Origin of Calamity/To Infinity

Having finished their recent experiment Satanael and the Wizards of Oz organization returned to the research institution that served as their base.

The location of the institution was a large space prepared in advance which had been established in the underground beneath one of Japan’s urban areas.

The place hadn’t even been reported to the people from the ‘Utsusemi Agency’. Those able to come and go at present were only personnel authorized by Satanael as well as the Wizards of Oz.

From the outset, the people of the Agency had been intended as sacrificial pawns.

With the data from the time they’d been manipulating the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, together with Augusta’s cooperation, they’d achieved the outcome they had been aiming for without a hitch.

Having returned to his own personal laboratory within the institution, Satanael opened the cap on a bottle of cognac that had been placed on a board, from which he poured some into a glass.

At the moment he swallowed a mouthful, several witches entered the lab.

They were witches from the Oz side’s leadership.

“So you’ve returned, Satanael.”

Having received a greeting from one of the witches, Satanael spoke.

“I assume you are aware of the matter concerning Augusta.”

Even knowing that the ‘Witch of the East’, who was a member of the leadership, had perished, the witches were not overly concerned.

“There is still the ‘Witch of the East’ candidate. It is quite delightful that it was possible to recover the purple flames.”

The Longinus of flames, which had been lodged within Augusta’s body, had been recovered by her disciple Walburga, and had been safely brought back to this institution.

Walburga herself, having entered the room together with the leadership, had been peerly at the experimental equipment in the room with intense curiosity.

In terms of the death of Augusta her master, her state was one of complete lack of concern.

Satanael spoke.

“Were you able to get in contact with that side?”

“Indeed. It seems that the ‘Emerald City’ has been roused considerably. After all, it’s possible we’ll be able to achieve our goal of once again utilizing the ‘Three Demonic Beasts.”

The ‘Three Demonic Beasts’ of Oz——they were the Lion That Lost its CourageCowardly Leo, the Steel Man Seeking a SoulDead Lumberjack, and the Scarecrow Without a BrainRampage Scarecrow.

To once again utilize them had been made the single publicized objective by the people of Oz.

One of the witches shifted her gaze to a corner of the room.

Over there was a single sheathed long sword sleeping in exclusive use pod.

“Could that be a demonic sword?”

In response to the witch’s inquiry, Satanael stood before the pod that was under adjustment.

“It would seem that among our opponents there are several who carry troublesome ‘blades’. Therefore, when I snuck out of the Grigori, I simply thought of something I could take with me that would be useful.

While tapping lightly on the pod with his finger, he spoke.

“——Arondight. The sole legendary sword to fall from a holy sword to a demonic sword. With this, whether it’s the Longinus’s blade or whether it’s the pursuing holy sword messenger, it should be able to exchange blows with them. Above all, it is suitable for an angel who’s fallen like myself.”

Even as they directed their gazes upon the holy sword that had fallen, the witches inquired of Satanael.

“And, what of the earlier objective?”

“To invoke disturbing elements, power is necessary. If it’s a human, it’s fine so long as they’ve been bestowed with a sacred gear, but where fantastical beings are concerned it’s a different story. When it comes to drawing out fantastical beings, ‘power’ as an explicit offering is necessary.”

“——Then, would that be your aim?”

In regards to the witch’s question, Satanael directed his gaze towards the wall of the room.

That spot——was decorated with a painting of a long black dragon that was like a snake. The dragon was holding its own tail in its mouth.

Satanael spoke.

The longest living creatures in this world——dragons. Among them, said to be a Dragon God, is one endowed with the power of infinity……”

The witches understood.

“——Uroboros huh. The power of the ‘Snake’ of Uroboros……”

“Indeed, find Ophis.”

A legendary dragon. The Dragon God considered to be the strongest in the world——.

The being that was the personification of infinity. Satanael had decided upon that strongest dragon to be his objective.

Walburga raised an inquiry while reaching her hand towards a fresco that was in the corner of the room.

“Incidentally, what is the name we’re giving to this gathering of forces?”

“For a name, just call it whatever you like.”

One of the leadership witches curtly rejected the statement of the young Walburga, but paying it no mind, she asked a question in great interest.

“But but, isn’t something like that of considerable importance? Shouldn’t we give it a name like those of the opposing powers?”

To this Satanael replied.

“If it’s a name, I’ve more or less thought of one.”

After a moment’s pause, he said that name.

“——‘Chaos Brigade’, I think that is what we should name our gathering.”

Everything started from here——.


The Fallen Dog God -SLASHDØG- Highschool DxD Universe

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Second Part ‘Walpurgis Night —The Four Divine Beasts and the Yellow Dragon and the Wizards of Oz—‘ Arc Commencing

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