Railgun PSP Chapter 2

Disciplinary Guidance

Scene 1

Those guys might still be watching. Saten, you be careful as well.


Yumi: “Iiko, Iiko!! Hang in there!!”

Yumi: “What’s this for!? Why are are you doing this!? Tell me what it was that we did!”


NOTE: I’ve added numbers to the unnamed speakers based on the in game voices in order to distinguish them. These numbers do not appear during the chapter, though they are later included in the character gallery.

???(1): “……That leaves only you, Kaburagi Yumi.”

Yumi: “W-Why is my name……?”

???(2): “Even though you should have been warned.”

Yumi: “Y-You guys, it can’t be……no way……”

???(3): “Although it would have been fine had you, having obediently received our warning, had quietly shut your mouth.”

Yumi: “S-Stop it……please forgive me……”

???(2): “You’re not getting away!!”

Yumi: “GYOUH!! Ah, ah, ah……”

???(1): “This will provide you with appropriate ‘guidance’. YORE.”

Yumi: “Iyaaaaaaaa!!”

???(1): “……Only to this degree huh.”


Kuroko: “Even though it would have been fine if we’d finished our shopping somewhere closeby. Why such a noisy place like the 15th School District……”

Mikoto: “Well it is true that the 7th School District is also fine. However, if it’s the 15 school district, the sense of clothing is slightly different.”

Uiharu: “It feels like the cutting edge of fashion doesn’t it.”

Mikoto: “Just so, and while I can’t wear such gaudy things everyday, I do want at least one thing.”

Mikoto: “Doesn’t it feel like a hot snack from the convenience store?”

Uiharu: “Aah, somehow or another, I understand that feeling.”

Kuroko: “Haa……. Or rather it’s like a vacation outing from Tokiwadai where you don’t wear your school uniform.”

Kuroko: “Such clothes aren’t necessary for that.”

Mikoto: “Shaddup. That has nothing to do with it.”

Uiharu: “Ah, that one piece, so cute!”

Uiharu: “If it’s this one, it seems that it would suit Saten-san huh∼.”

Mikoto: “Certainly it does agree with Saten-san’s style.”

Kuroko: “Speaking of which, what is Saten-san doing?”

Uiharu: “I mentioned it to her, but she had something she needed to do today……”

Mikoto: “I see. Even though I wanted to hear Saten-san’s opinion, too bad I guess.”

Uiharu: “Aah, but this one piece is truly so very cute isn’t it. And it’s even reasonably priced, how troubling∼”

Mikoto: “However, the question is what to wear over it. How about an adult-style jacket?”

Kuroko: “If you give some thought to the season, a cardigan might be good.”

Saten: “No no, if it’s this short-sleeved frilly parka, it kills two birds with one stone by also covering your chest.”

Uiharu: “Saten-san!?”

Saten: “Just when I spotted something, it turns out to be Misaka-san and company.”

Mikoto: “Didn’t you have something to do today?”

Saten: “Yes, I meeting up with some friends after this.”

Topic ‘Saten’s Friends’ Acquired

Saten: “But to meet up with Misaka-san and company at a place like this, it feels like destiny.”

Uiharu: “Kyaa, please don’t cling to me.”

Saten: “Ahahaha, sorry sorry,”

Kuroko: “Since you’re getting together, is it alright to be talking in a place like this?”

Saten: “Ahaha. In truth while it may seem like I’ll end up being late, it’s actually just over that way.”

Saten: “Look, we’re gathering at the karaoke box over there……”

Siren sounds

Mikoto: “Hm? This sound……”


Saten: “……An ambulance? What, is that……? Could it be, fo-food poisoning perhaps?”

Mikoto: “I’m going to check it out real quick.”

Saten: “Sure.”

Saten: “No way……”


Saten: “Wait a minute!! Iiko!!”

Saten: “No way, Yumi, WHY……!!”

Yumi: “Sa, ten……?”

Saten: “Wait a sec! What is this!? How did this happen!!”

Yumi: “Hehe……Saten was safe huh. Since you hadn’t come yet, I was a little worried.”

Saten: “Why are you injured like this……what the hell happened……?”

Yumi: “Those guys might still be watching. Saten, you be careful as well.”

Saten: “Those guys!? What is that, the heck are they……”

Yumi: “Disciplinary……Guidance……”

Yumi: “Disciplinary Guidance, they did this, th……”

Topic ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ Acquired

Rescue Worker: “Since we’re in a hurry, can you please step back.”

Saten: “Uh……”

Scene 2

Disciplinary Guidance isn’t some kind of urban legend.



Uiharu: “Here, it’s iced coffee, Saten-san.”

Saten: “Thank you……”

Mikoto: “Milk with gum syrup is it? Saten-san.”

Saten: “……Yeah.”

Kuroko: “There’s both general and dietary use types, which would you like?”

Saten: “……Yeah.”


Uiharu: “It’s not good. It seems the shock was too great.”

Mikoto: “The general one should be fine. We should rest here for a little.”


Uiharu: “Saten-san, is she okay?”

Mikoto: “Though the chaos has settled down somewhat, she hasn’t regained her usual mood since then.”

Kuroko: “It can’t be helped. It wasn’t just someone she socialized with on the net, it was something her friends experienced.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, I’m  going to borrow your PC for a bit.”

Mikoto: “Let’s see, Disciplinary Guidance, Disciplinary Guidance, hmm……”

Mikoto: “Uwa, the file completely fills the entire screen.”

Mikoto: “What’s this……’Report of a D Block Convenience Store Robbery’, ‘Report of Refrigerator Truck Accidental Explosion’, ‘Report of Crime Rates'”

Mikoto: “‘Results Connecting to the Ekomichi Rampage Incident’ and ‘Detailed Inquiry of Mass Delinquency Syndrome’ huh.”

Uiharu: “Hyah! M-Misaka-san!? That’s bad, don’t touch it arbitrarily!!”

Uiharu: “I’ll operate it! Misaka-san, please separate yourself from the keyboard!!”

Mikoto: “Aah, I’m sorry. It’s just, there was something I was looking up.”

Mikoto: “At any rate, does Judgement always handle this many documents?”

Uiharu: “Aah, the desktop you were just using is for file processing.”

Uiharu: “That doesn’t mean that we read them all though. It’s filled with documents that are irrelevant for us after all.”

Topic ‘File Processing’ Acquired

Uiharu: “So, regarding what were you investigating Misaka-san?”

Mikoto: “Yeah, I thought I’d try searching for ‘Disciplinary Guidance’.”

Kuroko: “……’Disciplinary Guidance’? Onee-sama, what is that? That’s”

Mikoto: “Saten-san’s friend, she muttered that just before losing consciousness. ‘Disciplinary Guidance did it,’ she said.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, in Judgement’s database, might there not be an incident by that name?”

Mikoto: “Though it seems like it’s some kind of organization.”

Uiharu: “If it’s something like that, let’s see, I got it. I’ll check now———”

Saten: “Please wait.”

Mikoto: “Saten-san……”

Saten: “I will explain. The matter with my friends, please let me explain it.”

Mikoto: “I understand. However don’t force yourself too much.”

Saten: “Thank you for that. I’ve also made Shirai-san and Uiharu worry.”

Uiharu: “No way. Please don’t worry about it.”

Mikoto: “So then, Disciplinary Guidance is what exactly?”


Saten: “……Regarding what Disciplinary Guidance is, they’re something like an urban legend that’s spread on the net.”

Mikoto: “Urban legend?”

Topic ‘Urban Legend’ Acquired

Saten: “If someone spreads unfounded urban legends however they wish, it’s said a group called Disciplinary Guidance will appear before them.”

Mikoto: “You’re saying that just for speaking about the rumors of urban legends, they’d do such cruel things……?”

Saten: “It’s been rumored that they bestow befitting punishment upon offenders who cause damage to people’s reputation by spreading rumors.”

Mikoto: “What else? What kind of group are they?”

Saten: “Nobody knows. Both the appearances and number of members in their organization are an enigma.”

Mikoto: “I wonder if they’re ability users……”

Saten: “Since there aren’t any witnesses, even something like that isn’t known.”

Uiharu: “In other words, this Disciplinary Guidance that appears upon hearing of urban legends, they themselves are an urban legend?”

Uiharu: “That is somewhat confusing……”

Saten: “Disciplinary Guidance isn’t some kind of urban legend. After all weren’t Yumi and Iiko actually attacked?”

Mikoto: “It’s as Saten-san says. At the very least, it’s a certainty that someone attacked Saten-san’s friends.”

Kuroko: “Having searched Judgement’s database, there were several reports made.”

Topics ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ and ‘Saten’s Friends’ updated

Kuroko: “However, the part that they were almost always repeatedly attacking by surprise seems doubtful.”

Kuroko: “It seems that all that was reported was……several cases of dangerous radical postings.”

Saten: “That’s the case. Disciplinary Guidance is brought up a lot in conversations on the net.”

Saten: “In actuality though, no one knew the extent of what they were doing.”

Saten: “For the majority of theories, the idea that such a group’s intervention was causing the ruin of bulletin boards was seen as ludicrous.”

Saten: “However, recently, a group had begun posting under the handle of Disciplinary Guidance……”

Satem: “Those guys clearly weren’t ordinary. People immediately became aware that they may be the real thing.”

Saten: “Even for the community sites, they were discussion about whether it was better to preemptively take action against them……”

Mikoto: “Community sites huh……then, that was what the offline meeting was about.”

‘Community Site’ topic acquired

Saten: “That’s the case. However, I never thought something like that would happen even there.”

Saten: “It’s true that Yumi and Iiko and the rest had been sharing topics with everyone on the bulletin boards but……”

Mikoto: “……Uiharu-san, Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “What is it?”

Mikoto: “Just now you said that Disciplinary Guidance always attacking by surprise was dubious.”

Kuroko: “If such event truly were that frequent, even Antiskill and Judgement would be rushing to take care of them.”

Uiharu: “If there weren’t that many people from the outset, does that mean that it’s now escalated?”

Mikoto: “Or else, usually after such thorough violence, could they be threatening people?”

Mikoto: “If the victims didn’t say anything then there wouldn’t be a record.”

Mikoto: “Fuu. Kuroko, now that it’s come to this, Antiskill would naturally mobilize right?”

Kuroko: “Since it’s now become genuine, that would indeed be the result.”

Kuroko: “However, inquiries into the subject of Disciplinary Guidance are unlikely.”

Mikoto: “Why? Saten-san’s friend were actually……”

Kuroko: “Isn’t it true that you can only say that about Saten-san’s friends?”

Saten: “It was Yumi who said it!”

Kuroko: “It may be that she only thinks that.”

Kuroko: “It’s not clear that Disciplinary Guidance itself actually exists.”

Saten: “W-While that may be so……”

Kuroko: “Some kids that have a fondness for rumors got involved in an unfortunate incident that resulted in injuries.”

Kuroko: “And then due to them being disoriented, it got combined with idea of Disciplinary Guidance that’s been gathering a lot of attention.”

Kuroko: “It would probably be resolved using something like that.”

Mikoto: “That is to say that rather than a mysterious organization repeatedly causing injuries while remaining unnoticed, it would be treated as just an isolated incident?”

Kuroko: “That’s it precisely.”

Mikoto: (If that’s the case, it’s no good……)

Kuroko: “……Onee-sama, come this way for a moment.”

Mikoto: “What?”

Kuroko: “……Surely you aren’t thinking about getting involved in yet another incident are you?”

Mikoto: “I have to do something.”

Kuroko: “Please just stop. Just leave it us if you don’t mind.”

Mikoto: “If we stick with the idea that it was an accidental incident, then we wouldn’t consider that all of the offline meeting members are being targeted.”

Mikoto: “In other words, wouldn’t that mean Saten-san who until know has been left alone would be defenseless?”

Kuroko: “…………”

Mikoto: “Besides, the incident occurred in the Fifteenth School District. Isn’t that outside your jurisdiction?”

Mikoto: “Anyhow, while you guys might be okay, Antiskill and Judgement probably can’t be relied upon.”

Kuroko: “That’s……”

Mikoto: “Therefore you shouldn’t mind if some helper secretly fills in the loopholes.”

Mikoto: “Above all, it concerns my friend. There’s no way I can just leave this alone.”

Kuroko: “……I get it, I get it. Just please avoid taking any absurd independent actions.”

Kuroko: “After all, Saten-san is my friend as well.”

Mikoto: “Well then, let’s investigate Disciplinary Guidance.”

Saten: “Be that as it may, at the moment it’s like we know nothing at all. Even I know nothing more than what I spoke of just now.”

Mikoto: “Hmm……where should we start from then?”


Saten’s Friends

Kuroko: “Why was it that Saten-san’s friends were attacked?”

Saten: “I think it was probably because they were posting things about Disciplinary Guidance on a community site. Since both Yumi and Iiko were bringing that topic up regularly.”

Community Site

Uiharu: “Saten-san friends may have been attacked for having accessed a community site.”

Mikoto: “Wouldn’t offline meetings like just now be sufficient?”

Saten: “Why do you say that?”

Mikoto: “If we stake out similar offline meetings, I wonder if Disciplinary Guidance would make an appearance.”

Kuroko: “Something so simple.”

Mikoto: “What, it’s no good?”

Kuroko: “It’s risky if we don’t know the opponent’s true intentions.”

Mikoto: “Say, Saten-san, are there been any other meetings like the one today?”

Saten: “I’m checking my usual site. Let’s see. Aha! Tomorrow, there’s a similar offline meeting to discuss events that have recently been causes of concern on the net.”

Mikoto: “Great, then let us attend as well.”

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Mikoto: “Are there any other similar incidents? Such as people who discussed Disciplinary Guidance on bulletin boards being attacked.”

Uiharu: “While there have been several reports of individual incidents resulting in injury, none of them have been mentioned on the net. It’ll be difficult to discover a connection……”

Mikoto: “So we have no choice but to steadily investigate huh. In any case, there must be similar cases of attacks of this sort.”

Proceed to Scene 5


Mikoto: “Hmm, it’s impossible without an idea.”

Kuroko: “You won’t come up with any ideas by putting on a displeased face.
It’s means you’re not thinking.”

Mikoto: “Uh, did it show?”

Kuroko: “Just how long do you think I have known you Onee-sama?”

Mikoto: “It hasn’t been that particularly long.”

Kuroko: “What’s important isn’t the length of time, but the density.”

Mikoto: “Well whatever, it seems we can’t come up with anything. We’ll act first then. Let’s investigate absolutely everything.”

Proceed to Scene 3 below

Scene 3

I think these were likely imitations of Disciplinary Guidance


Kuroko: “Ahem.”

Kuroko: “In the case of this sort of investigation, without searching for any imprudent shortcuts, we must collect information through polite inquiries.”

Kuroko: “The foundation of investigation is one’s own feet. That is all I have to say.”

Uiharu: “It’s as Shirai-san says. The steady accumulation of effort is what’s important.”

Saten: “Ooh, when it’s active duty members of Judgement saying it, it’s quite persuasive.”

Mikoto: “Well then from here let’s thoroughly check out the places that have been threatened by Disciplinary Guidance.”

Uiharu: “Then, let’s pick out places like that.”

Uiharu: “Let’s see, out of the sites nearby……”

Uiharu: “There’s a convenience store, a game center, a coffee lounge, a boutique, a realtor, a secondhand bookstore, a pet shop, an electrician-san.”

Uiharu: “Let’s see, this one’s a sushi restaurant. After that there’s the print shop near the laundromat, the florist”

Kuroko: “Juh, that, all those places have been threatened by Disciplinary Guidance??”

Uiharu: “Indeed. Though that isn’t even a tenth of the whole.”

Kuroko: “Say, Onee-sama? Though I want to ask you if we can change our plan for investigating……”

Mikoto: “The foundation of investigating is one’s feet! Who was the one who said that?”

Kuroko: “AAH! Just now I was entirely foolish!!”

Mikoto: “Besides, it can’t be helped since we have no clues. We just have to steadily ask around.”

Kuroko: “……Yees, ma’am.”

Uiharu: “Let’s see, first is the convenience store.”


Kuroko: “Hah, hah……I’m completely worn out……”

Mikoto: “So far there hasn’t been any plausible information huh.”

Saten: “There isn’t even enough material to determine if the ones issuing the warnings was the genuine Disciplinary Guidance……”

Mikoto: “In the first place, the majority of people were unaware a warning had even been issued……”

Uiharu: “Huh? That’s strange.”

Kuroko: “What’s the matter?”

Uiharu: “Thinking that the list I looked up before may have been updated, I was looking it up again on the net but……”

Uiharu: “The information relating to rumors of disciplinary guidance has increased in the last few hours.”

Saten: “Increased, by how much?”

Uiharu: “They are all cases of minor harassment and such, as though someone was trying to send them a warning of some kind.”

Uiharu: “Approximately speaking, it increased by over 50 cases in 1 hour.”

Mikoto: “Since we started this morning until now, the number of cases we’ve gone around checking on……. About 20?”

Kuroko: “At this rate, we could do this forever and never catch up.”

Mikoto: “How did it come to this……”

Uiharu: “I think these were likely imitations of Disciplinary Guidance.”

Uiharu: “Unrelated individuals, calling themselves Disciplinary Guidance for amusement, have been posting on bulletin boards.”

Saten: “And then people imitated those imitators, resulting in 50 cases in just 1 hour. While that’s just like the net……”

Mikoto: “……With this, there really isn’t any way to distinguish them from the real ones is there?”

Kuroko: “If we’d known that, then there’d have been no reason to go through such trouble in the first place.”

Mikoto: “Like this there’s no end to it. Let’s stop investigating for now and look over the situation for a bit.”

Several days later……


Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, what’s your sense of ‘Disciplinary Guidance’?”

Uiharu: “For those postings by those who call themselves ‘Disciplinary Guidance’, they can be sorted into a single schedule……”

Uiharu: “There are 721 cases which we haven’t investigated.”

Kuroko: “With it having increased to this degree, we have no way of judging which clues are correct.”

Saten: “When including the increased information as well, there’s no other choice but to continue investigating them all little by little is there?”

Like this Mikoto and company continued investigating until the end of vacation but weren’t able to capture Disciplinary Guidance…….”


Scene 4

Let’s be on the lookout so as not to miss even the smallest clue


Mikoto: “Has there been any contact from Saten-san’s friends?”

Saten: “Yes! Everyone was only lightly injured and were only being examined to be on the safe side, so they will be able to leave the hospital immediately.”

Kuroko: “That’s a relief.”

Saten: “However, the motives behind those injuries are quite cruel. Just listen to this.”

Saten: “In Yumi’s case, she sprained her ankle trying to get away, and as she was falling she hit her head on a wall.”

Saten: “It wasn’t even because of Disciplinary Guidance!!”

Uiharu: “Now now, isn’t that something to be thankful for?”

Mikoto: “Just confirming that they’re alright, that alone is the most important thing.”

Saten: “For certain, it’s because Yumi and Iiko are fortunately okay that I relaxed enough to be able to focus on the investigation.”

Kuroko: “Given the agenda of the offline meeting we’re attending today concerning subjects that have been recently causing alarm on the net……”

Kuroko: “not to mention Disciplinary Guidance as well, I think there’s a high likelihood we’ll obtain some kind of information.”

Mikoto: “It’s as Kuroko said.”

Mikoto: “Let’s be on the lookout so as not to miss even the smallest clue.”

Saten: “OH—!”


Pupil: “This is a serious problem!”

Kuroko: “Ha, haa……”

Pupil: “Right now, among girls on the net, the newly produced sweet product ‘Boiled Potato Purine (Intense Sweetness)’ is causing quite a stir!”

Kuroko: “Ha, haa……”

Pupil: “……Could it be you haven’t heard of it? Then try some, try some.”

Kuroko: “W-Well then don’t mind if I do. ……HOU!?”

Kuroko: “The sweetness deals a direct hit to the brain, but then subsequently the sweetness changes as though numbing the tongue, and in the end a heavy sweetness remains……”

Kuroko: “Q-Quite wonderful. In the first place though, aren’t the calories terrible?”

Pupil: “That’s just the thing, this sweetness has zero calories! Truly! How about it? Isn’t it serious?”

Kuroko: “C-Certainly this is a serious issue.”

Kuroko: “Say, that, can I have one more?”


Boy: “In other words, by only replacing these parts, the data transfer rate shoots up by a factor of 3.”

Uiharu: “That’s amazing! But, aren’t these chips something which don’t generally appear on the market?”

Boy: “Amazing isn’t it? It’s information most people haven’t noticed yet!”

Uiharu: “Hmm∼, while I’m interested in this chip’s performance the means by which the information leaked out is suspicious.”

Boy: “EH?”

Uiharu: “This chip, can you show me a bit more? If I can identify the manufacturer……”

Boy: “WAH! Give it back, Onee-chan!! It was incredibly difficult just to obtain that!!”

Uiharu: “I can’t do that. Obtaining something like could be dangerous.”

Uiharu: “Depending on the situation, I may have to contact your homeroom teacher or your parents.”

Boy: “GEH—, this is awkward……I did not show it.”

Mikoto: “Hmm—……”

Saten: “Huh? What’s the matter, Misaka-san? Are you not going to participate in the conversation?”

Mikoto: “While you say conversation, it’s a bit different than how I imagined it……”

Mikoto: “Both Kuroko and Uiharu-san have found certain areas where they fit in.”

Saten: “Ah—, with this sort of offline meeting, it can difficult joining a circle this late in the game—”

Mikoto: “It isn’t about this type thought. It would be fine if the topic was Disciplinary Guidance.”

Saten: “I think it won’t be that bad if you can make connections in a place like this.”

Saten: “Our purpose here today isn’t just to gather information, it’s to form personal connections.”

Mikoto: “Something like that huuh. For things like that, I’m a bit poor at them……”

Saten: “At that table, they’re exchanging information on rare Gekota goods.”

Mikoto: “EH!?”

Saten: “Well, half of it has become a place just to boast about items that you own.”


Mikoto: “On that table, so much Gekota……”

Saten: “There are prominent collectors even on the net. How about forming some personal connections?”

Mikoto: “Ye-Yeah! Ah, no not that, this is an unusual inquiry regarding Disciplinary Guidance!”

Mikoto: “H-Hello∼ so everyone here also really likes Gekota?”

Mikoto: “I-I do as well of course! Gekota is super-cute isn’t he!!”

Saten: “Now then, I should also fully stock up on information!”


Mikoto: “How was it?”

Saten: “Perfectly, I managed to get various joke materials!”

Uiharu: “Me as well, I got some information I was interested in.”

Saten: “How was it Misaka-san? Did you manage to get ahold of information on rare Gekota goods?”

Mikoto: “Of course! Ah not that, I listened to the other conversations carefully as well.”

Uiharu: “Should we form a list of all the information we each collected?”

Saten: “That sounds good. Well then, I’ll go first. Let’s see……”

Mikoto: “Regarding what I heard, I wonder if it’s this kind of place.”

Saten: “We gathered some pretty interesting information didn’t we. It seems like this investigation went well.”

Uiharu: “Or rather, should we really investigate all of this? We did end up with quite the large amount after all……”

Mikoto: “If we prioritize the information, I wonder if we can investigate them one by one.”

Saten: “If it’s been decided, then let’s get started right away. Let’s go investigate right away.”


Mikoto: “……How many items have we investigated?”

Saten: “About 15 items I believe.”

Mikoto: “While investigating those 15, I wonder how many new items have been added.”

Uiharu: “Let me see. Five thousand——.”

Kuroko: “WAH—! Uiharu, please be quiet! I don’t want to hear anymore!!”

Kuroko: “We investigate and investigate, and nothing happens after wards other that new things to investigate popping up!”

Saten: “I guess this is what you call an infinite loop isn’t it—”

Mikoto: “Ha. Though I can understand the feeling”

Mikoto: “If you’re complaining you’re not investigating. Now, let’s go Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “Uuh∼. SInce it’s come to this, I’ll just investigate them all in one go!”

Thus Mikoto and company having gone around investigating the information stockpiled at the offline meeting were unable to finish their investigations during summer vacation.

The true identity of Disciplinary Guidance vanished into the shadows.


Scene 5

That way Misaka-san can show all her power without hesitating, right?


Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, are you able to investigate how Disciplinary Guidance has been taking action on the net?”

Uiharu: “Yes, I’ll do it right away.”

Mikoto: “Kuroko, why don’t you check how long Disciplinary Guidance has actually been active.”

Kuroko: “That seems quite tiresome.”

Saten: “S-Say, what about me……”

Mikoto: “First we need to gather information.”

Mikoto: “Right? Let’s have ourselves a second round of coffee.”

Uiharu: “To start with, while there certainly are activities on the net, there are quite a few here.”

Mikoto: “Uwah, what is this.”

Kuroko: “Quite a considerable lineup of crude language.”

‘Radical Postings’ Topic Acquired

Uiharu: “That’s not all. They are committed to attacking people by name.”

Mikoto: “‘We know you are the source of the Z-Point Crystallization rumor'”

Mikoto: “‘Yamashina of class 1-B at the Fifteen School District’s Kashiizaka Middle School, I hope you have prepared yourself’……huh.”

Mikoto: “There isn’t even any personal identity protection.”

Uiharu: “Even at just this much, if it was reported Antiskill may have taken action.”

Kuroko: “However, if one were to ask whether it actually occurred not it’d still be doubtful.”

Mikoto: “In the end it’s just a group issuing a declaration of war?”

Kuroko: “The named student’s environment have been checked to some degree for any harassment.”

Kuroko: “Things like cramming garbage through their dorm room’s mail slot are common.”

Kuroko: “Quite possibly, Disciplinary Guidance may be involved in those sorts of things.”

‘Harassment’ Topic Acquired

Saten: “Say, about this……”

Saten: “Both the kids who’ve received declarations of war and those who’ve received low level harassment, aren’t they concentrated in the Fifteenth School District?”

Mikoto: “Huh? If it’s as you say……”

Uiharu: “C-Certainly, even the offline meeting was in the Fifteenth School District, wasn’t it?”

Mikoto: “……Could something be happening in that school district?”

Kuroko: “There’s merit in going back out there once more. To the Fifteenth School District that is.”

Saten: “Then let’s get going! Immediately!”


Mikoto: “You okay? Even though it would have been fine if Saten-san remained at the subdivision.”

Saten: “……Because I want to do something helpful.”

Saten: “That group, they may be targeting me after all right?”

Saten: “Therefore, if you’re together with me, there’s a chance we’ll encounter those guys……”

Mikoto: “Saten-san. I don’t admire that kind of thinking.”

Saten: “In that case, please protect me Misaka-san. Like that it’ll all be resolved.”

Mikoto: “Saten-san!”

Saten: “It’s just a joke. If we’re attacked, I’ll escape faster than Shirai-san’s Teleport.”

Saten: “That way Misaka-san can show all her power without hesitating, right?”

Mikoto: “Well then, let’s start the investigation. Although, while it’s helpful that we have evaluated this school district as suspicious, where should we begin? Somehow or another we need some place to start. If any of you have any ideas let’s hear them.”



Kuroko: “In theory we should go to places where there are reports that harassment actually occurred.”

Uiharu: “Indeed. It’s not like we have any other clues besides that……”

Disciplinary Guidance

Mikoto: “Say, if we’re investigating Disciplinary Guidance, then as expected don’t you think we should go to the scene of the most recent incident?”

Kuroko: “The most recent incident, you say?”

Saten: “Ahh……. You mean the karaoke box where Iiko and Yumi were attacked?”

Mikoto: “Precisely. It isn’t all that far away from here so let’s go.”
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Radical Postings

Saten: “Radical postings made by Disciplinary Guidance perhaps……. AH, that’s it!”

Uiharu: “What is it that you thought of?”

Saten: “If it’s something on that topic, I might know something believe it or not.”

Uiharu: “Huh? Then what is it?”

Saten: “It’s my treasured source of information.”

Mikoto: “It’s fine whether there’s one clue or several. Saten-san, will you show us the way?”

Proceed to Scene 8


Mikoto: “As Kuroko said, should we straight up just go around to each of them? If it’s decided then let’s strike while the iron is hot. Let’s go through them in order of how close they are to here.”

Proceed to Scene 7


Uiharu: “Right now, I’ll make a list of the people who’ve been harassed, so please just give me a minute.”

Mikoto: “Places of actual harm, huh……. ……Ah!”

Uiharu: “What’s the matter? Misaka-san.”

Mikoto: “That we don’t have any data to examine, that’s not the case. If it’s a spot where Disciplinary Guidance appeared, there’s one nearby, and it isn’t that far from here either. Let’s go.”
Proceed to Scene 6

Scene 6

I can hear everything


Mikoto: “We’re here. Are they already open I wonder?”

Saten: “Though it would be nice if they were able to capture the image on security camera footage.”

Uiharu: “Indeed. Why don’t we go ask them real quick……”

Whistle sounds


Uiharu: “UWAH!”

Yomikawa: “Hold it hold it, since we’re investigating the incident right now, I’ll have to ask that people who are unrelated not enter at this time.”

Kuroko: “Umm, we’re with Judgement.”

Saten: “The incident that took place here, my friends were caught up in it.”

Saten: “Therefore, is okay if we check around for a bit?”

Yomikawa: “Hmm∼, while I understand your feelings, don’t they say that the specialists produce the best results? Just leave it all to Antiskill.”

Saten: “Uh, umm but”

Yomikawa: “Since it’s still under investigation, as far guidance goes to ensure that unrelated people don’t get too close, wouldn’t that be Judgement’s job?”

Kuroko: “I-I get it. Saten-san, come over here for just a moment.”

CHATTIN’!! NOTE: This option is only available if you haven’t viewed Scene 8. Skip it if you have.

Uiharu: “Shirai-san! Saten-san! Come this way.”

Uiharu: “The karaoke box can’t be entered it seems.”

Kuroko: “At this moment, until they finish their on-site inspection, we won’t be getting in.”

Mikoto: “Hmmm, this hasn’t gone according to expectations. What should we do?”


Urban Legends

Saten: “It means we’ve been forced to change course. Since we’re here, why don’t we choose an urban legend to investigate?”

Mikoto: “An urban legend seems somewhat vague though.”

Saten: “I only just thought of it. Let’s go.”

Proceed to Scene 8


Kuroko: “What should we do now? Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: “Hmmm…. Having come this far, we have no choice but to steadily continue our investigation.

Proceed to Scene 7

Saten: “Uuh, but, but……”

Kuroko: “Going by her face and hands, her spirit isn’t the sort that will change its views just from talking.”

Yomikawa: “What are you saying?”

Kuroko: “Nothing at all, I’m not saying anything! ……Moreover she has sharp ears.”

Yomikawa: “I can hear everything.”

Kuroko: “I was saying there are some capable people in Antiskill. Well then, if you’ll excuse us. Ohohohohohoho.”

Proceed to Scene 10

Scene 7

……Certainly, thanks to you guys


Kuroko: “Today has turned out to be a hot day as well huh.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, can you make a map of locations for gathering information?”

Uiharu: “Sure, please just give me minute.”

Konori: “You guys, what are you up to?”

Kuroko: “GEH, Koh-Ko-Ko-Ko-Ko-Konori-senpai!? W-W-Why are you here?”

Konori: “A few days ago there was an incident near here.”

Konori: “Since manpower was insufficient, an appeal for help was sent out.”

Uiharu: “I-Is that so?”

Konori: “More importantly, what are you guys doing here?”

Konori: “Your promise to help sorting the documents, you didn’t forget did you?”

Kuroko: “U-Umm……there is also a certain reason we are temporarily out here, or something?”

Konori: “I haven’t heard about any such thing. Certainly not……”

Kuroko: “Uiharu, say something please.”

Uiharu: “Eeh!? Why me!?’

Uiharu: “Y-You’re wrong. We weren’t doing anything like investigating the incident that happened at the karaoke box over there∼.”

Kuroko: “Uiharu!”

Mikoto: “Oops∼.”

Konori: “Oh for goodness sake, you guys……”

Saten: “Say, Shirai-san and Uiharu-san weren’t doing anything wrong. My friends were attacked, so therefore……”

Konori: “There’s a major distinction between friendship and the work of Judgement.”

Kuroko: “We’ll arranged the documents diligently right after this……. Right, Uiharu? That’s the case, correct?”

Uiharu: “Ye-Yes. It will be finished by the end of the day.”

Konori: “Truly?”


Boy: “Hey, Onee-chans, you’re with Judgement?”

Kuroko: “T-That’s correct. We truly are Judgement.”

Konori: “Hold it, our conversation isn’t over ye——”

Kuroko: “Hey hey, Konori-senpai. It seems this child has something to discuss.”

Konori: “……Can’t be helped I guess.”

Konori: “What’s the matter? Did something happen? Or are you perhaps lost?”

Uiharu: “Say. Will you tell us your name?”

Futaishi: “……Futaishi Kyousha.”

Futaishi: “Listen here. I encountered the Longicorn.”

Kuroko: “The Longicorn, you say?”

Futaishi: “Here, the hair seems to be cut. I think this is certainly the work of the Longicorn.”

Futaishi: “If I tell someone I encountered the Longicorn, won’t it come and catch me?”

Mikoto: “Say listen, the Longicorn is no more. It’s been gone for a looong time now.”

Futaishi: “Eh? The Longicorn has disappeared?”

Kuroko: “It’s just as Onee-sama says.”

Kuroko:”That the Longicorn might come and catch you, you don’t need to worry about such things anymore.”

Futaishi: “What’s with that. And I was even thinking about getting permission to exterminate the Longicorn.”

Futaishi: “If that’s the case there’s nothing left to do. Seeya.”

Saten: “Something like exterminating the Longicorn, he really is a boy isn’t he?”

Kuroko: “Whether or not that boy’s encounter was genuine, in any case it’s already a certainty that the Longicorn incident won’t be recurring.”

Uiharu: “It doesn’t seem necessary to write up a report. Konori-senpai.”

Konori: “……Certainly, thanks to you guys.”

Kuroko: “Konori, senpai?”

Uiharu: “That reminds me, we were in the middle of getting lectured.”

Konori: “Whatever.”

Konori: “Huh?”

Konori: “Get going. It’s fine if you get to the documents starting tomorrow.”

Kuroko: “Heh? Umm, why is that?”

Konori: “In regard to the Longicorn, that the children can now play without being worried, that’s the achievement of all of you.”

Konori: “In light of this, I’ll overlook it just this once.”

Kuroko: “K-Konori-senpai! Thank you so very much!”

Konori: “However! Since there have been numerous incidents lately, you shouldn’t be meddling in such dangerous things over and over.”

Konori: “You got that?”

Kuroko: “Of course! Absolutely nothing to do with any dangerous situations!”

Konori: “Misaka-san, Saten-san. You two——do me a favor and make sure Shirai-san in particular doesn’t do anything reckless.”

Misaka: “Oh, yes. I understand.”

Konori: “Well then, I’m going back to work. Make sure to get home before it gets dark.”

Uiharu: “OH, much appreciated.”

Saten: “Umm, in other words today……”

Mikoto: “She’s going to overlook it. Thank goodness for that.”

Uiharu: “Though she did also give us a warning about doing dangerous things.”

Mikoto: “Alright, let’s completely rethink this and reopen the investigation.”

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Scene 8

Though I don’t think gossip magazines are packed full of plausible information


Uiharu: “A convenience store? Is there something here?”

Saten: “It’s my treasured source of information.”

Mikoto: “Source of information?”

Saten: “There’s a gossip magazine specializing in urban legends.”

Kuroko: “A gossip magazine, is it?”

Saten: “Indeed, it’s sold in convenience stores. Err I’m sure it was around here……huh?”

Mikoto: “What’s the matter?”

Saten: “Well, at the magazine stand, although there are always a lot of them stacked up here……there aren’t any.”

Mikoto: “Isn’t it just that it’s not in this store?”

Saten: “This is the biggest convenience store in the area though, so even by this time they would have already arrived.”

Uiharu: “Saten-san, what’s the name of this magazine? I’ll check to see if the release date was postponed.”

Saten: “Let me see, the name of the magazine was ‘Gossip Specialization – Zarathustra’.”

Uiharu: “Ah.”

Saten: “What is it?”

Uiharu: “This magazine, it was suspended as of last week’s issue. It seems that sales were unfavorable.”

Saten: “EH—! Suspended!? No way”

‘Suspension of Gossip Magazine’ Topic Acquired

Kuroko: “How unfortunate. Though I don’t think gossip magazines are packed full of plausible information.”

Saten: “Isn’t it that you don’t understand such things?”

Kuroko: “No, I understand.”

Mikoto: “Now now, settle down both of you.”

CHATTIN’!! NOTE: This section is MANDATORY if you have seen either Scene 6 or Scene 7. It’s only voluntary if you reached this scene directly from Scene 5, in which case you may choose to close CHATTIN’!! if you wish to.

Mikoto: “Putting that aside, let’s think about where we go from here.”

Kuroko: “Even if you say that……I can’t just come up with something instantly.”

Uiharu: “After having come this far, I think we have no choice but to investigate the only thing of Disciplinary Guidance to appear, the source of the radical postings.”


Suspension of Gossip Magazine

Saten: “Attacking my friends in order to stamp out urban legends, and then the gossip magazine’s suspension……”

Mikoto: “Eh, what? Saten-san? Shall we go collect information?”

Saten: “Please just wait for a moment! Rather this is progress. This is a conspiracy! There’s no mistake that Disciplinary Guidance is involved in this!”

Mikoto: “Heh……?”

Kuroko: “Hah……?”

Uiharu: “I-Isn’t it just a coincidence? This magazine, it seems it wasn’t selling all that well.”

Saten: “I bought every issue! Moreover that was the first gossip I heard about the Longicorn, and didn’t that turn out to be a crime hidden in the shadows? As someone who has purposefully immersed herself in urban legends, this smells of a conspiracy on the level of Academy City.”

Mikoto: “Err, the discussion has gone beyond being colossal……”

Saten: “We can’t know unless we investigate, right? I cannot allow this! Let’s put all we have into collecting information relating to urban legends!”

Uiharu: “What to do……it seems some strange switch of hers got flipped.”

Mikoto: “This is awkward.”

Saten: “Now then, everyone! Let’s go investigate! Onward!”

Uiharu: “AH, Saten-san! Please wait up!”

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Saten: “No other choice than that, huh?”

Kuroko: “Uiharu, where should we go next to gather information?”

Uiharu: “For the cases of those threatened by Disciplinary Guidance, let’s head for the location that’s closest to here.”

Mikoto: “For the time being let’s get out of here.”

Proceed to Scene 11

Mikoto: “Hey, I just had a thought. Don’t you want to ask about the karaoke box where the incident occurred?”

Uiharu: “I see, now that you mention it we haven’t investigated that yet.”

Kuroko: “At the very least we’ll obtain more substantial information compared to a gossip magazine.”

Saten: “Uhh, you’re saying such malicious things? However, I also agree with Misaka-san’s idea.”

Mikoto: “Then it’s settled. Let’s get going.”

Proceed to Scene 6

Scene 9

By our hands, we will absolutely get it reissued!


Mikoto: “Saten-san! If you could just wait for bit!”

Saten: “Something like Zarathustra being suspended, you think I can believe that? No way, it’s unbelievable!”

Saten: “From the stimulating extent of detail on urban legends to all the joke material packed in that moved me to tears, I would even purchase two, one for reading and one for preservation.”

Mikoto: “Say, Saten-san?”

Saten: “It’s absolutely bizarre! It’s so peculiar, Misaka-san!”

Saten: “Surely that magazine, it was suspended by the curse of the Nekomichi.”

Mikoto: “The curse of the Nekomichi?”

Saten: “Yes, it’s an urban legend concerning the most recent rumors.”

Saten: “There’s a company that produces a cat toy called Nekomichi, and it places curses and such on people who speak with contempt towards cats!”

Saten: “That magazine, last week’s issue was published with the theme of black cats being unlucky!”

Kuroko: “……This is making me dizzy but, Onee-sama, what do you think?”

Mikoto: “Yeah……Saten-san may be amazing, but there is no curse of the Nekomichi.”

Saten: “We won’t know anything without investigating it, Misaka-san!”

Saten: “Come, let’s start investigating the Nekomichi right away!”

Saten: “And then when we’ve broken the curse that’s been placed on the gossip magazine, it’ll be reissued∼∼!!”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, isn’t there anything we can do? This”

Uiharu: “When Saten-san gets like this, there’s nothing that can be done.”

Saten: “By our hands, we will absolutely get it reissued! RIGHT!”

Mikoto: “Is it fine not to chase her?”

Uiharu: “……Isn’t it fine?”

Kuroko: “It’ll be dorm curfew if we don’t hurry back, Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: “Geh, that’s no good. We’re going back.”

Mikoto: “Saten-san……she’ll come back on her own.”

Thus, the investigation of Disciplinary Guidance ended up being terminated indefinitely…….

Uiharu: “Haa∼∼”

Uiharu: “Saten-san, please come back as quickly as possible∼∼”


Scene 10

Shouldn’t we divide the investigation between the four of us?


Kuroko: “Uuh, I’m already worn out. My legs are throbbing.”

Saten: “While we’ve gone around inquiring for a fair amount, as far as information connected to Disciplinary Guidance goes, we haven’t heard anything at all.”

Uiharu: “Looking ahead, there is still much more to investigate.”

Mikoto: “In that case, let’s spread the scope of our investigation. Shouldn’t we divide the investigation between the four of us?”

Kuroko: “Since no other options have been put forward, I support Onee-sama’s opinion.”

Kuroko: “Rather than the group investigating one place, that way is more efficient.”

Uiharu: “Err, I’ll divide each of the areas for gathering information going forward, which I’ll send to everyone’s mobile.”

Saten: “Well then, let’s have a competition to see who can bring back the most plausible information! I’m heading out!”

Uiharu: “Ahh, no fair Saten-san. Please waait!!”

Kuroko: “Just where exactly are they keeping so much energy. I envy them to a certain extent. Right, Onee-sama?”

Kuroko: “Huh? Onee-sama?”

Kuroko: “She couldn’t have left me behind could she!?  Onee-sama, wait for meee!”

Mikoto: “How was it everyone? Did you get ahold of any probable information that’s related to Disciplinary Guidance?”

Saten: “Umm, that’s right—”

Saten: “There’s a rumor of a fishy smell wafting from the window of a certain house, and when I checked it out I was like ‘This stinks!'”

Mikoto: “Uh-huh.”

Saten: “The child of that house, it turned out he was producing dried fish for a summer research project.”

Mikoto: “R-Really……how about Uiharu-san?”

Uiharu: “I went over to the bookstore where someone had made a large graffiti saying, ‘Discipline and Guidance’.”

Mikoto: “Seems like a hometown biker gang. How was it?”

Uiharu: “That graffiti it turns out was written by the shop owner. Ah, it wasn’t technically graffiti, this kind of situation.”

Mikoto: “Ehh?”

Uiharu: “‘Whether or not it’s children, discipline will be bestowed with a clenched fist upon anyone caught shoplifting.

Uiharu: “And then Antiskill will be notified, and they will punctually receive guidance!’ it has this kind of meaning.”

Mikoto: “I-I see. How about Kuroko?”

Kuroko: “I……”

Kuroko: “Since there were several bicycles abandoned in a back alley, I notified Antiskill, and did environmental cleanup.”

Mikoto: “And how is that related to Disciplinary Guidance?”

Kuroko: “But, Onee-sama! Haven’t there been reports of several stolen bicycles?”

Kuroko: “And for some of them, they’d been reported stolen more than half a year ago.”

Kuroko: “This is already an indisputable crime!”

Uiharu: “As far as half a year ago goes, since Disciplinary Guidance hadn’t yet taken any actions, it’s unlikely they’re connected.”

Kuroko: “Even if you say it’s not connected to Disciplinary Guidance I can’t just overlook this.”

Mikoto: “Aah, sure. That’s true. That was much appreciated Kuroko.”

‘Old Cases’ topic acquired

Kuroko: “As you were saying, how did you do, Onee-sama?”

Mikoto: “Ehh, me? Though I also investigated various things, there is a rumor that caught my attention, but I haven’t come across it yet.”

Saten: “What is it?”

Mikoto: “The rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma.”

Kuroko: “By Daruma, you mean the red and round daruma-san? Such a thing, even if you haven’t investigated it yet……”

Mikoto: “No no. It’s about a red-colored security robot.”

Uiharu: “Certainly there’s nothing a daruma doesn’t see. But, why is it man-eating?”

Mikoto: “This security robot, whose affiliation and appearance are unknown, suddenly appears in the middle of the night and attacks people.”

Mikoto: “Even if it’s running wild due to a bug, that says that the development company is secretly running test on a new robot.”

Mikoto: “As for the red body, the rumor is that it’s from basking in the blood of its victims……”

Uiharu: “KYAA!! KYAA!! N-No more, Misaka-san!”

Mikoto: “At any rate a small part of it, that it appears at night and attacks people, don’t you think it resembles Disciplinary Guidance?”

Saten: “Hmm, certainly……”

Mikoto: “I did investigate by myself before coming here, though I haven’t been able to confirm its authenticity as of yet.”

‘Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma’ topic acquired

Saten: “Hmm. If it’s like this it seems that we’d better investigate while scrutinizing the information from the four of us—”

Uiharu: “Indeed.”

Mikoto: “It certainly might be faulty information, but, it is a considerable amount to have gone through.”

Mikoto: “With this we must be one step closer to Disciplinary Guidance. Let’s cooperate and keep at it!”

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Scene 11

These days, there’s been a group of girls carrying bats loitering around in the middle of the night.


Mikoto: “We’ve come to the park, but what kind of posting was there on the net?”

Uiharu: “‘There’s a guy spreading worthless urban legends in the park. Prepare yourself.’ That sort of feeling.”

Mikoto: “Not a very specific posting but I guess we have no other choice……”

Uiharu: “Be that as it may, there’s a considerably large number of people using it.”

Saten: “Making use of both children and girls, both of whom have a fondness for gossip, if it’s here we’ll be able to gather some pertinent information.”

Mikoto: “That’s also true I suppose.”


Kuroko: “Well then, let’s immediately start making inquiries. You over there, I wonder if we could have a minute of your time.”

Saten: “Have you ever heard of the name Disciplinary Guidance?”

Student: “Don’t know of it.”

Kuroko: “……It would appear this one is a failure.”

Mikoto: “Well then, this time why don’t we ask those children over there.”

Saten: “Ahh, please wait just a moment longer. Hey hey, do you know of any other interesting gossip?”

Saten: “If possible I’d like to hear the newest and most recent gossip.”

Student: “Mmm, I see. If it’s the most recent gossip, it’d have to be that then?”

Student: “These days, there’s been a group of girls carrying bats loitering around in the middle of the night.”

Saten: “Hohou, that’s a somewhat dangerous rumor.”

Student: “It isn’t to the degree of being a rumor though. My friends and others say they have seen them.”

Student: “Ah, I also heard a story saying that you’ll get beaten up if you try to hit on them. They call it punishment.”

Uiharu: “It does feel as though it slightly resembles the story of Disciplinary Guidance.”

Mikoto: “Hey, about that rumor you heard, do you remember when it was?”

Student: “Mm. Relatively recent I think. Ah, now that you mention it I received an email with an eyewitness account.”

Student: “Here here. Let’s see, it was about ten days ago.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san. Do you know around when it’s said that Disciplinary Guidance began posting on the net?”

Uiharu: “I’ll check right away. Ah……it was the same approximate time, exactly ten days ago.”

Kuroko: “That metal bat group, you think they might be Disciplinary Guidance?”

Mikoto: “I do think it’s quite suspicious, though I can’t say it with certainty. But”

Kuroko: “But? What is it?”

Mikoto: “At the time that Disciplinary Guidance began taking action, do you it’s possible for them to narrow down the urban legends to those circulating at the same time?”

Kuroko: “In what way?”

Mikoto: “The rumor on the net, didn’t it speak of an organization that would enforce discipline upon people who spread urban legends?”

Mikoto: “Therefore, though they ought to have blindly pursued information on urban legends, in reality it’s possible that wasn’t the case.”

Mikoto: “Perhaps just recently, some information those guys didn’t want to be known began spreading on the net as an urban legend.”

Mikoto: “In order to thwart that, I wonder if that’s why Disciplinary Guidance started to take action.”

Uiharu: “Moreover people took advantage of that for fun, so now we don’t know which urban legend they’re aiming for.”

Uiharu: “Certainly, compared to going after anything that’s an urban legend, I suppose it’s more natural.”

Topic ‘Recent Incidents’ Acquired

Student: “Say, is it fine if I go now?”

Mikoto: “Thank you. Telling us that story was very helpful.”

Mikoto: “Hey, Saten-san. Do you know which urban legends your friends who were injured had been gossiping about on the net?”

Saten: “If it’s knowing them then yes I know, though……”

Saten: “There’s quite a lot of them, so I can’t say which one they were targeting.”

Saten: “To start with, the community site is a site where the latest urban legends are discussed.”

Mikoto: “So it was specifically a place for circulating urban legends huh. Do you remember anything? A discussion from about ten days ago.”

Saten: “That one perhaps, The Mystery of the Kuruha Drink.”

Kuroko: “Kuruha Drink? What’s that?”

Saten: “In a room in a multi-tenant building somewhere, you can get your hands on a beverage called the Kuruha Drink.”

Saten: “It strengthens your ability power when you drink it apparently.”

Mikoto: “Another urban legend like that huh……”

Saten: “This is Academy City after all. There are numerous stories relating to one’s ability.”

Uiharu: “Why did a story about a drink that can level you up when you drink it become a Mystery?”

Saten: “The ingredient used in Kuruha Drink is said to be the blood of espers.”

Saten: “Therefore the oji-san who sells the drink remembers the face of whoever buys it, and after they drink it he comes to collect their blood∼”

Uiharu: “HI!! C-Certainly that is terrifying.”

Topic ‘Kuluha Drink Mystery’ Acquired

Kuroko: “Haa, how completely ridiculous. Are there any more plausible stories?”

Saten: “If we’re talking about ten days ago, the next one I can think of might be the Ekomichi Rampage Incident.”

Mikoto: “Ekomichi, you mean that Ekomichi?”

Saten: “Indeed, the company Ekomichi that produces the electrical stimulus materials used for power development.”

Saten: “The story goes that there’s a flaw in the materials, and when it’s used for power development it causes the esper to go on a rampage.”

Saten: “Wasn’t there an incident where all the glass in the Fifteenth School District’s Third Middle School was smashed simultaneously?”

Saten: “That was due to a rampaging esper.”

Mikoto: (‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’. I’ve heard that somewhere before……)

Topic ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’ Acquired

Kuroko: “……Just from listening to it, I don’t have a very good feeling about this urban legend. I’d say it’s authenticity is questionable.”

Saten: “That’s all I can think of right now.”

Mikoto: “We’ve narrowed down the information enough.”

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Mikoto: “Focusing our attention on the rumors that began spreading at that time, let’s gather a bit more information.”

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Mikoto: “In this manner, let’s go investigate other incidents.”

Proceed to Scene 10

Scene 12

SaSaSaSaSa-Saten-san,what are you doiiiinng!!


Mikoto: “First of all, let’s put together the urban legends we’ve gathered up till now.”

Uiharu: “We gathered a splendid amount.”

Kuroko: “I haven’t arrived at any conclusions. Which information should we investigate?”

Uiharu: “Ah, wait just a minute.”

Mikoto: “What’s the matter, Uiharu-san?”

Uiharu: “Saten-san cannot be found. Even though she was here until just now……”

Kuroko: “Huh, that’s true.”

Uiharu: “Saten-san, where did she go?”

Mikoto: “That’s strange. And she was with us until just now.”

Uiharu: “HA!? Perhaps something happened to Saten-san’s body……surely not, Disciplinary Guidance?”

Kuroko: “Please calm down, Uiharu. I can’t believe they’d lay a hand on her in broad daylight, and in this crowd of people.”

Uiharu: “Then, then just where is Saten-san?”

Kuroko: “It’s possible she may have gone to the bathroom. How about we look for a public toilet nearby.”

Uiharu: “I see, that’s true. I’ll start looking.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, I’ll go with you as well.”

Uiharu: “No, I’ll be fine. I’ll just be right back, Misaka-san, so please just wait here you guys.”


Uiharu: “Haahh, haahh, SATEN-SAN, WHERE ARE YOU?”


Uiharu: “Fuh……Saten-san. Please answer.”

Uiharu: “What to do, if she really isn’t here, then as expected she must have been kidnapped by Disciplinary Guidance……”



Uiharu: “Ehh……KYAH!?”


Saten: “Ooh, today’s are a wee bit sexy. Yeah, ones like this are nice once in awhile.”

Uiharu: “SaSaSaSaSa-Saten-san,what are you doiiiinng!!”

Saten: “Hm? Looking at Uiharu’s buttocks, what about it?”

Uiharu: “That wasn’t what I was asking about so please put my skirt down!”

Saten: “Ehh, though I am honestly slightly reluctant, is it really okay for me to slide your skirt down?”

Uiharu: “MOOOH, please stop teasing me. I’ll seriously get angry you know?”

Saten: “Ahahaha, sorry sorry.”

Saten: “I was thinking about canceling out Uiharu’s stress that been piling and piling up until now from the interviewing and investigating.”

Saten: “For you to get stuck walking around, and in this heat, in some sense it’s because of me.”

Uiharu: “Haa……while I certainly feel somewhat calmer after raising my voice……”

Saten: “Oouh, that’s a relief!”

Uiharu: “Wanting to cancel out my stress and such, it’s fine if you don’t worry about such strange things.”

Uiharu: “After all I, I feel like wanting to cooperate with you of my own free will.”

Saten: “Uiharu……”

Uiharu: “T-Therefore, please be reasonable and keep your hands off my skirt.”

Saten: “Iyah, about that sort of thing. You could say that’s for canceling my stress.”

Uiharu: “……I’ll seriously get angry you know? The other are waiting for us……”

Saten: “Uah, sorry. Since we’ve rested plenty enough, let’s get to seriously investigating.”

Uiharu: “Yes.”


Saten: “Misaka-saan, Shirai-saan.”

Uiharu: “Excuse us, we only just got back.”

Mikoto: “Welcome back.”

Kuroko: “See, she really did go to the bathroom right? There was no need to panic.”

Saten: “Look, since Shirai-san predicted it, even Uiharu should have realized it.”

Uiharu: “How could I have done that, there’s no reason for me to have expected that is there!?”

Kuroko: “Did something happen in the bathroom?”

Uiharu: “N-Noo! Nothing at all, there wasn’t anything!”

Mikoto: “Well then, starting now let’s put together everything that we’ve gathered.”

Proceed to Scene 13 below.

Scene 13

I haven’t arrived at any conclusions. Which information should we investigate?


Mikoto: “First of all, let’s put together the urban legends we’ve gathered up till now.”

Uiharu: “We gathered a splendid amount.”

Kuroko: “I haven’t arrived at any conclusions. Which information should we investigate?”


Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma

Mikoto: “I’m bothered about the Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, surely you aren’t planning an in-depth investigation of such gossip, are you?”

Misaka: “W-What, no good? At any rate I am concerned about such gossip.”

Kuroko: “That may be so Onee-sama……”

Saten: “Now now, Shirai-san, Misaka-san says that she bothered by it, so let’s go check it out.

Uiharu: “While it may entirely unrelated, there may be an unexpected clue.”

Misaka: “Quite so Uiharu-san, you put it quite well!”

Uiharu: “I think we’ll immediately understand that it truly is entirely unrelated.”

Miktoto: “Aah, I see……”

Kuroko: “Aah I get it already. Since it’s come to this, let’s thoroguhly investigate this supposed Man-Eating Daruma!

  • If you have seen Scene 7, proceed to Scene 16
  • Otherwise, proceed to Scene 15

Mystery of the Kuluha Drink

Saten: “Shouldn’t we investigate the Kuluha Drink?”

Mikoto: “If there was any truth in that rumor, are you thinking about actually drinking that Drink?”

Saten: “No way. There isn’t any reason to, right?”

Uiharu: “Supposing you drank it, won’t the oji-san who sells the drink draw your blood? You realize that, right?”

Saten: “Like, I, said, I won’t drink it!”

Uiharu: “I wonder about that.”

Mikoto: “In the one in a thousand chance it’s true, that oji-san would be a more dangerous character than even the Longicorn. Concerning this supposed Kuluha Drink, let’s investigate.”

Continue with the rest of Scene 13 below (underneath the remaining choices)

Ekomichi Rampage Incident

Kuroko: “As expected, isn’t the Ekomichi Rampage Incident suspicious? Compared to the other urban legends I think it’s more concrete and easier to investigate.”

Uiharu: “If we investigate a bit more, I think there’s a high likelihood some definite information will come up.”

Saten: “Alright! Then let’s fully investigate the Ekomichi Rampage Incident!”

Proceed to Scene 18


Mikoto: “There’s too much information, so it’s difficult to narrow it down.”

Saten: “In that case why don’t we investigate them all at once? It’s the strategy called ‘Even a dog runs into a pole when walking’!” {TN: This is a Japanese proverb. It actually has two different meanings. The first is that sometimes bad things just happen (like a dog running into a pole). The other is that you may have unexpectedly good luck (pole can also mean stick, so sometimes a dog happens upon a stick}

Uiharu: “Saten-san, that strategy name is a bit too much.”

Saten: “It’s just a minor thing. Now then, let’s investigate investigate investigate Disciplinary Guidance!!!”

Proceed to Scene 14


Mikoto: “Although, we have already gone around investigating a lot. Say, what do you think?”

Saten: “The Mystery of the Kuluha Drink is unlikely to be related Disciplinary guidance isn’t it?”

Saten: “Each and everyone of them, it feels like something is missing for a decisive blow.”

Mikoto: “That’s so huh.”

Mikoto: “In the first place the authenticity of the urban legend itself is questionable, and furthermore, in terms of being related to Disciplinary Guidance……”

Uiharu: “To be perfectly honest, I think it unlikely that the two are related.”

Mikoto: “I know, right?”


Uiharu: “Since there are urban legends we haven’t investigated yet, what should we do.”

Mikoto: “It’s this time already huh……. At this point we don’t have much time to spare.”


Ekomichi Rampage Incident

Saten: “In that case we only have one shot at this point. How about we gamble it all on the Ekomichi Rampage Incident?”

Mikoto: “Given the time remaining that seems valid. There’s no meaning in investigating half-heartedly. Is that fine with you, Kuroko?”

Kuroko: “You’ll investigate even if I say no won’t you?”

Mikoto: “Great, then with that it’s settled.”

Proceed to Scene 18


Saten: “There’s nothing else but to try everything it seems.”

Mikoto: “Eh, starting now?”

Saten: “While you may think it’s logical to take a guess and investigate deeply, there’s also the method of investigating it all at once. Don’t they say that even an unskilled gunner can hit something? At any rate, if you gather as much information as you can while moving, I think it’s possible you’ll come back from gathering with some inferences.”

Mikoto: “Okay, then let’s go. In any case we can go around listening to urban legends.”

Proceed to Scene 14

Kuroko: “Well, with it far exceeding the bounds of reality, it doesn’t hold true as an urban legend.”

Kuroko: “If I had to say it, it appears all urban legends are the same, just ridiculous stories.”

Mikoto: “While it’s not that I don’t understand what Kuroko is saying”

Kuroko: “This is truly a deadlock, stalemate as they say.”

Saten: “Stale……what’s that?”

Mikoto: “It’s a chess term. It the term for when I don’t have a piece that can move even though it’s my turn.”

Uiharu: “A chess term is it. How cool, like a celebrity.”

Mikoto: “Chess is particularly something relating to celebrities.”

Saten: “For the masses like us, the best piece capturing game is Five in a Row.”

Mikoto: “Let’s put aside whether chess is for celebrities for a moment, and let’s return to the conversation.”

Mikoto: “It’s still too early for us to give up. For starters let’s think of a plan as we head towards the station.”

Kuroko: “It would be nice if I could hit upon some master stroke……”

Proceed to Scene 17

Scene 14

‘You must not answer if you are asked something being Tokiwadai’s Railgun and her gang’


For the sake of verifying every detail of the information they had collected, Misaka and company ran all over the Fifteenth School District.

Uiharu: “Ha……. Investigating all of the rumors at once is quite tiring.”

Kuroko: “Rather, hasn’t the number of urban legends we have to investigate only increased?”

Saten: “If you inquire about urban legends, you’ll also end up hearing about the most recent urban legends.”

Kuroko: “Seriously, it’s concerning that people think up so many ridiculous things like this.”

Uiharu: “If we collect another nine urban legends, we’ll have completed the Academy City Book of Ghost Stories.”

Saten: “Aaah, if we continue making inquiries like this my head is going to explode.”

Uiharu: “Even the urban legend maniac Saten-san is like this. It would appear we’ve hit a complete impasse, Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: “Though I thought that we should fully investigate a single method we would have to settle on what to investigate.”

Kuroko: “How should we proceed from here?”

Mikoto: “Hmm, how indeed……”

Kongou: “My, over there, isn’t that Shirai-san?”

Kuroko: “Oh my, Kongou-san. Good day to you.”

Kuroko: “Though we’ve already fallen into a troublesome state of affairs, we’ve been discovered by an even more troublesome person.”

Kongou: “It’s unexpected to find you in such a place. Are you guys also in the middle of shopping?”

Kuroko: “The matter of what we are doing here, doesn’t that have no relation to you?”

Kongou: “What was that?”

Saten: “Now now, Shirai-san.”

Saten: “Hello Kongou-san. Our current purpose is investigating urban legends.”

Kongou: “Investigating urban legends?”

Kongou: “……Aah, about the girls who were gossiping in front of the station, that was your affair then?”

Uiharu: “Eh, there’s a rumor that started about us?”

Kongou: “Yep. It’s become the topic known as, The Mystery of the Quartet that’s been Inquiring About Urban Legends.”

Kongou: “They say that within that Quartet, people who get watched by the twin-tailed oba-san have turned to stone or something.”

Kuroko: “OBA……!? Just a minute Kongou-san, isn’t that rude no matter how you look at it?”

Kongou: “I wasn’t the one who said it, so I’ll be troubled if you misunderstand.”

Kongou: “Besides, even though I didn’t say anything about it being Shirai-san, could it be that you yourself are conscious of it?”

Kuroko: “Y-Y-You……”

Kongou: “But looking at your face, I think I can understand why such a rumor spread.”

Kuroko: “Whawhawhawha-What was that—!?”

Kongou: “I’m merely stating the facts. Is there something dissatisfactory about that?”

Kuroko: “There’s plenty! No matter how you look at it, I’m as charming as a summer fairy.”

Kuroko: “For you who routinely carries an old fashioned folding fan, surely the title of oba-san is a fitting one.”

Kongou: “My folding fan is old fashioned?”

Kongou: “Y-You have zero sense of aesthetic!”

Uiharu: “Waah, both of you, please calm down—.”

Saten: “Stop quarreling—……”

Saten: “They’re not listening at all huh. Aah it’s already gotten completely out of control.”

Mikoto: “……Gh, Kuroko and Kongou-san, that’s enough——!!”

Kuroko & Kongou: “KYAAAA!?”

Saten: “Wawah, Shirai-san and Kongou-san have heads that were literally struck by lightning!!”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama∼. I’ve gone numb∼.”

Mikoto: “Shut it Kuroko! This is your punishment for having a pointless quarrel while I’m seriously thinking!”

Mikoto: “Both of seiza {TN: kneeling}! And stay quiet while I get my thoughts in order!”

Kuroko: “……Kyuu”

Kongou: “Hauuuu……”

Pedestrian A: “Hey, isn’t that Tokiwadai’s Railgun?”

Pedestrian B: “She instantly defeated two people? As expected Level 5’s are scary.”

Uiharu: “With the current situation, it’ll be difficult to continue the investigation.”

Saten: “Indeed. With the people of the Fifteenth School district being on guard to such a degree, it’ll be impossible to make inquiries……”

Mikoto: “Haaaaa, like this it’s impossible to continue investigating.”

Mikoto: “Let’s put it off until tomorrow.”


Mikoto: “Hey, I would like you to tell me a little something.”

Pedestrian A: “To-Tokiwadai’s Railgun? HIIII, please forgive me!!”

Mikoto: “Ah, he left……what’s with that, geez!”

Kuroko: “Since this morning, everyone we’ve called out to has simply run away without us asking anything.”

Saten: “Misaka-san, Shirai-san! This, it’s this!! A posting on the net!!”

Mikoto: “‘You must not reply if you are asked something by Tokiwadai’s Railgun and her gang. In the end you will be viciously beaten’……”

Mikoto: “Haa? What’s with this!?”

Saten: “It seems it was posted yesterday during the middle of the night. It’s been spreading with considerable influence.”

Kuroko: “It’s perfectly credible that it’s from those who witnessed yesterday’s incident with Kongou-san.”

Mikoto: “Uh……”

Uiharu: “At this rate, no one will listen to us until the excitement has died down.”

Thus it became impossible to continue the investigation of Disciplinary Guidance…….


Scene 15

……It’s fine so long as you truly understand


Konori: “Hey, it’s you guys. This is a rather strange place to meet.”

Kuroko: “Ah, Konori-senpai. How do you do?”

Uiharu: “Hello, Konori-senpai.”

Mikoto: “Hello, I’m sorry for all the trouble Kuroko is always causing.”

Kuroko: “Cheh, Onee-sama!?”

Konori: “It’s fine, I’m used to it. Certainly, with how much Misaka-san associates with her, it must be terrible huh?”

Kuroko: “Even Konori-senpai!?”

Konori: “So then, what are the two of you doing here? Could you have finished the data analysis I asked you for yesterday I wonder?”

Kuroko: “Eh, aah, that’s right.”

Konori: “Those confused expressions……could you perhaps have forgotten?”

Kuroko: “N-Noo, we would never do such a thing, we’ve almost finished it, right Uiharu?”

Uiharu: “R-Right, precisely!”

Konori: “While it’s fine if that’s the case, don’t be neglecting your work to go poking your heads into anything strange.”

Kuroko: “I fully agree. Well then we’re in a hurry so please excuse us.”

Uiharu: “Please excuse us.”

Saten: “We’re also leaving, Misaka-san.”

Mikoto: “Sure. Well then if you’ll excuse us, Konori-senpai.”

Konori: “Please continue taking care of those two. So that they don’t get into anything dangerous.”

Mikoto: “Yes, I understand.”

Mikoto: “Just a minute Kuroko! Please wait! You too, Uiharu-san, don’t run off!”

Konori: “……It’s fine so long as you truly understand.”


Mikoto: “Although, we have already gone around investigating a lot. Say, what do you think?”

Uiharu: “Regarding the Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma, I think we should exclude it as a target of investigation.”

Saten: “Each and everyone of them, it feels like something is missing for a decisive blow.”

Mikoto: “That’s so huh.”

Mikoto: “In the first place the authenticity of the urban legend itself is questionable, and furthermore, in terms of being related to Disciplinary Guidance……”

Uiharu: “To be perfectly honest, I think it unlikely that the two are related.”

Mikoto: “I know, right?”


Uiharu: “Since there are urban legends we haven’t investigated yet, what should we do.”

Mikoto: “It’s this time already huh……. At this point we don’t have much time to spare.”


Ekomichi Rampage Incident

Saten: “In that case we only have one shot at this point. How about we gamble it all on the Ekomichi Rampage Incident?”

Mikoto: “Given the time remaining that seems valid. There’s no meaning in investigating half-heartedly. Is that fine with you, Kuroko?”

Kuroko: “You’ll investigate even if I say no won’t you?”

Mikoto: “Great, then with that it’s settled.”

Proceed to Scene 18


Saten: “There’s nothing else but to try everything it seems.”

Mikoto: “Eh, starting now?”

Saten: “While you may think it’s logical to take a guess and investigate deeply, there’s also the method of investigating it all at once. Don’t they say that even an unskilled gunner can hit something? At any rate, if you gather as much information as you can while moving, I think it’s possible you’ll come back from gathering with some inferences.”

Mikoto: “Okay, then let’s go. In any case we can go around listening to urban legends.”

Proceed to Scene 14

Kuroko: “Well, with it far exceeding the bounds of reality, it doesn’t hold true as an urban legend.”

Kuroko: “If I had to say it, it appears all urban legends are the same, just ridiculous stories.”

Mikoto: “While it’s not that I don’t understand what Kuroko is saying”

Kuroko: “This is truly a deadlock, stalemate as they say.”

Saten: “Stale……what’s that?”

Mikoto: “It’s a chess term. It the term for when I don’t have a piece that can move even though it’s my turn.”

Uiharu: “A chess term is it. How cool, like a celebrity.”

Mikoto: “Chess is particularly something relating to celebrities.”

Saten: “For the masses like us, the best piece capturing game is Five in a Row.”

Mikoto: “Let’s put aside whether chess is for celebrities for a moment, and let’s return to the conversation.”

Mikoto: “It’s still too early for us to give up. For starters let’s think of a plan as we head towards the station.”

Kuroko: “It would be nice if I could hit upon some master stroke……”

Proceed to Scene 17

Scene 16

In other words, it’s something you have to deceive me about in order to do?


Konori: “Oh, it’s you guys. You haven’t gone back yet?”

Kuroko: “Ah, Konori-senpai.”

Konori: “Though you seem quite enthusiastic about making inquiries around here, what exactly is it you’re investigating?”

Kuroko: “Umm, that is……”

Kuroko: “What to do. I can’t think up a suitable excuse.”

Kuroko: “U-Uiharu, what was it that we were investigating I wonder?”

Uiharu: “Eh, you forgot what it was, Shirai-san? Please pull yourself together.”

Kuroko: “Ohohoho, I’ll allow you to explain it to Konori-senpai in my place.”

Uiharu: “I understand. Leave it to me.”

Uiharu: “It’s like this, Konori-senpai. Right now, we are investigating the Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma.”

Konori: “……What was that?”

Uiharu: “Ah, well even though it’s called a Daruma it not truly a Daruma, it’s a rampaging security robot……”

Kuroko: “U-Uiharu!”

Kuroko: “H-How can you speak so openly like some kind of doctorate.”

Kuroko: “When I said that, I wanted you to skillfully deceive……hah!”

Konori: “Hmm……. In other words, it’s something you have to deceive me about in order to do?”

Kuroko: “S-See, Konori-senpai, there are circumstances here that are deeper than the ocean.”

Konori: “There’s no use arguing. Both of you, return to the subdivision. There’s plenty of work to do after all.”

Kuroko: “Uuuh, understood.”

Uiharu: “Y-Yes, I understand.”

Saten: “Misaka-san, though Shirai-san is looking at us”

Mikoto: “Yeah, we should also go together to the 177th Subdivision. We can’t just abandon those two.”

Saten: “No other way then.”


Like this the investigation was ended indefinitely.


Scene 17

Oops∼, so this was actually Camouflage Guidance∼


Mikoto: “In the end we returned to the Seventh School District and didn’t think of anything.”

Kuroko: “Hey. Over there, isn’t that Wannai-san and Awatsuki-san?”

Wannai: “Oh my, it’s Shirai-san and Misaka-sama!”

Awatsuki: “Good day everyone. It was unexpected to meet you guys in this kind of place.”

Mikoto: “Though I don’t think this place qualifies as ‘this kind of place’.”

Uiharu: “H-Hello.”

Saten: “Helloo! Are the two of you out buying things? How nice.”

Wannai: “Eeh. We just went shopping.”

Awatsuki: “What Misaka-sama and all of you?”

Mikoto: “We were dealing with another small matter.”

Wannai: “Waah, is that so.”

Awatsuki: “If it’s some major task, please don’t let us get in your way.”

Saten: “Ah, that’s right! If it’s no problem, should we have these girls answer a few questions?”

Kuroko: “It’s free so long as it’s just listening. To be honest, at this point our thinking has started grasping at straws.”

Uiharu: “Up until now, we have not obtained any reliable information.”

Mikoto: “Say, you two, do you know anything regarding an urban legend called Disciplinary Guidance?”

Wannai: “……Disciplinary Guidance, is it?”

Awatsuki: “Ah, could it be, is that the one from the usual rumor?”

Wannai: “Yeah, it’s sounds somewhat familiar, so it quite possibly could be the case!”

Mikoto: “Eh! You know something about it!?”

Saten: “By all means please tell us!”

Wannai: “Absolutely. I can’t refuse a request from Misaka-sama.”

Awatsuki: “We’ll guide you to the scene of the crime where it’s said that mysterious person was sighted.”

Mikoto: “Though I’d hate to interrupt your shopping, can we please go right now?”

Wannai: “Sure. Now then, let’s head on over.”


Wannai: “Let’s see, I’m sure this was the place.”

Mikoto: “Eh, here?”

Awatsuki: “Yes, this is it.”

Kuroko: “At first glance there doesn’t appear to be anything unusual.”

Uiharu: “Umm, is this truly a place where ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ showed up?”

Wannai: “Eh, Disciplinary Guidance was it?”

Awatsuki: “I’m so very sorry, we don’t know about Disciplinary Guidance.”

Mikoto: “EEH∼! But, just now you said you’d heard of something similar……”

Wannai: “We misunderstood……we thought it was Camouflage Guidance.” {TN: In Japanese, Disciplinary Guidance is pronounced Sesai Shidou. Camouflage Guidance is pronounced Mesai Shidou, hence the confusion.}

Saten: “Oops∼, so this was actually Camouflage Guidance∼”

Mikoto: “Wait wait, Saten-san. Since you alone understand, please say it once more. What is it?”

Saten: “It’s Camouflage Guidance.”

Mikoto: “Though I more or less heard that, what kind of urban legend is that?”

Saten: “It’s something like a considerably terrifying looking figure in camouflage body painting appearing on the road.”

Saten: “And, the urban legend says that the person who sees it can receive guidance in the use of camouflage……”

Kuroko: “Co-Co-Completely ridiculousness!”

Kuroko: “Body painting on the road, isn’t that just an ordinary pervert!”

Mikoto: “That description also closely fits you.”

Kuroko: “I would appreciate it if you didn’t group me together with such half-baked perverts like that!”

Kuroko: “Wanting someone to see compared with not wanting someone to see, the clarity between the two could not be greater.”

Kuroko: “On that point, I have the pure feeling of wanting that, when I embrace her, I want to see Onee-sama’s stark naked form.”

Kuroko: “Otherwise, it could also be that I myself am thoroughly observed by Onee-sama while I am stark naked……”

Mikoto: “Listen you, if you don’t shut up soon I’m calling Antiskill.”

Uiharu: “Nevertheless, Disciplinary Guidance and Camouflage Guidance, they certainly sound similar.”

Wannai: “I-I’m so very sorry! For having everyone accompanying us to this place.”

Awatsuki: “We ought to have confirmed it beforehand. We truly are very sorry.”

Mikoto: “No. We also didn’t properly confirm it, so please don’t worry about it.”

Wannai: “Still, for us to have actually confused it with Camouflage Guidance……”

Kongou: “My my. So you guys were also searching for Camouflage Guidance then?”

Mikoto: “Kongou-san!?”

Kuroko: “Geh, something complicated has appeared.”

Kongou: “Fufufuh, Misaka-san and Shirai-san, my fellow companions of Camouflage Guidance.”

Saten: “No, that’s not it actually……”

Kongou: “It’s not necessary to deceive me. However, if that’s the case then I must make an unfortunate notification.”

Kongou: “The one who shall find Camouflage Guidance, shall be none other than Kongou Mitsuko. Ohohohoho.”

Kuroko: “Kongou-san……you, by finding Camouflage Guidance, plan to be instructed in body painting?”

Kongou: “That’s not the case at all! It’s to punish the shameless one who shows up nude on the roadside!”

Kuroko: “Fuh, that so.”

Kongou: “Well, with eyes as bad as Shirai-san’s, you couldn’t find Camouflage Guidance if you searched your whole life.”

Kuroko: “In other words whichever of us succeeds in finding it before our opponent, it’s that sort of thing?”

Kongou: “Quite so!”

Mikoto: “No, I can’t understand how there’s any purpose to that at all.”

Kongou: “Well then let’s start the contest! Wannai-san, Awatsuki-san, let’s go!”

Wannai: “……We better go shouldn’t we?”

Awatsuki: “……I suppose so.”

Kuroko: “Hey Onee-sama! Let’s also start searching for Camouflage Guidance!”

Mikoto: “Why do I have to do such a thing!?”

Kuroko: “I mustn’t fall behind Kongou-san. I’m heading out for a bit!!”


Mikoto: “She left. What was that……”

Uiharu: “Misaka-san! It’s serious!”

Mikoto: “What is it?”

Uiharu: “Disciplinary Guidance has caused an incident!”

Mikoto: “Eh!? They attacked someone else!?”

Uiharu: “Yes, the victim’s conscious, and it seems there’s clear testimony that they were attacked by Disciplinary Guidance.”

Mikoto: “Kuh……”

Uiharu: “And because of that……Antiskill has officially mobilized to search for Disciplinary Guidance.”

Mikoto: “It’s only natural.”

Uiharu: “Say, while I hesitate to say this, we have been warned by Konori-senpai against getting any further involved.”

Mikoto: “EEH!?”

Uiharu: “And from now on, information relating to Disciplinary Guidance, including investigation documents, are to treated as classified.”

Uiharu: “From this point it seems we won’t be able to use Judgement’s database.”

Mikoto: “Yeah, that sure does hurt huh……”

Mikoto: “It can’t be helped. We’ll have to entrust the investigation of Disciplinary Guidance to Antiskill……”

Misaka and company abandoned their investigation of Disciplinary Guidance…….


Scene 18

When it comes to postings on the net, there ought to be an infinite number of them


???(3): “It appears there’s a group out looking for us.”


???(2): “What do we do?”


???(1): “It’s fine to just ignore them. They’re just arbitrarily gathering information.”

???(1): “If it becomes intolerable, then at that time”

???(2): “It’ll be fine if they receive some guidance, right……”


Mikoto: “Is that so……no, I greatly appreciated it.”

Mikoto: “We were turned down huh. I was hoping to get them to answer some questions.”

Saten: “That store just now, can we be certain it’s been targeted by Disciplinary Guidance?”

Mikoto: “There were postings on this store’s site relating to the Ekomichi Rampage Incident, and subsequently Disciplinary Guidance issued a warning.”

Mikoto: “And then after the warning the store was attacked……isn’t that so? Uiharu-san?”

Uiharu: “That’s correct. A damage report was issued, and the record’s still here.”

Uiharu: “However, the damage report was withdrawn the next day.”

Saten: “They won’t discuss the incident, and they also withdrew the damage report, it feels like they’re afraid of retribution.”

Kuroko: “However, even if there actually were a series of postings, we can’t conclude that it was the actions of Disciplinary Guidance.”

Kuroko: “It’s possible that someone who saw the bulletin board attacked them while posing as Disciplinary Guidance.”

Kuroko: “Even the warning from Disciplinary Guidance could itself have been posted by an imposter.”

Saten: “Hmm, and in that case there would be no connection. We cannot make any conclusions then.”

Mikoto: “Say, can I ask something out of curiosity.”

Mikoto: “These posts relating to the Ekomichi Rampage Incident, what exactly were they about?”

Uiharu: “I’ll bring it up right now. Though the bulletin board’s been closed down, since the cache hasn’t been yet……here it is.”

Mikoto: “Hm? How are these are related to the Ekomichi Rampage Incident?”

Saten: “Ah, this is reading-horizontal-text-vertically.” {TN: A simple coding method}

Mikoto: “Reading-horizontal-text-vertically?”

Uiharu: “You read it vertically using the first character of each line. The content itself is meaningless, and only by reading it vertically does it obtain meaning.”

Saten: “Though it can fall apart and become unrecognizable on a cell phone due to a discrepancy in the number of characters per line, it can be understood by looking at it on a personal computer.”

Kuroko: “Let’s see, it says……Is-n’t-Eko-michi-some-thing-foo-lish.”

Mikoto: “Eko-michi……does that refer to the Ekomichi Rampage Incident?”

Saten: “That’s probably the case. Or rather, I’m confident that’s what’s written.”

Saten: “The original text is far too incomprehensible. You can say that it can only be read vertically.”

Mikoto: “Hmm. Say about this, isn’t it strange?”

Uiharu: “What’s the matter? I don’t think there’s anything wrong.”

Mikoto: “That’s why, doesn’t Disciplinary Guidance threaten people who affirm urban legends.”

Mikoto: “But, this store’s posting, the topic is a repudiation of an urban legend.”

Mikoto: “It’s the opposite of spreading unfounded urban legends or causing damage with rumors.”

Uiharu: “Ah, that certainly is the case. I didn’t realize that.”

Uiharu: “For this posting to be attacked by Disciplinary Guidance, when you put it that way it is quite strange.”

Kuroko: “Whether an affirmation or a repudiation, perhaps it doesn’t matter which it is?”

Uiharu: “No way, that’s just being inconsistent.”

Mikoto: “That’s right.”

Mikoto: “If someone assumed the identity of Disciplinary Guidance, they would want to protect their public image.”

Saten: “Public image?”

Mikoto: “Specifically, ‘Those who cause damage with rumors, we at Disciplinary Guidance will not stand for it!’ or something along those lines.”

Saten: “Certainly, it wouldn’t be completely outside of their character if they were to ignore this.”

Mikoto: “However though, as far as the genuine Disciplinary Guidance is concerned, it doesn’t matter if it’s an affirmation or a repudiation.”

Mikoto: “Then if it’s the topic of the Ekomichi Rampage Incident, they have a reason to have to close it down regardless of the contents.”

Mikoto: “If we think of it that way, doesn’t it make you think that the ones who attacked that store just now perhaps the genuine Disciplinary Guidance?”

Kuroko: “Hmm……that logic is sound.”

Saten: “Does that mean there’s a single idea connecting Disciplinary Guidance and the Ekomichi Rampage Incident?”

Mikoto: “It certainly seems that way. This is a major development.”

Saten: “I get it—”

Mikoto: “It’s probably a good idea to focus everything we have on the Ekomichi Rampage Incident from now on.”

Kuroko: “I agree with that.”

Kuroko: “I don’t think there’s enough time for us to work a little on this and a little on that.”

Uiharu: “No objections.”

Mikoto: “Great. Let’s pursue the Ekomichi Rampage Incident.”

Kuroko: “At any rate, something like this small store’s bulletin board was easily discovered.”

Kuroko: “When it comes to postings on the net, there ought to an infinite number of them.”

Uiharu: “If Disciplinary Guidance is pursuing the Ekomichi Rampage Incident, it isn’t too strange.”

Mikoto: “Indeed. And for that reason, doesn’t it feel suspicious?”

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  • Otherwise, proceed to Scene 20

Scene 19

……I won’t speak to you again


Kuroko: “Onee-sama, while presumptuous Kuroko has a proposal.”

Mikoto: “What is it?”

Kuroko: “In order to be more efficient from here on, how about we divide up the labor once more?”

Uiharu: “But, it’s dangerous for just one person. It would be troublesome should some kind of trouble arise.”

Mikoto: “That’s also true……. Hmm, well then how about we split into two groups.”

Uiharu: “I was waiting for you to say just that! Now then, my Golden Combination with Onee-sama!”

Mikoto: “Let’s go with everyone together just like we have been.”

Saten: “YES!”

Uiharu: “That’s quite safe.”

Mikoto: “Hm? What’s wrong, Saten-san?”

Saten: “I just wanted to gather information in this store for just a bit.”

Saten: “Before we go, I have some business with a somewhat well known master.”

Mikoto: “I see. Then should we all go in?”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama. Since it’s not a very spacious shop, wouldn’t it be a bother if we all intruded?”

Mikoto: “That’s true, since there will also be customers who want to enter.”

Saten: “Well then, I’ll be off.”

Uiharu: “Say, since it’ll be worrying if Saten-san is all by herself, is it okay if I come as well?”

Saten: “Ah? Uiharu wants to come with me? I’m so happy.”

Uiharu: “HYAWA!? S-Saten-san please don’t suddenly embrace me.”

Saten: “Isn’t it fine, isn’t it fine♪ Well then, we’re off—”

Mikoto: “Ah, sure. You two be careful.”

Kuroko: “Be careful. We’ll be just outside.”


Kuroko: (Now then……. While it may only be time spent waiting, it’s a sweet moment with Onee-sama for just the two of us……)

Kuroko: (With the two of us like this, the elopement of love I want to be treated to might be possible.)

Kuroko: “Guhehehe, haahaa……”

Mikoto: “J-Just a minute Kuroko. Though I don’t know what it is you’re thinking, please stop making that face.”

Mikoto: “You may very well be dragged in for police questioning by Antiskill.”

Kuroko: “……HA!”

Kuroko: “N-Nothing to worry about, Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: “Good grief……Before conducting inquiries, I may need to conduct an inquiry of this individual.”

Kuroko: “P-Please forgive me.”

Kuroko: (Aah, to be subject to a relentless retort. Onee-sama is so cool.)

Mikoto: “Hey, snap out of it. In the unlikely event something should happen——”

Mikoto: (There’s someone watching? For the moment I need to search for a place to hide.)

Mikoto: “Kuroko, come here for minute.”


Kuroko: “HYAN!? Doing something like this so suddenly, Onee-sama.”

Mikoto: (……That dangerous gaze from just now? However, there’s no sign we’re being chased.)

Mikoto: (Though I had planned to draw them in and finish this quickly, I’m slightly disappointed.)

Kuroko: (For me to have been brought to this back alley so suddenly……)

Kuroko: “O-Onee, Onee-sama……, surely……”

Mikoto: “You noticed it as well Kuroko? I’m a little anxious.”

Kuroko: “……!? Onee-sama as well?”

Mikoto: “Indeed, someone’s gaze……wha, hold it, why are you getting so close to me!”

Kuroko: “To think that cared about me to this extent, Onee-sama!”

Kuroko: “Pretending to act cold towards me just now, when Onee-sama was actually thinking about the same thing as Kuroko.”

Mikoto: “Sorry? What are you saying! Rather than that, please back off a bit Kuroko.”

Kuroko: “It’s fine even if you don’t say anything. I completely understand Onee-sama’s feelings.”

Mikoto: “KYAH! Where are you touching! Get away from me! Gugugugu……”

Kuroko: “Oh my, of course you’d feel shy. However, I’ve understood everything from Onee-sama’s actions just now.”

Kuroko: “Bringing me to such an unpopulated back alleyway”

Kuroko: “Namely, it means you are prepared to receive Kuroko’s love here.”

Kuroko: “The time has come, entrust both your body and soul to me——”

Mikoto: “Who would entrust that!! Cut it out!!”

Kuroko teleports to dodge lightning

Kuroko: “I won’t be defeated by that!!”

Mikoto: “She avoided it!?”


Kuroko: “Until she dives into Onee-sama’s breasts, Kuroko will outdistance all trials and tribulations.”

Mikoto: “Kyah, why you! Stop this right now!”

Kuroko: “I see it, I can see it! The path of Onee-sama’s lightning attack!”

Mikoto: “It didn’t hit!? AAN MOU!”

Kuroko: “Because of my love for Onee-sama, my concentration has been raised to the limit! The ultimate perfect vision and evasion! If it’s now I can do it!”

Mikoto: “Kuh, at this rate I’ll be hit!”

Kuroko: “Accept my everything! Onee-sama!!”

Mikoto: “……I won’t speak to you again.”

Kuroko: “Ha?”

Mikoto: “Your movements stopped! An opening!”

Kuroko: “Nnyanyanyanyanyanya!! ……Kyuu”


Kuroko: “E-Even though my dream would have come true in just a bit more……”

Mikoto: ‘Fuh, this time was too close.”

Saten: “We’re back—wait, Shirai-san, what’s wrong? W-What happened to you?”

Uiharu: “Could it be, that while Saten-san and I weren’t here you came under attack by Disciplinary Guidance……”

Mikoto: “It’s nothing at all. Kuroko had one of her usual seizures.”

Mikoto: “Now then, ignoring the idiot let’s get going.”

Saten: “Ha, haa……”

Uiharu: “Is this fine?”

Kuroko: “Uuh, Onee-sama, please wait. Kuroko’s love in an all-enduring love, after all……”

Proceed to Scene 20 below

Scene 20

Are you going to assist us then?


Mikoto: “While we have decided to further investigate the Ekomichi Rampage Incident, where should we get started?”

Kuroko: “Preferably, wouldn’t it be alright to check out the Ekomichi Company?”

Uiharu: “Ah, this place……”

Kuroko: “The karaoke box from before where the incident occurred.”

Saten: “…………”

Uiharu: “You’re worried about your friends huh.”

Saten: “……Yeah.”

Mikoto: “Have you gone to the hospital they were taken to?”

Saten: “No. If it turned out that Disciplinary Guidance has been monitoring me……”

Mikoto: “They may learn that they’ve been hospitalized you mean?”

Kuroko: “……Geh.”

Mikoto: “What’s with ‘geh’, Kuroko?”

Kongou: “Oh my, you’re all together.”


Mikoto: “Geh.”

Kongou: “……What?”

Kuroko: “You all are here together as well. Could you be shopping in the Fifteenth School District?”

Kongou: “The fashion sense here doesn’t suit me at all.”

Kuroko: “Then what brings you all the way to a place like this?”

Kongou: “If I said it was the same reason as you, what would you do?”

Kuroko: “The same as for us? The heck is that?”

Kongou: “Disciplinary Guidance.”

Mikoto: “Kongou-san, why do you?”

Kongou: There is nothing I don’t know.”

Wannai: “We heard that the students who were attacked had been transported to the hospital and that their lives are not in danger.”

Saten: “What you said, is that true!?”

Wannai: “Eeh, we properly made sure of it.”

Awatsuki: “According to their testimony……Disciplinary Guidance that attacked them is a quintet of girls.”

Kuroko: “From where did you obtain such information?”

Kongou: “Didn’t I say it? In this Academy City, there is nothing I do not know.”

Kongou: “Even for me, the existence of something like Disciplinary Guidance is intolerable.”

Kongou: “If it was possible for me to personally bring down the hammer on them I had to travel to the Fifteenth School District……”

Kongou: “But as far as seizing those fellows’ tail, I was preempted by you guys.”

Kongou: “In deference to such hardships, I present you will the privilege of beating them up.”

Kuroko: “Ah—……we are grateful for that.”

Kuroko: (As of yet, we haven’t seized their tail though.)

Kongou: “Ufufu, honesty is such a sweet thing. Though it would be better if you always acted like that.”

Kongou: “So as not to be defeated by a boorish gang like Disciplinary Guidance, please endure as much as possible.”

Kuroko: “Are you going to assist us then?”

Kongou: “Don’t say such foolish things. I am saying that the one who shall defeat you shall be me.”

Kuroko: “If you like, should we offer you the opportunity to settle it right now?”

Kongou: “This conversation is over. We’re leaving. The bad atmosphere here is no good for me.”

Kuroko: “So you’re running away!?”

Wannai: “Good day, Misaka-sama.”

Awatsuki: “Good day.”

Kuroko: “KII! What was up with that!? What the heck was up with that!?”

Mikoto: “I don’t think she was amused with this matter about Disciplinary Guidance and wanted to help us in her own way perhaps.”

Kuroko: “I cannot comprehend something like that!”

Mikoto: “Nevertheless, isn’t it a relief just to know that Saten-san’s friends are alright?”

Saten: “Yes, I certainly relieved.”

Mikoto: “It feels like it’s almost over. We have to be careful in how we advance from here.”

Scene 21

That bulletin board, it was part of this Entertainment Cursor!


Mikoto: “Though I think we’ve collected a considerable amount of information, there really isn’t a winning move for which I can say, ‘This is it!'”

Mikoto: “It feels like the information we collected doesn’t perfectly fit. I wonder if there’s some point of commonality……”

Saten: “Even for the people who have only received low level harassment, their residences are scattered throughout the various districts.”

Uiharu: “The Fifteenth School District is at the heart of fashion trends.”

Uiharu: “Therefore rather than people living here there are many people who merely come by to visit.”

Kuroko: “Since the residents here are also being harassed……”

Kuroko: “It seems unlikely that it’s simply a composed of people in a fight of residents VS. outsiders.”

Mikoto: “I say we ought to discuss our plan for a bit. Let’s look for a family restaurant or cafe somewhere.”

Kuroko: “I consent to that.”

Saten: “Oh, I need to retrieve this as well.”

Uiharu: “What is it? Are these leaflets?”

Saten: “Yeah, there’s something that caught my just now.”

Saten: “Ah, I found a fast food restaurant! Let’s rest over there.”

Mikoto: “Sure. Let’s do that.”


Kuroko: “Haaah, I’ve been revived∼ After walking around all day I’m completely worn out.”

Mikoto: “It’s turned into a small diet hasn’t it?”

Uiharu: “Saten-san. What is that leaflet?”

Saten: “It’s an ad poster that was left on the traffic light pole.”

Saten: “When walking around this district, I have been gathering various ones similar to it.”

Uiharu: “‘The Fifteenth School District’s Leisure Listing Site – Entertainment Cursor’……it’s a site advertisement?”

Kuroko: “Huh? There’s also leaflets for Entertainment Cursor over here.”

Saten: “Exactly. Of the leaflets I collected, aaaalll of them were leaflets for that site.”

Kuroko: “Hee, I wonder, is it a fad around here?”

Saten: “It feels like that……right now, I’m going to try and connect to it.”

Mikoto: “Saten-san. Is it alright to suddenly connect to a site of such unknown nature from some leaflet?”

Saten: “Heh? It’s fine. Since my cell phone’s equipped with free security tools.”

Saten: “My defensive power is different from some strange layman you can find anywhere.”

Mikoto: (……Such things can’t be relied upon though.)

Saten: “I’m just going to investigate a bit. Let’s see”

Mikoto: “……I wonder if it’ll be okay.”

Uiharu: “Just in case I’m investigating the site’s composition on my terminal, though it seems unlikely there’s any harmful coding embedded.”

Mikoto: “I see, that’ll be a relief.”

Mikoto: “Saten-san. What kind of site is it?”

Saten: “Wait just a moment.”

Saten: “Basically, there’s things like a game center, a karaoke box, an outdoor pool, a bowling alley……”

Saten: “At any rate it appears to be a map of a places to have fun.”

Kuroko: “……But, by any standard this is unlikely to be something usable.”

Saten: “From the start they were lacking in motivation.”

Saten: “Even so, most people use the site as a place for meaningless chatter.”

Saten: “It’s the so-called double punch. Nevertheless it would help to increase their view counter.”

Mikoto: “Can I also look at it for bit? Let’s see, ‘Ranking of Cute Children Seen in the Shopping District’?”

Uiharu: “Here’s one about the ‘Dubious Ramen King Champion’.”

Kuroko: “For a leisure listing site the bulletin boards are packed with unrelated threads.”

Mikoto: “If there are any urban legend threads, it’s possible there’s some connection to Disciplinary Guidance.”

Uiharu: “If it’s something like that, nowadays there’s one somewhere on many sites. So then, what were investigating this for Saten-san?”

Saten: “……I found it!”

Mikoto: “Eh!? There was a thread on urban legends?”

Saten: “Not that. Look, it’s the site of the store that was attacked by Disciplinary Guidance we just went to!”

Mikoto: “But, that had already closed down. Isn’t it a broken link?”

Saten: “At present it is, but be that as it may the fact that the link was created here is an important fact. In other words……”

Saten: “That bulletin board, it was part of this Entertainment Cursor!”

Saten: “Even though the information on the net is infinite, just how is Disciplinary Guidance collecting their information, isn’t that the question?”

Saten: “Even I was concerned about this the entire time.”

Saten: “Given that the actual damage was concentrated in this district, that means that they weren’t looking at the entire net.”

Kuroko: “So therefore, you collected leaflets for sites that only handle information in this district?”

Saten: “That’s right.”

Saten: “If there was a direct link to the bulletin board of that store that was attacked, I believe Disciplinary Guidance would also have seen it.”

Saten: “It’s possible, it’s possible right? If Disciplinary Guidance is using this Entertainment cursor as their information gathering stronghold,”

Saten: “then it must be that somewhere on this site is a posting by Yumi and Iiko……”

Saten: “Aha! There’s a thread called the Disciplinary Guidance Countermeasure Meeting, which seems to be the actions of Yumi and the others.”

Kuroko: “Once again, such a straightforward thread huh.”

Mikoto: “If Disciplinary Guidance is using Entertainment Cursor, then we can agree they must be watching it closely.”

Uiharu: “What exactly did Saten-san’s friends say in that thread?”

Scene 22

I see. This is an opportunity.

Saten: “Eh? ……What is this?”

Saten: Mi-Misaka-san! Please look at this!”

Saten: “In the same thread as Iiko and the others, there’s a later posting by someone other than them.”

Mikoto: “A new posting? What were they posting about?”

Saten: “That is, it’s a topic that’s about us.”

Mikoto: “What……was that?”

Saten: “In any case look at this. Right here.”

‘It seems that Tokiwadai Elites have been searching around for Disciplinary Guidance.’

‘Why would they be searching for something like that? A summer research project? Tokiwadai’s of quite a low level huh.’

‘However, there are Judgement members among them, so if they’re investigating it must be quite serious.’

Kuroko: “Somehow or another, it seems someone saw us checking around the Fifteenth School District.”

Uiharu: “There are further replies……”

‘The four from Tokiwadai, it appears that they are striving to capture Disciplinary Guidance.’

‘The four just mentioned, I also saw them, but wasn’t that Tokiwadai’s Railgun amongst them?’

‘Seriously, the ally of justice appeared? It’s none of her business. She just does as she pleases.’

Kuroko: “So Onee-sama’s name has even come up. That’s slightly disheartening.”

Saten: “The thread continues further.”

‘It seems Tokiwadai’s Railgun has come to crush Disciplinary Guidance. It’s like the feeling before a festival!’

‘Those four, they were talking about how Disciplinary Guidance is useless and outdated.’

‘That group, by somehow defeating Disciplinary Guidance, plan to take control of the net for themselves.’

‘According to the Tokiwadai group, Disciplinary Guidance is incorrect, and that nothing will change if it’s them. Therefore’

Uiharu: ‘What is this?”

Uiharu: “While it’s possible someone overheard our conversations……nevertheless, this is just them blatantly embellishing it!”

Mikoto: “Wait a minute. Those guys from Disciplinary Guidance are members on this community site.”

Mikoto: “In other words that means……”

Mikoto: “Doesn’t it seem possible that this rumor that ‘We are going to overthrow Disciplinary Guidance’ was seen by Disciplinary Guidance itself?”

Saten: “Rather than possible, it seems they’ve already seen it.”

Mikoto: “Eh?”

Saten: “There’s a post in which they named themselves Disciplinary Guidance. This one here.”

Mikoto: “What? ‘Which of us is righteous shall immediately become clear. We shall give them “Guidance”.’……”

Mikoto: “What is this. Disciplinary Guidance, believing in this unfounded rumor, has changed their behavior?”

Mikoto: “To begin with, Disciplinary Guidance is an organization that gives ‘Guidance’ to those who irresponsibly spread urban legends.”

Mikoto: “Therefore, should the one in the most danger be the rumor-loving Saten-san!”

Saten: “What are you saying, that’s not the case.”

Mikoto: “Not……the case?”

Saten: “The subject brought up the most within the thread, the one they’re probably targeting……”

Saten: “It’s probably Misaka-san!!”

Mikoto: “Eh……?”

Saten: “Though I hate to say it……”

Saten: “A Level 0 like me who attends an ordinary school is likely a dull topic.”

Saten: “Meanwhile a story about the Level 5 of the prestigious Tokiwadai Middle School would look 100 times more enjoyable!”

Saten: “With that as the topic those guys would be satisfied.”

Mikoto: “However, even those guys wouldn’t be satisfied with just gossip, would they?”

Saten: “Indeed, that’s why……”

Mikoto: “I see. This is an opportunity.”

Saten: “Opportunity? What are you talking about, aren’t they targeting you Misaka-san?”

Mikoto: “For the entire day, we’ve been running around the Fifteenth School District, but we haven’t caught Disciplinary Guidance.”

Mikoto: “So wouldn’t it be most satisfying if we can instead have Disciplinary Guidance come to us?”

Uiharu: “M-Misaka-san, you aren’t……?”

Mikoto: “In any case, all that’s left is the place for the confrontation. We can’t afford to miss this chance that’s right in front of us.”

Uiharu: “B-But, what are you going to do?”

Mikoto: “In order to draw in Disciplinary Guidance for certain, anything would be fine.”

Mikoto: “Let’s consider that starting now.”

Judgement Mode


Mikoto: “On Entertainment Cursor, Disciplinary Guidance has posted that they’re targeting us.”

Kuroko: “That posting isn’t something that could be done only by the genuine Disciplinary Guidance.”

Saten: “However, I believe that the genuine Disciplinary Guidance has seen the thread as well.”

Uiharu: “I-I think so as well. How do I say it, since those people have a lot of pride……”

Kuroko: “More clearly, to say it without restrictions, they are overly self-conscious.”

Mikoto: “Indeed——. Therefore let’s discuss a sure fire method to draw in Disciplinary Guidance.”

Saten: “Last time, Disciplinary Guidance attacked my friends. And this time they’re targeting Misaka-san.”

Uiharu: “How does Disciplinary Guidance select their targets?”

Choices (0%)

Community Site


Uiharu: “Saten-san’s friends were discussing the latest urban legends by using a community site. Wouldn’t they be monitoring the threads on specialty sites on which such urban legends are talked about?”


Kuroko: “That seems likely.”


Saten: “It seems Entertainment Cursor is one of those.”


Mikoto: “However even if you just say it’s urban legends, there’s a huge amount of information.”

Uiharu: “From among those, how does Disciplinary Guidance select their information?”

Saten: “Just as you don’t nibble at everything on today’s dinner menu, they must select certain topics.”


Mikoto: “Topics huh……. Well then, let’s choose a topic those guys would bite at and use that for a post on Entertainment Cursor.”


The Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma

Mikoto: “There was the Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma.”


Uiharu: “Umm, ‘it seems the Man-Eating Daruma’s weakpoint is the control board on its back…….’ I just posted something like that.”


Mikoto: “Just one might be too weak. Perhaps if we posted a few of them……”


Proceed to Scene 23

The Kaluha Drink Mystery

Kuroko: “There was a tale, something about the Kaluha Drink Mystery.”


Saten: “‘The other day, we saw a store somewhere that was selling Kuluha Drink……,’ something like that.”


Kuroko: “Though I don’t understand how this will lure them in……”


Proceed to Scene 24

Old Incidents

Kuroko: “If it’s something passed down from the past, and if we can use an incident everyone knows about as a topic, we may catch them.”


Uiharu: “An old and famous urban legend? What kind of things are there?”

Saten: “There are lots! Which kind do you want? Scary types? Mysterious types?”


Saten: “Or perhaps the interesting type?”


Mikoto: “Saten-san, we’ll calmly listen to those stories afterwards. Right now we need to quickly post something.”

Return to 30%

Recent Incidents

Saten: “They’d probably bite at a topic for a recent incident.”


Kuroko: “If we’re speaking of recent incidents……”


Ekomichi Rampage Incident

If it’s a recent topic, as expected, it must be the Ekomichi Rampage Incident.”


Saten: “WAWAWA! Misaka-san, look at this!”

Mikoto: “What’s the matter?”


Mikoto: “Was there some kind of reaction from Disciplinary Guidance?”

Saten: “The instant after I posted it, there was already a reply. Moreover, the name is Disciplinary Guidance!”


Proceed to Scene 25

Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma

Mikoto: “There was the Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma.”


Uiharu: “Umm, ‘it seems the Man-Eating Daruma’s weakpoint is the control board on its back…….’ I just posted something like that.”


Mikoto: “Just one might be too weak. Perhaps if we posted a few of them……”


Proceed to Scene 23

Kuluha Drink Mystery

Kuroko: “There was a tale, something about the Kaluha Drink Mystery.”


Saten: “‘The other day, we saw a store somewhere that was selling Kuluha Drink……,’ something like that.”


Kuroko: “Though I don’t understand how this will lure them in……”


Proceed to Scene 24


Saten: “……What was it? Since it was a recent incident, ummm I don’t remember.”


Mikoto: “We’re wasting thinking time. Let’s try another topic.”

Return to 30%


Mikoto: “Everyone, we’ve all stopped.”

Kuroko: “I can’t easily think of a topic.”

Mikoto: “Though I believe that even an unskilled gunner could probably score several hits.”

Saten: “Let’s quickly post something in order to tempt Disciplinary Guidance.”

Return to 30%

Gossip Magazine Suspension

Saten: “I believe Disciplinary Guidance must read ‘Gossip Specialization – Zarathustra’ to gather information on urban legends!”


Kuroko: “What leads you to that?”


Kuroko: “For every magazine article there would be a time lag between the occurrence itself until it is written and put on the market.”

Uiharu: “Moreover that magazine was suspended.”


Uiharu: “How would Disciplinary Guidance gotten on after that point?”

Saten: “Uh……. I understand what everyone’s saying. Even though Zarathustra was so amusing……”

Mikoto: “One more time, let’s rethink this from the beginning.”

Return to 0%

Radical Postings


Mikoto: “Now that you mention it, in Disciplinary Guidance’s radical postings, they stirred up the bulletin board’s customers.”


Kuroko: “Wait just a minute, Onee-sama. The extreme postings were warnings directed at those who were selected as targets by Disciplinary Guidance.”


Mikoto: “Indeed, I’m getting ahead of myself. I tend to rush if I don’t calm my anger.”

Mikoto: “One more time, let’s rethink this from the beginning.”

Return to 0%

Disciplinary Guidance

Kuroko: Wouldn’t Disciplinary Guidance select targets that are related to Disciplinary Guidance?”


Saten: “Eh? What are you trying to say?”

Kuroko: “Therefore, when others carry out attacks in the name of Disciplinary Guidance, they will seek out the names of those involved and their comrades and target them. Like that, the ones they will target next——”

Uiharu: “Wait. I think I understand enough.”


Uiharu: “However, if that were the case it’s not possible to get them to chase us.”


Mikoto: “For now, we need to think of a method by which we can get them to make a move and furthermore a method which will get Disciplinary Guidance’s attention.”

Kuroko: “I understand.”

Mikoto: “One more time, let’s rethink this from the beginning.”

Return to 0%


Mikoto: “Hmm, nothing huh……”

If we tie together the information we’ve investigated up until now, we’ll reach Disciplinary Guidance without fail!”

Saten: “We cannot give up here!”

Mikoto: “One more time, let’s rethink this from the beginning.”

Return to 0%

Scene 23

If you receive this punishment, it seems you won’t be able to go out……!


Kuroko: “Well then Onee-sama, Uiharu and I will see Saten-san off safely, but……”

Kuroko: “You will be sincerely returning straight to the dormitory, won’t you Onee-sama?”

Mikoto: “I-I get it already. Do think me untrustworthy?”

Kuroko: “You in particular, Onee-sama, since you are known to play loose with curfew and the rules……”

Mikoto: “If it’s as you say, wouldn’t it be fine if I came with you two to see Saten-san off?”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama is a civilian! I cannot allow such behavior.”

Mikoto: “Uh……I get it.”

Uiharu: “I’m somewhat apologetic……”

Mikoto: “Ah, it’s fine. It’s not at all something Uiharu-san has to apologize for. Well then, seeya.”

Saten: “I’ll contact you if there’s any interesting information.”

Mikoto: “Thank you, bye then.”

Mikoto: “……”


Mikoto: “…………”

Mikoto: “……Now, then”

Mikoto: “Why don’t I investigate a little bit more regarding urban legends.”

Mikoto: “Though I just said that, I wonder where would be a good place to get started……”

Mikoto: “For the time being, why don’t I check out that Entertainment Cursor site from just now.”

Mikoto: “If it’s an urban legend bulletin board……I should look in this thread, right?”

Mikoto: “Uwah, so many postings……! Moreover the interface is difficult to use!!”

Mikoto: “Do I really have to check all of them……?”

Mikoto: “Uuh……no choice, let’s go.”

Mikoto: “……HA!? No good, I was in a daze. What time is it now?”

Mikoto: “Uwah……If I don’t hurry back I’ll completely miss curfew.”


Mikoto: “It’ll be terrible if the dorm supervisor finds me. Okay, no one’s around……”

Mikoto: “At this rate I’ll make it inside my room without being found……”


Dorm Supervisor: “Misaka.”


Mikoto: “UWAA!?”

Dorm Supervisor: “You were surprisingly slow to come back.”

Mikoto: “Ah, t-this is, the truth is that……”

Dorm Supervisor: “Hohou, so your saying that there’s some sort of reason are you?”

Mikoto: “Y-Yes! That’s how it truly is!”

Dorm Supervisor: “Is that so, if Misaka has a reason for breaking curfew then I guess it can’t be helped.”

Mikoto: “Quite so. Well then, with that I’ll be……”

Dorm Supervisor: “However, I am also here, and I have a reason for which I must enforce curfew.”

Dorm Supervisor: “What, I didn’t say what you wanted to hear? Well as for your reason for breaking curfew, I also don’t want to hear it.”

Mikoto: “Err, umm∼, I was going to be punished either way then?”

Dorm Supervisor: “Umu, there’s no use in arguing about it. Come.”

Mikoto: “Ah, umm, umm, umm……”

Dorm Supervisor: “In regards to that Misaka, before you say anything, you’re forbidden from going out for a few day. Understood?”

Mikoto: “Auuuuuu……”

Dorm Supervisor: “Although, if you receive this punishment, it seems you won’t be able to go out……!”


Mikoto: “AH∼∼∼∼!!”

Inside Tokiwadai Middle School’s student dorms, the shrieks of Misaka Mikoto were resounding…….


Scene 24

The dorm supervisor said that you were interested in participating but……


Mikoto: “Well then please take care of Saten-san. You will escort her diligently right?”

Kuroko: “In any case we’re returning to the Seventh School District, so therefore it ought to be fine for Onee-sama to come with us.”

Mikoto: “I remembered some shopping I had to do, so could you head back before me?”

Saten: “I’m about to experience being flanked by two beautiful women, it feels somewhat wrong∼”

Mikoto: “Don’t mind it. I’m already tired of looking at you.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama!?”

Uiharu: “Ah, the train’s already arriving. Well then if you’ll excuse us.”

Mikoto: “Sure, see you tomorrow.”

Mikoto: “……Now then.”

Mikoto: “Since there’s still a little time, why don’t I wander around the Fifteenth School District on my own.”

Mikoto: “If it’s just me, getting a little rough should be okay.”

Mikoto: “I head to some places like game centers and fast food restaurants to collect some gossip.”


Mikoto: “……Fuh, no particular clues here either, huh.”

Mikoto: “For something a little more specific, I guess I should narrow the investigation subject.”

Mikoto”……Hm? Someone’s tailing me?”

Mikoto: “Perhaps this is a clue that I’ve lured in.”

Mikoto: “Pretending not to notice, get to an unpopulated area……”


Mikoto: (I wonder if this place is fine……)

???: “Oi, you there from Tokiwadai.”

Mikoto: (They’re here!)

Mikoto: “……”

???: “Didn’t you hear me? You there, did you hear me calling?”


Mikoto: “I heard you properly. Wai, huh? Antiskill!?”

Yomikawa: “Even though it ought to be past your dorm’s curfew, what are you doing wandering around?”

Mikoto: “T-That is umm……”

Mikoto: “R-Right, I forgot something at a store just earlier, and I was delayed going back to recover it……”

Yomikawa: “Fumu. Then why did you come into an unpopulated alleyway like this?”

Mikoto: A-Ahahaha, I kind of thought that this might be a shortcut……”

Yomikawa: “I see, it is reasonable.”

Mikoto: (I did it, I tricked her!)

Yomikawa: “Well then I get in contact with the person at your dormitory.”

Mikoto: “Heh”

Yomikawa: “Aah, hello, is this Tokiwadai’s dormitory?”

Yomikawa: “A student of yours here told me she came to retrieve a forgotten item and was late returning to the dorm.”

Mikoto: “Eh, ah, you see, eh”

Yomikawa: “I see, I see……”

Yomikawa: “So, curfew may not be broken for any reason……yes, well then goodbye.”

Yomikawa: “With this it’s okay. Shall we go discuss this with the dorm supervisor?”

Mikoto: “Eh, eeeeeeh”

Yomikawa: “Just relax.”

Yomikawa: “The dorm supervisor just said, ‘I understand the situation so please tell her to return quickly.'”

Mikoto: (Surely……surely I’m going to be made experience something horrendous……)

Yomikawa: “Hm? What is it?”

Mikoto: “N-Nothing, thank you so much……”

Yomikawa: “No need to thank me.”

Yomikawa: “For one week starting tomorrow, you will be participating in voluntary service.”

Mikoto: “Heh? Voluntary service?”

Yomikawa: “The dorm supervisor said that you were interested in participating but……shall I confirm that?”

Mikoto: “It’s fine it’s fine! It’s fine if you don’t confirm it! Voluntary service, I’m looking forward to it!”

Mikoto: (If I reject it, she’ll surely kill me……!!)

Mikoto: “I, I’m fucked……”

Like this Misaka was recruited for one week voluntary service and the search for Disciplinary Guidance was abandoned…….


Scene 25

At last what looks like a real name has come up


Topic ‘Motive of Disciplinary Guidance’ Acquired

Mikoto: “As expected, there really is some kind of relationship connecting Disciplinary Guidance with the ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’.”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, it seems there’s a continuation to that urban legend.”

Mikoto: “Continuation? Of what sort?”

Kuroko: “Let’s see, I’ll read it out loud.”

Kuroko: “‘The story of Ekomichi’s flaw is actually a blatant lie.'”

Kuroko: “‘It was only a rumor someone spread online, and no rampaging esper was created.'”

Kuroko: “‘However, there were idiots who believed it.'”

Kuroko: “‘Some of the people who used Ekomichi had their reputations damaged by these rumors and were ostracised by those around them, and they became truant.'”

Kuroko: “Onee-sama, there are some other opinions here.”

Kuroko: “‘To say their reputations were damaged is false.'”

Kuroko: “‘Those guys who were isolated by Ekomichi, they became desperate to remove the label.'”

Kuroko: “‘If there were something like rampaging and causing injuries to those around them unpredictably, they would naturally be kept away from the classroom.”

Mikoto: “Though it seems there are various groups posting……”

Mikoto: “However, it seems they just want to be at the heart of subject, and what the truth is inconsequential to them.”

‘That’s not the case. That child is absolutely not a rampaging esper.’

‘The group of people who drove that child away are truly scary.’

‘Didn’t that child not do anything bad?’

‘Unlike you guys, I actually know Ishigaki Miho——’

Saten: “At last what looks like a real name has come up.”

Uiharu: “This Ishigaki Miho person, was she a child who became truant after her reputation was damaged?”

Scene 26

In any case, we must stop that Disciplinary Guidance group’s current rampage

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, don’t let it rile you up too much?”

Mikoto: “For the posts on this bulletin board, we cannot rely upon the information they hold.”

Uiharu: “I see, that’s true.”

Mikoto: “Regardless of what the truth is, it’s fine so long as we know that they respond to the phrase ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’.”

Uiharu: “But the ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident, where do I remember hearing that recently……”

Mikoto: “You too Uiharu-san? I’m the same.”

Uiharu: “Uhh, where could I have heard it……”

Mikoto: I wonder what it could be……”

Mikoto & Uiharu: “The processed files!!”

Mikoto: “The investigation reports that were on Uiharu-san’s personal computer! The ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident was among those!”

Uiharu: “I’ll transfer the file right away!”

Uiharu: “……Huh? That’s strange. The file won’t download.”

Mikoto: “What’s the matter?”

Uiharu: “I can’t connect to the subdivision’s server. It looks like electromagnetic interference.”

Kuroko: “If that’s the case, then leave it to me.”

Kuroko: “I’ll quickly return to the subdivision, drop by, and retrieve the file.”

Mikoto: “I’m relying on you, Kuroko!”

Mikoto: “While Kuroko is returning, let’s lay a trap for Disciplinary Guidance.”

Saten: “A trap?”

Mikoto: “If we can bring in Antiskill while I’m fighting with Disciplinary Guidance, they can’t ignore it.”

Saten: “Fighting with them, that’s too dangerous! What would we do if you got injured!”

Saten: “Besides, if Antiskill were to come running to such a scene, wouldn’t they arrest you Misaka-san?”

Mikoto: “Hm∼, while that is a possibility……”

Mikoto: “But if they investigate accurately and the situation becomes clear, Antiskill will surely understand.”

Mikoto: “Besides if it’s about suffering injuries, it’s that group Disciplinary Guidance you should be worried about not me.”

Saten: “T-That certainly is the case huh……”

Mikoto: “In any case, we must stop that Disciplinary Guidance group’s current rampage.”

Mikoto: “Uiharu-san, is there any convenient place, one that’s a wide empty space that Antiskill can quickly reach?”

Uiharu: “I’ll search for one right now!”

Uiharu: “There’s some vacant lot near the Antiskill station.”

Uiharu: “If Antiskill were informed I think it wouldn’t take them 3 minutes to race over there.”

Saten: “Should I instigate Disciplinary Guidance with posts in order to guide them to go there?”

Mikoto: “Yeah, let’s go with that strategy.”

Saten: “Misaka-san! We don’t know what kind of group the opponents are. Please take adequate precautions.”

Mikoto: “I’m already prepared for a small amount of risk. This is our chance to round up all of Disciplinary Guidance.”

Mikoto: “I’ll call as soon as those guys appear. Well then, let’s go!”

Scene 27

Ishigaki Miho is there, what do you mean?


???(3): “Tokiwadai’s Railgun, huh.”


???(2): “Even though we gave her a warning.”

???(3): “The true identity of Disciplinary Guidance is the Railgun? Are they fools?”


???(1): Judgement has gotten involved huh……this could be slightly troublesome.”

???(3): “Relax.”

???(2): “Don’t you think that disciplining them is necessary?”

???(1): “In any case it seems they won’t be able to get to us.”

???(1): “A new post huh……it’s a post from Ishigaki Miho!”

???(2): “EH!?”

???(3): “‘People like Misaka Mikoto hurt people like me.’ it says.”

???(1): “……Let’s go.”

???(3): “To those foolish people who irresponsibly damage other’s reputations, we must ‘Guide’ them.”

???(2): “Misaka Mikoto must receive appropriate discipline……”



Mikoto: “Hello, Uiharu-san? I’ve arrived at the vacant lot we spoke of. How are things on your end?”

Uiharu: ‘Disciplinary Guidance has started moving to target you, Misaka-san. It appears the vacant lot has also been identified.’

Mikoto: “I guess I should say as expected for Disciplinary Guidance, or perhaps it was only natural considering Saten-san’s post.”

Uiharu: ‘Disciplinary Guidance ought to show up there shortly.’

Uiharu: ‘Please keep this call open. If it ends up as a fight, I’ll contact Antiskill immediately.’

Mikoto: “Okay, as you wish.”


Mikoto: “Fuuh……now then, come at me from whichever direction you wish.”

Mikoto: “……Still not yet, don’t get my hopes up.”

Saten: ‘Misaka-san! Misaka-san! Can you hear me!?’

Mikoto: “Saten-san? What’s the matter? Is it Disciplinary Guidance?”

Saten: ‘There was a sudden posting on the bulletin board saying, “Misaka Mikoto is setting a trap, so you can’t go there!”‘

Saten: ‘Moreover the handle is Ishigaki Miho!’

Mikoto: “Ishigaki Miho you say? The key person in the Ekomichi Rampage Incident made an appearance then……”

Saten: “Misaka-san, right now, are you standing in front of some scrap metal? And earthen pipes piled up to your left……”

Mikoto: “Eh? You know it exactly?”

Saten: ‘It’s terrible! Misaka-san, you’re being monitored! A Misaka Mikoto live thread has been set up!’

Mikoto: “Live!? From where? Shit, they’re not monitoring me from somewhere I could tell at a glance.”

Mikoto: “Saten-san, I’m going to move from here! Don’t take your eyes off that live thread!”

Saten: ‘I-I understand!”


Mikoto: “The opponent might have someone who can attack from a distance……I’ll become a target if I just stand still.”

Mikoto: “Should I lose them in a crowd? Uh-uh, no good. I can’t get unrelated people involved.”


Saten: ‘Don’t go towards the family restaurant! It’s also being monitored!’

Mikoto: “It’s rough not having home field advantage. It’d been simple if I knew where I should go.”


Saten: ‘Towards the station is also no good! Ishigaki Miho is also there!’

Mikoto: “Ishigaki Miho is there, what do you mean?”

Saten: ‘Those who are checking on Misaka-san’s action are all calling themselves Ishigaki Miho!’

Mikoto: “What’s with that. It may be amusing for them, but it’s honestly giving me the chills. It’s the height of bad taste.”

Mikoto: “In any case I need to keep moving……”


Saten: ‘At the next corner, don’t turn towards the park!’

Mikoto: “Understood. However, it’s steadily becoming less populated. I have a bad feeling.”


Saten: ‘Misaka-san? Huh, there’s noise……can you hear me? Misaka-san? Misa……?’

Mikoto: “Electromagnetic interference huh.”

Mikoto: “And it’s a dead end……they’re aiming to corner me then.”

Scene 28

For the sake of Ishigaki Miho, we must fight you!!


Mikoto: “So you guys are Disciplinary Guidance then?”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “……Tokiwadai’s Railgun?”

Mikoto: “That’s right.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Just as Ishigaki Miho said, as expected!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “That child was always looking out for us, always helping us……”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “We need to immediately post our thanks! Thank you!”

Mikoto: (Wh-What’s this? They……. They’re not even looking at me, just tampering with their phones.)

Mikoto: (My cell phone is……no good huh.)

Mikoto: (Their phones use a different frequency band then mine.)

Mikoto: “……I see. Both that live thread and the electromagnetic interference, they were your doing then.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “We just put up that thread, and so we knew of every action that you took.”

Mikoto: “And yet it should be impossible for you to differentiate between which ones were real and which ones were lies.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “We have the power to pick out the truth from the net in which truth and falsehood are jumbled together!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “To be sure, we have finished checking on those who made irresponsible posts……we will give them ‘Guidance’ later.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “However, you are first.”

Mikoto: “Those people who gathered to watch the live thread are surely disappointed right now.”

Mikoto: “To merely use them as you please only to not show them the essential part, isn’t that a little unfair?”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “Since we don’t particularly wish to be admired by the likes of them, showing it to them is unnecessary .”


Mikoto: “……I see, I understand it a bit.”

Mikoto: “Regarding the attack on Saten-san’s friends, it seems there’s no mistake that it’s you guys who did it.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “I have no idea who it is you are talking about.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Those guys spreading unfounded rumors?”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Naturally, we gave them ‘Guidance’.”

Mikoto: “And now you’re also going to give me ‘Guidance’ huh……what would you do if I said I have no memory of such a thing?”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “We’ll kill you?”

Mikoto: “Not so gentle huh.”


Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Enough already. Noriko, let’s do it already!! I can’t stand listening to this bitch speak like this!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “She’s been circulating falsehoods with glee! We’ll be deceived if we listen any more than this!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “She’s the one spreading the rumors on the net like ‘The Man-Eating Daruma’ and ‘Kuluha Drink’!”

Mikoto: “While I did post such things to trick you in order to lure you out, but that was the first and last time I ever did.”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Don’t play dumb!! The ‘information’ was in that thread! There was even that subject and that subject and that subject!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Besides, there’s what Ishigaki Miho said. Bitches like you hurt weak people.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “You hurt Ishigaki Miho!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “However many times you deceive us on the surface, we won’t be fooled.”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “People like you disseminate falsehoods without any feeling of responsibility!!”

Mikoto: “So then you going to give me guidance? The five of you?”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “There is a reason for us to fight!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “For the sake of Ishigaki Miho, we must fight you!!”

Mikoto: “Though that name has come up just before, you mean Ishigaki Miho from the ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’?”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “That’s right.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “The story was that a student whose powers were developed using Ekomichi-made equipment would become a dangerous rampaging esper.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “However, in actuality, that was just misinformation.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “I think you can understand that just from having looked at the appropriate bulletin boards.”

Mikoto: “…………”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “We know the truth about Ishigaki Miho.”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Do you know what specifically Ishigaki Miho had to suffer due to her ruined reputation?”

Mikoto: “That was……”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Becoming truant due to losing her place to belong in the classroom? That she shut herself in her dorm room?”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “No way was that everything!! The student dorm was part of the school.”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “For her who had no place at the school, you expect she would be allowed to stay in the dorm!!?”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “That girl had the place where she woke up in the morning and went to sleep at night snatched away from her!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Without anyone to rely upon she was sent off to become homeless; that’s the misery Ishigaki Miho had to go through!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Do you understand!? Understand yet!? Well!!”‘

Mikoto: “…………”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “We will crush every one of those guys who told that Ekomichi story just for fun!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “We will crush every one of those guys who brought Ishigaki Miho down to such a low level!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “And not just Ekomichi.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “We will crush all those who gather attention for their own pleasure by exchanging rumors with whatever method pleases them!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “We absolutely won’t give up.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “We will identify all people like you who do things like that and, without exception, we will bestow appropriate punishment!!”

Mikoto: “……Why would you consider that method? I can’t understand it, and moreover I’m offended by it.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “What?”

Mikoto: “I have just one thing to ask.”

Mikoto: “Did you attack Saten-san’s friends just because they were posting about rumors?”

Mikoto: “If that’s not the case, then I’ll apologize in spite of the issue of you being my opponents……”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “I said it just before! Such garbage is deserving of death!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “If you don’t die, we’ll give you ‘Guidance’ no matter how many times we have to deal out punishment.”

Mikoto: “I see, if that’s the case……”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “What do you mean by ‘if that’s the case’?”

Mikoto: “If that’s the case, then you’ve got no reason to complain!! If you’re not going to surrender to me, then come at me without listing off such repetitious talk!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “I don’t need you to tell us that……”


Disciplinary Guidance(2): “It’s here!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “It’s here! The ‘Request’ from Ishigaki Miho!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “‘Guidance’ for Misaka Mikoto!”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Appropriate punishment for Misaka Mikoto!”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Death for Misaka Mikoto!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “Kill!! UOOOOOOOO!!!”

Scene 29

The urban legend you used introduced yourselves as——It ends here!

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “Kill……kill……beat her to deeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaath!!

All members charge. A hooded member with a metal bat goes first. A double input is required to dodge the bat and counter by electrifying the bat, incapacitating the wielder.

Mikoto: “Give better thought as to your weapon.”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Fufu, take this!”

Starts throwing molotov cocktails. The first one falls short but Mikoto winces at the sudden flames.

Mikoto: “Heh, so this is how you make up for the difference in level.”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Here’s my favorite!”

Throws another. Another double input and Misaka will counter using magnetism to throw a dumpster. This knocks the bottle from the air before landing inches from the thrower, who promptly falls backwards to avoid it.

Mikoto: “But too bad, that’s not enough to reach me!”

Hooded member approaches with an electric baton. The double input lets Mikoto dodge twice before using an electrically charged swipe to disarm her. The brown haired member (#2) begins attacking using wind powers.

Mikoto: “! This is!?”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “I won’t miss!”

Fires multiple blasts to eliminate blind spots. The double input let Mikoto seemingly disappear.

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “S-She dodged it?!”

Mikoto is shown using magnetism to cling to a metal beam structure. Use two inputs to jump and then attack with a lightning strike while the opponent is still looking around in confusion. Miss the first and she’ll spot her and counterattack. Miss the second input and the member will dodge the attack and the leader will hit Mikoto from behind.

Mikoto: “Fuh. Okay, next!”

The last member looks up.

Mikoto: “What’s the matter. Weren’t you the most angry.”

Mikoto calmly walks towards the stressed leader. The member charges, barehanded.

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “Now, take her!!”

The other members charge in unison.

Mikoto: “No way!?” (They got me!)

Another double input. The two members will try to restrain Mikoto so there leader (Noriko) can finish her. Miss either input and they’ll get here. Hit both and you’ll see Saten with a megaphone.

Saten: “Wait just a minuuuuuuute!!!!”

As the girls look up, Kuroko teleports into their blind spot.

Kuroko: “Touching Onee-sama without my permission”

Teleports the two girls away. Saten comes up alongside her.

Kuroko: “You think I’ll allow that?”

Mikoto: “Kuroko! Saten-san!”

Kuroko: “To begin with it should be me! Even though I desire such mutual contact by any means but am harshly denied almost every time. As if you who only met her today——”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “Shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiiiit!!”

Mikoto pulls out a coin.

Mikoto: “The urban legend you used introduced yourselves as——”

Flips coin.

Mikoto: “It ends here!”

Press the input to use Railgun (don’t worry, it’s a near miss but it’s enough). Miss and she drops the coin and gets punched.


The following video contains the complete sequence. The first attempt has a failure. The successful attempt begins at around 1:19

Scene 30

That is, if Ishigaki Miho truly existed


Mikoto: “Thank you, Kuroko. You too Uiharu-san, Saten-san.”

Mikoto: “But how did you know I was here? Even though my cell phone couldn’t communicate.”

Saten: “Around the time the call with Misaka-san was cut off, it seems the live thread had also lost sight of Misaka-san at that moment.”

Uiharu: “So I searched for suspicious locations which were places that hadn’t yet been blocked off on a map as locations that were being monitored.”

Mikoto: “And that left only here. I get it.”

Saten: “Now then, what should we do with them?”

Mikoto: “We hand them over to Antiskill of course. Before that though……”

Mikoto: “You guys get it know? These foolish this like Disciplinary Guidance, give it up already.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “I’ll kill you! I’ll absolutely kill you!”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “If we were to give up, what would happen to Ishigaki Miho!”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “We must be the ones to protect Ishigaki Miho!”

Mikoto: “You guys were close with Ishigaki Miho weren’t you?”

Mikoto: “That girl Ishigaki Miho was truly an important friend.”

Mikoto: “I would get angry if a friend of that degree of importance was hurt.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “O-Obviously! Ishigaki Miho’s heart and body were shattered by people like you——”

Mikoto: “That’s truly a cruel story.”

Mikoto: “——That is, if Ishigaki Miho truly existed.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “Ridiculous! Ishigaki Miho properly exists!! We’ve exchanged emails with her so many times!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “That’s right!! Still being an elementary school student, Ishigaki Miho needs someone to help her——”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Haa? Isn’t Ishigaki Miho a high school student? I even know the high school she was expelled from.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “What are you saying? Ishigaki Miho has the same birthdate as me.”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “The Ishigaki Miho I know is——”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “…………”

Mikoto: “It’s just as I thought.”

Mikoto: “You guys, even when you should be calling your friend by her given name without honorifics, you still use her full name of Ishigaki Miho.”

Mikoto: “Even for those who made a wrong turn in life, how could you be so distant?”

Mikoto: “Besides, if Ishigaki Miho had been expelled from the dorms, shouldn’t one of you have hidden her in your own room.”

Mikoto: “But, in reality that didn’t happen. Why was that? It’s simple.”

Mikoto: “……It’s because not one of you has ever so much as met Ishigaki Miho, right?”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Y-You’re wrong……”

Mikoto: “From among all the Ishigaki Mihos the net is teeming with,——”

Mikoto: “You all chose simply chose this or that Ishigaki Miho based on which one was convenient for you.”

Mikoto: Deep down, didn’t you truly understood that there was no such person as Ishigaki Miho?”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “You’re wrong, you’re wrong! Be silent!!!”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Ishigaki Miho surely exists. Something must be wrong. That’s why, that’s why……”

Mikoto: “Kuroko. That file I requested, I assume you brought it.”

Kuroko: “Oh I delivered that to Uiharu before coming here.”

Uiharu: “I have briefly looked over the report.”

Mikoto: “Rather than hearing it from me, having it come from Uiharu-san should have more persuasive power……tell us the important parts.”

Uiharu: “This file is Antiskill and Judgement’s official investigation report concerning the ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’.”

Uiharu: “The investigation was into a complaint of actual publicity damage incurred by the company Ekomichi though.”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Something like the damage received by a corporation, isn’t that just to the degree of affecting sales? The wounds Ishigaki Miho received were to her heart, that has no monetary value.”

Uiharu: “Speaking from the conclusion, a student by the name of Ishigaki Miho does not exist in Academy City.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “WHA……!? That’s absurd! That, that can’t be the case!!”

Uiharu: “That name doesn’t appear in Judgement’s database nor in the Bank of that manages student records.”

Uiharu: “Besides Judgement has is distributed throughout every academic institution in every district of Academy City……”

Uiharu: “But the truth is, whether it was the Ekomichi Rampage Incident or Ishigaki Miho, not a single agency noticed a single case.”

Saten: “If it’s your own school, you’d hear about truancy and bullying whether you want to or not.”

Uiharu: “And yet without exception that wasn’t the case.”

Uiharu: “Both the Ekomichi Rampage Incident and Ishigaki Miho were misinformation. That the formal viewpoint of Judgement and Antiskill.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “You’re wrong, you’re wrong. We must email Ishigaki Miho……”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Why, why? Even though I posted the password, why is there no response?”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “Even though it’s the password Ishigaki Miho taught me! Even though I’m the only one she taught the password to!!”

Kuroko: “While you were intoxicated with your optimistic sense of justice, you were depending on this invisible Ishigaki Miho.”

Kuroko: “If that’s the case, how about I serve as Ishigaki Miho from now on?”

Disciplinary Guidance(3): “Uwah, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Mikoto: “Kuroko, that was a rather harsh finishing blow—”

Kuroko: “You think so? I merely expressed my thoughts frankly.”

Mikoto: “Seems Antiskill is rushing over here.”

Mikoto: “Ishigaki Miho didn’t exist. However there are real girls who were attacked by you guys.”

Mikoto: “You will diligently pay for those girls hospital bills.”

Mikoto: “As well as for the time my friends spent trembling as a result.”

Disciplinary Guidance(1): “Ufuh, fufufufu……”

Uiharu: “I guess they didn’t hear you.”

Saten: “…………”

Mikoto: “Let’s leave the rest to Antiskill. Before that though, do you want to give them at least one punch?”

Disciplinary Guidance(2): “HII!?”

Saten: “N-No way! Certainly I can’t forgive them for what they did. I can’t forgive them, but still”

Saten: “For me, this all started with wanting to remove the danger to Yumi and Iiko.”

Saten: “Though there’s no Ishigaki Miho, I feel I might be the same as that girl……”

Mikoto: “……I see.”

Scene 31

As expected, then I have no choice but to find ‘that guy’ with my hand

There was a shadow viewing the exchange between Misaka and Disciplinary Guidance from a distance.


???: “……Tch.”

???: “Since they said they would accurately pursue the source of any rumor……”

???: “I even diligently played the role of Ishigaki Miho, but this was all they were truly capable of.”

???: “With this, they absolutely cannot be of any use.”

???: “As expected, then I have no choice but to find ‘that guy’ with my hand.”

???: “I’ve obtained the necessary information from ‘hair’, so the next step is”

As she muttered she easily turned her back on Disciplinary Guidance, and as she turned towards the darkness……she vanished.



PERSON: Disciplinary Guidance: BEFORE UPDATE: A group that attacked acquaintances of Saten. AFTER UPDATE: A group said to come and deal out punishment to those who post rumors of urban legends on the net. While the appearances and number of members are unknown, threatening posters calling themselves ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ have recently increased.

PERSON: Saten’s Friends: BEFORE UPDATE: Friends who have interests in common with Saten. They have arranged to have an offline meeting. AFTER UPDATE: Friends who have interests in common with Saten. They were suddenly attacked at the location of their offline meeting by those calling themselves ‘Disciplinary Guidance’.

OBJECT: Processed Files: For things being investigated by Judgment, frequent reports are processed. This is managed on the database.

SUBJECT: Urban Legend: In present times, it’s a general term for present day rumors that are spread by word of mouth of on the net. Even in Academy City various urban legends are born and later fade away.

SUBJECT: Community Site: On the net, it’s a general name for a place where comrades with common interests in preferences can gather, and thereby network and exchange information with each other.

SUBJECT: Radical Postings: Postings under the name ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ that make abundant use of extreme language, with some of them having gone to the extreme of issuing punishment notifications to people by name. However, there are various forgeries. The people who are named are concentrated in the Fifteenth School District.

SUBJECT: Harassment: Among those students whose names were posted by ‘Disciplinary Guidance’, there seem to also be cases in which they received malignant harassment. However, it isn’t known if ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ had anything to do with that. Such harm has been concentrated to the Fifteenth School District.

SUBJECT: Suspension of Gossip Magazine: ‘Gossip Specialization – Zarathustra’ that was sold in convenience stores has been suspended. It was a sudden suspension of a magazine that was strongly supported by passionate fans. Don’t you sense the shadow of a massive conspiracy?

SUBJECT: Old Incidents: Cases from times long past with no evidence of connection to ‘Disciplinary Guidance’. It’s a certainty that they have only started taking action just recently.

SUBJECT: Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma: An urban legend of a security robot, being of unknown affiliation or form, that’s been painted red, and which roams around night after night attacking people. There are various speculation flying around about it, such as it accidentally running wild due to a programming bug, that it’s being tested in personal combat by the development manufacturer, and that its red color isn’t paint but the blood that spurted from its victims.

SUBJECT: Recent Incident: There appears to be a rumor about a group of girls wielding metal bats roaming around town in the middle of the night. If someone tries to hit on them in some way they’ll turn on them and attack.

SUBJECT: Kuluha Drink Mystery: An urban legend of a medicinal drink that strengthens your powers when you drink it. For the blood of espers that serve as the ingredients, the oji-san who sells the drink will come back after they finish drinking and collect their blood as he see fit.

SUBJECT: Ekomichi Rampage Incident: An urban legend about Ekomichi Manufacturing Company’s electrical stimula material used in power development, which says that if you use the materials a flaw in them gives rise to rampaging espers.

SPECIAL: Motive of Disciplinary Guidance: ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ overreacted to a post concering the ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’.

Event Log

Those guys might still be watching. Saten, you be careful as well.

In order to participate in an offline meeting, Saten had gone to the 15th School District. However the offline meeting members, having rendezvoused at the karaoke box, were injured when someone attacked them.

Disciplinary Guidance isn’t some kind of urban legend.

With the term ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ as a clue left by Saten’s friend Yumi, they began investigating.

I think these were likely imitations of Disciplinary Guidance.

The number of posts imitating those of ‘Disciplinary Guidance swelled. Unable to judge which of them were true clues, the end of summer vacation arrived. (END)

Let’s be on the lookout so as not to miss even the smallest clue.

They participated in a different offline meeting, but the amount of information they obtained there was immense, so much that they couldn’t finish investigating it all during summer vacation. (END)

That way Misaka-san can show all her power without hesitating, right?

They confirmed that the actions of ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ were concentrated in the Fifteenth School District. The four made their way to the Fifteenth School District, and once there shared ideas on how to begin investigating.

I can hear everything

Seeking clues, Misaka and company went to the Karaoke Box that was the scene of the attack, but they were hindered by Antiskill.

……Certainly, thanks to you guys

Konori was there. She was planning to rebuke them but decided to overlook it in acknowledgment of the distinguished service they did in settling the ‘Longicorn Incident’ the other day.

Though I don’t think gossip magazines are packed full of plausible information

They went to a convenience store in order to acquire information on new urban legends. However the gossip magazine they were aiming to get had been suspended.

By our hands, we will absolutely get it reissued!

Saten claimed that the suspension was due to a curse. With a backwards glance towards her rampaging by herself, Misaka and the others abandoned the investigation since the dorm’s curfew was approaching.

Shouldn’t we divide the investigation between the four of us?

In order to expand the scope of their investigation, they divided the work between the four of them. However what they gathered turned out the be nothing but noise.

These days, there’s been a group of girls carrying bats loitering around in the middle of the night

In order to gather information on fashionable rumors & urban legends, they interviews people in the park.

SaSaSaSaSa-Saten-san,what are you doiiiinng!!

Before anyone realized, Saten was gone. Uiharu was shaken up, but her skirt was flipped by Saten who had suddenly appeared.

I haven’t arrived at any conclusions. Which information should we investigate?

From the urban legends they had managed to collect up until now they narrowed down which were connected to ‘Disciplinary Guidance’.

‘You must not answer you are asked something being Tokiwadai’s Railgun and her gang’

According to Kongou, she heard a urban legend about a mysterious quartet that was being talked about.With the story becoming so embellished, the investigation ended in failure. (END)

……It’s fine so long as you truly understand

While investigating ‘The Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma’, they came across Konori by chance.

In other words, it’s something you have to deceive me about in order to do?

While investigating ‘The Rumor of the Man-Eating Daruma’, they came across Konori again. Unable to talk their way out this time, the investigation was halted. (END)

Oops∼, so this was actually Camouflage Guidance∼

Upon Returning the the Seventh School District, they unexpectedly gained some information from Wannai and Awatsuki. The information the pair told them turned out to be a place where ‘Camouflage Guidance’ would appear. (END)

When it comes to postings on the net, there ought to an infinite number of them

What is the relationship between ‘The Ekomichi Rampage Incident’ and ‘Disciplinary Guidance’?

……I won’t speak to you again

Sensing a disquieting gaze, Misaka hid in a back alley. Spontaneously delusional, Shirai attacked Misaka, but due to a single phrase from Misaka and a lightning attack she managed to safely survive.

Are you going to assist us then?

They ran across Kongou. She had also been collecting information on ‘Disciplinary Guidance.

That bulletin board, it was part of this Entertainment Cursor!

From leaflets, the unexpectedly discovered a website that Disciplinary Guidance appeared to have been using.

I see. This is an opportunity.

In order to lure ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ out, Misaka and company thought of using the website.

If you receive this punishment, it seems you won’t be able to go out……!

Misaka had continued to investigate on her own, but she missed curfew. Returning to the dorm, she had only a punishment course she couldn’t argue with waiting for her. (END)

The dorm supervisor said that you were interested in participating but……

While continuing to investigate on her own, Misaka was called to a halt by Antiskill. She used clever subterfuge, but the resourceful dorm supervisor forcibly recruited her for voluntary service.

At last what looks like a real name has come up

Misaka and the others investigated regarding the ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’. They then learned of a victim of damaged reputation from the incident, ‘Ishigaki Miho’.

In any case, we must stop that Disciplinary Guidance group’s current rampage

Misaka proposed to draw ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ in with a posting. She herself went to act as a decoy in a vacant lot.

Ishigaki Miho is there, what do you mean?

A thread was started to monitor Misaka’s actions. Escaping from the eyes of the guardians calling themselves ‘Ishigaki Miho’, Misaka continuously stayed on the move, but was trapped in the end.

For the sake of Ishigaki Miho, I must fight you!!

Disciplinary Guidance appears before Misaka. In order to justify their actions, a request mail is received by the phones from ‘Ishigaki Miho.

The urban legend you used introduced yourselves as——It ends here!

The Disciplinary Guidance members successively swoop down on Misaka. With Saten’s cleverness and Shirai’s assistance, Disciplinary Guidance was repulsed.

That is if Ishigaki Miho truly existed

‘Ishigaki Miho’, the victim of the ‘Ekomichi Rampage Incident’, didn’t exist. The members of ‘Disciplinary Guidance’ were dumbfounded at the truth that was thrust before them.

As expected, then I have no choice but to find ‘that guy’ with my hand

‘Disciplinary Guidance was made helpless by Misaka. There was a shadow gazing at them, which once again vanished into the darkness.

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