-SLASHDØG- Volume 2

The Fallen Dog God -SLASHDØG- Volume 2


Color Illustrations


Chapter 1: Restart/New Life

Chapter 2: Practice/ Sacred Treasures

Chapter 3: Outing/Contact

Chapter 4: Seiryuu/Suzaku

Chapter 5: Four Fiends/Third Person, Fourth Animal


Chapter 6: Eternal Ice PrincessAbsolute Demise/Crucifixion by the Purple Flame High PriestIncinerate Anthem

Chapter 7: The Rebellious Blade Dog God of the Night Sky’s Glow -Night Celestial Slash Dogs-

Convictor/Sword Enthusiast Teacher and Student

Final Chapter: Companions/Strength in Unity

White DragonVanishing Dragon/Beyond the Prohibited MoveBalance Breaker

Origin of Calamity/To Infinity