of the black magic technique banknotes……?”

Acqua of the Back: “Black magic?”

Acqua of the Back: “In truth, the one who modified these banknotes is the Academy City side.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “What was that?”

Acqua of the Back: “Inside of Academy City’s paper money, there’s an individual identifying feature, an IC chip, that’s installed in order to prevent counterfeiting.”

Acqua of the Back: “However since this is achieved with very precise machine,”

Acqua of the Back: “it must also be possible to add an additional function to this chip.”

Acqua of the Back: “For example……by affecting people’s brains using ultrasonic waves,”

Acqua of the Back: “one can manipulate consumption urges to freely control economic activity, among other things.”

Acqua of the Back: “With the likes of Academy City’s precision industrial technology, at best the ‘outside’ is an analytical study.”

Acqua of the Back: “And it seems they can add to these bad additional functions all they want.”

Itsuwa: “If it came to that, the English Puritan Church……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “In order to offset that technique, they applied a black magic technique……?”

Acqua of the Back: “With this has it been clearly stated?”

Acqua of the Back: “It is a fact that regarding a spell that can offset mind manipulation can, if abused, similarly become something that interferes with people’s minds.”

Acqua of the Back: “By causing money to be spent in a way that benefits the situation of the English Puritan Church, they can bring economic activity or decline as they please.”

Acqua of the Back: “If they could manipulate the focal point of the whole country’s economic fluctuations, even for fluctuations in international figures,”

Acqua of the Back: “it would become possible for them to act to ‘blow up the economy’ of any country they wished.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “The main point has been conveyed.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “From here, what did the truck driver do?”

Acqua of the Back: “Is it necessary that I answer?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “What are you planning to do to the mint bureau?”

Acqua of the Back: “Is it necessary that I answer?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……Good grief, whether it’s the English Puritan Church or whether it’s you”

Kanzaki Kaori: “your methods for everything as the same in every way. Using just reasons as a pretext, you”

Kanzaki Kaori: “only ever force your way through with destructive acts in your own favor, isn’t that right?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “To simply overlook things of this degree, that is something I have no intention whatsoever of doing.”

FIGHT (Kanzaki Kaori & Itsuwa VS. Acqua of the Back)

Kanzaki Kaori: “Now then.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “One battle has ended,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “but in regards to this banknote uproar, there’s a few things it’s necessary to get to the bottom of.”

Part 5


Itsuwa: “In the end, the entire counterfeit turmoil from the start, it turned out to be linked to a strategy contrived by Academy City.”

Itsuwa: “For certain, this technique wasn’t something that was all that difficult.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “The usual banknotes.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Besides people’s consumption urges, by installing a different function it would interfere in other things.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……A feature that, by chipping away at a magician’s ability to focus, would increase the likelihood of a spell failing.”

Itsuwa: “If that were to be done to the areas surrounding Academy City,”

Itsuwa: “it would reduce the frequency of attacks from the magic side……at least in theory.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “However, all the same the higher ups of the English Puritan Church couldn’t remain silent.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “They took action from the start to disseminate those kind of things.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “For that, it seems that from the very beginning”

Kanzaki Kaori: “the issue was ‘whether the science side is investigating a wavelength that causes magic to fail’.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “With various conferences happening behind the scenes, even if they were only a few, they decided on behalf of so many.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “If we were to feign ignorance as the seeds of division were sown more and more through obsession over this currency,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “even the ‘pact’ between Academy City and the English Puritan Church would be shaken, and then,”

Kanzaki Kaori: “it’s possible to understand the reason the Saint Acqua set out for Academy City.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “It surely makes you wonder how far he was willing to go to continue clinging to this reality.”

Itsuwa: “From this point, what do we do?”

Itsuwa: “Although the issue has been resolved, it’s a fact that we engaged in combat that was contrary to the designs of the English Puritan Church,”

Itsuwa: “so we will not escape unpunished.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “It’s been settled.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “The same as up until now, we will continue to earnestly face forwards.”

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