TWGOK Sugoroku

The World God Only Knows

One Summer Experience Sugoroku

This is a Sugoroku to help Keima capture the young girl. Can you join the ranks of the Fallen God!?


How to Play

  • Cut off the tokens to the left, and create a folded tokens. {TN: As I understand it, this means to fold them so each numbered piece is standing on the colored tabs.
  • Prepare a die, and decide the order of the tokens.
  • Place the tokens on start, roll the die in sequence, and advance your piece by the number displayed.
  • Regarding the instructions on the place you stop, follow the instructions.
  • For the zones which only concern the die (the ♥ spaces), on your turn roll the dice once. Following the instructions shown jump to the ♥ space that corresponds to the number rolled and proceed to the next person’s turn.
  • The first person to make it to the goal is the winner.

The Game Board

{TN: For the first part, I’ll be posting the translations of the road spaces. I’ll specify when the transition to heart spaces occur. For these early spaces you simply advance by the number on the die and follow the instructions. The Start space is the large photo of Hiyori}

Keima: “For a conquest, the first step is to make the other party aware of you.”


Artist Wakaki Tamiki sensei’s original heroine Sakurai Hiyori. Age 17, born on July 27

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sakurai Hiyori.”


You encounter Hiyori. Perfect, it’s love at first sight.

Advance 3 spaces


You become classmates with Hiyori.


You are seated next to each other. Since you’re able to speak during recess you become intimately close.

Advance 6 spaces


You speak to Hiyori using your comedic talent. It’s so bad it seems to trigger her gag reflex.


You were in the same physical education group. You’re able to converse more frequently.


You learned Hiyori’s secret. She’s not very good at singing… Rather she’s tone deaf.

Go back one space.


Hiyori enjoys swimming in the swim club. She wants to go to the beach this summer.

Advance 3 spaces


You learn that Hiyori’s lunch is Japanese huchen that she made herself. It seems she’s good at cooking.


You and Hiyori become aware of your feelings. Perhaps……



How does Hiyori feel about your situation. Roll the die twice, and listen to the voice of her thoughts.

If the sum total is 7 or greater

“Why do I feel this way?”

Advance to space 1 in the zone that only depends upon the die and wait until your next turn.

If the sum total is 6 or less

“We’re merely classmates.”

Advance to the failure arrow space and wait until your next turn. (TN: Failure arrow leads to space 2 above)

Heart Spaces

If advancing from space 10 above start on heart space 1. On each turn, roll the die and follow the instructions for the space you are on. For convenience I’ve listed the spaces in numerical order.


During club activities Hiyori is responsible for carrying the large equipment. What do you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

Call out to her and offer to assist. Go to ♥2

Dice Roll 4-6

Watch without helping. Go to ♥5


You blundered while helping her. You dropped the equipment and it broke. What do you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

Apologize. Go to ♥7

Dice Roll 4-6

Smile deceptively. Go to ♥4


The two of you each lunch comfortably in the classroom. Even after tomorrow you want to continue to eat together…. What do you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

Invite her to eat together with you again tomorrow. Go to ♥10

Dice Roll 4-6

You don’t want to appear to be shameless so you don’t invite her. Go to ♥4


Hiyori has started pouting. Although even her angry face is adorable, what will you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

Since she’ll listen to anything you say try to curry favor with her. Go to ♥9

Dice Roll 4-6

Stare at her face without saying anything. Go to ♥7


Having noticed you Hiyori has spoken to you saying “Mind helping me.” What do you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

You carry all of it. Go to ♥2

Dice Roll 4-6

You carry half of it. Go to ♥6


Jestingly you demand a reward for helping and she says “Sure”. What do you ask for?

Dice Roll 1-3

To go to karaoke together. Go to ♥8

Dice Roll 4-6

To eat one of her homemade bentos. Go to ♥11


Perhaps to try and reassure you, Hiyori makes a delicate joke. What do you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

You start laughing. Go to ♥9

Dice Roll 4-6

You find fault with it. Go to ♥4


She rejects you with a “No to that.” What do you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

Invite her once again. Go to  ♥4

Dice Roll 4-6

Act exceedingly disappointed. Go to ♥7


There’s a good feeling in the air with the two of you laughing together. Now’s the chance to invite her. The place is?

Dice Roll 1-3

Karaoke. Go to ♥8

Dice Roll 4-6

The sea. Go to ♥13


Hiyori’s OK with it. Where do you eat?

Dice Roll 1-3

Rooftop. Go to ♥12

Dice Roll 4-6

Classroom. Go to ♥3


Hiyori makes you a homemade bento. What do you do?

Dice Roll 1-3

Invite her to eat together. Go to ♥12

Dice Roll 4-6

Eat it immediately. Go to ♥3


Even Hiyori enjoys having lunch on the rooftop. At this point you make up your mind to…

Dice Roll 1-3

Right now, go to the sea. Go to ♥13

Dice Roll 4-6

Have her make lunch again tomorrow. Go to ♥11


Hiyori’s reply…, how does it go?

Dice Roll 1-3

Eh, that’s somewhat…. Go to ♥8

Dice Roll 4-6

Really! Let’s go let’s go! Go to ♥14


Finally at the sea with Hiyori. However at the appointed time she hasn’t arrived as of yet. Is she just slow in arriving. Roll the die and follow the instructions for the number shown.

Dice Roll 1-3

Hiyori arrives. “Let’s go quickly.” Go to Goal.

Dice Roll 4-6

Mail from Hiyori. “I’m running late so wait for little bit.” Try again next turn.


“I’m so happy that I could come to the sea with you.”

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