Convictor/Sword Enthusiast Teacher and Student

As Tobio and company were battling the ‘Utsusemi Agency’ remnants as well as the magicians of Oz, there were two people watching from the peak of a mountain a short distance away.

They were agents from the Vatican——David Cerro and his pupil Freed Sellzen.

Without participating in the recent fight, they, having decided to watch patiently——to wait and see, had personally used a telescope to observed the battle between the mutually antagonistic organizations.

The Ice Princess——Lavinia Reini, who had rampaged, had seemingly been stopped by the abilities of the Longinus, the power of the Hakuryuukou together with the Dog God.

As he looked away from the telescope, David muttered.

“……’Eternal Ice Princess Absolute Demise‘, ‘Crucifixion Stand by High Priest of Purple Flames Incinerate Anthem‘, ‘White Dragon Emperor’s Light Wings Divine Dividing‘, ‘Dog God of the Black Blade Canis Lycaon‘……ice and flames, white and black, so those four Longinus gathered at a single spot huh. Is it the god of miracles, or possibly the god of mischief. ——I have comprehended the situation. We will retire now, Freed.”

David said this to the pupil who was taking notes behind him.

Surrounding his pupil, a the atrocious figures of several corpses were laying.

They were ‘Utsusemi Agency’ remnants and magicians of Oz who had attacked David and Freed.

Having been on the lookout for church officials showing up at this place, they had rushed them, but they were on the contrary beaten at their own game and met with a gruesome end.

David spoke to Freed who was unsheathing a sword of light from the corpse of a female magician.

“Even if we get rid of this many underling heretics and witches, it shouldn’t be a problem for the present investigation.”

Displaying an insane smile, Freed responded.

“Hey hey, boss. I mean, that earlier aura were from Longinus right……. Weeell, if that’s the honest truth, they probably won’t get killed all that easily.”

David spoke.

“Those were things created by our God……but due to the humans they dwell within being random, if they lack piety, it will lead to these sorts of consequences. As expected, the Longinus ought to be similarly controlled by us believers.”

While smiling pleasantly, Freed asked his master.

“What should we do about it in the event they cannot control them? Also, will we chomp them, huh?”

As he said this, he put his hands on his head.

David looked to the heavens as he clasped the cross on his chest.

“Naturally. There’s nothing but to convict them.

——The meeting between them and Ikuse Tobio and company was nearing.

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