Railgun PSP

This project is my second VN translation, the PSP game ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’. Unlike the one for Index, which had a linear, combat-based story mode with chapters that could be played in different orders, in this game, the chapters must be completed in order but the gameplay itself is non-linear. This allows the story to unfold in different ways, including the existence of bad endings.

While the variety of paths makes this game more interesting in some ways, it makes constructing a practical translation more challenging. For this reason I was forced to devise an easy-to-navigate format to allow readers to progress through the story in the same manner as though they were playing themselves. I have created a tutorial to explain the basics behind the game and the format and would recommend reading it before proceeding.

And with that, please enjoy Railgun PSP.

Railgun PSP Tutorial

Railgun PSP Chapter 1

Railgun PSP Chapter 2

Railgun PSP Chapter 3