Railgun PSP Chapter 1

Longicorn of the Vacant Lot

Scene 1

That Sounds Like the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ Topic


Mikoto: “Haa, it’s hot. It’s much too hot.”

Mikoto: “UH—. The days have been sweltering recently huh.”

Kuroko: “However if you continue relying on air conditioning it’s bad for your health.”

Saten: “Oh! If that’s how it is, there’s that custom!”

Saten: “Without using such forcibly cooled air, there’s a conventional custom to further cool one’s spirit!”

Uiharu: “……Saten-san. You don’t mean a haunted house do you?”

Mikoto: “When it comes to a haunted house being scary, don’t you think it’s not really related to whether or not you believe in ghosts?”

Kuroko: “No matter who, anyone would be startled if you raised your voice right behind them in the dark.”

Saten: “That’s not it. Although there was also a story about a haunted house, it’s dead now!”

Saten: “Since the sixth district’s amusement park is ridiculously expensive, it isn’t worth it unless there’s a major event.”

Mikoto: “Well then what is it?”

Saten: “It’s name is ‘The Murder Tunnel’!! Baba—n!”

Mikoto: “Murder Tunnel?”

Saten: “Somewhere in Academy City is a narrow tunnel, and it seems some bizarre people have made their hang out there.”

Saten: “The last one to enter, they didn’t come out alive so it’s become a very very scary place!”

Saten: “So you see it’s perfect for a summer independent research project!!”

Uiharu: “……Another urban legend huh.”

Kuroko: “If that story were true we would have heard about it a long time ago.”

Kuroko: “The Judgement armbands we wear should be at least good for that right?”

‘Judgement Armband’ Topic obtained

Saten: “Eeer, regarding the conditions um, there are surely various reasons uh, surely it’s that it’s ordinarily safe and only a concern at certain times or something.”

Saten: “What was it, it’s dangerous if you get on a yellow taxi was it”

Uiharu: “Isn’t it just that you don’t understand well yourself Saten-san?”

Uiharu: “Don’t tell me, are you saying that you don’t even know the location of that something-or-other tunnel?”

Saten: “Something like that is more interesting to discover on your own feet. Umm well then in that case, ah that’s right! The Ninth School District that’s connected to the fine arts!”

Saten: “If your request to have your portrait painted at the park, you’ll get scouted by the model office!”

Mikoto: “……In the midst of this blasted heat, you want us to go all the way to the Ninth School District and stand around while our portraits are painted?”

Saten: “Well then……there’s this! The former athlete Miyoshi Yoshiko suddenly began acting suspiciously!!”

Kuroko: “It’s just that she disappeared after there were suspicions of doping.”


Naoya: “Come on now……”

Kana: “But umm.”


Mikoto: “Yo, you guys, did you also come to do your homework in a family restaurant? It sure is hot outside huh.”

Naoya: “Ubah. The Pantiless Judgement!”

Mikoto: “I’m not pantiless! You’re remembering unnecessary things.”

Naoya: “What on earth are you doing here—”

Mikoto: “Is it a problem if I don’t have a reason?”

Naoya: “It doesn’t even matter, we’ll just be using that table. It’s a secret conference after all.”

Mikoto: “Secret conference huh”


Kana: “Onee-chan, aren’t you part of Judgement or something?”

Uiharu: “That’s right. Can we help you in some way?”

Kana: “Umm, I’m Hazamaya Kana.”

‘Hazamaya Kana’ Topic added

Uiharu: “Awa, thank you for being so polite. Umm, I’m Uiharu Kazari. Nice to meet you.”

Uiharu: “Then, what did you want to tell me?”


Naoya: “Kana, don’t!! It’s a secret meeting after all!!”

Kana: “Y-yeah. However……”

Naoya: “In the first place, the one in the greatest danger is surely you. Don’t you understand that already?”

Kana: “That may be so but……”

Saten: “Misaka-san, are you acquainted with those kids from just now?”

Mikoto: “That’s correct.”

Kuroko: “For Onee-sama whose child-like tendencies are always at full throttle, they’re like close companions.”

Mikoto: “You be quiet. Leave me alone will you.”


Kuroko: “Does Onee-sama also intend to participate in their secret conference?”

Mikoto: “I was a little concerned with the way those children were.”

Mikoto: “Even their secret conference, it doesn’t feel like something they’re enjoying does it?”

Saten: “Certainly, if I had to choose one I’d say they were frantic.”

Mikoto: “I’m concerned about what they said about ‘being in the greatest danger’.”

Saten: “I understand, I understand!”

Saten: “If we’re talking about a secret, that’s all it takes to raise my interest.”

Mikoto: “……Even though that clearly goes without saying huh.”

Atsushi: “Where it was shortened, let us see it.”

Kana: “Un, can you look at this?”

Mikoto: “Shh. Those kids, their beginning to talk about something.”


Kana: “Here. Look, the length of the left and right ones is different.”

Naoya: “Oh my. This was certainly scissors.”

Rie: “Then the Longicorn (hair-cutting bug) is real……” {TN: The Japanese word for longicorn, or long-horned beetle, is Kamikirimushi, which can also be read literally as ‘kami (hair) kiri (cutting) mushi (bug)}

Naoya: “That prank where if you doze off in a vacant lot, and it approaches you carrying scissors—that one huh.”

Rie: “That’s why we haven’t been going to vacant lot, yet although we had been playing around in the park instead……”

Mikoto: “What kind of story is that?”

Saten: “Aah, that sounds like the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ topic.”

Mikoto: “Longicorn of the Vacant Lot? What’s that?”

Saten: “While I’m not too familiar with it myself, it’s an urban legend more popular in the lower age groups.”

Saten: “If you get tired and doze off while playing in a vacant lot, you’ll be approached by a girl carrying scissors, who then cuts your hair.”

Uiharu: “That child’s hair……”

Uiharu: “The left and right sides are different lengths. Moreover, even the way it was cut is quite awfully crooked……”

Saten: “……Then that means, the Longicorn actually really did show up?”

Mikoto: “……”

Kuroko: “It would be prudent if you stopped right there, Onee-sama. Firstly because it’s an urban legend, and the other party is children.”

Mikoto: “What up with that?”

Kuroko: “That child may have cut her own hair in order to bask in the attention, isn’t that way of thinking only natural?”

Mikoto: “That doesn’t matter. We’d only be listening to what she has to say after all.”

Naoya: “What, I did say this is a secret conference.”

Saten: “Hey hey. Can I teach you something bad about the Longicorn?”

Naoya: “EH?”

Atsushi: “Idiot, don’t fall for what she says!!”

Saten: “That weakness, if it’s used on the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ it will escape by dashing away.”

Saten: “However, if it’s against ‘The Snail of the Trash Collection Area’, it’s the opposite since it will chase you around.”

‘Snail’ Topic obtained

Saten: “That’s the latest information right? There’s vague rumors spreading everywhere about what happens when you’re chased by the Snail.”

Saten: “If you were to seriously encounter the Longicorn, it wouldn’t be just dangerous if you don’t understand this.”

Naoya: “It really was the Longicorn!!”

Saten: “I see I see, so it really was about the Longicorn.”

Kana: “Ah ah, you just told her.”

Naoya: “Uuh……sorry—”

Mikoto: “Can you tell us about it? The matter with the Longicorn that is.”

Naoya: “Alright already, I’ll tell you.”

According to what the boy said, it appears this is what was said about the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’.

The Longicorn is said to be a mysterious person.

If she saw children dozing off after getting tired of playing in a vacant lot, she, while carrying large scissors,

would silently cut their hair.

And then, unless one should wake up, the damage will finish with just their hair.

However, if one were to wake up at that moment, the Longicorn would chase the child around until gates of hell,

and kill them with the giant scissors.

‘Longicorn’ topic obtained

Saten: “Umm.”

Uiharu: “What’s wrong?”

Saten: “It differs slightly from the version I heard. There wasn’t anything about what he said happens when you wake up.”

Mikoto: “Say, when Kana-chan woke up, did you see the other person?”

Kana: “Un. The other person was a woman.”

Kana: “Look here. After some time had passed, I had a strange feeling and woke up.”

Mikoto: “Do you remember what kind of person it was?”

Kana: “Un. The Longicorn had disheveled hair, and though her face was hidden, it was a woman.”

Kuroko: “However, if what you’re saying is true……”

Kuroko: “Then shouldn’t something serious have happened when you woke up?”

Mikoto: “KUROKO”

Kana: “When I yelled out ‘KYAH’, it ran off somewhere.”

Saten: “I see, I get it now.”

Naoya: “It’s just as i told you. It was the Longicorn.”

Naoya: “Now that it’s come to this, I’ll be caught by that person, the Longicorn, and killed.”

Naoya: “I say, Onee-chan.”

Saten: “Nn? What’s wrong?”

Naoya: “What you were saying just before, please teach me about the Longicorn’s weakness.”

Saten: “Listen carefully. It’s actually quite simple. The Longicorn is weak against perfume.”

Saten: “Particularly Omega Flower #43.”

‘Omega Flower’ topic obtained

Naoya: “Omega Flower forty-three, forty-three……yeah, I memorized it!”

Atsushi: “But that perfume, isn’t it expensive? We can’t purchase that with just our pocket money……”

Saten: “If your pocket money isn’t enough, you can just go to the department store.”

Saten: “So long as it’s something sold in the cosmetics department, it should work somehow or another.”

Naoya: “Really!?”

Atsushi: “However, something like the odor of perfume, it’d lose effect if you take a bath!”

Saten: “The Longicorn has a good nose you know.”

Saten: “Even if an ordinary person can’t sense anything, to the Longicorn you’d still have a slightly bad odor.”

Kana: “Is that so?”

Saten: “Yep. As a result, if you apply the perfume just once, you’re safe even to take a bath for at least a week.”

Naoya: “Amazing, so it would be fine if it’s the department store in front of Sawada Station then?”

Saten: “Sawada you say, that store huh. I think it should be okay.”

Rie: “Who needs Omega Flower?”

Naoya: “This is great! With this we don’t need to fear even the Longicorn!”

Kana: “YEAH.”

Kana: “Thank you, Onee-chans.”

Saten: “Don’t mention it. It was no problem.”

Atsushi: “Once we’ve got the perfume from Sawada, we’ll go to the public park! The Longicorn’s weakness, we’ll teach it to everyone!”

‘Public Park’ topic obtained

Naoya: “That’s right, let’s go quickly!”


Uiharu: “Hah. There are even things from Saten-san’s miscellaneous knowledge that can help people huh.”

Saten: “Don’t underestimate Onee-chan, Uiharu.”

Mikoto: “However, will things truly be okay like this?”

Kuroko: “What do you mean by okay? Wasn’t that girl relieved?”

Mikoto: “If that story about ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ isn’t the whole truth, then the weakness might not necessarily be real either.”

Mikoto: “All we know is that someone, using scissors, is giving kids haircuts.”

Kuroko: “If it’s just a charade then what’s the problem?”

Mikoto: “Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “That dazedly standing around in this blazing hot sun is disagreeable, who was the one who said that?”

Mikoto: “Kuroko.”

Mikoto: “Even I don’t believe this story about the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ is the entire truth.”

Mikoto: “However, if those kids weren’t lying, then someone is out there approached that girl while carrying scissors.”

Mikoto: “Besides, wasn’t her hair actually cut?”

Kuroko: “Well……, if it wasn’t an act, then that would be the case.”

Mikoto: “That girl, she was truly afraid of something. That didn’t seem like an act.”


Saten: “Something like cutting hair, it’s scary not knowing what they could be thinking……”

Mikoto: “I feel the same way. What that Longicorn person could be thinking about, nobody has any idea.”

Mikoto: “This time it was hair. Perhaps it might even be hair next time. But, what about the time after that?”

Uiharu: “Uh, when you put it that that’s certainly true.”

Mikoto: “What if they’re planning something else entirely? What if it escalates?”

Mikoto: “Even if it’s only hair it may already be inexcusable.”

Mikoto: “A suspicious person wandering about carrying a sharp object and actually approaching children, that’s inexcusable.”

Mikoto: “Such a dangerous person, whether it’s the Longicorn or something else entirely, is something we can’t ignore.”

Saten: “Then we should investigate it!! The true identity of the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’!!”

Uiharu: “M-me as well, no matter how difficult a case it may be, if it’s for the truth behind the one targeting the hair of children……”

Uiharu: “I likewise feel that it’s impermissible.”

Mikoto: “Kuroko. Three versus one.”

Kuroko: “I get it I get it okay!”

Kuroko: “Good grief, let’s investigate this promptly, and then promptly put an end to this already.”

Kuroko: “This sunlight is a girl’s greatest enemy after all.”

Saten: “It seems to me that the weaknesses of the Longicorn have increased by one.”

Mikoto: “What do mean?”

Saten: “When faced with the coin of the Railgun, it will escape by dashing away, or something like that.”

{TN: The next section of dialogue moves quickly without pause. This marks a decision scene where you decide where to go next. Essentially, you choose to investigate a topic previously mentioned or else make no choice at all. The selected topic will be removed from the list, but may be added back in with new information later.}

Kuroko: “Hot——”

Mikoto: “Now then, where should we start searching I wonder.”

Kuroko: “In this heat, I don’t want to wander around aimlessly.”

Mikoto: “Well then, how can we search efficiently?”

Kuroko: “How you say……hmm.”

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Uiharu: “Well, I”

Uiharu: “I’m actually concerned about what was said about the Snail of the Trash Collection Area.”

Kuroko: “Eeeh?”

Kuroko: “Uiharu, you mean you have that sort of hobby?”

Kuroko: “In any case for such a worthless urban legend.”

Saten: “Even I don’t know anything other than the name.”

Saten: “Should we look around for those kids and ask them to give us a more detailed account?”

Mikoto: “U~m…”

Saten: “Seems that we’re just killing time!”

Saten: “Come, let’s go.”

Proceed to Scene 6


Saten: “Those kids earlier did mention the park in their story.”

Saten: “Since there are kids in the park we could collect information.”

Saten: “It might be a good idea to go around a vacant lot as well.”

Mikoto: “We can’t be sure that Judgement hasn’t picked up information as well.”

Mikoto: “It would be good if they heard the children’s unedited remarks.”

Kuroko: “Eh———”

Kuroko: “It’s so hot……”

Mikoto: “Shuddup Kuroko.”

Mikoto: “We’re going to the park.”

Proceed to: Scene 8


Kuroko: “This is an unreliable story.”

Kuroko: “We shouldn’t just wander around in this heat without coming up with a method.”

Mikoto: “What kind of method?”

Kuroko: “Simply put, it’s this.”

Saten: “The Judgement armband is it?”

Kuroko: “If we inquire about it at the Judgement branch office, then it’ll be simple.”

Mikoto: “Though it would be good to have plausible information,”

Mikoto: “would there have been an investigation into an urban legend?”

Uiharu: “Even if it’s not the urban legend itself,”

Uiharu: “there may be investigations into similar events.”

Mikoto: “I got it, then let’s go there.”

Proceed to: Scene 3


Kuroko: “It just occurred to me, how about the park those children were talking about.”

Uiharu: “Isn’t the park unrelated?”

Uiharu: “The mysterious person appears in the vacant lot right?”

Saten: “Now that you mention it, I feel like I saw a vacant lot recently……”

Saten: “U∼n, where was it now”

Saten: “Ah, I remembered, I just remembered.”

Saten: “I discovered a completely unknown shortcut off of the backstreets.”

Saten: “Yeah, it was a vacant lot with a suspicious atmosphere.”

Kuroko: “Is that so?”

Saten: “The truth is I only caught a glimpse of it off to the side,”

Saten: “So I don’t remember the rest. Ehehe.”

Mikoto: “I understand. Well then let’s head on over there.”

Proceed to Scene 2

Scene 2

Huhuh? The empty lot has become a construction site!?

NOTE: Viewing this scene affects the development of subsequent scenes. You should pay attention to any instructions regarding Scene 2


Saten: “The empty lot I mentioned, wasn’t it around here?”

Uiharu: “Who knows? I can’t remember precisely either.”

Saten: “I know right.”

Saten: “I’d definitely remember it if it was a cute cafe or cake shop, but I’m not usually interested in vacant lots.”

Mikoto: “In any case there’s nothing to do but check around this area.”

Kuroko: “Understood.”


Saten: “……Ah, I’m slowly starting to recall something.”

Uiharu: “What’s the matter, Saten-san.”

Saten: “If we go 1 block ahead, then turn left, I think that’s where I saw the vacant lot.”‘

Kuroko: “Are you sure about that memory?”

Saten: “No need to worry. In another two or three steps, if you turn the corner, you’ll see the vacant lot BAM right in front of you.”


Saten: “See, with a BAM you can see the vacant lot rig……”

Saten: “……Huh? Huhuh? The vacant lot has turned into a construction sight!?”

Uiharu: “It seems that some sort of multi-floor building will be erected here.”

Saten: “Even though it was only a vacant lot just one week ago, the flow of time sure is cruel.”

Kuroko: “No use grieving over the situation.”

Mikoto: “Yep, we just have to start investigating once again.”

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Kuroko: “For the moment, why don’t we go back to the branch office and search through the reports?”

Mikoto and the others merely nodded, and they left the construction site behind.

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Saten: “Those kids, they said they were going to Sawada. Should we ask them once more for a detailed explanation?”

Uiharu: “If it’s Sawada, the shortest path is to go through the park.”

Proceed to: Scene 8

Scene 3

What we’re investigating is the Longicorn of the ‘Vacant Lot’


Mikoto: “Excuse ∼ us.”

Konori: “Ara, what’s the matter? Everyone’s together today.”

Kuroko: “Eeh, Onee-sama was saying that there was something she needed to investigate at the 177th branch office no matter what.”

Konori: “Indeed? Well then, take your time and stay awhile.”

Saten: Thank you.”

Konori: “Since it’s been a while, why don’t you have some tea?”

Mikoto: “Itadakimasu”


Saten: “Itadakima—su. With this heat, already I’ve reached my limit.”

Kuroko: “As expected it’s refreshingly nice to be indoors.”

Mikoto: “Surely, you didn’t just lead us here because of how bad the heat was.”

Kuroko: “Ohhohoho, o-of course not.”

Kuroko: Uiharu, can you check to see if there’s any data on that urban legend.”


Uiharu: “Yes, relating to urban legends, and in particularly concerning the Longicorn, right.”

Uiharu: “U∼n, concerning the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’, there’s not a whole lot of specific information that’s been reported……”


Saten: “Why not let me look? ……Somehow, only the most basic information’s been reported.”

Konori: “What are you investigating? What?”

Konori: “Report concerning the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’?”

Uiharu: “Umm, this is”

Konori: “I’m not particularly angry. It’s our job to check over reports during peaceful times.”

Saten: “Say, why is there no detailed information saved regarding the Longicorn?”

Konori: “To start with, if any Judgement or Antiskill were to receive such a report, the one who submitted it would be scolded, that’s why.”

Mikoto: “Scolded?”

Konori: “Since it’s prohibited to enter the vacant lot and playing there is no good, among other reasons.”

Kuroko: “Since they wouldn’t have been subjected to harm if they hadn’t approached the vacant lot to begin with, for treatment that would be appropriate.”

Kuroko: “Even if an actual injury was reported it wouldn’t be found.”

Kuroko: “Especially since it only amounted to a small amount of hair being cut.”

Kuroko: “Even with those who do speak out, it’s all but certain that there are multiple kids giving false reports as a joke.”

Kuroko: “That is to say that without witnessing real harm, whether the situation amounts to an actual event or a prank would be unclear.”

Konori: “When it comes to investigating urban legends whose existence is unclear, even Antiskill doesn’t have that much free time.”


Mikoto: “So whether it’s Judgement or Antiskill, neither is treating the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ as an actual incident……”

Mikoto: “U∼n, coming all the way here and this is the only result.”

Kuroko: “That isn’t the case. What we’re investigating is the Longicorn of the ‘Vacant Lot’.”

Saten: “I see, we should investigate that vacant lot where the children have been gathering.”

Uiharu: “I’m accessing Academy City’s real estate database.”

Uiharu: “Including properties in the middle of demolition gives 432 items, while if we designate purely vacant lots we get 176 items.”

Mikoto: “From those, can you extract just the ones located in the Seventh School District?”

Uiharu: “Applying that gives us 41 items.”

Saten: “41 items huh, that’s a reasonable amount.”

Kuroko: “If we’re to do a thorough search, that number is a little too excessive.”

Mikoto: “Among those, are any of them places that children tend to enter?”

Saten: “Perhaps those that don’t have surveillance cameras installed, or where security robots don’t go too often.”

Uiharu: “Checking reported security plans.”

Uiharu: “Got it. 13 items.”

Saten: “It’s decreased from before, but it’s still too many.”

{‘Location of Vacant Lots’ topic added}

CHATTIN’!! NOTE: This option is only available if you haven’t seen ‘Scene 2: Huhuh? The empty lot has become a construction site!?’

Mikoto: “U∼n, just where should we start looking……”

Mikoto: “Since it’s hot outside, I’d like to avoid wandering around aimlessly but”

Mikoto: “Does anyone have any thoughts they’d like to share?”


PARK Only available if you selected JUDGEMENT ARMBAND in Scene 1

Saten: “Umm, wait just a moment.”

Saten: “Those children, didn’t they say they were going to the park?”

Kuroko: “Indeed they did.”

Saten: “Certainly the vacant lot is suspicious but wouldn’t the park be of some concern as well?”

Mikoto: “You think so?”

Saten: “That was the place they were playing, right?”

Saten: “With redevelopment, such places have also become parks,”

Saten: “So shouldn’t investigate it?”

Mikoto: “Saten-san does have a point with what she’s saying.”

Uiharu: “Regarding places that were once vacant lots that are now newly established parks, there are 3 such places.”

Mikoto: “Among those, taking the ones that have surveillance cameras installed into account and the like,”

Mikoto: “Which places could the Longicorn have appeared?”

Uiharu: “Just one.”

Uiharu: “The playground equipment is currently under construction”

Uiharu: “So they haven’t gotten to the point of the surveillance cameras.”

Mikoto: “Alright, well then let’s head on over there.”

Proceed to: Scene 8


Kuroko: “Shouldn’t we be worried about the people and not just the place?”

Mikoto: “What do you mean?”

Kuroko: “Don’t you think this won’t end by just haphazardly looking around vacant lots?”

Uiharu: “That’s true, 13 locations is a lot.”

Kuroko: “In that case, perhaps if we focus on that girl Kana, we can find other examples of common traits that we shouldn’t be investigating.”

Mikoto: “You’re still saying those things Kuroko. Isn’t it just that you don’t want to walk around vacant lots in this heat?”

Kuroko: “Uh……”

Saten: “However, I think there’s a point to be made in what Shirai-san is saying.”

Mikoto: “Then for starters, why don’t we think about that course of action.”

Proceed to: Scene 5



Kuroko: “Shouldn’t we be worried about the people and not just the place?”

Mikoto: “What do you mean?”

Kuroko: “Don’t you think this won’t end by just haphazardly looking around vacant lots?”

Uiharu: “That’s true, 13 locations is a lot.”

Kuroko: “In that case, perhaps if we focus on that girl Kana, we can find other examples of common traits that we shouldn’t be investigating.”

Mikoto: “You’re still saying those things Kuroko. Isn’t it just that you don’t want to walk around vacant lots in this heat?”

Kuroko: “Uh……”

Saten: “However, I think there’s a point to be made in what Shirai-san is saying.”

Mikoto: “Then for starters, why don’t we think about that course of action.”

Proceed to: Scene 5

Kuroko: “Well, Onee-sama. Even if we were to investigate, at which place would we score a hit?”

Saten: “We do know the locations of the vacant lots, but to go to all of them would be quite a chore.”

If you have previously seen Scene 2: Huhuh? The empty lot has become a construction site!?, click here.

Mikoto: “Say, this information on vacant lots, couldn’t we use it to exchange for information?”

Uiharu: “I get it, since they’re vacant lots nobody knows about yet perhaps those children would want to learn about it.”

Mikoto: “Those kids, they might still be at the park……for now let’s get going.”

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Mikoto: “As expected, we have no choice but to check the vacant lot locations at random huh.”

Kuroko: “Is such a vague search method really okay?”

Mikoto: “So you’re saying we should search for clues to fortify this search method.”

Mikoto: “Come, let’s go!”

Proceed to Scene 4 below

Scene 4

If the essential children aren’t there, I would think there’s no meaning in it appearing.


Kuroko: “Fuu……so many of these vacant lots……”

Uiharu: “Even though we were aware of the number of vacant lots, you have to actually walk around them to experience how many there are.”

Mikoto: “Unlike information uploaded on the net, it’s different searching firsthand on foot.”

Uiharu: “In this situation, which one would be correct?”

Mikoto: “If there is an ability to select the correct information, I wonder if it isn’t that both are correct.”

Uiharu: “In such a case……it would depend on the one reading it.”

Saten: “Misaka-san, this vacant lot is suspicious! It’s damp, gloomy, and the atmosphere feels stagnant.”

Kuroko: “Since it’s enclosed by multi-story building and isn’t exposed to that damn sun……it would be unusual if it was a bright and colorful vacant lot.”

Saten: “Ahahaha, is that so, indeed that would be the case.”

Mikoto: “Nevertheless this place sure is humid.”

Uiharu: “The ground here may be moist, but due to vaporization heat it can’t be expected to have a cooling effect.”

Mikoto: “Why? Doesn’t spraying water make things cool?”

Uiharu: “If the place is well ventilated, once can expect cooling from the vaporization heat but……”

Uiharu: “that method doesn’t permeate here for the most part, since the heat reflected from the buildings raises the humidity.”

Mikoto: “U—n……”

Mikoto: “Children would find it uncomfortable to play here huh.”

Kuroko: “If they prefered vacant lots over the park, wouldn’t they not play there due to slight discomfort?”

Saten: “If they wanted to play with feeling relaxed, I think they’d choose somewhere a little cooler.”

Mikoto: “What Kuroko and Saten-san are saying is correct.”

Mikoto: “However, I don’t see see any children’s footprints for the most part. With how wet the soil here is, wouldn’t there be footprints remaining?”

Uiharu: “Ah, that’s true.”

Saten: “They remain perfectly, look.”

Kuroko: “There are a lot of work boot footprints though.”

Mikoto: “Nevertheless, most of them aren’t children’s footprints.”

Mikoto: “This vacant lot is also a miss then.”

Saten: “However if the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ appears often, it’s possible that this’s an ideal location.”

Mikoto: “If the essential children aren’t there, I would think there’s no significance in it appearing.”

Saten: “But but, perhaps this could be it’s base. We’d have found the Longicorn’s base or something like that.”

Uiharu: “I don’t think circumstances would be that convenient……”

Mikoto: “Putting aside it being a base, I agree we should check to see if there aren’t any clues.”

Drawing in the enthusiastic Saten they checked the vacant lot all over.”

Saten: “Fuu. There ain’t anything here.”

Mikoto: “There’s no trace of children having played here.”

Kuroko: “Mouu, my shoes are covered in mud.”

Uiharu: “Misaka-san, I just finished checking the surveillance cameras in the vicinity, and no children were seen in the past few days.”

Mikoto”Indeed……we should consider this place to be unrelated.”

Kuroko: “If that’s been decided, let’s promptly say goodbye to this place.”

Mikoto: “Indeed, perhaps we’ll have better luck at some other place.”

Kuroko: “Eeh, we’re going to keep searching?”

Mikoto: “Naturally, Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “But even if we loiter around vacant lots the likelihood of us finding any clues is slim.”

Saten: “What Shirai-san is saying is most certainly correct. Before we’ll find any clues, we’ll collapse.”

Uiharu: “Once more, perhaps it would be helpful if got a detailed explanation from those children.”

Mikoto: “That’s also true……those kids, they said they would be going to the park.”

Kuroko: “That’ll be good! We can buy cold drinks from the vending machine.”

Mikoto: “Why you……well, whatever. Let’s go.”

Proceed to Scene 8

Scene 5:

……Fufufu. Another person alone, I found∼you.

Kuroko: “Do the victims have anything in common?”

Uiharu: “I’ll check it right away?”


Uiharu: “It’s no good. I’ve found that the damage is focused on elementary school kids, but that’s all.”

Kuroko: “Not even a divergent trend for which school district they live in, or else for which ability they possess.”

Saten: “Huh? What’s this, not a whole lot of kids have suffered any damage?”

Kuroko: “Now that you mention it that is the case.”

Kuroko: “Given that the locations are vacant lots, it wouldn’t be strange if there were several such children.”

Mikoto: “Hey, these boys that were victims, isn’t their hair long?”

Saten: “Their hair isn’t cut short. This is the so-called boy’s ponytail. It’s so long!”

Kuroko: “That is indeed the case. There aren’t any whose hair cut short.”

Uiharu: “Even so there are a lots of kids with pretty hair. It seems so wasteful.”

Saten: “Perhaps, that was its goal.”

Mikoto: “Why would it be collecting pretty hair?”

Saten: “To decorate its room perhaps?”

Kuroko: “The amount that was cut off was only about 2 to 3 centimeters. Why would it take such a short amount?”

Uiharu: “For use as a specimen……or something like that perhaps?”

Mikoto: “Specimen? You mean like as a sample for beauty parlor coloring?”

Kuroko: “It could be for a summer research assignment, where instead of collecting bugs they’re gathering hair color samples.”

Mikoto: “When you put it that way, it certainly feels like that could be it. Okay then, let’s investigate along this route.”


Mikoto: “Well, have the analysis results come up?”

Uiharu: “From a cross section of the girl’s hair it was to to have been cut with professional scissors, the traits of which are similar to Zeligem Company’s RU-77K product.”

Kuroko: “These scissors, they’re the built-to-order manufacturing type. Perhaps something will come up if we research the purchasers.”

Mikoto: “Well then, it’s possible the culprit will be found surprisingly quickly right?”

Uiharu: “The purchasers, ah……”

Saten: “What’s the matter?”

Uiharu: “5 days ago they were purchased for all new students at a beauty salon specialty school.”

Mikoto: “Uwah, isn’t that close to 100 people?”

Uiharu: “If I can get an appraisal of each and every pair of scissors, it might be possible to specify the particular pair, but it will be difficult.”

Saten: “If not we’ll have to begin investigating from scratch.”

Kuroko: “No, thus far they’ve cut the hair and quickly disappeared before anyone could notice right?”

Kuroko: “We should consider that it’s someone with athletic ability, or otherwise a person who possesses a technique.”

Saten: “As far as that’s concerned, if we’re talking about the ability to disappear, that would be Teleport or something like that right?”

Kuroko: “It’s also possible there’s an ability that puts people to sleep. It then cuts while their sleeping.”

Mikoto: “Is there such a pupil at the beauty salon specialty school?”

Uiharu: “I’ll check now.”

Saten: “However, if it’s a pupil at a beauty salon specialty school, wouldn’t hair not be all that inconvenient to come by?”

Kuroko: “For a student that only just obtained their scissors, there wouldn’t have been any opportunities to cut genuine hair.”

Uiharu: “Surely, what they would use for training would be seem to be scientifically produced artificial hair.”

Mikoto: “A culprit with a hair fetish, and moreover is sorely tempted by the hair they cannot touch every day, that kind of direction.”

Mikoto: “As I thought, I feel suspicious about these beauty salon specialty school students.”

Kuroko: “If Onee-sama says so, we can continue to investigate but……”

Uiharu: “At levels 1 and 2, there are 3 people who came up as ahving the ability to put people to sleep.”

Mikoto: “In that case, what’s the extent of their abilities?”

Uiharu: “They don’t seem to be that powerful. Hmm. At level 2, it would feel like a nice lullaby.”

Kuroko: “That’s plenty if it’s for putting tired children to sleep.”

Mikoto: “Alright, let’s go get information about those people.”


Mikoto: “Who’d have thought that the school’d be closed, what an unexpected blindspot.”

Saten: “It’s reasonable if you think about it. After all it is our summer vacation as well.”

Mikoto: “Uh……. You should have said so earlier, Saten-san.”

Uiharu: “Moreover, that all of them would have returned to their hometowns one week ago.”

Kuroko: “Since they haven’t been in Academy city since then, none of them could have cut the hair of that child.”

Saten: “With this the true face of the Longicorn has once again become unknown. What should we do?”

Mikoto: “Oh well, we’ll go to the family restaurant tomorrow, meet that girl and hear her story out once more.”

Kuroko: “That’s the best approach. Geez, we went all the way to the edge of Academy City on a fool’s errand……”

Mikoto: “What did you say?”

Kuroko: “No, it’s nothing at all∼”

Saten: “Ah, I actually have something to do around here, so if it’s okay with you all I’ll be going back first.”

Mikoto: “Is that so? Well then we’ll be returning to the Judgement branch office before you.”

Saten: “Yes. Well then I’ll be heading off now.”


Saten: “Though I’ve finished my shopping, it’s much heavier than I thought it would be.”

Saten: “Since there’s a bench here, I just rest for a bit.”


Saten: “Haa, I did a lot of walking today, so worn out. Huh……perhaps I should sleep for just a little bit……”


???: “……Fufufu. Another person alone, I found∼you.”

Saten: “……Guh, guh.”

???: “A little big, but whatever.”


Scene 6

It was fine, just the blessing of being with Judgement


Mikoto: “Ah, there you are! Say, you guys, there’s actually something else we’d like some information about.”

Naoya: “Again? Well whatever, what is it? I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

Mikoto: “The Snail of the Trash Collection Area, was it? We want to better understand that story.”

Naoya: “Nowadays, there’s a tale going around about a mysterious person who shows up at the trash collection area.”

Atsushi: “It’s said to carry a huge tank on its back, and that it kidnaps children it find alone in the vacant lot.”

Naoya: “Then, if it catches them it carries them with it and head to the trash collection area.”

Uiharu: “I-it takes them to the trash collection area, and what does it do after that?”

Kana: We don’t know. We’ve never seen it after all.”

Atsushi: “However, when you encounter the snail, if you hand over severed hair, the snail will become unable to move.”

Naoya: “If you don’t hand over the hair, then it takes you and imprisons you in the trash collection area.”

Mikoto: “Wa-wait just a minute. This urban legend, it is also related to hair?”

Uiharu: “What seems different in this case though is that here you cut it yourself and hand it over……”

Kuroko: “Well then, isn’t it similar in the sense that one cuts it themselves.”

Kana: “That’s wrong, what I saw wasn’t the Snail but the Longicorn.”

Atsushi: “There’s no reason we would lie about, right?”

Kana: “Yeah. It was even holding the large scissors themselves.”

Kana: “Additionally, it was quite fast, and very scary……”

Kuroko: “So you were able to make observations to that degree right after waking up.”

Kana: “Eh, but……I……”

Saten: “Now, now, don’t cry.”

Uiharu: “Say, is it okay if you give us a detailed account?”

Uiharu: “Even this Onee-chan, she wasn’t actually teasing you. She merely feels that it hasn’t been investigated diligently enough.”

Uiharu: “Isn’t that right, Shirai-san?”

Kuroko: “I-it’s just as Uiharu says. We are both with Judgement after all.”

Kuroko: “In order to prevent any new victims, we cannot leave until we have accurate and objective record.”

Kana: “Then, you’ll listen to my story?”

Kuroko: “Absolutely.”

Naoya: “That let us tell you our story!”

Kuroko: “Heh? T-that’s right.”

Atsushi: “Yeah! With this we can put an end to the attacks of that mysterious person! Thank goodness!”

Kana: “Thank you, Onee-chan……”


Kuroko: “Haaaah, today was hard work—.”

Kuroko: “Well, in spite of that it’s not likely the account will be useful.”

Uiharu: “However, thanks to that account, that girl seems to have felt relieved. She was extremely thankful for that.”

Kuroko: “If she’s able to feel peace of mind from only this, then it was a simple task.”

Uiharu: “This must be the blessing of being with Judgement.”

Konori: “Heeh? Finally after idly going truant, I wonder what this blessings of being with Judgement is all about.”

Uiharu: “HI!? K-Konori-senpai.”

Konori: “You guys, just where have you been idling about all this time?”

Kuroko: “W-we weren’t particularly idling about. Right, Uiharu?”

Uiharu: “T-that’s right. We were taking an account from a victim of a certain incident.”

Konori: “An account? Then if you would please show it to me.”

Kuroko: “AH!”

Konori: “Longicorn of the Vacant Lot……? And moreover this Snail of the Trash Collection Area.”

Konori: “Then the doodlebug of the sandbox, and numerous others. It’s as if the basis for these was taken from urban legends.”

Konori: “Or rather, did you two just deviate from your route and compose this for the day?”

Kuroko: “Umm, well, about that……sorry.”

Konori: “If you want to work like that, you can maintain the sports grounds by replanting the garden and cleaning out the pool.”

Konori: “Starting tomorrow, you’ll have plenty of work. That’s fine right, since it’s a blessing to be with Judgement.”

Kuroko: “N-no waaay.”

Uiharu: “M-me as well!?”

And thus, Shirai and Uiharu spent the rest of summer vacation doing a mountain of chores……


Scene 7

With this our contract has been established, Onee-chan!

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Naoya: “What, you’re back again?”

Mikoto: “This time I’ll surely have you teach me that secret. I’m going to exchange information.”

Atsushi: “Information? What kind of information?”

Saten: “Misaka-san, please leave this to me.”

Mikoto: “Sure, go ahead.”

Saten: “Us Onee-chans were considering exchanging our secret, I guess that’s too bad though.”

Naoya: “Eh, Onee-chans’ secret?”

Saten: “Fufun, are you curious?”

Rie: “What’s Onee-chan’s secret?”

Saten: “Regarding why you are playing in this park, if you were to explain that.”

Naoya: “Hmm, what do we do?”


Saten: “This is the latest in unknown information from Judgement.”

Saten: (It really is information we looked up in Judgement’s database after all.)

Atsushi: “Seriously? If that’s the case it should be okay to tell you……”

Mikoto: “So regarding why you’re not playing in the vacant lot, what’s the reason?”

Rie: “Well you see, there’s a ‘time for playing in the vacant lot’. So until then we’re playing in the park.”

Mikoto: “There’s a time for playing and a time for not playing?”

Atsushi: “You see, there’s a proper schedule.”

The boy thrust out a small notebook.

In it the times and places to play had been written down in detail.

Mikoto: “Hee, so now’s the time to play in the park.”

Kuroko: “Why is there such a trivial rule like this? Wouldn’t it be fine to just play wherever you like?”

Rie: “At that time there are construction workers so we can’t play in the vacant lot. Therefore, we play in the park until then.”

Naoya: “Get it? For children, this is simply one of the circumstances of children.”

Kuroko: “Haah, children these days are so serious huh.”

‘Children’s Circumstances’ Topic added

Atsushi: “Since we told you our secret, it’s no good if Onee-chans don’t tell us your secret!”

Saten: “Well then, I’ll teach you Onee-chan’s most treasured secret, the three sizes.”

Naoya: “We don’t want it, such an uninteresting secret! Contract violation!”

Saten: “Eeh you’re not interested! I guess it’s still early for you huh.”

Uiharu: “……Saten-san.”

Saten: “Joking joking. You, can you take out your mobile? Uiharu, can you show them the data?”

Uiharu: “Ah, yes.”

Naoya: “My mobile? I’ll do it, but what’s this about?”

Saten: “And now, we’ll send you confidential information. ……Sending.”

Naoya: “Ah? AAAH”

Atsushi: “What what? What’s the information?”

Saten: “The latest vacant lot data. Only vacant lots that no one knows about.”

Atsushi: “Amazing! With this our contract is established, Onee-chan!”

Saten: “Ahaha. Nice doing business with you, I’m quite satisfied.”

Atsushi: “Are we finished talking? If so we’re going to play soccer.”

Mikoto: “Yeah, thanks. You helped us a great deal.”

Naoya: “You as well Onee-chans, now when we play in a vacant lot even the best construction workers won’t find us.”

Mikoto: “Y-yeah. Be careful.”

Atsushi: “We’re going!”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, what should we do now?”

Mikoto: “I think we should go to the vacant lot those kids said they use to play regularly.”

Saten: “Misaka-san, did you memorize those kids’ memo?”

Mikoto: “Sort of. Though I think we should write it down before I forget.”

Saten: “That’s amazing……”

Uiharu: “This vacant lot, it’s relatively close to here.”

Saten: “In any case let’s get going. There might be some kind of clue!”

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Scene 8

These children, could they perhaps be hiding something?

NOTE: This scene opens with an option for CHATTIN’!!, a scene interrupt which leads to additional dialogue and choices. If you don’t select Chattin’!!, continue reading below. Note that by selecting this specific CHATTIN’!! option, it will not be considered as though you have viewed the complete scene

CHATTIN’!! NOTE: This option is only available if you selected PARK during Scene 1

Kuroko: “What’s the matter? Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: Un, I’m wondering if we shouldn’t check up on another place.”

Uiharu: “That’s right.”

Uiharu: “There might be various others for us to search through.”

Uiharu: “Where should we go?”

CHOICES: △: Judgement Armband; ☓: Omega Flower; None (wait after choices are presented);


Uiharu: “For the moment, why don’t we head to the Judgement branch office?”

Uiharu: “In regard to the Longicorn of the vacant lot,”

Uiharu: “I think there we should investigate if there were any reports filed up until now.”

Mikoto: “That’s true……”

Mikoto: Rather than loitering around randomly,”

Mikoto: “This method ought to be more constructive.”

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Saten: “In that case, why don’t we go see the Omega Flower sales counter?”

Mikoto: “Aah, Saten-san did say that, about perfume being said to be the weakness of the Longicorn. Just in case it would be a good idea to check it out”

Saten: “It’s settled then! Then let’s go to the Sawada in front of the station!”

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NOTE: This scene may affect development in future scenes. Be aware of directions regarding Scene 8.


Mikoto: “There really are a considerable number of children playing in the park aren’t there?”

Kuroko: “Playing in a carefree manner without worrying about urban legends and the like. That is the natural condition of a child.”

Saten: “I wonder if it could be that the children aren’t playing even due to being afraid of urban legends.”

Uiharu: “In this park, there’s something even the children are afraid of. Ah, those kids are here.”

Naoya: “What is it, you have some other business?”

Mikoto: “You guys, weren’t you going to go to Sawada?”

Naoya: “Right now, this is the time for us to spend time in the park. That was the decision we came to.”

Atsushi: “The Longicorn isn’t something that shows up in the park. We’ll do Sawada after.”

Kana: “Did you Onee-chans come to play with us too?”

Mikoto: Uh uh, we were actually looking to ask if anything else has happened. Is there nobody playing in the vacant lot?”

Kana: Err, about that……”

Naoya: “Su-such a thing, it has nothing to do with the short-pants bitch—”

Saten: “These children, could they perhaps be hiding something?”

Mikoto: “It feels that way.”

Saten: “I see, you’re playing here because you’re afraid of the Longicorn of the Vacant Lot—.”

Naoya: “T-that’s not it!”

Mikoto: “Well then, why are you playing here?”

Naoya: “It’s a secret—.”

Kana: “Secret, secret.”

Mikoto: “That so. I guess it can’t be helped if it’s a secret.”

NOTE: If you have already seen Scene 3:”What we’re investigating is the Longicorn of the ‘Vacant Lot’.”, proceed to: Scene 7. Otherwise continue below.

Mikoto thought the idea over, but they couldn’t learn the secret from the children in order to exchange information.

Scene 8.1

Mikoto: “For now, there’s nothing we can do other than search around the vacant lot……”

If you have been to scene Scene 2:Huhuh? The empty lot has become a construction site!?, click here.

Mikoto: “Although”

Mikoto: “At this rate we’ll just keep investigating the same places over again.”

Uiharu: “In that case why don’t we go to the Judgement branch office? I want to search for reports relating to the Longicorn.”

Mikoto: “Indeed. investigating from a different point of view might be good. Let’s go.”

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Saten: “That reminds me, I recall a vacant lot hasn’t been investigated yet.”

Mikoto: “Well then, let’s go there. Perhaps there’ll be some kind of clue.”

Kuroko: “I don’t think things will proceed so simply though.”

Mikoto: “Well, even if I thought your point had some truth to it, which I don’t, it’s not like I’m forcing you to come with me.”

Kuroko. “Noo. Wherever Onee-sama goes, Kuroko will accompany her there.”

Mikoto: “In short we’re leaving. Now, let’s go.”

Proceed to: Scene 2

Scene 9

Misaka. You have an explanation?


Mikoto: “About this weakness of the Longicorn, I think it would be good to understand that first.”

Saten: “……Uuuuh.”

Uiharu: “Waa, there’s 0, 1, 2, 3, 4……number 43 is suuper expensive.”

Saten: “Like I said, that was the Longicorn’s weakness—! That’s what been said, but that’s unreasonable with my pocket money.”

Kuroko: “It’s something quite different from the eau de Cologne that’s marketed towards young people.”

Mikoto: “The so called genuine perfume, or parfum—! It can’t be helped that the price turned out like this.”

Uiharu: “What should we do? Give up on purchasing it?”

Mikoto: “Should I buy it? If it’s only this much it’s no big deal.”

Saten: “No no no, there’s plenty of the trial use type. Look.”

Uiharu: “KYAH, Saten-san. Why are you pointing it in my direction?”

Saten: “Since you’re the number one that the Longicorn is currently aiming for.”

Uiharu: “You’re saying that I’m childish then, that’s what you meant huh!”

Kuroko: “Since parfum aroma is so strong, applying it suddenly to an amatuer would cause them to stop and sneeze.”

Kuroko: “Choosing the aroma one likes is in the etiquette of an adult woman.”

Mikoto: “……Ah, such a nice fragrance.”

Uiharu: “However, for something adult-like, it feels a little early for us.”

Saten: “Not just a little, you have a ways to go.”

Uiharu: “Saten-san. Just now, where were you looking when you said that?”

Saten: “Confidential∼”

Mikoto: “Though it’s not bad, it’s not really my preference. Omega Flower that is.”

Kuroko: “EEH!? Was that so!? And even so, you didn’t bother to tell me to begin with!”

Mikoto: “Why on earth should I have to report every detail of my perfume preferences to you.”

Kuroko: “I was keeping it a secret from Onee-sama, but I myself have recently been using this perfume before going to sleep.”

Kuroko: “I sleep clad in Omega Flower number 48.”

Uiharu: “So cool.”

Saten: “Oooh, just like an actress.”

Mikoto: “Kuroko, is the reason that I’ve felt that recently you’ve smelled like an old lady because of this?”

Kuroko: “AH, old lady!?”

Kuroko: “To refer to celebrities all over the world whose favorite is number 48 as old ladies……you’ve made Kuroko sad.”

Mikoto: “Regardless of whether it’s used by celebrities, I don’t think it suits you. Please stop using it.”

Kuroko: “Uh, if Onee-sama says so……”

Mikoto: “While I don’t hate to use the ylang-ylang for a base note—” {TN: Don’t ask}

Mikoto: “I’d say that patchouli and betula are strong, having a heavy balance. If we’re talking about my preferences though”

Mikoto: “In general, wouldn’t you apply something more moderate than this?”

Kuroko: “Moderate? Such as?”

Saten: “Li-ike this!”

Uiharu: “WAWAWA! What are you doing Saten-san! Please don’t flip my skirt!!”

Saten: “Just going to spray some on your underwear that’s all.”

Saten: “UIHARU, today’s pink huh. The same color as this perfume.”

Uiharu: “Them matching doesn’t really mean anything.”

Mikoto: “Let me see, this aroma……”

Uiharu: “Sniff sniff……though it is cute, as expected it’s a little soon.”

Saten: “Well, since we are middle school students, if you’re concerned about the smell of sweat, deodorant is more than sufficient I would think.”

Mikoto: “That’s certainly the case.”

Kuroko: “Even if deodorant is impossible, there are things like hair fragrance, perfume paste, and paper cologne.”

Kuroko: “And then, there’s also mini-bottles.”

Uiharu: “Waa, how cute. That angel perfume is so tiny.”

Saten: “Paper cologne, isn’t that like wet tissues furnished with perfume?”

Mikoto: “Well then, I……”

Mikoto: (……This one resembles Gekota.)

Mikoto: “Hey, isn’t this one cute? I mean super-cute! I wonder if I should buy it……”

Saten: “Ah, this bottle is shaped like a frog.”

Uiharu: “It’s an Omega Flower season-only commodity. It’s quite exquisite.”

Mikoto: “T-that’s right. This is a good one. The contents are Omega Flower and it has such an adult feel.”

Kuroko: “……Onee-sama. Isn’t that different from what you just said?”

Kuroko: “Something about it making people smell like old ladies.”

Mikoto: “I-I said such a thing? Aha, ahaha. I’m sure I said it had a beautiful adult-like fragrance.”

Kuroko: “Then why don’t you try a little test? Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: “Heh? I don’t really, the contents are the same but——”

Mikoto: “WAPU!?”

Saten: “UH.”

Uiharu: “UH.”

Mikoto: “This smell is……number 48.”

Kuroko: “Heheh. That it was.”

Mikoto: “Damn, the smell won’t come off. Why’d you do that?”

Kuroko: “Since it seemed to be your particular favorite I recommended it.”

Kuroko: “As her attendant I must do this for Onee-sama personally.”

Saten: “Incidentally Misaka-san, Shirai-san. Are the two of you going to be okay with your curfew?”

Mikoto: “Heh? WAAH, it’s already past curfew isn’t it! Let’s hurry.”

Uiahru: “What should we do about our conversation on the Longicorn.”

Mikoto: “About that conversation, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow! Come Kuroko, we’re heading back!”

Kuroko: “Ah, yes. Well then, if you two will excuse us.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama∼! Please wait for me!”


Dorm Mother: You two, just because it’s summer vacation, did you think I wouldn’t be paying attention?”

Mikoto: (Well, it turned out like this after all……)

Kuroko: “You see, there’s a strong stro∼ng reason for this.”

Dorm Mother: “Hou, so on top of breaking curfew by such a large margin, you’re making excuses while covered in the smell of perfume, how surprising.”

Dorm Mother: “Speak then.”

Kuroko: “This is linked to Judgement activities.”


Kuroko: “How can you say that!?”

Kuroko: “Kyou……”

Dorm Mother: “Misaka. You have an explanation?”

Mikoto: “……I don’t.”

Dorm Mother: “I see. A good try. You’ll carefully reflect on this then.”



Scene 10

That’s not the case in the vacant lot. Neither for the eyes of adults, nor for camera lenses.

From here continue reading until the scenes sequentially until directed otherwise.


Saten: “I’m certain, although I think there was a vacant lot around here”

Uiharu: “Continuing from here, the vacant lot will be 3 blocks ahead on the left.”

Kuroko: “Over there, wasn’t that where a derelict building was erected?”

Uiharu: “It was demolished only yesterday. Please look at the terminal, this here is the latest information.”

Kuroko: “Oh my, it’s true. Even though it was still there the day before yesterday.”

Mikoto: “……Hmm, I see.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, what’s the matter?”

Mikoto: “If it was something Judgement was unaware of, it would have been an object of pride as far as the children were concerned.”

Mikoto: “Be that as it may it sure is hot.”

Kuroko: “The summer sunlight is strong after all. And with the reflection off the white pavement and building windows, there’s nowhere to take refuge.”

Kuroko: “At this rate I’ll end up with sunstroke.”

{‘Sunstroke’ topic obtained}

Saten: “AH, I can see the vacant lot.”

Kuroko: “Uiharu is quite well informed.”


Mikoto: “It’s actually quite cool here.”

Saten: “It sure is. It’s slightly cooler compared to other places.”

Uiharu: “Is it because only here is there soil exposed?”

Mikoto: “It’s certainly possible.”

Saten: “To imagine children playing here. There’s nothing here of interest but”

Uiharu: “If it was before the machinery was brought in, meaning that the area wasn’t enclosed as off-limits, they could have freely come as they liked.”

Kuroko: “Enough, my shoes are covered in mud. I can’t believe they’d go and play in a place like this.”

Mikoto: “Well they are children after all. Playing in the mud is one of the best ways to play for them.”

Kuroko: “In the first place, how can we be sure this is the vacant lot?”

Kuroko: “If it’s playing, there’s equipment down at the park, so I don’t think it was necessary to expressly come to a vacant lot.”


Mikoto: (Looking at it from outside, the vast sky sure is a deep blue.)

Mikoto: “So you mean why is it that those children would play in a vacant lot and not the park.”

Kuroko: “It’s truly beyond my understanding.”

Mikoto: “U∼n, as expected it must be like a secret base or something.”

Kuroko: “Eeeh, a secret base you say? Onee-sama is such a child.”

Mikoto: Shut up Kuroko!”

Uiharu: “For children who have smaller bodies, I think they prefer a more vast experience like over a limited perspective.”

Saten: “Of course. Though we played in the park when we were kids, looking back at it now it felt very confined.”

Kuroko: “There’s a point that no one is raising. In all the time that we’ve spent here……”

Saten: “Hmm. As such a carefree site, I wonder if something like the Longicorn would show up.”

Mikoto: “While I would normally think it an impossible scene for it to approach those who fell asleep after wearing themselves out playing, if it’s right now I can understand it somehow or another.”

Mikoto: “Precisely because no one can see them here, they may feel relaxed enough to fall asleep.”

Kuroko: “Impossible scene you say……Onee-sama, wasn’t it true that you did not believe the rumor?”

Mikoto: “Besides, if it’s here it would be convenient as far as the ‘Longicorn’ was concerned.”

Mikoto: “Children gather here, and with no surveillance cameras this place wouldn’t be treated as a crime scene.

Mikoto: (Moreover, the ‘Longicorn’ isn’t as heinous as someone who commits a murder or a robbery.)

Mikoto: (Antiskill would’t take action with their full efforts, would they……”

Saten: “When you put it that way, it certainly seems like the case.”

Mikoto: “However, the question is why it would cut the hair of children. Is there no damage reported of them cutting an adult’s hair?”

Kuroko: “I have no memory of such a report being received.”

Uiharu: “Me neither.”

Mikoto: “H∼m, is that so. In any case let’s search all over the vacant lot. Perhaps we’ll find traces of something.”

Kuroko: “AH, ONEE-SAMA, please wait for a moment.”

Uiharu: “Saten-san, let’s get going as well.”

Saten: “Yeah, let’s go let’s go.”

——And so they thoroughly combed through the place that could potentially be the vacant lot.

They were able to confirm about ten places in the vacant lot.


Uiharu: “From the start of this, it feels like we’ve just been looking around.”

Mikoto: “Sure does. Let’s take a short break. Ah, strawberry crepe for me.”

Kuroko: “For me to be able to have a cold drink……at this rate I’ll be completely dehydrated.”

Saten: “Then I’ll promptly order us some drinks. Excuse me!”

Saten: “Yes, here you go Shirai-san.”

Kuroko: “Haaaa! Thank you so much! Sorry for not waiting but itadakimasu!!”

Kuroko: “Nguh, nguh, nguh……BUHAH! GEHO GEHO!”

Mikoto: “WAAH! What’s up with you!?”

Uiharu: “Shirai-san, don’t panic over this. Handkerchief handkerchief……”


Saten: “However, though I don’t notice vacant lots everyday, that was quite the place.”

Uiharu: “Yes. From carefully examining it, there were signs that children have been playing in that vacant lot.”

Saten: “Scribbles on the ground, small footprints, straw hats that had been skillfully snagged on trees……”

Saten: “Even if it was under the blazing sun of summer vacation, children would be outside——and would moreover be running wild in vacant lots.”

Mikoto: “However in spite of that the period of time wasn’t all that long. I wonder if they’ve been gathering there in both the morning and the evening and such.”

Kuroko: “……And is spite of that they still remain so energetic.”

Kuroko: “Why do they run around while expressly distancing themselves from the blessings of air conditioning?”

Saten: “Hmm……”

Uiharu: “What’s the matter, Saten-san?”

Saten: “It’s just that talking about this made me wonder if that’s actually the case.”

Saten: “I don’t think it’s the case that those kids particularly hate air conditioning.”

Saten: “Don’t you think that they wouldn’t expressly go outside in this heat if they didn’t have a reason to?”

Uiharu: “That’s true……nowadays there’s plenty of video games for everyone to play in their own house.”

Saten: “Yeah. Besides, wouldn’t they have been thoroughly instructed to be cautious of sunstroke.”

Saten: “I would think that few children would voluntarily go outside and yet”

Mikoto: “……When you put it that way, those kids did hold their secret meeting in a family restaurant and not in the vacant lot.”

Uiharu: “AH, that’s right.”

Kuroko: “It isn’t because the Longicorn is in the vacant lot?”

Saten: “If that were so it would be fine in the dormitory.”

Uihaur: “And yet those kids were deep in conversation at a family restaurant.”

Saten: “Yeah. Even though it wouldn’t cost money to have a secret meeting in the dormitory……”

Mikoto: “……Could it be that there’s something nearby?”

Saten: “It’s something everyone experiences.”

Saten: “Whether at school or in the dormitory, the teachers……the adults are watching.”

Uiharu: “The eyes of adults……is it?”

Saten: “Yeah, wherever you go in this city there are security robots and surveillance cameras. You go home when it gets dark.”

Saten: “At the precise moment school ends you get on a train or a bus.”

Uiharu: “Haaa……it’s certainly true that the adults are watching.”

Saten: “Right? And more so than ourselves, I would think that the pressure would be especially strict for those of the age of those children.”

Uiharu: “Saten-san, is that what’s meant by the pressure of an adult’s gaze?”

Saten: “Yeah, that’s it precisely.”

Saten: “Since mobile game machines have become uncommon, they ‘play’ by fully loading their mobile phones.”

Saten: “If they’re going to play outside, why in the vacant lot? It’s so children can be childish, and there’s no one to criticize them.”

Uiharu: “There are unpleasant cases of people looking down at them and saying, ‘How cute, how cute,’ and such.”

Saten: “You seem to be concerned about that point, Uiharu. It seems you want adults not to say ‘cute’.”

Uiharu: “While that isn’t quite what I meant……”

Saten: “No matter what we do, when it comes to concern regarding the gaze of adults, it truly is a tiresome thing. I feel sorry for them.”

Mikoto: “That’s not the case in the vacant lot. Neither for the eyes of adults, nor for camera lenses.”

Saten: “Surely if that’s the case, it’s possible those children would take a liking to playing in that kind of place.”

Saten: “After all, there’s no place other than the vacant lot where they can relax. For that reason they would gather there in spite of the heat.”

Saten: “There is a possibility that that’s the situation.”

Kuroko: “I see……that is a good point.”

Uiharu: “Yes, I feel the same way.”

Mikoto: “……Even compared to us right now, as expected I have to wonder about the ‘burden’ those kids have to deal with.”

Kuroko: “However, in spite of that we have to put a stop to it.”

Kuroko: “Supposing the worst should happen? If the Longicorn does truly exist as Onee-sama says, then all the more reason.”

Mikoto: “I realize that. It was just bothering me a little. Come now, break time’s over! Let’s resume the investigation!”

Kuroko: “Y-you want to look around it again?”

Mikoto: “It won’t be looking again since there are several vacant lots. Look, let’s get a move on!”

Uiharu: “Shirai-san, you’re getting left behind∼”

Kuroko: “After just one mouthful……please wait just a moment!”

Scene 11

Indeed. Great job, Saten-san.


Saten: “You’re planning to do a thorough inspection, Misaka-san.”

Mikoto: “Let’s say we to do an adequate inspection, and if we should then overlook something, then it would have no meaning.”

Saten: “Misaka-san, I’ll help as well.”

Saten: “Even those kids seem to be carrying such a burden, so the place where those kids can compose themselves, I want to protect it.”

Kuroko: Onee-sama, I will accompany you as well.”

Uiharu: “I’ll do my best as well.”

Mikoto: “Mm, this vacant lot, it’s seems a little bit older than the others.”

Mikoto: “Unlike the first vacant lot we saw, this one has fresh grass growing and the ground is dry.”

Kuroko: “My, there are also earthen pipes for underground cables stacked up.”

Mikoto: “If it’s here it’s possible for children who wear themselves out playing to sleep like a log.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, just to be sure can you check the surveillance cameras for this place?”

Uiharu: “Yes, I understand.”

Uiharu: “For positions that the vacant lot can be seen from, there aren’t any.”

Mikoto: “Is it the same for the surveillance cameras on the surrounding buildings?”

Uiharu: “I checked those as well, and there aren’t any cameras that are observing the vacant lot from the corridors and windows.”

Mikoto: “Well then, is the chance of a reflection zero?”

Uiharu: “In that building’s first floor corridor, there’s a camera photographing with an ultra-wide-angle lens for which it’s possible.”

Uiharu: “However even if it were to be reflected, I think the distortion aberration of the lens would prevent a clear viewing.”

Mikoto: “I see. Thanks, Uiharu-san.”

Mikoto: “If surveillance cameras are impossible there’s no proof. There don’t seem to be any eye-witnesses either.”


Saten: “Eh, why do think that there wouldn’t be any eye-witnesses?”

Mikoto: “Say Saten-san, are you the type who, when you see a girl approaching children while holding gigantic scissors, doesn’t report it?”

Saten: “Ah, that’s true, it would be reported.”

Kuroko: “Is that really the case? To begin with, a report on a non-existent pervert is unreasonable.”

Mikoto: “Shut it, be silent Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, what is it that you’re doing?”

Mikoto: “The kid who had her hair cut, didn’t she say that they had been playing hide and seek, and then fallen asleep during that?”

Mikoto: “Therefore, we should feel around to discover something in the places where kids like to hide.”

Uiharu: “I see, by searching in detail through the place that girl was hiding we may possibly find some clue that was left behind.”

Mikoto: “Yep, that’s it exactly.”

Mikoto: “If you were playing hide and seek here, where would you hide Uiharu?”

Uiharu: “Let’s see, perhaps in that earthen pipe.”

Kuroko: “Though you could hide there, I think you would be discovered right away.”


Mikoto: “Yeah. Well then, where would you hide if it was you Saten-san?”

Saten: “If it was me, let’s see……on the other side of that sheet perhaps?”


Mikoto: “Why did you think of here?”

Saten: “When it comes to puddles of dirty water, you wouldn’t expect a girl to hide there would you?”

Mikoto: “Indeed. Great job, Saten-san.”

Saten: “Ah, there are plenty of small footprints left on the ground.”

Uiharu: “Judging from the size, they are similar to that girl.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, over there.”

Mikoto: “Ah……! Isn’t this hair!”

Mikoto: “With this thickness and this color, this hair is exactly like that of that girl’s.”

Saten: “WAH, it’s true.”

Uiharu: “The more I look at it, the more it resembles that girl’s hair.”

Mikoto: “This is the hair cut by the ‘Longicorn’ isn’t it?”

Saten: “Eh……

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, I understand your desire to make that conclusion.”

Kuroko: “However, it is possible that she placed the cut hair herself for the sake of validating the central figure from the rumor.”

Mikoto: “Well then, is that what you’re saying Kuroko?”

Mikoto: “That that girl cut her own hair in order to bask in the attention, and scattered it here.”

Kuroko: “As far as putting on an act to make oneself conspicuous, there was a child that pierced their own stomach with a knife.”

Mikoto: “Even if that’s so, there’s a distinction in this case.”

Kuroko: “Is that so? However I believe that’s merely the motive that you wish to perceive.”

Uiharu: “Hey hey, both of you.”

Saten: “Misaka-san, Shirai-san, you both should calm down a little.”

Uiharu: “I think Shirai-san’s example is beyond extreme, but as far as her putting on an act goes it is actually possible.”

Saten: “However, that child didn’t behave the way I would expect of someone who was acting.”

Mikoto: “That child was panicking about being killed due to having seen the Longicorn.”

Mikoto: “Even if the possibility is only fifty-fifty, I think there’s merit in continuing to search.”

Saten: “Indeed, I feel the same way.”

Mikoto: “Nonetheless, I wonder how much longer we can remain here today. It seems that it’ll be dark soon.”

Kuroko: “Ahh, thank goodness. Since it’s Onee-sama I was thinking you would have started talking about searching all night long.”

Scene 12

Someone you are also familiar with.


Mikoto: “Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow at the usual family restaurant.”

Uiharu: “Yes, I understand.”

Saten: “Misaka-san, Shirai-san, see you tomorrow—”

Kuroko: “Even though it would have been simple to return using my Teleport.”

Mikoto: “It’s because of that kind of convenience that your diet isn’t working.”

Kuroko: “O-Onee-sama!!”

Kuroko: “You said something excessive just now……huh?”

Mikoto: “What is it?”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, those children are running this way from over there……”

Kuroko: “Over there, isn’t that the child who testified about having suffered injury at the hands of the Longicorn?”

Mikoto: “Ah……it’s true.”

Kana: “……Ah, Onee-chans!”

Mikoto: “The weakness to perfume, to took care of it right away I see.”

Kana: “Yeah.”

Kana: “I’m happy for all the help, although as a test we all applied it all at once.”

Kana: “Therefore the aroma is quite strong.”

Mikoto: “Indeed……”

Mikoto: (If you apply perfume it means the Longicorn won’t approach you, though that’s part of the urban legend.)

Mikoto: “Hey.”

Kana: “What?”

Mikoto: “……”

Mikoto: (If the Longicorn exists, it must have some purpose in gathering the hair of children……)

Mikoto: (However, I wonder if I should inform this child of that……)

Kuroko: “For us to run into you here, are you dieting as well?”

Kana: “They said on television before that, if you forget to run a lot, it’ll become an unpleasant situation.”

Mikoto: “Heh. Was that a celebrity?”

Kana: “Hm∼∼……say, can you lend me your ear?”

Mikoto: “What?”

Kana: “Mumble mumble mumble.”

Mikoto: “I see.”

Kana: “I plan to become such an amazing person. But whenever I say that everyone puts on a weird face.”

Mikoto: “Uh-uh, I don’t think it’s that strange.”

Kana: “I know right—”

As they were talking, Mikoto checked Kana’s hair again.

Mikoto: “As I thought, it looks as though it was a single cut about 2 or 3 centimeters from the tips.”

Kuroko: “Isn’t that just due to it having been cut?”

Mikoto: (……However, this child’s hairstyle……)

Kana: “Is that all?”

Mikoto: “Yup. Thank you.”

Kana: “I still have to run.”

Mikoto: “Ah, can you wait just a moment.”

Kana: “Onee-chan, what’s the matter?”

Mikoto: “Say, since it’s getting dark, can I please jog home with you?”

Kana: “But, won’t the Longicorn attack not attack me since I applied perfume?”

Mikoto: “Umm, although people do say that……”

Kana: “Then I’ll be fine. See look!”

Kana: “My crime prevention buzzer. Pervert repelling tear gas. My mobile has a GPS, and on top of that……”

Mikoto: “On top of that?”

Kana: “……Well”

Kana: “If the Longicorn does attack me, you Onee-chans will come and save me……right?”

Mikoto: “Absolutely. That’s right. Let’s exchange telephone numbers.”

Kana: “Yeah!”

The two of them brought their phones close to each other, and proceeded to exchange phone numbers and email addresses.

Having finishing chatting, Kana departed and resumed jogging.

Kuroko: “Incidentally, who was the celebrity she said she admired?”

Mikoto: “Someone you are also familiar with.”

  • If you have seen either Scene 2 or Scene 4, skip to Scene 13.5.
  • If you have seen neither scene, continue with Scene 13.

Scene 13

Look, I’ll drop you if you struggle too much

Kuroko: “It ended up becoming rather late.”

Kuroko: “If we don’t return to the dorm by curfew, something terrifying will happen.”

Mikoto: “True, let’s hurry back quickly……ouch.”

Kuroko: “What’s the matter, Onee-sama?”

Mikoto: “It seems I twisted my ankle a little bit back when we were investigating the vacant lots.”

Kuroko: “This is terrible!”

Mikoto: “Ahh, it’s not that big of a deal to be——

Mikoto: “KYAH!?”


Mikoto: “Ju-Just a minute, Kuroko!? What are you doing!!”

Kuroko: “What you say, it’s what every girl longs for, the princess carry.”

Mikoto: “That’s not what I meant, I meant why do I have to be given a princess carry by you!!”

Kuroko: “My my, I’ll drop you if you struggle too much. Please hold onto me tightly.”

Mikoto: “Like—I—said—!”

Mikoto: “UWAH!? SO HIGH!!”

Kuroko: “We’ll be continuing the investigation of the Longicorn tomorrow right?”

Mikoto: “T-That’s indeed the case but”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, please listen to me.”

Mikoto: “……What?”

Kuroko: “When I first heard those children’s story, I arbitrarily decided that it was all just an act they were putting on.”

Kuroko: “But Onee-sama didn’t think so.”

Kuroko: “As we continued investigating though, I came to realize that whether or not the Longicorn exists wasn’t what was important.”

Kuroko: “What’s important is that we take care of what’s making those kids feel anxious.”

Mikoto: “Kuroko, you……”

Kuroko: “Seeing Onee-sama’s figure, I came to realize that I can still be said to be a novice.”

Kuroko: “Therefore, I must do my best for Onee-sama.”

Kuroko: “When we reach the dorm, I will carry out immediate medical treatment. Until then please remain still.”

Mikoto: “I see, I understand your feelings. Thanks, Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “Hah!”

Kuroko: “Perhaps, c-could this be possibly be turning into a slightly good atmosphere!?”

Kuroko: “When Onee-sama’s medical treatment is finished, the scene of her hot gaze looking up at me with appear before my eyes.”

Kuroko: “And then I’ll carry her to bed, and I’ll spend a hot passionate night with Onee-sama……”

Kuroko: “If that’s the case, this is no occasion for ankles! She must have been trying to twist it at this place and that place.”

Kuroko: “KYA—! In that case just what would happen!”

Mikoto: “The next morning, your charred black dead body would be discovered.”

Kuroko: “O-Onee-sama!?”

Mikoto: “All of your idiotic selfish delusions have been leaking out of your mouth.”

Kuroko: “N-No way, Onee-sama, surely you must be joking, aren’t you!?”

Mikoto: “Uwah, look out!! Fine then just please look forward when you’re flying!”

Kuroko: “Acknowledged. Well now, I’ll fly us to the dorm!!”

Scene 13.5

——The next day.


The group of four that was Mikoto, Shirai, Uiharu, and Saten gathered once more at the family restaurant.

Scene 13.6

Mikoto: “Hmm, I’ve come to understand something after a short while.”

Kuroko: “What would that be?”

Mikoto: “It shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand.”

Mikoto: “The reason the Longicorn has specifically chosen to appear in vacant lots, I think I have a rough idea what it is.”

Kuroko: “It’s simply because there are no adults watching and no cameras.”

Uiharu: “If they were approaching the target arbitrarily, that wouldn’t be a good situation.”

Kuroko: “It’s not necessary to consider the reason it fled when the girl woke up and screamed.”

Kuroko: “Surely they would have wanted to avoid encountering someone who overheard the uproar, that’s all there is to it.”

Mikoto: “The question is——why is the Longicorn cutting hair.”

Kuroko: “Couldn’t it just be an eccentric person?”

Mikoto: “That’s just you not giving it any thought.”

Mikoto: “If we’re going to catch the Longicorn, we need to understand it’s way of thinking.”

Uiharu: “Is that something we are capable of?”

Mikoto: “If we plan on dispelling those childrens’ worries, this is the quickest way.”

Mikoto: “If Judgement and Antiskill won’t mobilize, then we have no choice but to do something.”

Kuroko: “Are you sane? Isn’t the opponent an urban legend?”

Mikoto: “I no longer believe that it’s just an urban legend. I believe what that child said.”

Uiharu: “B-but even if you say to catch it, is such a thing actually practical?”

Mikoto: “Yeah, I think we should discuss that, which is why I wanted to meet up with everyone.”

Saten: “So this is a strategy meeting then!”

Uiharu: “Uhh, stopping now is impossible……or so it would seem.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, you understand it quite clearly don’t you.”

Mikoto: “If you’ve thought of something, by all means tell us.”

Mikoto: “The topic is ‘Where Will the Longicorn Appear’.”


Mikoto: “Hmm, where should we begin the discussion……. I think we should start from the fundamentals.”


Mikoto: “Going back to the topic that was raised just now, what is the goal of the Longicorn?”


Hazamaya Kana 

Uiharu: “That kid, it wanted to cut her hair right? Could it be collecting hair for some reason?”


Kuroko: “It was only the tips of her hair that were shortened. If it was merely collecting it why wouldn’t have taken the roots as well?”

Uiharu: “Whether plucking or cutting, perhaps it’s about getting the right length, or something.”


Mikoto: “Remember that child’s hairstyle?”

Saten: “Twintails……I recall. I see, that’s it, Misaka-san.”


Mikoto: “Quite so. Her hair was bound together from the roots. All the moreso given that, it’s easier to do pull it all out at once. In spite of that, the Longicorn expressly cut along a 2 to 3 centimeter line.”


 Kuroko: “Given that, could there be some kind of rule for the Longicorn?”

Saten: “I wonder if they’re truly an ordinary eccentric……”

Uiharu: “However, is there really a rational reason for cutting hair?”

Saten: “Yes yes yes! I just thought of one! I’ve heard a story that the hair of babies is used to manufacture writing brushes.”

Mikoto: “……Would ordinary hair be of any use for that though?”

Uiharu: “How about it? We can investigate if necessary.”

Mikoto: “No, it’s fine. Even if we considered that, that part doesn’t exceed the limit of imagination. The reason to cut hair……. Moreover, a reason why only the tips are necessary……”

Uiharu: “I can’t conceive of such a reason, however, the truth is that the Longicorn is targeting children’s hair.”

Mikoto: “That’s true……. Though it ended only with hair, we have to stop it no matter what.”


Uiharu: “Up till now, we have investigated various places, and we have listened to various stories.”

Uiharu: “In order to predict the Longicorn’s actions, where do you think we should focus our attention?”

Kuroko: “You’re talking about the beginning of reasoning. This’s the important part.”



Kuroko: “Rather than vacant lots that appear and disappear, shouldn’t we be looking around parks?”


Uiharu: “Except……in regards to reports of the Longicorn being seen in parks, isn’t there not a single one?”

Kuroko: “UH……”


Saten: “In the first place, it’s not ‘The Longicorn of the Park’, it’s ‘The Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’.”

Kuroko: “UUH……”


Mikoto: “Kuroko’s approach is unlikely. Let’s think it over again.”

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Hazamaya Kana

Uiharu: “About what was said of the other people who had seen the Longicorn, the story was that they were chased until the ends of hell.”


Uiharu: “If that was so I think there’s no way it would have stayed quiet. If that’s the case though, wouldn’t that child be in danger?”

Uiharu: “……Huh? For the children who’ve seen the Longicorn, it seems there aren’t any reports of them disappearing.”


Kuroko: “It was your own idea, and you negated it yourself, and without us even helping either.”

Uiharu: “Uuh, sorry about that. I’ll think about it a bit more.”

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Vacant Lot Locations

Mikoto: “As expected we ought to be thinking along the lines of the vacant lots. That’s what I think at least.”


Kuroko: “I think that’s very proper reasoning. How do we proceed from there?”


Omega Flower

Saten: “Next is Omega Flower!! Since the weakness is being spoken of in Academy City, there has to be some basis for it!”


Mikoto: “Hmm, for what reason it might hate perfume, I can’t come up with one.”


Saten: “If the Longicorn’s weak point is specifically Omega Flower, the reason is of no consequence at the moment.”


Kuroko: “How is that the case?”

Saten: “In any case, the Longicorn dislikes Omega Flower number 43, so that’s all that’s necessary isn’t it? For the Longicorn, we can determine that it will avoid the location of Omega Flower, that is to say stores, as much as possible.”


Saten: “Therefore, we calculate every location where there’s a store, then the vacant lot that is farthest from any store, and next——”


Kuroko: “Regarding Omega Flower number 43, in the Seventh School District, it seems there aren’t any stores that carry it other than the Sawada department store in front of the station.”

Saten: “Eh…………”


Kuroko: “There’s a list of shops that carry it on Omega’s website.”


Saten: “We-well then the vacant lot that’s farthest from Sawada.”

Mikoto: “Since eyewitness accounts include several vacant lots, isn’t that reasoning impractical?”


Saten: “Mu————. No good huh. I’ll start over.”

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Uiharu: “About that girl whose hair was cut by the Longicorn, it happened in the evening right.”


Mikoto: “Even on those kids’ schedule, the time for playing in the vacant lot was set to be in the evening.”


Uiharu: “Hmm…perhaps in order to avoid sunstroke, it specifically aimed for evening time?”

Saten: “U-Uiharu? I don’t know about that……”

Uiharu: “Like I said, wouldn’t it have to ambush the children once they’re completely asleep? I’d collapse if it was me. Therefore, the Longicorn, for the sake of avoided sunstroke, wouldn’t it choose a vacant lot where there was shade?”


Mikoto: “Hm∼∼∼∼m. Though I feel that the foundation of it is very thin, I can’t think of any other idea……”


Mikoto: “No helping it. Uiharu-san. The vacant lot that best correspond to that condition, can you pick those ones out?”


Mikoto: “We’ll lie in wait at that vacant lot!”

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The Issues of Children

Kuroko: “I had actually thought of this while investigating vacant lots yesterday, but I think lying in wait all day in a vacant lot is painful.”


Kuroko: “I would naturally decline, so surely the Longicorn feels the same about this right?”


Kuroko: “Those children’s playing schedule, do you remember it? It need not be the case that it was in the vacant lot all along right?”


Mikoto: “In short, you’re saying the Longicorn is aware of those children’s schedule, and uses that to pinpoint them?”


Kuroko: “Rather than wandering around vacant lots at random, wouldn’t we discover it if we shadow the children instead of repeating yesterday’s experience?”


Mikoto: “I see, considering it that way it’s only natural.”


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Judgement Armband

Mikoto: “From there, in the Judgement database, I think there might∼ be something we haven’t discovered.”


Kuroko: “From there you’re just going to toss it over to us!?”


Uiharu: “I could run one more search but with it being so soon after yesterday, do you really think any new information would come up?”


Mikoto: “Though I do think it is a good direction, I guess it’s no good if I don’t give it a little more thought.”

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Mikoto: “……Sorry, I couldn’t think of the continuation.


Uiharu: “I also don’t believe the beginning was mistaken.”

Kuroko: “We should all reconsider it once more.”

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The Issues of Children

Saten: “Do you remember the children’s behavior schedule? I wonder if it wasn’t them who came up with it.”


Uiharu: “Aah, that was a little like a professional investigator. Please tell us what’s next.”



Saten: “We were in the park when we heard that story, right. Those kids, the fact is they were playing at the park during the daytime.”


Saten: “Conversely, if we say that that is the time they are playing in the park, that means the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ didn’t appear then.”


Kuroko: “That is to say that the Longicorn appears when the children appear in the vacant lot and only when the children appear in the vacant lot?”


Uiharu: “In that case, that would mean the Longicorn has managed to perfectly grasp the children’s actions……”


Mikoto: “I see……”


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Omega Flower

Uiharu: “Say, I only just thought of this, but is it fine?”


Uiharu: “I wonder if Omega Flower has been successfully used.”


Mikoto: “Omega Flower, you mean that perfume, the one that’s said to be the Longicorn’s weak point right.”

Kuroko: “Even supposing that, by some chance, that happens to be true, how would we make use of such a weak point?”


Kuroko: “We aren’t escaping from the Longicorn, aren’t we trying to catch it?”


Uiharu: “For that reason, we should change our way of thinking.”

Mikoto: “Change it……”


Uiharu: “The thought that occurred to me is this……. Mumble mumble.”


Kuroko: “A-are you serious?”

Saten: “I think it will be alright in that case.”


Mikoto: “I guess there’s no other way. I’m on board with Uiharu-san’s tactics.”


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Kuroko: “If the children don’t only go to the vacant lot in the evening, then the Longicorn wouldn’t only be active in the evening either……”


Kuroko: “Perhaps, since it doesn’t want to get sunstroke, could that be the reason?”


Mikoto: “Why you, can you please consider this a bit more seriously.”


Kuroko: “The Longicorn is a young woman right? If that’s true it’s possible she’s avoiding getting sunburned and so on.”


Kuroko: ” Even Onee-sama doesn’t want to end up sunburned pitch black. You should be sure to take care given your current age.”


Uiharu: “Since spring has ended, there’s been a sudden increase in the purchase of UV cutting cosmetics huh—.”


Saten: “Personally, I can’t say I’ve done nothing like that. As expected it’s better to have done something.”


Uiharu: “Shall I check the internet forums on those types of commodities?”

Mikoto: “WAH! Everyone, take this seriously! We’re doing it over once more!”

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The Issues of Children

Mikoto: “Clearly even children have their issues, so the Longicorn ought to have issues of its own.”


Uiharu: “Issues, is it?”

Mikoto: “Perhaps we could say its issue is in not making a public appearance.”

Kuroko: “A criminal avoiding the public eye is only natural.”


Mikoto: “Ah, that’s not what I’m saying at all. More like, I can’t quite put it into words.”


MIkoto: “More like it cannot bear not to completely avoid the public eye. You could say that’s the Longicorn’s only consideration.”

Saten: “This isn’t about understanding its troubles. To that extent, I feel it’s pointless to even consider such things.”


Mikoto: “That’s so isn’t it. I’ll reconsider it once more……”

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Saten: “…………”

Kuroko: “What’s the matter? How does it continue?”

Saten: “Weelll, I haven’t thought about it beyond that point. Ahahahaha.”


Uiharu: “What the—. Saten-san come on, even if you did think of something slightly clever.”

Saten: “Uuh, instead of advancing I lost points huh. I’ll try again.”

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Mikoto: “……Hmm.”

Kuroko: “Although we have figured out some of the essentials……”

Saten: “Let’s think it over once more. There must be some kind of clue.”

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Judgement Armband

Mikoto: “I wonder if the intention is bring about a decline Judgement’s reputation.”


Saten: “However, given eyewitness testimony, can we be sure the Longicorn isn’t an adult? I would understand if it was a student crime but……”


Kuroko: “Besides, if it was for such a trivial goal, there ought to be another way to do it. To say that they went to that extent only for hair, I would think that laying one’s hands on actual children carries much too high a risk.”


Mikoto: “Hmm, it was slightly unreasonable, let’s reconsider once more. “

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Vacant Lot Locations 

Kuroko: “For the sake of preventing kids from approaching vacant lots, the ones involved in the construction could be doing it. What do you think about that?”


Saten: “If such a rumor were to spread, wouldn’t everyone be creeped out by it? Worse, the price of the land might drop.”


Mikoto: “And surely, in that case they could just lecture them quite severely. Then wouldn’t the children no longer approach that lot?”


Kuroko: “Okay, I’ll give it a little more thought.”

Uiharu: “Shirai-san’s approach is unlikely huh—”

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Omega Flower

Saten: “What do you think about the Longicorn’s weakness? Omega Flower number 43! If rumors of the Longicorn spread, don’t you think Omega Flower would see an explosion in sales?”


Uiharu: “EEH, you think it was for the promotion of sales?”

Mikoto: “Except, why would they only cut the hair of children? After all, I think the price for Omega Flower isn’t something an elementary school student’s pocket money would be able to purchase.”


Saten: “Uhh……. It’s true that when you put it that way, that certainly seems like the case. If there’s that kind of discrepancy with the targets it’s meaningless huh……


Saten: “Even though I thought of such a cool idea. I’ll give it a little more thought.”

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Kuroko: “…………”

Uiharu: “……I’m thinking that we haven’t collected enough information.”

Mikoto: “I believe it’ll be fine even if it’s a simple idea.”

Mikoto: “Let’s think it over from the beginning once more.”

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Scene 14

From Konori-senpai, I received a regrettable notice.


With Uiharu’s reasoning as a basis, Misaka and company went to a vacant lot with shade.

Mikoto: “I see, there are tents for storing building material huh.”

Uiharu: “Yes. If it’s here with multiple places to hide, I think you could avoid sunstroke.”

Uiharu: “The Longicorn, it surely must appear here.”

Saten: “Hm∼∼m, it’s fine if that’s the case but”

Kuroko: “She isn’t lacking in persuasive power.”

Mikoto: “Since we can’t think of another good idea, we can only gamble on this vacant lot.”

Mikoto: “We should lie in wait here for a little while.”

Uiharu: “Yes, understood.”

Kuroko: “There’s no other way is there.”

Kuroko: “If Onee-sama say so, I, for acting together with Onee-sama to that extent……!”

Uiharu: “Shirai, your mobile is ringing.”

Kuroko: “I would have realized without you telling me.”

Kuroko: “……Yes, Shirai here. ……Yes. ……Eh? I understand……thank you very much.”

Kuroko: “……This is troubling.”

Mikoto: “Kuroko, why are you making such a scary face?”

Kuroko: “From Konori-senpai, I received a regrettable notice.”

Kuroko: “Just now, a young girl had her hair cut by someone in a different vacant lot.”

Mikoto: “WHA!?”

Saten: “Then that means, that the Longicorn attacked more children?”

Kuroko: “I don’t understand the particulars, but it’s clear that another victim has come up.”

Uiharu: “N-No way……”

Mikoto: “It’s vexing but, it’s necessary to reexamine the Longicorn once more.”

Mikoto: “……This time for sure we won’t let it get away.”

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Scene 15

Onee-sama has become the latest urban legend

Kuroko: “Omega Flower, huh. Though I cannot possibly assess if this is wise……”

Mikoto: “In accordance with Uiharu-san’s suggestions, isn’t this a rather cheap way to capture the Longicorn?”

Mikoto: “I think there’s merit in doing it.”

Mikoto was holding held out the bottle she had in her hand, which she proceeded to spray towards Shirai.

Kuroko: “KYAAH!”

Saten: “UWAH, smells like an old lady!”

Uiharu: “This aroma is a little strong……”

Kuroko: “Onee-samaaaa∼.”

Mikoto: “Huuh. As expected it isn’t like the aromas that we use.”

Kuroko: “With this I’ve become ‘That Which the Longicorn of the Vacant Lot Can’t Approach’?”

Mikoto: “Provided that the Longicorn truly does hate Omega Flower number 43. Uiharu-san.”

Uiharu: “Yes, though I also think that assuming it hates it is a thin foundation……”

Uiharu: “However if there is some kind of relevance, I think we can verify that.”

Uiharu: “If we repeat this we can restrict where the Longicorn will go.”

Saten: “Instead of chasing after the Longicorn that can act freely we simply decide its destination for it.”

Mikoto: “In accordance with Uiharu’s proposal, we will disperse Omega Flower at the vacant lots.”

Uiharu: “Starting with this vacant lot, we will follow the shortest path to move to each of other vacant lots in sequence.”

Uiharu: “And if we can then corner it in ‘the vacant lot where Omega Flower wasn’t dispersed’, the tactic will have succeeded.”

Saten: “That’s our Uiharu!! I’m going to flip your skirt!”

Uiharu: “P-Please stop that, Saten-san!”

Mikoto: “Those two are so close.”

Kuroko: “Say, Onee-sama, we are close……”

Mikoto: “Okay, since we’ve dispersed enough over, on to the next one, next.”

Kuroko: “Ignored!!”

Mikoto: “We to next, Uiharu-san?”

Uiharu: “Ah, yes, 3 blocks left of here.”

Mikoto: “Got it. Let’s move everyone.”

Having dispersed Omega Flower in the vacant lot, Mikoto and company began heading to the next vacant lot.


Mikoto: “Hmm, though there are multiple entrances and exits, I wonder if there’s an efficient place to spray it.”

Uiharu: “If we take into account the effects of eddies of wind near large buildings, spraying it using that method to disperse it at that angle, I think it might be more efficient.”

Saten: “Amazing, Uiharu. You calculated that in an instant.”

Uiharu: “I connected to a simulator program of the building in Academy City, and used that to calculate it.”

Mikoto: “As expected of you, Uiharu-san. Well then, I’ll simply spray the Omega flower at this angle……”

???: “You students over there, what are you up to?”

Uiharu: “Ah, Antiskill……”

Kuroko: “U-Um, about this.”

Mikoto: “We were just spraying this.”

Yomikawa: “Uh……what is this, GEHO, GEHO GEHO!”

Yomikawa: “That smells.”

Mikoto: “It’s just perfume. Omega Flower number 43.”

Yomikawa: “This……this isn’t perfume used by young kids.”

Mikoto: “So it isn’t. That’s why we’re disseminating it. It’s not suitable for us.”

Yomikawa: “Hey, that’s being a bother.”

Mikoto: “Eh, we can’t? Even though the perfume we’re spraying is ordinary perfume it’s illegal?”

Yomikawa: “No, whether it’s legal or not isn’t the issue, it’s a question of whether it’s moral.”

Mikoto: “Ohh.”

Yomikawa: “I mean, you children are Judgement. For you to be in on this matter is no good.”

Kuroko: “Uuh……”

Saten: “Say, Antiskill-san.”

Yomikawa: “What?”

Saten: “The two from Judgement were here giving us a warning. Right, Misaka-san?”

Mikoto: (I see, Saten-san is protecting Uiharu-san and Kuroko.)

Mikoto: “Y-Yeah. They were here giving us a warning just now.”

Yomikawa: “Is that so?”

Mikoto: “That’s the case. Because of that we were thinking of returning to our dorm and disposing of this perfume.”

Saten: “Exactly, so then if you’ll excuse us!”

Yomikawa: “Well it can’t be helped in that case. It’s fine for you guys to get back to your job.”

Kuroko: “W-Well then, if you’ll please excuse us.”

Uiharu: “Excu∼use us.”


Uiharu: “This will be the last vacant lot.”

Mikoto: “That’s just right, since we’ll soon run out of Omega Flower.”

Kuroko: “Fu……as expected I worn out.”

Saten: “Let’s finish spraying with vigor, with vigor I say!”

Mikoto: “That’s right, let’s do it with vigor.”

Mikoto sprayed the Omega Flower remaining in the bottle.

The Omega Flower smell became mixed with the humid aroma of the vacant lot.

Mikoto: “Uwah, my whole body smells of Omega Flower.”

Kuroko: “As expected that’s the smell of retreat.”

Saten: “While spraying I kind of got used to it.”

Uiharu: “You have an amazing ability to adapt, Saten-san.”

Mikoto: “Okay, we finished spraying. Next is to corner the Longicorn in the remaining vacant lot.”

Uiharu: “Let’s go stake out the vacant lot right away.”

Saten: “Uhm. Is that really okay?”

Mikoto: “EH? What is it, Saten-san? Did Saten-san say something just now?”

Saten: “Ah, no. It’s fine really. Surely. Probably.”

Mikoto: “Really? Well then, let’s go stake that place out.”


Mikoto: “Kuroko, are you able to verify any people like that?”

Kuroko: ‘No, not at present.”

Mikoto: “I got it, I’ll continue lying in wait.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, how about linking to the surveillance cameras.”

Uiharu: “Yes, the connection to the surveillance cameras is established. I can check them from this terminal.”

Saten: “I wonder it it’ll seriously be alright.”

Mikoto: “Saten-san, is there something that’s bothering you?”

Saten: “No, how do I say it, while the weakness of the Longicorn is certainly Omega Flower number 43……”

Saten: “Wasn’t it rumored that the Longicorn has a very good nose, to the point it can discern the smell even if you take a bath?”

Mikoto: “So you had said. Therefore it should dislike the smell remaining in the vacant lots right?”

Saten: “That is in fact the case, however it’s also the case that the same smell has been applied to us.”

Mikoto: “Ah……”

Saten: “It’s not to that extent that our noses can sense.”

Uiharu: “I completely forgot about that……”

Mikoto: “Oops, we messed up huh.”

Mikoto and company continued to lie in wait for a long time, but the Longicorn didn’t show up.


And then, a few days later.

Mikoto, Shirai, Uiharu, and Saten were at the usual family restaurant.

Saten: “Misaka-san, have you seen that urban legend?”

Mikoto: “……Yeah, that one. The Spray Woman of the Vacant Lot who spreads cursed perfume in vacant lots.”

Saten: “It’s amazing, the reigning power of the urban legend has now surpassed that of the Longicorn of the Vacant Lot.”

Mikoto: “Even though I didn’t want to reign in such a way.”

Kuroko: “Haa∼h, Onee-sama has become the latest urban legend.”

Uiharu: “Misaka-san, it’s still an exaggeration.”

Mikoto: “How so?”

Uiharu: “Err, the Spray Woman of the Vacant Lot is afraid of girls’ tastes.”

Mikoto: “Haa∼h! That’s not even close.”

Kuroko: “The correct phrase is that she has a little girl’s tastes.”

Mikoto: “Kuroko. Can you say that one more time?”

Kuroko: “W-Well, the picture it presents is quite off from Onee-sama’s image.”

Uiharu: “I suppose you could call that a small mercy……”

Mikoto: “Though I had thought Uiharu-san’s idea was good the spraying method has really made things so awkward.”

Saten: “True true, we should have thought about that before the spraying approach.”

Kuroko: “Walking around under the hot sun, stinking of perfume, only it to amount to becoming an urban legend……”

Kuroko: “You can’t call it anything other than a wasted effort.”

Mikoto: “Uuhh……no need to repeat that.”

In a dejected state, all four of them simultaneously slumped their shoulders.


Scene 16

Now then, let’s get ready to move!


Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, I wonder if you could draw up the current security situation at the vacant lots.”

Uiharu: “I think I can. Since there should be construction reports recorded.”

Mikoto: “Are you able to overlap that with the children’s action schedule we heard before?”

Uiharu: “I can do that. Please wait just a moment……there.”


Kuroko: “Now this is rather quite interesting.”

Saten: “So where the colors overlapr, that’s the Longicorn’s movement pattern then.”

Uiharu: “Ah! At this point in time, there’s no candidates outside of this vacant lot.”

{‘Longicorn Point of Appearance’ topic obtained}

Mikoto: “Then we’ll aim here. Finally we’ve caught the tail of ‘The Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’.”

Saten: “Say, is it okay if I ask a question?”

Saten: “If we think about it, other than it being a woman with disheveled hair, the Longicorn’s face hasn’t been seen.”

Mikoto: “……Indeed.”

Saten: “Since we can’t afford to screw up, should we capture every single woman who comes to the vacant lot?”

Mikoto: “Eh, although I suppose we could try that”

Uiharu: “A-As one would expect……that is something impossible for Judgement to overlook!”

Saten: “Hmm,  but new vacant lots continue to pop up every day, and others meanwhile disappear.”

Mikoto: “On to match that, those children’s schedule would change as well……”

Mikoto: “We can’t miss this chance.”

Uiharu: “It may be difficult though, since unless we don’t catch her red-handed, we may very well end up not being able to lay a hand on her”

Saten: “Aah, I see.”

Saten: “Then speaking of the converse it might be good to force the Longicorn’s hand.”

Kuroko: “Force its hand you say, how would you do that?”

Saten: “We already know which vacant lot the Longicorn will manifest in.”

Saten: “In that case do you think it would work if one of us pretends to be asleep in the vacant lot?”

Mikoto: “I get it. Meaning by controlling the situation we can direct the Longicorn’s into taking action.”

Uiharu: “If it’s that method, we can guarantee with certainty catching the Longicorn red-handed.”

Kuroko: “The so-called decoy tactic huh. It does come with some risk but……”

Mikoto: “I do feel it’s a valid tactic though……”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama!?”

Mikoto: “I was also thinking about using a fake. If you have a better alternative plan I’ll listen.”

Kuroko: “Muu, if Onee-sama says so.”

Uiharu: “Apart from the validity of the strategic plan itself, on the question of who should serve as the decoy, we should give this some thought.”

Mikoto: “Well then I would naturally——”

Kuroko: “If it’s for that, no one other than Onee-sama is qualified.”

Uiharu: “Why is that?”

Kuroko: “Regarding those attacked by the Longicorn, they’ve mostly been elementary school students right?”

Kuroko: “Therefore, for obvious reasons, the role of decoy must necessarily go to someone who could be mistaken for an elementary school student.”

Saten: “Uh-huh, and so?”

Kuroko: “Take a look! This flat chest of Onee-sama’s! The perfectly straight line of her hips!”

Kuroko: “As further guarantee, her underwear exposes her childish sense. In terms of the position of decoy in this plan, there’s no more suitable——”

Kuroko: “Ngyagyagyagya!!! ……Kyou”


Mikoto: “Yeah yeah! That’s enough of that!”

Mikoto: “Though I had thought about serving as decoy, I have to decline if it’s role that kind of reason. I pass.”

Uiharu: “M-Misaka-saan.”

Mikoto: “If we’re talking about flat chest and the like, isn’t Kuroko no different in that regard?”‘

Mikoto: “In the first place, you’re the one with the figure most like a little girl’s. Why don’t you serve as decoy Kuroko?”

Kuroko: “Nmah! Who did you say has the figure of a little girl!?”

Kuroko: “In my case, there’s my reserved bust, my gorgeously slender waist, these tight hips.”

Kuroko: “I would prefer it if you said my proportions were properly balanced.”

Mikoto: “That’s nothing but your way of describing it. It’s not all at how I would.”


Saten: “If it’s the role of decoy, I’ll do it.”

Mikoto: “Wai, ehh!?”

Uiharu: “U-Um, Saten-san, about this Longicorn person, she will in practice approach you with a large pair of scissors. If she realizes that you’re a decoy it’ll be too late to go back if the Longicorn does something to you……”

Saten: “It’s said you can’t see panties if you don’t flip a skirt.”

Uiharu: “No one says that. The saying is ‘you can’t obtain a lion cub without entering the lion’s den.” TN: English equivalents would be ‘You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs’ or ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

Saten: “It’s the same meaning in the end. In short, there’s no alternative but to do it in spite of the danger. In the first place, since I was the one to propose the decoy strategy, therefore I will not entrust this to anyone else. ” TN: This text was highlighted in game and preceded by a circle. Pressing circle when it appears is the same as making a choice.

Will not entrust this to anyone else NOTE: If you selected the above choice, click here. Otherwise proceed.

Mikoto: “Indeed, it’s as Saten-san says. It cannot be entrusted to anyone else.”

Uiharu: “Misaka-san!? No way!!”

Saten: “See, even Misaka-san approves of it——”

Mikoto: “Don’t jump to conclusions. What I meant was that I cannot entrust the role of decoy to anyone other than myself.”

Saten: “Eh……?”

Mikoto: “Hey, Saten-san. Didn’t Uiharu also just say that this is a highly dangerous strategy?”

Saten: “I would say I’m resolved for that. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned about me……”

Mikoto: (Hmm, how can I persuade her……)

Mikoto: “Say, Saten-san, I want you to consider the success rate of this plan.”

Saten: “Success rate……, is it?”

Mikoto: “There’s the phrase ‘the right man for the job’ right? In this case I’m the most suitable. Apart from having a young girl’s figure or whatnot, “

Kuroko: “I think what Onee-sama said is correct.”

Uiharu: “I also agree with Misaka-san’s opinion.”

Saten: “Certainly that is the case……. I understand! I’ll leave it up to Misaka-san!”

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Saten: “In any event I will be the decoy.”

Mikoto: “Jus, what……. Shouldn’t we decide properly by discussion? Right?

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Mikoto: “Saten-san, were you joking just now?”

Saten: “No, I’m serious. I’ve taken a great interest in this. If it’s me, I want to make discover the truth behind this urban legend.”

Uiharu: “I-In that case I’ll be the decoy! For such a risky role, I cannot simply entrust it to an ordinary person like Saten-san!”

Kuroko: “If you’re saying it’s fine so long as it’s Judgement, I believe I am more qualified than Uiharu.”

Mikoto: “Uuh……. I-I get it. Let’s discuss the role of decoy once more.”

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Saten: “Hey hey, both of you please calm down. Quarrelling like that doesn’t accomplish anything.”

Mikoto: “It’s because of Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “It’s because of Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: “You’re the one that started talking first.”

Kuroko: “I was merely stating the truth.”


Saten: “Both of you, please listen to me.”

Saten: “For us, catching the Longicorn is a major objective.”

Saten: “It’s so children can feel at peace when they are playing, have you forgotten that?”

Mikoto: “Indeed……that was immature of me. Sorry.”

Kuroko: “To be sure, I was speaking half in jest, and now regret having done so.”

Mikoto: “To start with, before Kuroko started talking about that, I had intended to serve the as the decoy.”

Mikoto: “Okay, let’s carry out the decoy plan. It’ll be fine with me as the decoy.”

Saten: “But isn’t the decoy role dangerous?”

Mikoto: “Because there will surely be danger, shouldn’t it be me? For something like this having actual experience is everything.”

Kuroko: “Certainly, there’s nothing to worry about if it’s Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: “We’ve determined the place and time the Longicorn will surely appear. All that’s left is to lay the trap.”

Kuroko: If the decision’s been made, let’s strike while the iron is hot. Let’s begin preparing immediately.”

Uiharu: “I will support everyone from the Judgement branch office.”

Mikoto: “Now then, let’s get ready to move!”

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Scene 17

Another boast!? Hey, was that a boast?

Kuroko: “As I was saying just a short while ago……”

Kuroko: “Isn’t it necessary that the role of decoy be filled by someone whose looks could be mistaken for that of an elementary school student?”

Mikoto: “So you’re going to bring that up again? Fine then, I’m not taking up the challenge.”

Saten: “That’s why, didn’t I say that I would do it.”


The gazes of three people focused on the area of Saten’s breasts. {TN: Before anyone asks, yes, that is an actual screenshot}

Mikoto: “I wonder, wouldn’t Saten’s appearance make her inappropriate for that role—?”

Saten: “Wai, is it because my breasts are big!? That you would arbitrarily decide I’m inappropriate because of that.”

Kuroko: “……Just how did they get that big?”

Mikoto: “I’m slightly bothered by that.”

Saten: “Eh, even Misaka-san? Even though I didn’t do anything in particular?”

Uiharu: “She’s panicking……you’re keeping some kind of secret aren’t you?”

Saten: “Of course not, they just simply grew like that on their own.”

Mikoto: “Well then I wonder if it’s the mysterious workings of the human body.”

Saten: “I can’t say I understand such complicated things, I mean, how did we end up talking about this?”

Kuroko: “Saten-san is a little proud.”

Uiharu: “Meanwhile the portion that Shirai-san ate would completely fill my stomach.”

Kuroko: “You fool! That’s not the case at all.”

Kuroko: “I’m in the middle of my development, from here on it will rapidly develop into the figure Onee-sama prefers……”

Mikoto: “My preferences are inconsequential. Please inflate your stomach on your own.”

Uiharu: “Say, can it be that Misaka-san prefers large ones?”

Mikoto: “I-It’s got nothing to do with chest size and whatnot.”

Kuroko: “You know you won’t be able to wear little kiddie lingerie when they become bigger right?”

Mikoto: “E-Even when they’re big what’s cute is still cute.”

Mikoto: “I mean, it would be a big help if they got bigger than they just were.”

Kuroko: “Wah, aren’t they the same even now?”

Mikoto: “Do you think that was a good thing to say?”

Mikoto: “Kuh, you guys……”

Uiharu: “I just did a search, and it seems there are a small number of cute designs in larger sizes.”

Saten: “You actually looked it up, Uiharu……”

Mikoto: “That’s enough of this conversation already!!”

Saten: “……What were we discussing before this?”

Mikoto: “Like I said, we’re discussing the Longicorn of the Vacant Lot.”

Kuroko: “We were discussing who was going to be the decoy.”

Saten: “I see……what was it that caused us to veer off topic I wonder?”

Kuroko: “It was because of Saten-san boasting about her chest.”

Saten: “EEEH!? I’m not boasting am I?”

Mikoto: “Wasn’t it you Kuroko who was trying to worm out of her how to achieve similar growth?”

Kuroko: “Didn’t you also take part in that Onee-sama?”

Mikoto: “Are you saying it was my fault?”

Uiharu: “S-Sorry……the cause was me wasn’t it?”

Mikoto: “Haa……let’s just decide on a decoy.”

Mikoto: “Let’s discuss the arrangement from the top once more.”

Kuroko: “I propose once more that the suitable person should be mistakable for an elementary school student.”

Saten: “The bottleneck is whether one will be able to fight with the Longicorn it seems.”

Uiharu: “We’ve made a complete full circle haven’t we?”

Saten: “In any case there’s no connection to big breasts! Therefore it should be me.”

Mikoto: “Another boast!? Hey, was that a boast?”

Saten: “That’s—not—what—it—was—!”

Uiharu: “Hey hey hey hey.”


Kuroko: “Well, Onee-sama. Since you’re going to be the decoy, take this red backpack……

Mikoto: “Where did you get something like that!?”

Uiharu: “I must say, recently I haven’t seen elementary schoolers carrying red backpacks.”

Saten: “Now that you mention it that is the case.”

Kuroko: “And then, if you fancy these wool panties, then your appearance as an elementary school student would be complete.”

Mikoto: “Just a, don’t put your hands up my skirt!!”


Scene 18

I’ve been mistaken for an elementary schooler!!

Uiharu: ‘Misaka-san, do you read me?’

Mikoto: “Yeah, it’s fine. I read you.”

Uiharu: ‘The opponent will be carrying a sharp tool. I again ask you not to be too rash.’

Saten: “Fuhfuhfuh. Hesitate to place the bait and you won’t catch the prey, Uiharu.”

Mikoto: “……Only that I’m the bait this time.”

Kuroko: “Well, if it’s Onee-sama’s modest bust, she’ll surely be mistaken for an elementary schooler!!”

Mikoto: “Kuroko, don’t speak unless it’s necessary.”

Uiharu: ‘While I will be monitoring the situation over there, don’t hesitate to speak up if you think you’re in danger.’

Mikoto: “Got it.”

Saten: “Though if the opponent is someone Misaka-san feels in danger from, it’ll probably be futile for us to fight against her, hah hahaha—”

Mikoto: “……Saten-san. Though now’s not a good time, let’s have a little talk after this.”

Mikoto let out a small sigh as she separated from the pair, and selected a spot to lay down and get as dirty as possible.


Mikoto: “Fuh, is this the right impression I wonder……?”

Uiharu: ‘Oh right, Misaka-san.’

Mikoto: “What?”

Uiharu: ‘I was recalling our conversation about hair, and there are others besides writing brushes. Other uses that is.’

Mikoto: “……Eh?”

Uiharu: “Well you see……particularly for the number of centimeters of hair……”

Mikoto: “Yeah, yeah……indeed, and so?”

As she listened to what Uiharu said, Mikoto subsequently heard a rustling sound.

Mikoto: (Someone came……?)

Being cautious not to be discovered by the other party, Mikoto half-opened her eyes.


Mikoto: (……It’s dim but I can see. There’s someone by the entrance to the vacant lot……)

???: “……”

Mikoto: (They’re coming this way……)


???: “……This is different……”

Mikoto: “……”

???: “……It’s fine though. I’ll collect this one as well.”


Mikoto: “What are you collecting? My hair is quite valuable you know.”

Longicorn: “Tch!!”

Longicorn: “GUH!!”

Scene 19

No way. After taking that, wouldn’t you normally not have the strength to stand up!?


Mikoto: “……She’s”

Uiharu: ‘Misaka-san? What happened, Misaka-san!!’

Mikoto: “Eh, aah……say umm, I think I might have captured the Longicorn.”

Uiharu: ‘Eeh!? Even though we were secretly watching all of the exits.’

Saten: ‘Over there, Uiharu! Isn’t the circumference surrounded by multi-story buildings?’

Saten: ‘She surely entered the vacant lot through one of the windows!’

Kuroko: ‘Onee-sama, you’ve captured the Longicorn?”

Mikoto: “Y-Yeah. That is the case, but, she’s……”

Mikoto: “Myioshi Yoshiko……. She’d been a famous athlete until a short while ago.”

Saten: ‘Miyoshi? Miyoshi was it……that’s it, I just remembered!!’

Saten: ‘Even though she set some amazing records, she suddenly stopped being a celebrity one day!’

Saten: ‘There were even some urban legends that came up!!’

Kuroko: ‘She disappeared in a scandal after being caught for doping.’

Miyoshi: “……Are you surprised?”

Mikoto: “No way. After taking that, wouldn’t you normally not have the strength to stand up!?”

Miyoshi: “What’s necessary isn’t a reason, but a purpose. I won’t stop partway.”

Miyoshi: “Therefore I won’t fall. Absolutely not.”

Mikoto: (……If the Longicorn is Miyoshi Yoshiko, then that’s fits with what Uiharu said.)

Mikoto: “Even though it would be fine to cut even the roots, the question is why would you only cut 2-3 centimeters from the tips.”

Miyoshi: “Is it necessary to confirm the answer……?”

Mikoto: “It’s because nothing but that was necessary.”

Mikoto: “The doping method of examination, it was done by investigating hair.”

Mikoto: “It’s basis is that the active ingredient in the drugs are made to collect within the tips of one’s hair.”

Mikoto: “……However, in that case it’d be possible to do the scan even if you had cut to the roots.”

Miyoshi: “Yep, that’s true, quite right.”

Mikoto: “You’re goal wasn’t for the sake of causing harm, you could say it was the opposite correct?”

Mikoto: “The reason you cut only the tips, I think that’s because you chose to carry out your goal while not doing anything more than was absolutely necessary.”

Miyoshi: “Indeed indeed……quite right. Are you finished checking your answers?”

Mikoto: “Nothing is finished.”

Mikoto: “In the first place, why was it necessary to forcibly conduct doping tests?”

Miyoshi: “In order to protect those children……”

Mikoto: “And how exactly does that work!?”

Miyoshi: “……My disappearance when suspicions of my doping became the headline, you are aware of it no?”

Mikoto: “That’s……”

Miyoshi: “Why do you think I did that?”

Miyoshi: “Originally……Miyoshi Yoshiko was was unopposed in the 1000 meter race.”

Miyoshi: “Like my own personal list, on successive tournament records my record for each match was the highest……”

Miyoshi: “And yet, do you think it would be necessary for me to reach my hand out to something like doping……?”

Mikoto: “Are you saying……something happened?”

Miyoshi: “Nothing at all happened……”

Miyoshi: “In reality it was a drug for menstrual pain……”

“Mikoto: “……Eh?”


Miyoshi: “I had continuously endured it during the match, but for relief once it was over, I made the mistake of taking the medication.”

Miyoshi: “I’m not aware of which ingredient in the product it was that showed up, but my position was deemed invalid.”

Miyoshi: “On top of that, my entire record up until then was revoked……my career as a player was completely dismissed.”

Mikoto: “How is that related to this?”

Mikoto: “In the end, is your basis just ruefulness towards the track and field? Revenge on the management agency?”

Mikoto: “How is that related to your stance of protecting the children from something!?”

Miyoshi: “The records and all are inconsequential. ……Without omitting anyone else, I realize I was the best.”

Miyoshi: “Even when I was active, the only rival I had to surpass was my past self……. Therefore I have no regrets about it.”

Mikoto: “Then what!!?”

Miyoshi: “Don’t you think it’s strange……?”

Miyoshi: “……Academy using scientific technology to develop esper powers?”

Miyoshi: “Electrical stimulation, hypnotic suggestion, and also administration of drugs……every single method for rearranging the brain is used.”

Mikoto: “I understand that even without you telling me.”

Miyoshi: “Indeed. That case, this town’s doping standard, isn’t it difficult to imagine it as such a simple thing?”

Miyoshi: “This town’s standard would be expected to have been ‘skillfully’ designed so as not to detect those aforementioned medications.”

Miyoshi: “However……in that case why would it detect a medication for menstrual pains?”

Mikoto: “Could it be……”

Miyoshi: “Safety? Peace of mind? ……Is what’s written on the package actually the truth?”

Miyoshi: “A scan method to which medicines that chemically change the brain’s structure are invisible……”

Miyoshi: “and yet it would detect menstrual pain medication, what would that be?”

Mikoto: “……That wasn’t just menstrual pain medication.”

Miyoshi: “Exactly. What about what everyone is always eating? ……What about what they take for curing diseases?”

Miyoshi: “Are those health supplements truly healthy……?”

Mikoto: “That’s……”

Miyoshi: “You can’t answer huh?”

Mikoto: “Well, that we can not swallow what’s on the package as truth, that much you have proven.”

Mikoto: “The children here, it’s possible they could be made to drink even more horrible medicines.”

Miyoshi: “And the people being observed have no idea!”

Miyoshi: “Never again do I want anyone to feel the sadness I did.”

Mikoto: “……Even if that’s the case, why did you choose only children?”

Miyoshi: “Because of that uproar……all of my human relations have entirely shattered.”

Miyoshi: “……That which I wanted to protect, it lay outside of my personal connections.”

Miyoshi: “In that regard the highest priority went to children and the elderly.”

Mikoto: “In this city the population is eighty percent students……”

Miyoshi: “Yep. In that case, the amount of children is numerous……”

Miyoshi: “And those that come to these ‘vacant lots’ that are outside of surveillance, they are of that age range.”

Mikoto: “Hey, watch it!”

Mikoto: “Those scissors……”

Miyoshi: “……From the start, so as not to cause pain while cutting hair, they were only haircut-use scissors that employed heat.”

Miyoshi: “But, if you sharpen to the extreme with that method……”

Miyoshi: “they can reach the level……where they can cleanly severe even the human spine.”

Mikoto: “……High-temperature supplemented model scissors”

Mikoto: (Not good. The heating system doesn’t use electricity.)

Mikoto: (Perhaps it mixes several chemicals inside of ceramic scissors.)

Mikoto: (It’s not something I can hold back with my ability.)

Miyoshi: “……I don’t know who you are”

Miyoshi: “Perhaps it’s the case that you’ve taken action to protect the bodies of those kids……”

Mikoto: “Haa!? Of course I am.”

Miyoshi: “Well then, there’s no reason for you and I to face off against each other.”

Mikoto: “The Longicorn has escaped, the north exit!”

Scene 20

You were fleeing while in a daze. Have you noticed by now?

(The following is a 3D action scene. I recommend watching a youtube video if you can find one. I’ll try to describe the action. There are quick-time events during the action, the failure of which forces you to restart the scene.)

Mikoto is chasing Miyoshi.

Mikoto: “She’s escaping, Saten-san!”

Saten blocks Miyoshi, who responds with her scissors.

Miyoshi: “Move!”

Saten falls, Mikoto pursues.

Mikoto: “Please, stay here!”

Miyoshi: “Think you can chase me?”

Miyoshi heads into an ally. Mikoto reaches for her earpiece.

Mikoto: “Even if I can’t chase you, I absolutely won’t let you escape! Uiharu-san”

Uiharu is operating a computer at Judgement HQ. You need to help Uiharu track Miyoshi with 2 events, first square then triangle. Fail and Mikoto ends up at a dead end and Miyoshi escapes. Succeed and tacks her.

 Uiharu: “Tracking, I got her. B4……B5……She’s moving at a considerable speed.”

Back to Mikoto.

Mikoto: “Where!?”

Uiharu: “Turn right 5 meters ahead. Head to your left when you hit the wall.”

Mikoto: “Got it!”

Flash over to Kuroko

Uiharu: ‘Shirai-san to B8.’

Kuroko: “Understood.”

Repeated teleports.

Uiharu: “From here head left.”

Left and right arrows appear. Select neither or right and Kuroko will become confused. Choose left and she’ll keep going.

Kuroko: “Just try to escape.”

Uiharu: ‘Right next.’

Same as previous. Choose right and Kuroko will glimpse Miyoshi, who turns left. Choose the same direction to pursue. Kuroko will teleport to block her path.

Kuroko: “Unfortunately this way is a dead end. Speaking of which, I……am Judgement.”

Miyoshi: “Teleport……!”

Miyoshi slashes and Kuroko teleports away and draws her needles as she lands.

Kuroko: “Isn’t that dangerous!”

Miyoshi flees. Kuroko remains unconcerned.

Kuroko: “……Fuu, so far I’ve just be outrider. After all, that way is……”

Miyoshi ducks as a lightning spear flies past her. Mikoto was waiting up ahead. A triangle input appears as they confront each other and Mikoto charges a lightning spear. Miss it and Miyoshi ducks down a side alley and Mikoto loses her. Hit it and she’ll fire the spear to cut off Miyoshi’s escape.

Mikoto closes in, Miyoshi slashes with the scissors and an X appears. Miss and Mikoto falls down to avoid the next attack, upon which Miyoshi flees. Land it and Mikoto’ll dodge and counter with electrically charged blows.

A square then appears. Miss and Miyoshi catches Mikoto’s kick and floors her to escape. Land it and she’ll score a roundhouse kick to Miyoshi’s head. Miyoshi flees down an ally.

Mikoto: “Like I’d let you get away!”

Miyoshi is shown rounding a corner, a lightning spear just missing her. She pauses out of breath. Only to find herself back in the vacant lot.

Miyoshi: “This place is……?”

Mikoto: “You were fleeing while in a daze. Have you noticed by now?”

Miyoshi is now caught between Mikoto and Saten.

Saten: “Welcome back!”


The following video contains the complete sequence. Start at 3:28 to skip the failed attempts if you so desire. Stop watching at 5:22. The anime scene comes later.

Scene 21

I’ll blow away those twisted ideas, and those scissors too

Mikoto: “You won’t get away!”

Miyoshi: “Get away huh? Ufufu……”

Miyoshi: “I decided that I would see this through to the end…………That’s my objective after all.”

Miyoshi: “I will suppress the pain in my heart……”

Miyoshi: “The extent of the troublesome characteristic of mine that brought about those former records, how about I instruct you in it right here.”

Mikoto: “To have received my electric shock and still be standing, it’s that sort of thing?”

Mikoto: (……I can beat her.)

Mikoto: (However that amount of stamina is troubling. She certainly won’t collapse from superficial damage.)

Mikoto: (Nevertheless, her goal is the doping scans.)

Mikoto: (To ensure that no foreign substances are injected into children’s bodies, that’s why she’s doing this.)

Mikoto: (If her story was true, then this battle has no meaning……)

Mikoto: (What should I do……?)

Mikoto: “……Well, it’s not necessary to think about it.”

Miyoshi: “Really, so you don’t plant on stopping me then.”

Mikoto: “As if, at this point I have no reason to let you off easy.”

Miyoshi: “Why……?”

Mikoto: “When it comes to you, there’s still the serious matter of having cut a girl’s hair.”

Miyoshi: “……If you’re running a thousand meters, long hair is only a nuisance so I don’t really feel much for it……”

Miyoshi: “However is it really something to put your life on the line for? This is a sharp implement I’m holding you know……”

Mikoto: “Do you know that there’s an elementary school girl who goes jogging around the Seventh School District in the evening?”

Mikoto: “That child said that, even if something bad happened, she could forget about it while running.”

Miyoshi: “……”

Mikoto: “The matter she was trying to forget, you’ll understand even if I don’t say right? Incidentally, that child was wearing perfume.”

Mikoto: “She used a sample at the department store cosmetic counter.”

Mikoto: “Well, that was because a friend of mine introduced her to an urban legend that it could be used to drive off a certain mysterious individual.”

Miyoshi: “That’s……”

Mikoto: “She’s one the girls who hair you cut.”

Mikoto: “If you were truly doing this for the sake of protecting those children, the children ought to be smiling.”

Mikoto: “However, in reality you made those children cry.”

Miyoshi: “……I was……”

Mikoto: “You may have taken some kind of purpose, but you were wrong not to use a different method.”

Mikoto: “Even if it was only a small incident, and despite only having cut the tips of their hair.”

Mikoto: “Because of that that girl was genuinely panicking. She was afraid the Longicorn was going to kill her.”

Miyoshi: “……!”

Mikoto: “If you truly wish to protect those children, if you will truly continue to take up that purpose——”

Mikoto: “they you wouldn’t do things that would scare that child, like pointing a sharp implement at her.”

Miyoshi: “Do you really intend to fight me?”

Mikoto: “Naturally. On behalf of that child who was quaking with fear, I will pay you back right here.”

Mikoto: “If it’s for that, I’ll stake my life on it.”

Mikoto: “So that after this a day may come when you can laugh together with that child, I will defeat you.”

Miyoshi: “I see. ……To go to that extent, you’re a human who gets angry over something of that level……”

Mikoto: “Don’t say something that feels terrible, like that we’re the same.”

Miyoshi: “……I wasn’t going to say that.”

The final confrontation is in an anime-style scene like the chapter opener. Since I’m not good with spoken Japanese I can’t translate it.

Scene 22

……But who, and what’s their stake in it?

The next day the Longicorn was taken in by Antiskill.

The group of four had gathered at the usual family restaurant.

Uiharu: “In the end, it turned out to be a major incident huh……”

Kuroko: “Even pointing a blade at Onee-sama by itself is a serious crime. A solid case of attempted murder.”

Kuroko: “She won’t be showing up anytime soon.”

Mikoto: “……Indeed. But even if she did get released, I believe there probably wouldn’t be a second offense.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama……”

Saten: “Well, at the very least it was good that the culprit was arrested.”

Saten: “However, by no means did I imagine that the Longicorn’s true identity would be that former athlete, Miyoshi what’s-her-name.”

Uiharu: “It’s Miyoshi Yoshiko, Saten-san.”

Uiharu: “It appears that, though it didn’t become a scandal, it seems she’s well known as a claimant.”

Uiharu: “Her name was placed on the blacklist of several companies.”

Saten: “Hmm, for the people who interacted with her, that sure seems like it was a major hassle.”

Uiharu: “Yes. There’s even a record that they had reported it to Antiskill and wanted them to deal with it.”

Saten: “……So she was the type to send off phone calls and emails to several companies huh.”

Saten: “And then, she probably pressured them like, ‘Is what it says on the package really true? Tell us every detail about the formula,’ or something.”

Saten: “And then when they wouldn’t listen to that, she changed her ‘method of investigation’……like that?”

Mikoto: “The Longicorn. It would be nice to sum it up with the word claimant.”

Uiharu: “It sure would be……”

Kuroko: “Stalker, claimant, monster something-or-other. There are various categories in the modern world.”

Kuroko: “However, as for which category goes with which person, in truth each person has their own different set of circumstances.”

Kuroko: “The Longicorn is just one of the extremes of that.”

Mikoto: “However though”

Mikoto: “The Longicorn……umm, does that fit Miyoshi Yoshiko?”

Mikoto: “One can imagine how she knew about the doping incident. And that it was done by examining hair.”

Uiharu: “What’s the matter with that?”

Mikoto: “However for Miyoshi who would have been ‘the one receiving the exam’, would she have been familiar with the specific examination procedure.”

Uiharu: “She was a former athlete, so I don’t think she would have had detailed information about that.”

Mikoto: “It isn’t unusual to see a cake shop owner in the kitchen.”

Mikoto: “However, wouldn’t it be strange for a person to master the technique for pastries just by watching?”

Saten: “Yeah, normally something like that would be impossible.”

Kuroko: “In that case, that she would request a corporation somewhere to to examine the hair she had cut, isn’t that the likely case?”

Mikoto: “The examination of such controversial hair, could there be a place that’s taken that up?”

Saten: “Instead of telling the truth, wouldn’t she have fabricated some kind of reason for that?”

Mikoto: “That could be it……but suppose if that wasn’t the case……”

Mikoto: “There’s another possibility, maybe someone was cooperating with the Longicorn.”

Saten: “Eh……”

Uiharu: “Such a thing, could that really be the case?”

Kuroko: “I can’t declare that the possibility is nonexistent but……”

Mikoto: “……”

Mikoto”……But who, and what’s their stake in it?”



OBJECT: Judgement Armband: The symbol of Judgement (Public Morals Committee) organization for maintaining public order, a gathering of student espers. With white lines drawn on a green cloth, a shield symbol is depicted.

PERSON: Hazamaya Kana: A young girl acquainted with Mikoto and company. They helped recover her bag that had been carried off by a dog, and became close friends with her after rescuing her during the ‘Graviton Incident’. It’s their first time meeting in a while, and she seems down due to something causing her concern.

PERSON: Snail: A mysterious ‘Snail of the Trash Collection Area’ person from an urban legend spreading amongst elementary school children. (Updated version unlocked by following the Snail route) Carrying a huge tank on its back, it carries off children who are alone in the vacant lot and brings them to the trash collection area.

PERSON: Longicorn: The mysterious ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ person is an urban legend being gossiped about among elementary school children. She cuts the hair of children she discovers sleeping in the vacant lot using giant scissors. It’s said that in the worst case, should the child wake up, she’ll kill them.

OBJECT: Omega Flower: A high class brand of perfume. It seems to be the weakness of the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’, with #43 especially being the most effective.

LOCATION: Public Park: A public park in the Seventh School District. Used by elementary school students, it’s surrounded by trees, has a water fountain in the center, and all sorts of playground equipment.

INFORMATION: Situations of Children: Due to construction surveying and preparations at the vacant lot, laborers have been going in and out. To avoid disturbing them with their play, the children investigated when there was no one there, and rotate between the park and vacant lot accordingly.

INFORMATION: Locations of Vacant Lots: Having searched Judgement’s database, this was the list of vacant lots with no surveillance cameras or patrols. Although there are 13 remaining candidates, they have been marked on the map.

INFORMATION: Sunstroke: Under high temperature environments, heat accumulates within the body exceeding the thermoregulatory functions, which can cause symptoms of disrupted consciousness. One shouldn’t take the heat lightly, and should make sure to rest in the shade and remain hydrated.

SPECIAL: Longicorn Point of Appearance: By comparing the children’s schedule for playing in vacant lots with the security area schedule, a single point has been narrowed down as the Longicorn’s point of appearance.

Event Note:

This is the topic of ‘The Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’.

Having gathered at the family restaurant, the group of four including Misaka, Shirai, Uiharu, and Saten heard about the urban legend of ‘The Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ from some elementary school kids. For the sake of a girl who had even suffered actual harm, they have gone to investigate the empty lands of the Seventh School District.

Huhuh? The empty lot has become a construction site!?

Relying on memory to search for a vacant lot, they found that construction had already begun on a new multi-story building.

What we’re investigating is the Longicorn of the ‘Vacant Lot’.

At the Judgement subdivision, a list of vacant lots was obtained.

If the essential children aren’t there, I would think there’s no meaning in it appearing.

They investigated a vacant lot near the Judgement subdivision, but they didn’t gain any particular information.

……Fufufu. Another person alone, I found∼you.

They expanded the scope of their investigation to the scissors that were the dangerous weapon but the investigation hit an impasse. (END)

It was fine, just the blessing of being with Judgement.

Misaka and company decided to investigate the ‘Snail of the Trash Collection Area’. However, when it leaked out to Konori that they had skipped out on work, Shirai and Uiharu got stuck doing service work. (END)

With this our contract has been established, Onee-chan!

On the condition of exchanging the ‘locations of vacant lots’ with the children playing in the park, they successfully obtained information on the times the kids played in the vacant lot.

These children, could they perhaps be hiding something?

Since they were unable to exchange information, they were unable to obtain any information from the children playing in the park.

Misaka. Do you have an explanation?

Misaka and company headed to a department store to investigate the perfume ‘Omega Flower’. However, they wasted time and were disciplined by the Dorm Mother for breaking the dorm’s curfew. (END)

That’s not the case in the vacant lot. Neither for the eyes of adults, nor for camera lenses.

Misaka and company sequentially search through the vacant lots, the information on which they received from the kids. They ponder the circumstances of the children who are in a controlled society.

Indeed. Great job, Saten-san.

They discovered the place where the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ appeared. They temporarily suspended the investigation since the sun was setting.

Someone you are also familiar with.

After concluding their search of the vacant lot, they had a chance encounter with the girl who had been a victim. Misaka strengthened her determination to resolve the incident.

Look, I’ll drop you if you struggle too much.

Shirai used teleport to carry Misaka who had twisted her ankle. Misaka was embarrassed by the princess carry.

From Konori-senpai, I received a regrettable notice.

With the premise that the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’ was acting to avoid sunstroke and heatstroke, they went to conduct a stakeout, but it turned out to be a waste of time as a new case of harm was reported.

Onee-sama has become the latest urban legend.

By spraying perfume that the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot hates, they sought to restrict the range of its actions, but the investigation hit a setback due to Misaka and company becoming indelibly stained with the smell of perfume. (END)

Now then, let’s get ready to move!

In order to catch the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’, Misaka volunteers to serve as a decoy.

Another boast!? Hey, was that a boast?

In the midst of a discussion to select a decoy for the sake of capturing the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’, the result was they ended up repeatedly going around in circles. (END)

I’ve been mistaken for an elementary schooler!!

Misaka laid down at the determined point of appearance, and lay in wait for the Longicorn.

No way. After taking that, wouldn’t you normally not have the strength to stand up!?

Having lured in the Longicorn she revealed her true colors by delivering an electric shock. The true identity of the Longicorn was an athlete that had been expelled due to a doping incident, ‘Miyoshi Yoshiko’.

You were fleeing while in a daze. Have you noticed by now?

By cooperating with everyone, Misaka manages to corner the fleeing ‘Miyoshi Yoshiko’.

I’ll blow away those twisted ideas, and those scissors too.

She successfully rendered ‘Miyoshi Yoshiko’ powerless by using her Railgun after cornering her.

……But who, and what’s their stake in it?

Having uncovered the ‘Longicorn of the Vacant Lot’, Misaka and company contributed to the culprit’s arrest. However, they had difficulty believing that ‘Miyoshi Yoshiko’ who had been an athlete could have acted alone, and they pondered the existence of an additional ‘accomplice’.

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