SLASHDØG Volume 2 Chapter 4


Part 1

Tobio and the others, being lead by Himejima Suzaku and Kushihashi Seiryuu, left the shopping district and eventually arrived in an office locale——at an enormous building that towered over the area.

Typical for one of the companies connected to them, they had traveled by the so-called limousine service, which was greatly surprising to Tobio and the others, who had been vigilant, but since Barakiel who was escorting them brazenly boarded it without apprehension, they had also followed suit.

A garden had been established on the roof of the building. There was a penthouse there. It was inside of this to which Tobio and the others were admitted.

As for the inside the rooftop-built penthouse, it was heavily Japanese-style, as even the room to which Tobio and the others were escorted was a Japanese-style room with tatami mats.

In this Japanese-style room, Tobio and the others were seated along with Himejima Suzaku and Kushihashi Seiryuu, as though in a meeting. Completely without disrupting her posture, the manner in which Himejima Suzaku so meticulously sat down made it clear that the training she has received on social norms was quite high end.

It was Suzaku who started by making the first statement.

“To begin with there is something of which I must speak. The earlier matter involving the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, their recklessness is the blunder of the five families. For having gotten you all involved in that, I wish to formally apologize.”

Suzaku bowed her head. ……Kushihashi Seiryuu who was holding position behind her had also bowed his head, but, in some respects, his expression was curt.

As someone who had been assaulting us a short while earlier, his attitude is…….

Samjima, who was seated next to Tobio, was also feeling anger with a bulging vein towards Kushihashi Seiryuu’s expression, but since Barakiel had ordered him ahead of time to show restraint, he clenched his fist in order to bear with it.

In relation to the incident involving the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, originally it occurred as a result of the circumstances of those five families. Moreover, Tobio and the others, who had gotten wrapped up in it, had reason to complain, or rather, it would be excusable from them to rave while grasping the other person by the collar……but even if they did so it would only serve to further complicate the relationship.

Suzaku spoke while looking at Barakiel.

“Like the Grigori, our side is individually pursuing the remnants of the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, as well as that group of magicians who are cooperating with them——‘Oz’. We have confirmed that while they are evading our pursuit, there is something that they are pursuing.”

Barakiel spoke up.

“……The remaining ‘Four Fiends’ is it?”

Suzaku calmly nodded in response to the word of the fallen angel Cadre.

“Yes, we’ve heard that two former Ryoukou High Schoolers had taken refuge in the mountains near a certain prefectural border, where the remnants and the people from Oz are in the process of tracking them down. Based on the information of our own spies who have been deployed on site, it’s been verified that there’s already been skirmishes between them.”


At Suzaku’s words, Barakiel with Tobio, Sae, Natsume, and Samejima, who were themselves former students of Ryoukou High School.

The remnants of the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, together with the magicians of ‘Oz’ who were cooperating with them, were in motion, and they were pursuing the two who were the remaining ‘Four Fiends’. The remaining ‘Four Fiends’——in other words they were also former Ryoukou High School students, and therefore were classmates who had gotten caught up in that incident.

“Contact with those spies almost ceased a few days ago. Most likely……”

Suzaku, her eyes serious, made an inquiry of Barakiel.

“I have heard that within the Grigori there was a fiendish force. A force organized from people in possession of rare and ferocious sacred gears…… ‘Those Who Fell into the AbyssNephilim Abyss‘. They are the ones known as the ‘Abyss Team’ are they not?”

——Nephilim Abyss, Abyss Team.

For Tobio, this was his first time hearing these terms. For that matter, Sae, Natsume, and Samejima, who were likewise former Ryoukou High School students, had expressions that were just as bewildered as his.

……But, given that Lavinia and Vali accepted those words calmly, it would seem that they have known about it.

Natsume spoke to Barakiel.

“……Barakiel-sensei, is this your first time hearing of this?”

Barakiel let out a single breath before answering.

“……It was something Azazel told me to discuss with you once I observed the timing to be appropriate. My apologies. As she said, the Cadre who betrayed us——Sataniel, when he left the Grigori he took a certain force with him. ——Nephilim Abyss, also known as the Abyss Team. They……are students of Sataniel, and on top of that, they consist of the owners of fiendish sacred gears. For the human world they’re nothing but dangerous abilities with the potential to have a negative influence. For that reason, they had been placed under the protection of us Grigori.”

This was information they were hearing for the first time.

Sataniel, who betrayed the Grigori, took one of their sacred gear forces with him……. As students, similar to us——the pupils of ‘Barakiel Class’, could they perhaps have been……’Sataniel Class’?

Tobio, who could also be considered a fiendish possessor, couldn’t help but to feel uneasy about this.

Suzaku inquired of Barakiel.

“By all rights, I have heard that the disposal of ability users is a matter of course. Why then was this not done? From ancient times, records of the Grigori doing this have been passed down and yet……”

When is came to sacred gears that could not be controlled, he had heard that the Grigori, from time immemorial, had dealt with them severely, but…….

Barakiel put on a troubled expression and didn’t say anything at all in answer.

“……The only reply I can give is that we are also not monolithic.”

Even for fallen angelsthem who had been living for an unimaginable length of time——no, precisely because they’d been living since eternity, it seemed that the respective leaders had each embraced their own respective motives. Therefore, even a traitor came to exist.

Hearing Barakiel’s statement, Kushihashi Seiryuu put on a cynical smile.

“That’s quite a convenient statement.”


Suzaku uttered a rebuke.

“Alright, alright.”

Seiryuu shrugged his shoulders.

Returning to the topic of conversation, Suzaku continued.

“In regards to those contacted by the Agency remnants and the magicians, they are a boy and a girl possessing the remaining Four Fiends, TāotièToutetsu and HúndùnKonton. I imagine that you also know of the individuals involved——“

In response to Suzaku’s statement, Barakiel,

“Nanadaru Shigune[?] and Koga Hyousuke——correct?”

followed up with that. Nanadaru Shigune, Koga Hyousuke. Those were the remaining Four Fiends. They were students of Ryoukou, classmates, who hadn’t been rescued yet. Tobio and the others had also been informed of who the remaining Four Fiends were.

The names of these two had been known to Tobio and the others even when they had been attending the same school. Both had been famous students.

For the former, Nanadaru, she was the leading beautiful girl at the school for whom, among the male students, the number who declared “She is absolutely the cutest in all of Ryoukou,” was not insignificant.

And then for the latter, there was Koga——.

“……Koga huh. That’ll certainly be troublesome.”

The one who spoke after exhaling as though sighing was Samejima. Even for Samejima the delinquent, his expression was just that bitter.

As for Tobio’s image of Koga, fundamentally it was on the Samejima side of things……but by laying claim to the top class grades within their year, he was a male student possessing duel natures.

He had heard that Samejima himself never hung out with him. Surely it was possible that he——Koga Hyousuke had always been alone.

According to Samejima, “Since I was careful not to make an enemy out of him, we didn’t really encounter one another,” was all that he said.

“Koga-kun, due to having brains despite being something of a delinquent, was popular among the girls.”

Natsume had reminisced in this manner.

Suzaku changed over to the main issue as though throwing a switch.

“Well then, I would like to take this moment to convey my true intentions for organizing all of this at the present place and time.”

After a beat, she stated the following.

“——Shall we not form a temporary united front?”

Tobio and the others were shocked at this sudden proposal from someone from the Himejima, but Barakiel, Vali, and Lavinia gave no particular reaction.

Suzaku continued.

“We will be putting forward our best efforts, the object being the capture of the Agency remnants. At present, in regards to the Four Fiends and the Magicians of Oz that participated with them, should they become hostile towards us we shall take the position of dealing with them.”

Barakiel inquired.

“In other words, in regards to the Four Fiends——the Ryoukou students, you’d be fine entrusting them to us?”

When Suzaku nodded, Barakiel’s expression became one of doubt.

“……Suzaku, is this your own judgement? With that family head, something like this……it seems unlikely that they would permit an alliance with an organization of fallen angels. No, even if the family head were to forgive you, the chief executives would not remain silent.”

Suzaku just gave a sweet smile in response to Barakiel’s query.

“You could say that we are also not monolithic. The current matter has been entrusted to me. Despite my appearance I did inherit ‘Suzaku’. Besides, to be perfectly honest, the truth is that we have little information about the Abyss Team and Sataniel, and the same goes for Oz. One of the conditions that is part the implications of the united front I’ve been proposing is that it also be a win-win for all parties.”

“There is much information that cannot be disclosed……but with the Abyss Team and Sataniel being a issue we share in common, we’ll hand over as much as we can. ……With this, it should be in your favor.”

At Barakiel’s words, Suzaku let out a sigh of relief.

“It is a great comfort to me that negotiations have gone well, Oji-sama.”

From behind Suzaku, Kushihashi Seiryuu did say in a low whisper, “I was opposed this however,” with half-closed eyes, but…….

Barakiel inquired of Tobio and the others.

“The gain of a temporary cooperative relationship with her and her associates is in regards to protecting the two Four Fiends. There does appear to be a point of consideration towards them in consideration of the incident a while back as well as the clash a short while ago but……to start with, the important thing should be to rescue the Four Fiends——your classmates. There’s no problem with that, is there?”

Tobio already understood that Himejima Suzaku and Kushihashi Seiryuu, given that they governed the sacred beasts they were named for, as people belonging to the Five Principal Clans, they were central figures.

From within the Five Principal Clans, who he had come to know as people who would excessively purge any failures their family produced, her side who were central figures were proposing a “united front”.

Tobio and the others had (forcibly) been involved with the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, who were viewed by her side as traitors to the Five Principal Clans. For the Five Principal Clans, they were Purge TargetsNonexistent. For them, this was not at all what they’d come to expect.

And yet in spite of this, Himejima Suzaku was offering to remove the target from Tobio and the others, have her side deal with the Agency remnants, and entrust the remaining Four Fiends to Tobio and the others.

The Agency remnants, Oz, Sataniel and the Abyss Team, for them to rescue their classmates while dealing with these mixed organizations, and while also being on guard for an encounter with the Five Principal Clans, even with the cooperation of the Grigori, these were extremely harsh conditions.

The idea that they wouldn’t be going up against the Five Principal clans in the midst of all that would be the most desirable of outcomes, and moreover her side was going to take responsibility for one of the cooperating organizations.

On the matter of rescuing the remaining Four Fiends, there won’t be a better opportunity than this——.

Given that our teacher Barakiel, who’s also a Cadre of the Grigori, is acquainted with Himejima Suzaku, there’s a certain degree of reliability to it all.

When it comes to the Five Principal Clans, whether it’s us getting wrapped up in the original event, or whether it’s the attack just recently, these are points to consider but……

As far as Tobio was concerned, should he rely on her, on Himejima Suzaka, at least on this occasion? ——This was what he was considering. That is, being clad in the same ambience as his grandmother——something like an aura, as a consequence she did have a strong face, however…….

The first to answer was Minagawa Natsume.

“I……think it’s fine. In all honesty, there is a lot that I’d like to say to those guys, however our goal of rescuing all of our classmates comes first.”

Samejima snorted, and then spoke while sending a glare towards Kushihashi Seiryuu.

“Even though I’d like to give that smug fellow over there a good wallop, well, if we’ve settled upon this united front I’ll go along with it. Nothing would come of me throwing a tantrum over it by myself anyways. Well, in any event, if someone should attack us, it should be fine if I just knock them down.”

That truly was befitting his way of thinking.

To this, the unusual Vali also expressed the same opinion.

“It’s as Samejima Kouki said. Whoever it may be, if they oppose us we it’s fine to defeat them. It’s truly quite simple.”

Lavinia placed her trust in the judgement of Tobio and the others saying, “I shall leave it up to to you to decide.”

Tobio exchanged a glance with Sae, and they each nodded.

“Sae and I also have no problem with it. If we’re all fine with it, shall we get things moving?”

This was Tobio’s response.

Indeed, it was as Samejima and Vali had said. If someone were to attack them, whether it was Agency remnants, Oz, or the Five Principal Clans, they’d just have to fight.

Having attained the consent of Tobio and the others, Suzaku, having confirmed this, produced a single memo from her jacket pocket.

She spoke as she passed this memo to Barakiel.

“This is the location where the Ryoukou students who are remaining Four Fiends were confirmed to be——their whereabouts. It would be a good idea to leave promptly. Whether due to them escaping or to them being captured, the more time that elapses the more likely they will depart from there. We are also planning to head there before the day is up.”

Kushihashi Seiryuu followed up on Suzaku’s words with a hint of cynicism.

“Well, if we should run across them first, we could protect them for the time being. I hope you won’t hate us if we’re not in time though.”

It would appear that cracking jokes was part of the personality of the boy named Kushihashi Seiryuu. Nonetheless, with the aura enveloping his body being genuine, it was certain that his level of ability was several levels above Tobio and the others.

Afterwards, following several rounds of exchanges between Barakiel and Suzaku, the conference reached a conclusion peacefully and uneventfully.

Everyone stood up, and just as they were all about to, it happened. Suzaku abruptly called out to Lavinia.

“Lavinia Reini-san.”


When Lavinia responded, Suzaku posed a question.

“‘Augusta of the Purple Flame’——you are familiar with that name, correct?”

The moment that name came up——it felt as though the temperature of the room dropped slightly. No, it reality it actually did.

It wasn’t clear whether it was consciously or subconsciously, but Lavinia was giving off an icy atmosphere.

“Yes. She is one of the magicians I am pursuing. She is ‘Witch of the East’ Augusta.”

Having said as much, Lavinia was releasing pressure from her entire body. Regarding the name that Suzaku had spoken, it had been sufficient to disturb Lavinia’s emotions.

Tobio recalled the matter she had informed him of in the park earlier.

Lavinia was the disciple of the ‘Witch of the South’ Glenda from ‘Oz’——. And also, Lavinia was pursuing the ‘Witch of the East’ from ‘Oz’——the elderly woman magician who she had encountered in that facility of the ‘Utsusemi Agency’.

Suzaku continued.

“In regards to the matter of Oz, I just recalled that I had been informed that you are the disciple of Glenda who was the ‘Witch of the South’. ——The ‘West’ is also coming here. Although both the ‘East’ and the ‘West’ are troublesome, I wonder, could the ‘North’ be coming as well?”

“Perhaps, though I believe they have not yet come from their country.”

“Well then, the position of the king of ‘Emerald City’——of ‘Oz’ towards the present situation is……?”

Lavinia lowered her eyes in response to Suzaku’s inquiry.

“……I do not know. I have received absolutely nothing about the situation over there.”

In response to Lavinia, whose voice sounded forced, Suzaku merely replied, “Thank you. That is sufficient.”

Raising her index finger, Suzaku gave Lavinia a piece of advice.

“Just one piece of advice. You shouldn’t associate too closely with the Grigori. Even at the best of times, they are a target of observation due to the power they have obtained. I have heard rumors that the Vatican has ordered the assassination of the Grigori operating in this country. If you should happen to come across an exorcist who’s enthusiastic about his job, it’s possible they may hunt you if given the opportunity.”

“……My thanks. I will be careful to avoid being subjected to a ‘witch hunt’.”

When it came to the conversation between Suzaku and Lavinia, for Tobio and the others——those who were former Ryoukou students, there was much that they frankly did not understand.

The matters related to Oz, the relationship between Oz and Lavinia, and then the Vatican——the Church of Christ?

It appeared there was still a lot for them to learn. Moreover, if they weren’t appraised of these dangerous circumstances it would become a disadvantage for them.

In order to live, in order to survive, they would have to learn more about the world of the supernatural——.

As they were exiting, Barakiel spoke to Suzaku without glancing back.

“Suzaku, I believe that you haven’t changed.”

Suzaku replied while smiling.

“……Barakiel Oji-sama, not one thing has changed since that time. Not one thing about the Himejima Suzaku who played with Oba-sama and Akeno. ——However, in regard to the Himejima……the present heads of the Five Principle Clans, be be cautious of them. Of course, the same for the exorcists——“

“Aah, naturally.”

After Barakiel exited, just as Tobio and the others were about to exit as well,


Suzaku’s voice called out to him.

With even more gentle facial expressions, Suzaku spoke to Tobio with an expression like one speaking to their family.

“Thank you for placing your trust in me. Let us speak openly now. When things calm down, I will have a proper banquet.”

For some reason Tobio blushed in response to those words.

“……S-Sure, yes……”

——At that moment that was the best reply he could come up with.

His two female companions——Natsume and Sae immediately noticed Tobio’s reaction. Natsume let out a breath of amazement, and Sae——was slightly disappointed.

They decided to return to their temporary stronghold that same day.

……The date with Sae where it would be just the two of them, it ended up having to wait until next time.

Part 2

Tobio and the others, after having returned to the apartment building, immediately started to quickly pack. Naturally, they were acting in response the information Himejima Suzaku had brought——to get in contact with their remaining classmates from Ryoukou.

However, their location was a great distance from this place, so they had a lot of territory to cover. For transport——it was necessary to go by car.

“I’m going to wait in the parking lot.”

The one who said that after having completed his preparations for the trip, it was Barakiel who was also the teacher of Tobio and company.

In response, they followed the strong organization Cadre, who was unaffected by events, as soon as they were able.

……As for the car’s driver, they’d thought it would have been left to a lower ranking individual from the organization……. Whether due to his own kindness, or else for the sake of some other purpose, or perhaps both——.

Tobio and the others had put together simple luggage. Together with the self-defence goods that had been provided by the Grigori, there was also emergency rations.

As for the information that had been brought by Himejima Suzaku——the location on the map, it was a mountain village quite a ways distant from the city. From this apartment complex, it was at a distance that would take a few hours even at the car’s highest speed.

With Tobio and the others having finished their preparations, they headed to the parking lot where Barakiel was waiting. As for the members who would be going to the objective location, in addition to the former Ryoukou students Tobio, Natsume, and Samejima, Lavinia and Vali would accompany them.

For these members to be assigned to an incident, it was the first time. Compared to Tobio and the others, the former Ryoukou students, Lavinia and Vali were capable of demonstrating their abilities. Moreover, they were the owners of special Sacred Gears. Nonetheless, due to Tobio and the others also practicing, their abilities had been growing.

Barakiel was standing in the parking lot——in front of an eight passenger blue station wagon.

Barakiel advised Tobio and the others who had gathered in the parking lot.

“Before we proceed from here, there appear to be extremely dangerous users lying in wait for us. Especially Ikuse Tobio and the two Four Fiends. ……Lavinia and Vali have their own obligations, but you have a choice. What shall it be?”

Just Barakiel was giving this warning, without waiting for their reply, he added on to it.

“——That is, I’m not saying that you should withdraw. In a certain sense, my training that I’ve been putting you through was just in case of such a situation.”

Natsume gave a complacent smile in response to Barakiel’s statement.

“That’s right, Sensei-dono. We, since getting wrapped up in that situation, have been holding back various feelings after all. ……That said, I used ‘we’ on my own accord, but is that OK with you, Ikuse-kun, Samejima-kun?”

Samejima loudly cracked his neck as he spoke.

“Well, on top of suffering through bullshit like that, after being trained like a common athlete, I’m not going to just give up now. Last time I was a weakling at the final moments, this time let’s succeed in going all out.”

At last their gazes gathered on Tobio for confirmation.

Tobio spoke while stroking the head of his partner——the black Jin who was beside him.

“There are a few classmates who we haven’t rescued. After having come this far, I want to save all of them. If we can bring an end to this now, then there is nothing I’d prefer to be doing.”

These were Tobio’s true feelings.

To put it in stark reality, they had already boarded the ship. Whatever the outcome would be, he wanted to see it through to the end, to exert even the very last of his power to welcome a pleasant conclusion.

Upon hearing the words of Tobio and the others, Barakiel let out a sigh.

At this point, if even one person were to shout NO, they would be able to remain at the apartment complex. However, for Tobio and the others who were here, they all had chosen “go”.

Barakiel nodded once, and in acknowledgement said, “Understood.”

——But, directing his gaze at Tobio, he announced the following.

“One thing, you will accept a condition.”

Barakiel calmly raised his hand. And then——from a sheltered area of the parking lot, Sae made an appearance.

Barakiel spoke.

“She will also be participating in this present matter.”

Upon hearing these words, Tobio, Natsume, and Samejima were very much surprised. It was only natural. Sae——in her current state her fighting strength was essentially nonexistent. It was hard to say if the damage she’d endured in the incident a while back would fully fade. Even though that was something that even Barakiel should be aware of, he had told them to accept her participation.

The first to raise an objection to this——as expected, it was Tobio.

“Sae cannot fight! Her body still hasn’t completely recovered after all! To go to such a dangerous place……I oppose such a thing! Why Sae!”

Tobio clearly objected to Sae’s participation.

Even if usually the personalities of Natsume, Samejima, Lavinia, or Vali could forcibly suppress him, when it came to matters involving Sae in particular, he was always putting his emotions on full display.

Tobio……risking his life, had saved Sae, going as far as to turn into a monster to do it. ……No, not quite. He had lost her right before his eyes. With the aid of his comrades, he had somehow rescued their classmates from the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, including Sae.

His personal childhood friend——.

And with them heading into danger……Tobio could not approve.

“Ikuse Tobio, I can also comprehend what you said. However though, this is an order from the Governor General, from Azazel. Specifically, if Ikuse Tobio goes, then Toujou Sae is to go along with him.”

“……Why is that?”

Tobio asked in confusion. With the name of the Governor General being mentioned, he ended up temporarily regaining control of his emotions. As for the probable reason, it was immediately inferred.

Barakiel spoke while directing his gaze at Jin.

“Hmm. Ikuse Tobio, the Sacred Gear you possess——‘Dog God of the Black BladeCanis Lykaon‘ has entered a half-awakened state. We don’t want it to end up in a state like that from before——where the Balance Breaker ran wild, due to some kind of chance occurrence. That being the case, in order to return it as close as possible to its original condition, we have also been struggling……but we cannot guarantee with certainty that it has been reverted.”

——The Balance Breaker, the transformation that Tobio, when at the ‘Utsusemi Agency’ hideout the other day, had succumbed……or rather, had set loose.

Tobio himself had only vague memories of that time……but what he recalled was deep blackness, a dark thing that dominated his mind and body, intense negative emotions like killing intent, hostility, rage, and sorrow swirled about inside of him, and a sense that he had lost his true self.

……There was something at that time, as though out of a dream, that gave rise to a definitive feeling of discomfort within Tobio, which he had realized was from embracing some foreign entity.

Indeed, the him from that time had assumed the form of a black monster——.

He had been unable to forgive the one who had stolen Sae’s life, until he took the form of a black monster.

Raising her hand, Natsume inquired of Barakiel.

“Supposing, should Ikuse-kun become the black humanoid dog thing from that time and start rampaging, couldn’t Lavinia and Vali work together again to bring him under control?”

At that time as well, Lavinia and Vali, together with Governor General Azazel, were able to successfully bring the awakened Tobio under control without incident. He had then returned to human form.

“……It’s possible that it would succeed again, but it’s possible that it would fail this time. Even we Grigori do not yet fully understand the power of Ikuse Tobio. When it comes to the Sacred Gears that are Longinus, if they aren’t dealt with using the strictest of caution, something could happen. Particularly for a Sacred Gear that has previously reached that evolution——the Balance Breaker, which can be described as a prohibited technique on the level of destroying the world’s balance. Even for the Grigori, after all these long years we’re in the midst of studying this phenomenon. Ikuse Tobio’s awakened state, his present condition, is something we prefer to avoid if possible.”

Barakiel continued.

“——That may be the situation, but to return to the topic at hand, taking into account the time that your Balance Breaker ran wild, there exists a possibility that Toujou Sae’s power will become necessary.”

Tobio was inclining his head in doubt at Barakiel’s explanation, but——.

“We’re speaking of the power of love.”

Azazel emerged from where he’d been hiding without a sound and spoke.

“Governor General! You were here!”

In her surprise, Natsume raised her voice, but Azazel continued without paying her any mind.

“It’s been confirmed that there have been previous Balance Breaker events, and based on the remaining data, what stopped someone who ended up in a rampaging state was a lover. In addition, even that which was restraining Tobio who was born possessing an awakened state, was none other than his biological grandmother. And her love was immense. If it’s Toujou Sae, shouldn’t she be sufficient for that role? Or else is her love insufficient?”

With that, in response to the words that were like instigation from Azazel (who was smiling obscenely)——Tobio and Sae’s faces became bright red in extreme embarrassment.

‘……If you say such things in a place like this, of course this would happen!’ thought Tobio as he was overcome with an immense desire to be anywhere else.

Samejima also had his hand on his chin, and in spite of being the same age as them said, “Love, huh. Ah to be so young,” while clearly enjoying the situation.

Although she was still blushing, Sae inquired of Tobio.

“……That seems to be the case. Though I won’t be fighting, if Tobio ends up becoming strange again……if you should need to be stopped, I wish to be the one to stop you. Even if I can’t do anything else, that’s all the more reason for me to want to be the one to stop you.”

She……intended to follow him no matter what it seemed. Her eyes were determined. Since it have come to this Tobio understood that even he couldn’t stop her.

Azazel then spoke further.

“It is certain that you’re heading into danger. There’s also the possibility of Tobio reaching Balance Breaker. In that case, her very presence will be necessary. Moreover if she cannot resolve the rampage, at that point we’ll have no choice but to use our last resort. That requires no explanation, does it?”

The last resort——elimination, or to put it another way, he’d be disposed of. If his dangerous condition couldn’t be resolved, they’d have no choice but to defeat him. In the case of his rampaging, where he would become a danger to his surrounding to the degree of killing his companions without warning……Tobio didn’t want to think about that.

In order to prevent that Sae’s presence was indispensable——.

While Tobio was calming his breathing, still blushing, he spoke with reddened cheeks.

“……Sae, just don’t do anything rash.”

That was Tobio’s acknowledgment.

Sae nodded saying, “Sure,” with a smile.

Natsume, while watching this state of affair with a grin, had been nodding her head in agreement repeatedly.

“Heeey, Toujou-san, so you intend to keep him safe! We will also be protecting Toujou-san!”

“Well, being protected by you seems like it very much wouldn’t be worth it.”

Such was Samejima’s response to this.

“Hey there! I’m not just a frail girl you know!”

Azazel gave a backwards glance to the visibly enraged Natsume as he spoke to Lavinia and Vali.

“Above all else, I’m entrusting the two of you with these guys. Well, if something were to happen, send a communication to me. Let us do what we are capable of. Not just Tobio, both of you should be careful with your own powers.”

Lavinia replied with a short, “I will do so,” while Vali confidently said, “Hmph, I’m not some amateur.”

“Oh, will you be taking care of things Governor General? You did expressly come all the way here.”

It was Natsume who asked this.

Azazel replied with a bitter smile.

“You’d like someone like me who stands out as Governor-General to also come? How do I put this, if a representative such as myself were to go wandering around enemy territory, it would be a very big deal. Barakiel will escort you as far as the actual location. From there on you’ll just have to so your best. Should the remaining Four Fiends be safe, or whatever condition they might be in, we have made preparations so that there will be no problem for them to return.”

——Whatever condition they might be in, huh.

……Naturally, it was their intention to rescue them safely. However, there was a inexcusable premonition in spite of that. They were anxious about the opponent they would be heading to face, but for the remaining Four Fiends as well they——.

In this manner, in order to rescue the two classmates who were that which remained from the Four Fiends, Tobio, Natsume, Samejima, Sae, Lavinia, and Vali, as the members operating under Barakiel, set out towards the location they’d been informed of——.

The blue station wagon proceeded with Barakiel at the wheel as he followed the directions from the car’s navigation system, into which the location had been input.

Vali was in the front passenger seat. The three people in the second row were Tobio, Sae, and Lavinia, while Natsume and Samejima sat in the third row. Vali had refused to give up the front passenger seat, and now occupied it as though he owned it. It would seem that, as far as he was concerned, the front passenger seat was his favorite spot. Tobio predicted that, most likely, he would be the type to always sit in the first row of the first car when boarding a train.

As for Jin and the other Independent Avatar Type Sacred Gears, Jin, being the only one with a large build, slipped inside Tobio’s shadow, Byakusa accompanied them inside the car, and Griffon seemed to be flying along outside.

While filling up with gas at a gas station near their route, they took the time to prepare a reserve amount using portable gas cans. It was insurance since anything could happen where they were heading. Besides, gasoline could also be a weapon when push comes to shove.

The sun was also gradually beginning to set. It would seem that, by the time they reach their destination, the sun would have set entirely.

While driving the car, Barakiel raised a question.

“Have you looked over the material?”

The material in question was a file they’d been given back when they were making preparations at the apartment complex. Tobio and the others had reviewed its contents before heading to the parking lot.

Barakiel spoke.

“In all likelihood, in this present case, the probability of of exchanging blows with the remnants of the ‘Utsusemi Agency’, the magicians, and the Sacred Gear users is extremely high.”

Indeed, the data recorded was information about Sacred Gear users. There were even attached photos of the individuals.

——It was the data on the aforementioned Abyss Team.

Samejima spoke.

“I did give the material a onceover, however, as far as their Sacred Gears go, do they not manipulate living creatures the way ours do?”

As Samejima had said, according to the information Tobio and the others recalled having been taught at Nephilim, there were several classifications for Sacred Gear abilities.

Barakiel replied.

“Uhuh, there are a great variety of Sacred Gear abilities. The variety that you all belong to, those abilities are classified as ‘Independent Avatar Types’. As you were taught at Nephilim, and as those documents indicate, there are several other varieties as well. The possessors from the Abyss Team, their varieties are too dispersed to be grouped together.”

The abilities of Tobio and the others, which were embodiments of supernatural power, were abilities that were primarily grouped under the ‘Independent Avatar Type’ classification.

This covered Tobio, Natsume, Samejima, and Lavinia.

For Vali, his Sacred Gear belonged to a system that operated by unleashing the power of a dragon that was sealed within.

In addition to these, there wa a wide range of Sacred Gear abilities, with the varieties including ‘State Alteration’, ‘Boundary Seal’, ‘Attribute’, ‘Defence’, ‘Counter’, and ‘Create’ among others.

Naturally, among these, there were those that awakened only a single ability, however, there also existed the strongest of Sacred Gears which possessed two, or even three superior abilities simultaneously.

Referred to as the Longinus, only thirteen of these had been confirmed to exist in the world.

……Tobio and Lavinia, and Vali as well, were in possession of Longinus.

Among the thirteen, for three of them to have gathered in one place……such a thing seemed frankly abnormal. With such a situation, it was suitable that they, as the Sacred Gear owners, be under the protection and supervision of the Grigori.

Barakiel continued.

Within the material you reviewed earlier, there’s just one thing I want you to keep in mind, namely that the powers they——the Abyss Team’s members hold are extremely troublesome and powerful. In a simple application, should it come to a contest of power, yours are exceedingly superior on the surface. ——But, their abilities, depending on the time and place, and should the conditions be met, can demonstrate atrociously brutal abilities. From the start, the team was specifically organized from possessors of abilities that were hard to handle. after all.”

As their teacher Barakiel had said, the threat as described in the documents they had reviewed were enough to make one shudder.

Their abilities——had numerous effects that, if one was subjected to them, were impossible to recover from. The people the team was put together from had deliberately, or rather, purposefully included those individuals specifically. If that was the case, Tobio thought that the person who lead the Abyss Team……must have an extremely cruel personality.

Even the fearless Samejima had commented, “……They’re pretty outrageous, these opponents of ours,” with a solemn expression.

Barakiel spoke.

The abilities listed in there, I want you to at least be attentive of them. That information will directly impact your likelihood of survival.”

Tobio and the other students replied, ‘Yes.’

After that, they continued in silence for a short while. As they approached their destination, a feeling of tension naturally began to grow within the vehicle.

That was when it happened.

“Before we arrive at our destination, I would like to tell you a short story.”

The one who broke the silence with these words was Lavinia.

When everyone was listening carefully, she began speaking.

“……I was born in a coastal town in Italy.”

She——Lavinian Reini, despite possessing a talent for magic, was not born into a genuine magician’s household. She was born to an ordinary family.

However, when she was born she had been in possession of supernatural ability. From the time of her infancy, a doll of ice had manifested by her side——the Longinus ‘Eternal Ice PrincessAbsolute Demise‘.

As a young girl, she knew nothing about it whatsoever, and she feared the princess of ice that no one other than herself could see as an ‘Ice Goblin’.

It was when she was about nine years old. A great incident befell her.

——Her parents died in an accident.

For a nine year old girl, having gone through the death of her parents, she suffered even while understanding the situation.

Since she, who was always talking about the ‘Ice Goblin’ was considered odd by her relatives, it was difficult to find someone willing to take in Lavinia.

Lavinia narrated.

“For myself from that time, compared to how I have been since then, due to losing Papa and Mama I was deeply depressed——and I was enveloped by hatred of for ‘Ice Goblin’.”

Indeed, because she had been under the impression that what had killed both of her parents——was the ‘Ice Demon’.

She felt resentment, hatred, as well as malice towards the ‘Ice Demon’ that never left her side. If observed by people who couldn’t see anything, they could only perceive Lavinia as a troubled girl who would rage in a loud voice towards empty air.

Even for Lavinia herself the memories of that time were rather vague.

Due to the excessive sadness, the excessive fear, the oversized negative emotions she bore as a young girl, she sealed her memories from that time in her own heart……or perhaps, in the Sacred Gear that was lodged in her body——.

Nevertheless, she clearly remembered this much. Having gone for a walk in her home’s garden, Lavinia experience a sudden and strange feeling, and before she realized it——she was standing in a place with unfamiliar scenery.

The place was surrounded by tall trees. Before she had noticed, she found herself standing in a forest somewhere. Surprised, Lavinia began looking all around, and what she saw was——a wooden building like one out of a fairytale. It was an ancient, isolated house with a slight roundness to it, like one a witch might live in.

Standing in front of the isolated house——was an elderly woman wearing an ordinary smile. She had a pointed hat and robe, was holding a staff, and had the appearance of a prototypical witch from out of a story book.

The old lady spoke.

——It’s alright now.

The old lady——the Witch of the South Glenda who was Lavinia’s master, took charge of her, and taught her the way to handle her Sacred Gear, as well as how to handle magic.

In meeting this gentle teacher, Lavinia’s heart, which had been sealed away, gradually began to thaw.

Glenda, due to certain circumstances, had moved from the world of Oz to live in this world. Her purpose was to study Sacred Gears.

Life in Glenda’s forest was simple, and for Lavinia it was a time of irreplaceable happiness.

It was there that Lavinia cultivated her talent for magic.

It happened when Lavinia was thirteen years old. Glenda suggested to Lavinia that she spend time outside with magicians of her own generation.

That is to say, it was Glenda’s judgement that, if there were other magicians present in this world, then she should cultivate a rapport with the other magicians in this world.

Shortly afterwards, Glenda entrusted Lavinia to ‘Grau Zebaurer’. Lavinia was pained to be separated from Glenda, but on top of longing for her teacher, she resolved to throw herself into her studies at the magical association.

It was after she’d spent a number of years with ‘Grau Zebaurer’——.

More bad news reached Lavinia.

——Glenda had come under attack by a witch who had come from Oz.

“Having received that report, I returned to the forest that was my second home town. However——“

The isolated house in the forest she had spent so much time in had been burned down, leaving only the carbonized ruin of a house behind.

Glenda’s wellbeing was unknown, however, if it was just concerning the magicians who had come from Oz, she knew how to investigate their trail.

Lavinia pursued the magicians, and in the midst of that, she got wrapped up with the matter of the ‘Utsusemi Agency’ and the ‘Four Fiend Project’ from the other day——.

Natsume then asked.

“……So you’re fighting in order to learn about the condition of your master?”

Lavinia replied.

“……They did not give me a direct answer. Therefore, whether they entered Oz directly or whether they remained in this world to continue meddling, whatever the case, I have decided to pursue them. To that end, since this is my situation, I would like for every one of you to fulfil your own objective. I don’t want to be a hindrance. Even if it is just me by myself, I will pursue them.”

As she said that, Lavinia’s expression, unlike how it usually was, was displaying an attribute of cool-headedness.

Having learned of Lavinia’s objective, silence swept through the vehicle for a short while.

The first one to speak was Tobio.

“I now understand Lavinia-san’s circumstances. I don’t yet understand the full extent of my power, but even so I will cooperate with searching for your master.”

Those were Tobio’s true feelings.

Hearing Tobio’s statement, Lavinia was slightly surprised.

Tobio continued.

“Lavinia-san has been cooperating with us despite having circumstances of her own. If it wasn’t for Lavinia-san, I……would not have been able to recover from that perilous condition, and Sae and our classmates certainly would not have been rescued.”

Natsume and Samejima also nodded in response to these words of his.

If Lavinia hadn’t have been there, it would seem that the battle with the ‘Utsusemi Agency’ would not have concluded safely. Tobio felt strongly that they also wouldn’t have been able to completely rescue their classmates.

To this Samejima, while folding his arms, smiled bitterly.

“It’s quite vexing, but it’s just as Ikuse says. If it was just us……it wouldn’t have been a pleasant outcome. Well, the ship has already sailed. In any case, aren’t we heading right towards those witches anyways? Well then, I say we should clean them all up in one go.”

Natsume, leaning forward from the back seat, suddenly hugged Lavinia.

“Quite right, even Samejima-kun says good things once in a while. That’s how it is, Lavinia. Let’s cooperate with each other! Seeing as we’re companions, it’s too late to back out now!”

Even Sae chipped in at that.

“Lavinia-san. I……don’t know to what extent I’ll be able to cooperate, but I want to repay you as thanks for all your help. Therefore, will you tell me how I can be of service?”

In response to the voices of her comrades, Lavinia——smiled.

Lavinia placed her hands on the arms of Natsume, who was still hugging her.

“……Natsume, Shark, Shyaae, Tobi……thank you.”

In explaining her circumstances, and by making all members aware of them, they’d become unified in thought. While on the way towards a battle, in this vehicle they’d strengthened their unity.

At this, even Barakiel cracked a smile from the driver’s seat.

Suddenly Samejima asked a question of Vali who was in the passenger seat.

“How about you, Lucidra-sensei? Will you be cooperating with the magical girl?”

Vali had not interjected at all during Lavinia’s story. Everyone’s gaze focused upon the young boy.

Vali abruptly put on a nihilistic smile.

“I’ve been aware of Lavinia’s circumstances from before. I’ve had an interest in fighting the Wizards of Oz all along after all. Well, I’ll lend you my power.”

At his impertinent line, Samejima shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ahh, sure sure,” in amazement.

Lavinia smiled and spoke.

“Yes, I am aware. Vaa-kun is such a simple boy after all.”

Lavinia’s smile reached Vali through the rearview mirror. Upon noticing it, Vali’s face turned blood red.

He had wanted to put on airs suitable for his age, but his true intentions were actually quite frank——.

Part 3

The location party was advancing through was changing. The car had entered a valley, and the farther they went the fewer houses there were. It seemed as though even the road was getting somewhat narrower…….

Already the sun had dropped from the sky, and darkness had fallen.

According to the time displayed on clock inside the car, it was 9:00 PM.

The darkened road was illuminated in the high beams from the station wagon, but the world just a short way ahead was covered in darkness.

The number of trees nearby increase, becoming a wood a first, until at last they were travelling on a forest road.

Even with the cars it was different, as the vehicles that were being driven around before were no longer there.

“Uwaa……. This certainly isn’t a popular place.”

While peering at the state of affairs outside the window, Natsume voiced a few of her thoughts.

This station wagon might have been similar to a reckless person’s coffin plunging into hell.

The view outside alone was enough to give someone the chills. Perhaps it was because it was ominously overgrown with various unfamiliar trees, but the atmosphere was enveloped with a peculiar darkness.

“By any chance, will we perhaps be fighting in a forest for the first time?”

Tobio muttered while gazing at the forest.

Hearing that, the expression of Sae who was beside him instantly darkened.

A battle in a forest late at night——. It seemed that it would be an intense fight when compared to the above average conditions of downtown or a department store.

Tall grasses, never knowing what’s underfoot, and trees that give rise to shadows as well as cover. For them, these would become dangerous factors.

If the trees were to be used as cover, they could be used defensively as well, but the same was true for their opponents. And in regards the the dark forest that was right before them, they were well aware that it was enemy territory.

——Well then, if we were to be attacked in the forest, just how would we fight?

Tobio was pondering this. Barakiel then spoke.

“We’re close.”

The cursor on the car navigation system was steadily beginning to overlap their destination point.

For a short while now, perhaps because they’d gotten close to their destination, the guidance voice from the navigation system had been speaking up frequently.

They would reach their destination very soon.

——From besides him Sae shouted.


The headlights revealed what seemed to be a person on the road in front of them!

Barakiel hurriedly hit the brakes and the car came to an emergency stop. With everyone riding in the car being impacted by the sudden breaking, Sae and Natsume reflexively let out shrieks of, “Kyah!”

Samejima leaned forward from the back seat to inquire.


“A person! There’s what appears to be a person in up ahead!”

It was Natsume who answered Samejima’s question.

In response to the sudden event, Barakiel unfastened his seat belt. Before getting out of the car he calmly spoke to Tobio and the others.

“……Around here it wouldn’t be unusual even if something were to occur already. Don’t neglect to be cautious.”

Having spoken thus to his students, taking a flashlight in his right hand he opened the door and headed towards the figure up ahead.

Tobio caught his breath. Vali was the model of composure. A cheerfully intrepid smile appeared on his face.

Barakiel aimed the light of his flashlight forward and investigated……but the figure, what had appeared to be a person did not become visible at all.

It had been a misunderstanding……an apologetic ambiance drifted through the car. If a person from the village had appeared that would also have been fine. It was the present situation of nobody coming out that was the most ominous.

That was because this phenomenon itself, given their opponents’ ability, could possibly be a trap. That was something that everyone who was present recognized.

A feeling of tension had drifted through the car’s interior, but Barakiel who was outside the car, perhaps having sensed some indication, aimed his flashlight at a certain point, and his expression became quizzical.

“Is there somebody there?”

Outside of the car, Barakiel inquired as such to somebody.

The gaze of everyone in the car gathered in the direction Barakiel had addressed.

For a moment there was silence. Then, from the shadows of the trees beside the road, there was a single figure——.

When Barakiel aimed his light there, what was there was the frantic form of a lone girl.

She was a blond (part of her long hair had been braided) with dark tinged features that suggested she was a foreigner.

Tobio, Sae, Natsume, and Samejima were astonished upon seeing her familiar face.

In accordance with what they recalled, there was her characteristic——mismatched colored eyes. The right eye was blue, and the left eye was black.

With beautiful looks, she was Nanadaru Shigune. Said to have been the most beautiful girl at Ryoukou High School, she was a biracial girl who was part Japanese and part Western. She had been called “Shigune[?]” by those girls she was closest with.

Shigune was wearing the school uniform of the school she had transferred to……but it had gotten dirty in several places, and there were even parts that were torn. There was also a little bit of mud that had gotten on her face. She was breathing heavily, which made it clear she had just been fleeing for her life.

She appealed to Barakiel with a voice that seemed to take a lot out of her.

“……Please help.”

Barakiel nodded once.

Barakiel sent a glance towards those who were in the car.

“Relax. We are your allies.”

Understanding those words that Barakiel spoke to be a signal, Tobio and the other Ryoukou students exited the car.

Natsume and Sae stood before the cautious Shigune. In response to their familiar faces, Shigune’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“……Minagawa-san, and Toujou-san……?”

With two of her former female classmates appearing before her eyes, perhaps feeling relieved in addition to her surprise, Shigune ended up sinking to the ground right where she was.

“Woah woah woah! Are you alright!?”

“Relax, Nanadaru-san.”

Natsume and Sae rushed over to the now seated Shigune in order to lend her a gentle hand.

At the same time, Tobio and Samejima, who had also exited the vehicle, being faced with the safety of one of their remaining classmates, relaxed their tension to a degree and let light smiles leak out.

However, Samejima noticed something that was being held in Shigune’s arms and spoke to Tobio.

“……Is that Nanadaru’s Sacred Gear?”

As Samejima said this, Tobio had been looking towards Shigune’s arms.

In her arms——she was holding a small quadruped that was wearing something like a mask over its face. Two horns were growing from its head. The mask meanwhile had some kind of pattern like that of a character on it……. However, the mask’s pattern was one that Tobio was familiar with.

When he had been investigation about the Four Fiends, he had noticed something identical in a book.

That——was displayed as the pattern relating to Toutetsu of the Four Fiends that was featured in Toutetsu engravings. In other words, the mysterious creature Shigune was holding——it was a Sacred Gear, one of the Four Fiends, the one known as Toutetsu.

……With independent avatar type Sacred Gears, while there are those like Natsume’s falcon and Samejima’s cat that manifest as ordinary creatures, there are also those whose manifestations are peculiar just from their appearance.

Shigune, having been looked after and having recovered her disposition that had slackened slightly, spoke to Tobio and the others.

“We should get away from here! People using strange techniques——“

Shigune only spoke to that extent, and the reason soon became clear.

Next to Tobio, a growl was released from Jin.

Ahead of the front of the car——towards the road that remained just slightly dark in spite of the headlights, that was where the black dog Jin directed his threat. His jet black fur bristled violently and he bared his fangs.

Seeing that, Tobio and the others took defensive postures.

Natsume let out a “Chih chih chih” sound from her mouth, and with sound of flapping wings, Griffon descended from the out of the darkness. From there he perched on her shoulder.

As Samejima was also preparing himself, Byakusa moved from his shoulder to his arm.

Unnoticed, the sound of insects had died out.

Little by little their skin began to crawl from the blood thirst and hostility.


At the quiet call of his master, Jin produced a distorted sword from the shadows at his feet and prepared to use his mouth.

Vali and Lavinia had also gotten out of the car.

“Hmph, such obvious killing intent. Interesting.”

“This presence, it is not a magical formula.”

It was when all members had completed their battle preparations.

A strange dry sound with a fixed rhythm like ‘ku ku ku’ was heard from in front of them.

What appeared in the area illuminated by the headlights——was uncanny, one-legged, fifty centimeter stone statue. With tiny wings growing from its back and a single horn on its head, its appearance was one of something grotesque.

At first glance its eyes were closed but…….

Tobio recalled seeing it somewhere before……suddenly he realized it with a jolt.

——This was in the materials on the Abyss Team we read before coming here!

Barakiel stiffened and shouted as the stone statue suddenly moved as though it was violently shivering.

“——Close your eyes!”

As Barakiel instructed, everyone closed their eyes, and even further covered their eyes entirely with their arms!

In an instant, the area was completely filled with a dazzlingly intense light.

When the light stopped, Tobio and the others timidly opened their eyes. The uncanny stone statue that had been illuminated by the headlights had vanished.

Barakiel spoke with a bittey expression.

“Really, so they’re sending that out first huh. That——is a Sacred Gear.”

Vali picked up from there.

“It was also written in those files right? ——Cursed Statue of Radiance LostBrain Shine Statue. As for its characteristic, if one directly receives that light it releases, it gradually steals their eyesight. Depending on the circumstances a person’s eyes would become entirely unable to see anything.”

It was a terrifying thing that the youth was saying, but his expression was composed.

Natsume swallowed and spoke.

“Isn’t that beyond terrifying……?”

Barakiel then replied.

“It should have been described in the material as well. The Abyss Team consists of members with those sorts of abilities.”

Indeed, the Abyss Team’s members’ abilities——they were Sacred Gears that dealt damage their opponents could not recover from.

If they’d been hit by the attack like the one just now, they would have had their eyesight stolen, or possibly lost their hearing. Characteristics that impose severe mental pollution with serious side effect, or others that utilized insects that would parasitically feed on the opponent’s body gradually from the inside.

Assassination, torture, the Abyss Team was formed of a collection of possessors who were entirely inhumane.

It had been explained to Tobio and the others that, if one were to fight them upfrontly, their mind and body would suffer severe damage of some sort.

The statue just now was a Sacred gear that, when it opened its eyes, would release a light would rob a person of their eyesight.

“……A team that kills at first sight, if that’s the truth I rather not have them as opponents though……”

While paying attention to her surroundings, Natsume muttered as much.

Then Barakiel, Vali, and Lavinia directed their gazes towards a single point. Everyone else matched their gazes.

From the soundless darkness of the road, laughter could be heard.

“Pupupu, upupupu.”

As for that which appeared while letting out such an unpleasant laugh, it was a slender man. He was dressed in something similar to the ‘Nephilim’ uniform worn by Tobio and the others.

The man wore sunglasses, had a crooked mouth, and wore an ugly smile on his face. At his feet was the aforementioned uncanny stone statue. Its eyes were closed once again.

“……I wish to render your eyes sightless quickly. ……I wish to make you understand the sensation of having sightless eyes…….”

As the man spoke, he had the eyes of the stone statue at his feet open——.

Tobio and the others did not permit the silent attack, and Tobio, Natsume, and Samejima all moved swiftly.


“Do it!”


Jin charged at high speeds with a sword held in his mouth, Griffon took to the air, and the point of Byakusa’s long tail shot towards the opponent.

It was a threefold simultaneous attack, but even in the midst of this the man’s disgusting smile did not cease.

Shigune shouted.

“That statue! There are two of them!”

Hearing that cry, Vali immediately took a quick look behind them and fired a silver aura from his hand!

There was another stone statue, but Tobio and the others’ backs were covered.


As Barakiel called out Lavinia’s name, she expanded a magic circle and fired at the male opponent. The man was enveloped directly by the blue colored aura released from the magic circle……but there was no damage.

The simultaneous hits taken from Jin’s sword and Byakusa’s tail were insufficient to break the stone statue in front of them, but the stone statue behind them was destroyed with a single attack from Vali.

Griffon’s high speed diving attack was closely avoided by the man.

Towards that man, Barakiel spoke while generating a small scale electrical phenomenon.

“To go so far as to take even me on, are you all such fools?”

The man, who seemed to be aware that Barakiel was a Cadre of the Grigori, while squinting and showing a smile, calmly vanished into the darkness.


The sound of insects resumed. There was no longer any murderous intent being released.

Tobio wiped the sweat that had amassed on his chin with his hand.

With the battle having ended, all members took a deep breath. Shigune then spoke to everyone as though having just recalled.

“Koga-kun! Everybody, Koga-kun is……!! He’s fighting in the village that’s over there!”

Shigune’s expression was urgent as she pointed towards the village.

It would appear that the situation was changing immensely——.

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