SLASHDØG Volume 2 Prologue

I cannot protect everything.

Therefore, I will absolutely protect those precious people within arms reach.

If it’s for the sake of that, I will slay everything.


That girl, she disliked puppet shows. No, she was disgusted by them.

Standing behind the puppet, the puppet maker was making a series of movements to manipulate it using the strings, but nothing resembling good feelings came from that.

The reason had been clear. From as far back as the girl could remember a cold apparition had appeared in her immediate vicinity.

Anger, joy, sadness, whenever the girl’s mind and body were enwrapped with such human emotions, that the cold apparition of ice would appear with absolute certainty——.

When it appears, it was always from beside the girl or from behind her.

Even if the girl spoke to it, even if the girl shouted at it, the ice apparition, far from expressing any emotions, didn’t offer up even a single word. On the contrary, it didn’t so much as tremble. Quite simply, it was just there. For her who was ranting and raving about the apparition, her childish mind found that dolls, which were similar to the apparition, to be completely detestable.

For that reason, she disliked puppet shows. Because she’d end up feeling as though the ice apparition was manipulating her with invisible strings——.

Even if she spoke to her loveable parents about the apparition, thinking it was a joke of their daughter’s, merely a delusion of childhood, they didn’t pay any serious attention to it. Most frighteningly, the ice apparition would be standing beside her parents’ bed when they were sleeping at night. It watched her father and mother’s faces with a silent gaze. Fearing that it would make her parents disappear, the girl completely despised the ice apparition.

Then one year, when the girl was nine years old, a tragedy occured.

She lost both her parents simultaneously——.

Having worked together at the same place, her parents were caught up in a mysterious accidental explosions at their workplace…….

She couldn’t remember exactly what happened after that. Being informed of the death of her parents, completing the funeral service, being unable to find relatives who could care for her going forward……. All the girl remembered was that, in her profound misery, she came to embrace complex emotions towards the ice apparition.

By the time she noticed, she was in the home of an unfamiliar old woman who was wearing a plain smile.

The old woman——was a witch, a magician. On top of believing in the girl’s ice apparition, she instructed her in regards to the apparition.

——I will teach you magic.

Displaying a gentle expression, the old woman taught the girl, who was accompanied by the apparition, a miraculous power——magic.

The old woman would address the girl whenever she would distance herself from the apparition.

——Listen, Lavinia. You mustn’t be afraid of your own power.

The old woman who was teaching the girl named Lavinia——her witch master, always spoke tenderly to her pupil who feared her own power.

——Magic is a miraculous power can bring happiness to everyone, and concerning that puppet of ice——————.

5 thoughts on “SLASHDØG Volume 2 Prologue

  1. Thanks for the update!

    Good to know about Lavinia’s past. She had a sad past. I wonder how she got over her fear of her power.


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