Vandread Extra Stage

The Harvest Fleet having been crushed, the planets of Taraak and Majere have been liberated from its threat. Hibiki, having become a mediator between the two planets, has descended to his homeworld of Taraak. However so far there’s been a complete change, as now people around him are fussing over him, and he is unable to contain his confusion and frustration. Will Hibiki be able to deal with his complex feelings for Dita? On the other hand, there’s Jura and Barnette’s first meeting, a new never been told episode that’s been written for this volume. Come meet those beautiful girls again, this is Extra Stage!!

—Back cover.


Chapter 1: The Cornered Beast

Chapter 2: Melting Away

Chapter 3: Parfet’s Mutterings

Chapter 4: Calming Place

Chapter 5: Boundless Solitude

Chapter 6: Fusion Point

Chapter 7: Each One’s Place to Belong

Chapter 8: Hibiki and Dita