Index PSP Mugino Shizuri Chapter

Part 1


Kihara Amata: “——This shouldn’t be an unpleasant discussion. You’ll do as the person in charge says,”

Kihara Amata: “And you’ll be blessed with the chance to altogether eliminate a bothersome Level 5.”

Mugino Shizuri: “And the merit to you is?”

Kihara Amata: “I would just like to carry out a little ‘experiment’, however unfortunately ordinary equipment can’t see a thing.”

Kihara Amata: “I’ve been assured that forcing a special esper is essential for this.”

Mugino Shizuri: “So, you want me to do it all by myself?”

Kihara Amata: “Nah, by interfering with something interesting I obtained a maid.”


Misaka Imouto: “……”

Kihara Amata: “It’s a question whether it’s ability is a match for your, however I myself will be the one operating it.”

Kihara Amata: “It should be able to at least provide support.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Well fine. Let’s get going.”

Mugino Shizuri: “While being fourth ranked is good to an extent, I’m tired of such an incomplete number.”

Part 2


Kamijou Touma: “Misaka Imouto? Why are you together with those guys!?”

Misaka Imouto: “……”

Mugino Shizuri: “No no. With the exception of when that occhan {TN: Derogatory for mid aged man} speaks, it’s like you don’t have ears right?”

Kamijou Touma: “Dammit, are you saying she’s being manipulated?”


Tsuchimikado Motoharu: “You lured us here for the sake of the ‘0th Dimensional Pole’?”

Mugino Shizuri: “?”

Kihara Amata: “Unfortunately, with the toolbox at my disposal, it seems I cannot break the 1 dimensional wall.”

Kihara Amata: “I happen to know of a little place where we can go and have a discussion.”

Tsuchimikado Motoharu: “And you think I’ll allow it?”

Kihara Amata: “You’re saying that even at this point huh. Such insubordination, you think I’ll allow it?”

FIGHT (Mugino Shizuri & Misaka Imouto VS. Tsuchimikado Motoharu & Kamijou Touma)

Kamijou Touma: “GAHA! Dammit, that I would fall in such a place……”

Tsuchimikado Motoharu: “Kihara……you bastard, the ‘0th Dimensional Pole’……GUFUH”

Kihara Amata: “Ah ah, is it okay for the hero-chan to fall in the first round?”

Kihara Amata: “With this, doesn’t the road ahead seem pitch black now?”

Mugino Shizuri: “Oi, what’s the ‘0th Dimensional Pole’?”

Kihara Amata: “I’ll inform you about it sooner or later. For now it’s enough to know that it’s something I have an interest in.”

Part 3


Kihara Amata: “The so-called ‘0th Dimensional Pole’ is ‘are’.” (TN: Kihara uses an outdated pronoun that had gone out of usage, hence the reason for the following exchange

Misaka Imouto: “……The definition of that demonstrative pronoun is unknown, says Misaka as she is unable to identify it.”

Kihara Amata: “Aah? What was that?”

Mugino Shizuri: “A word like are, nowadays it wouldn’t be understood even if used between a married couple. Speak proper Japanese.”

Kihara Amata: “If you were to sever a 3 dimensional object, the cross-section would be 2 dimensional.”

Kihara Amata: “For example if I cut through tofu the cross-section would be rectangular. Do you understand so far?”

Mugino Shizuri: “So what?”

Kihara Amata: “It’s fine if you simply repeat that sequentially.”

Kihara Amata: “If one were to sever a 2 dimensional object, which is a flat plane, the cross-section would be a 1 dimensional line wouldn’t it. That is to say———”


Index: “Found them! That person, those people did that to Touma!!”

Itsuwa: “You all did that to that person……, kuh as a member of the Amakusa-style Remix of Church——”

Itsuwa: “No, I swear in my own name, I absolutely won’t forgive you!”

Mugino Shizuri: “Geez, ……things like reading the atmosphere or not reading it”

Mugino Shizuri: “I guess I’ll just have to teach those to you stupid brats.”

FIGHT (Mugino & Misaka Imouto VS. Itsuwa & Index)

Index: “Touma……, Touma, I’m sorry……”

Itsuwa: “They’re beyond strong, we definitely cannot……uh”

Mugino Shizuri: “Soo tiresome, what was that about?”

Kihara Amata: “Damn it, that was regrettable. Killing them was much too easy.”

Kihara Amata: “They don’t appear to be from the science side, I wonder if even their system can be useful for the project.”

Part 4


Mugino Shizuri: “Can I charge for having to successively take out the trash time and again?”

Kihara Amata: “Isn’t taking out the trash typically standard of a volunteer?”

Mugino Shizuri: “If that’s the case, then wouldn’t it be fine just to have that puppet take care of it.”

Kihara Amata: “You may see it that way perhaps however”

Misaka Imouto: “……In relation to the act of combat, it would be more suitable for Mugino Shizuri to handle says Misaka as she performs an analysis.”

Kihara Amata: “Precisely. Kukuku.”

Mugino Shizuri: “So the puppet’s not usable. So, the continuation of the conversation?”

Kihara Amata: “Hmm? Aah, about severing an n dimensional object,”

Kihara Amata: “We had covered up to that part that the cross-section is is n-1 dimensional.”

Kihara Amata: “A 2 dimensional cross-section from a 3 dimensional object, a 1 dimensional cross-section from a 2 dimensional object———”

Kihara Amata: “So if you were to sever a 1 dimensional object, what dimension would the cross-section be?”

Mugino Shizuri: “Huh? ……That would be”

Kihara Amata: “Indeed, that would be 0 dimensional wouldn’t it.”


Stiyl: “At last we caught up. Will you listen carefully?”

Stiyl: “My name is Fortis931.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……My name is Salvere000.”

Stiyl: “You all, you’ve done something you ought not have. Are you prepared to die?”

Mugino Shizuri: “So. Then. How much of a reward?”

Kihara Amata: “Fine then, if it will seriously motivate you. Now with these ones, they should be interesting samples.”

FIGHT (Mugino Shizuri & Misaka Imouto VS. Kanzaki Kaori & Stiyl)

Kihara Amata: “Tch. For them to croak after only something of this degree makes me doubtful of their usefulness.”

Kihara Amata: “Even though I’m forking over such a troublesome fee is it all going to be a waste?”

Part 5


Kihara Amata: “At present, there isn’t anybody who has observed the existence a 0th dimension.”

Kihara Amata: “However what was a theory until just recently is genuine, the 0th dimension surely exists. And I understand the method for drawing it out.”

Mugino Shizuri: “And you’re going to do that by severing a 1 dimensional ‘point’?”

Kihara Amata: “Precisely. However the issue is the specific means of doing so. It’s completely different from cutting tofu with a kitchen knife.”

Kihara Amata: “I have tried various tests, but after all it’s out of the question for honest experimental equipment to produce honest results.”

Mugino Shizuri: “And so, you’ve busied yourself with selecting choice espers from Academy City through dishonest means.”

Kihara Amata: “That’s correct. Well in my case there was a Level 5 who was fixated on the situation.”

Kihara Amata: “Similarly there was even one from the spatial transference system that utilizes the 11 dimensions——”


Kihara Amata: “Well, at the very least it can be said that I didn’t invite this guy.”

Kihara Amata: “Oi puppet. Your job. Get to work.”

Misaka Imouto: “……Commencing combat mobilization, says Misaka as she makes a proclamation.”

FIGHT (Mugino Shizuri & Misaka Imouto VS. Acqua of the Back)

Mugino Shizuri: “You think I was a little too gentle?”

Kihara Amata: “In that case just kill them gently.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Cheh—. If you would just go a little out of your way I wouldn’t be doing so much killing.”

Mugino Shizuri: “It’s not worth considering even if the ‘opponent’ is top class huh.”

Mugino Shizuri: “I wonder if there isn’t a stronger child.”

Part 6


Mugino Shizuri: “It’s here it’s here. I finally found it. What’s this, doesn’t she seem to be angry with me?”

Kihara Amata: “Isn’t just something like being rivals?”

Mugino Shizuri: “She must not understand just how many people we killed on the way here.”

Misaka Mikoto: “……You guys, you’re saying the ones’ who did that to him was you?”

Misaka Imouto: “Target verified, Original (Onee-sama)———it is Misaka Mikoto herself, Misaka concludes.”

Shirai Kuroko: “Multiple Onee-samas!? ……However, this isn’t a situation where I can enjoy such things after all.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Manipulated, huh?”

Misaka Mikoto: “Just a minute, that low-ranked middle aged man over there, I assume you are prepared right?”

Kihara Amata: “Whatever is fine however is fine or something like that. In short you’re going to beat them up.”

Kihara Amata: “If my 0th dimension is usable then you get a cut, if it’s not usable I’ll be your plaything.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Why are you going to such an extent for this 0th dimension? Is it just the frustration of making a new discovery?”

Kihara Amata: “No such thing. It’s much more practical. With the 0th dimension I’ll understand something even you would understand.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Well whatever.”

Mugino Shizuri: “For be being able to instant kill the third rank is sufficient.”

FIGHT (Mugino Shizuri & Misaka Imouto VS. Misaka Mikoto & Shirai Kuroko)

Misaka Imouto: “……Target is incapable of combat, says Misaka as she reports on the state of affairs.”

Kihara Amata: “What is this what is this. I guess I ought to make use of the space transfer user as well.”

Kihara Amata: “Well, as far as making use of 11 dimensions goes, it’s the exact opposite of my target method.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Which is what?”

Kihara Amata: “It’s no problem if I’m your plaything right?”

Part 7


Mugino Shizuri: “Aah? Who is that low ranker? Saying all those things! Why I oughta!”

Misaka Imouto: “……Target is already incapable of combat, says Misaka as she repeats information.”

Kihara Amata: “Oioi, just leave it there. Geez, doing such things indiscriminately.”

Mugino Shizuri: “So, what’s the profitability of the ‘0th Dimensional Pole’?”

Kihara Amata: “It’s just conjecture until the end but……”

Kihara Amata: “The 0th dimension is one universe.”

Kihara Amata: “The 0th dimension and the 3rd dimension interact, but even the entirety of the 0th dimension doesn’t surpass a single point.”

Kihara Amata: “If we could grasp that ‘one point’ we would be linked to every coordinate in the 3rd dimension.”

Kihara Amata: “That is to say, the result would be an intermediary point for Warp and Teleport.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Things like Teleport aren’t all that rare. Though there aren’t any who have been certified as Level 5.”

Kihara Amata: “Indeed. But since they all use the 11th dimensional method, in the end there’s a limit on range and weight.”

Kihara Amata: “You’ll never see any esper that can jump to the ends of the Milky Way. However, it’s a different story if we’re talking about this new method.”

Kihara Amata: “What I wish for, what I desire I can collect and obtain it even from the edge of the galaxy.”

Kihara Amata: “What I don’t need, what I hate, those can sent off to the edge of the galaxy all at once.”

Kihara Amata: “Freely at any time, anywhere you may desire.”

Kihara Amata: “……Simple isn’t it? Imperialism that is simple beyond belief.”


Accelerator: “You……. Kihara!!”

Kihara Amata: “Tch, so you also came Accelerator. How bothersome.”


Last Order: “E-eeh! Why?”

Misaka Imouto: “……”

Kihara Amata: “In such a situation, you think I’d surrender on the double, you experimental equipment!!”

FIGHT Mugino Shizuri & Misaka Imouto VS. Accelerator & Last Order)

Mugino Shizuri: “Ahh ahh, is this okay? That guy, as far as you were concerned, he was your final wish wasn’t he?”

Kihara Amata: “……, it’s fine, it’s okay.”

Kihara Amata: “Rather, up until now he’s merely been my insurance in case my true desire turns out to be worthless.”

Kihara Amata: “After all, those guys weren’t even a guarantee.”

Part 8


Mugino Shizuri: “So, at last in the end it has come down to this.”

Misaka Imouto: “……In accordance with the instructions, I haved surrounded Mugino Shizuri, says Misaka as she reports.”

Kihara Amata: “It wasn’t exactly a lie in particular. I ought to have said it from the start.”

Kihara Amata: “If you cooperated with me, you would be blessed with the chance to obliterate one of the top ranking Level 5’s.”

Kihara Amata: “Now it’s your turn to grant my request.”

Kihara Amata: “And that is……to become experimental equipment.”

Mugino Shizuri: “My Meltdowner (Atom Destroyer),”

Mugino Shizuri: “is an ability is to change electrons into a state that is neither a particle nor a wave, and while in that ambiguous state fire them at high speeds.”

Kihara Amata: “The ability that, to electrons that fasten together everything on the micro level, forcibly manipulates them while completely ignoring quantum theory.”

Kihara Amata: “As you said, in a sense Mugino Shizuri is no less a monster that Misaka Mikoto.”

Kihara Amata: “Isn’t that the ideal 1 dimensional ‘point’ to destroy.”

Kihara Amata: “Well then, beast! Make it so that her ability is as nothing but marionette!”


FIGHT (Mugino VS. Fuse Kazakiri)

Mugino Shizuri: “This guy is also a calamity herself isn’t she.”

Mugino Shizuri: “In spite of that though, what’s this. Huh Kihara Amata?”

Mugino Shizuri: “To have only been planning for this since before, how befitting a small fry like you.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Be that as it may, I have learned something useful as a result.”

Part 9


Mugino Shizuri: “This is the ‘0th Dimensional Pole’……”

Mugino Shizuri: “Fhun, well I’ll have to take my time analyzing this afterwards.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Nah, it’s too dull to be all that satisfying.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Even for the big shots of Academy City, it’s so completely insignificant they wouldn’t so much as stir.”

Mugino Shizuri: “What’s with that. Soon it will completely fade away, this world that is.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Well then at this point, I’ll just crush it then.”

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