SLASHDØG Volume 1 Afterword

Whether it’s ‘nice to meet you’, ‘long time no see’, or else ‘extremely long time no see’ since I have to greet a variety of people, I am the author Ishibumi Ichiei. For those of you who have picked this up, thank you very much.

Regarding this work, it possesses the same worldview as ‘High School DxD’ series published by Fantasia Bunko, and depicts a story from four years before. Consequently it is titled based on this shared world as ‘High School DxD Universe’.

This work itself is a consolidation of a web novel serialized on Fantasia Beyond and Kakuyomi, which has been corrected and amended. For those of you who waited for the paperback publication and those who are now holding this book for the first time, it is towards all of you that I say ‘long time no see’ and ‘nice to meet you’.

Now then, as for the one remaining aspect, this work is inspired by the work ‘SLASH\DOG’ from 11 years ago, which likewise was sold by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. The present version is a reboot that has been linked into the world of High School DxD. To those of you who were fans from before, I say to all of you ‘extremely long time no see’.

Having now given my position, I will now discuss the contents of this work.

Regarding this work, it’s a modern day dark fantasy built primarily on modern day supernatural battles……like this you should have an idea. Be that as it may, since writing too eerily would make it only dark, instead of talking about the theme, I’ll bring up some of this work’s distinctive points.

1. I want to make the protagonist Ikuse Tobio attractive.

He’s calm when displaying his cooking skills, Tobio-kun aka Toby is decisive when it comes time to make a decision. As is, you can think of him as the dark hero type that says cool decisive lines.

Although he’ll wield weapons himself starting from the next volume, he rushes into to supernatural fights together with Jin. Even the form of powerup that was revealed shall be made clear from volume 2 onwards.

2. The heroines are cute, and occasionally erotic.

For the heroines, Natsume, Lavinia, and Sae have been introduced. I wanted to make them cute while also mixing in some sex appeal. Naturally, the heroines will also steadily increase going forward.

Lavinia is an onee-san type towards Vali aka Va-kun. The two of them are like an older sister and younger brother who argue back and forth and also share happy moments together.

Incidentally their breast sizes have been discussed and decided upon by the relevant people. Likewise, for those fans who are coming here from ‘High School DxD’, there will be women appearing with chests that are larger than the norm. With that said, please look forward to that as well from here on.

3. For High School DxD fan service, I want to introduce to the readers who have been brought in by this work.

Keeping in mind that this is titles ‘High School DxD Universe’, it must be enjoyable for DxD fans as it links up with their worldview, but naturally I am writing this work so that it can be enjoyed on its own. Moreover, for those who are interested in the world of ‘DxD’, if they were to also pick up ‘High School DxD’, I feel it would be more than this author deserves.

Of course, there’ll be those who say  ‘This work is my favorite!’, and for an author that is more than enough honor.

4. My strange obsession.

In truth, to the best of my ability I’ve avoided using the word ‘Oppai’ in this book, and when it comes to touching a woman’s chest I use the word ‘chibusa’ or ‘mune’ and such. If I had to say why, the word ‘oppai’ was written countless times in ‘High School DxD’, and since ‘oppai’ isn’t an essential part of the setting this time, I have purposefully (at least for the moment) left ‘oppai’ only in ‘DxD’.

In all likelihood, for this first volume, I think that the word ‘oppai’ doesn’t appear at all outside of the afterword, but just in case that’s not true please try looking for it.

Still, since I’ve broken my non-use of it, it’s possible I might easily use it in the next volume. From volume 2 onwards, if you see the word ‘oppai’ please welcome it kindly while saying, “Aah, it’s the usual Ishibumi.”


Now for thanks.

For all of the assistance, Kikurage-sama, Miyama Zero-sama for the original character designs, and the editor-in-chief T-sama. Everyone one of you has been a tremendous help, and thanks to you I was finally able to bring this book forward. I truly can’t thank you enough. From now on, please continue to be such a great help.


Now then, in regards to the length of this series, I think it’ll be 5-6 volumes.

If possible I’d like to say that “If it’s a big hit then 10 volumes!” but to start with I intend for the story to reveal the truth behind a series of incidents. Rather, if it ends up ending earlier than planned due to lack of sales, I ask that you please excuse me. That being the case, anything you can do to help, I kindly ask that you please do so.

“SLASH/DOG” has been rebooted, but from now on, if there’s enough popularity, there are plans for various succeeding “High School DxD Universe” novels.

With that said, next time, it’s “The Fallen Dog God—SLASHDØG—” volume number 2, which is planned to go on sale around next spring.

Tobio and the others will be moving into the ‘Nephilim’ institution attended by Sacred Gear owners under the management of the Grigori. I think that this volume 2 will go on sale concurrently with High School DxD 25.

Next time it’s Lavinia’s turn! They’ll be additional sexy scenes once again! Then, please continue to follow “The Fallen Dog God—SLASHDØG—”!