Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 3

Parfet’s Mutterings

Part 1

In the vast void of outer space, a space station called a ‘mission’ drifted is isolation as though it had been abandoned.

On Earth of the past, many colonization ships had been launched carrying mankind’s hopes for a better future. At this time, the space stations known as ‘missions’ had been prepared to served as stopping points in the middle of these long distance voyages. Currently having all but completed its role, even though it was drifting in space as ruins, there were people currently residing within it, and it was even operating internally.


At present, there was a single spaceship docked at the mission known as ‘Delta 6′. This was the fused battleship Nirvana on board of which were a hundred and fifty pirates from Majere serving under Magno Vivan as well as three men of Taraak. As a result of the Pexis Pragma, the energy source utilized by most of humanity that had been scattered throughout the cosmos utilized, Earth included, going rampant, this ship had been formed from the combining of two ships, the irony being that the men and women of Taraak and Majere that despised one another were compelled to travel together in the same boat.

The Nirvana was continuing to journey towards their home in the Majere Star System. This fusion of two warships had been formed when the Pexis Pragma had run wild, and simultaneously a wormhole had been suddenly generated, which flung Magno and company into a sector far from their native system. And it was at that point, in an apparent twist of fate, that they learned of the Earth’s plot to eradicate the colonized planets, a plan known as the Reaping.

With the destruction of their homeworld being unacceptable to Magno and company, they were hurrying back to notify them of the crisis. And thus they had in the midst of this journey at last come upon the mission Delta 6.

The residents of Delta 6 were descendants from the colonization fleet which had embarked from Earth, and furthermore were people who had since escaped the disaster of the reaping and were dispersed from their numerous colonized planets. When the Nirvana had stopped by, they coincidentally encountered part of Earth’s unmanned reaping fleet, and through the cooperation of the residents and the Nirvana’s crew they were able to overcome the crisis. As a result, Liz, the leader of Delta 6, who had not welcomed the Magno and company’s visit at first, had a change of heart. Due to her goodwill, the crew was able to replenish their supplies and rest for a short while.

Presently, with Magno and her Executive Officer Buzam leading, nearly the entire crew was transferring over to the mission, with only ten-odd people remaining on board the warship Nirvana, including the three members of the bridge crew, Amarone, Belvedere, and Celtic, and the engineering chief Parfet Balblair.

The three members of the bridge crew were tasked with the job of verifying and recording the replenished goods. Naturally, their facial expressions were gloomy.

“A~~ah, why is always us who are so unlucky I wonder…….”

As her dreadlocks that were tied up at the back of her head swayed, the dark brown skinned Amarone muttered. Subsequently, the disheveled short blonde-haired Belvedere who working to her left shouted.

“Geez! Didn’t we promise not to talk about that!?”

Although reluctantly following orders, it was obvious that she wanted to go to the mission. However, if they didn’t review all the supplies that were brought aboard, it might become impossible to resume their journey later on.

“……Hey, there’s nothing to do about other than to finish the work quickly……. If we finish quickly than even we can receive a respite, no doubt…….”

Celtic who was sitting behind them soothed the pair. Having previously despised contact with men, she had enveloped herself in a stuffed bear costume, but presently she changed her garment everyday, and was at ease with travelling in the same boat with her bitter enemies.

“For that very reason of getting there quickly, we should have Parfet handle the repairing of the shuttle, right…….”

Despite Celtic’s pacification attempt, Amarone was pessimistic about the state of affairs.

“Well, since our chief engineer is unusually busy multitasking multiple jobs, such as the piping and airtight seals……. Rather than Parfet, if even we can do a good job of it……”


At that moment, Parfet, the very person who was the target of the bridge crew trio’s sympathies for being compelled to work overtime, in order to repair Delta 6’s transport shuttle, was in the Nirvana’s repair booth. In order for the engineering crew who were her subordinates to be able to repair the main body of Delta 6 itself, she had remained aboard the warship by herself.

Delta 6 where the refugees had assembled was employing facilities and equipment that were entirely deficient. For her, whose personality was one which felt love for machines identical to that for living things, she couldn’t stay silent about this.

“Just you wait, shuttle-san! Very soon you’ll be up and energetic!”

As she sympathetically caressed the worn-out shuttle, she was muttering exactly as she would converse with a friend. For Parfet, resting at the mission wasn’t something all that attractive. Rather than that she took joy in repairing the battered equipment of Delta 6.

“Hey, don’t you think you should take a short break?”

A voice filled with concern came from behind Parfet. As she turned her head in surprise, the one standing there was the Nirvana’s only nurse, Paiway Underberg. While called a nurse, at eleven years old she was still a child. Having gotten along well with the children of the refugees, Paiway, thinking about giving them some kind of present, had then returned and was rummaging through the warship.

“It’s ok, it’s okay! This is my own way of relaxing after all! No need to mind me, just enjoy yourself without restraint Pai.”

With her trademark goggly-eyed spectacles as foggy as ever, Parfet encouraged Paiway with a smiling face. Whenever Parfet would laugh without concern, the the twin long braids of hair that extended from the back of her head would bounce joyfully.

“……Fu~n, although Pai does not understand, if it’s okay with Parfet……”

From her standpoint as a nurse, Paiway was concerned for her part about Parfet excessive diligence, but seeing her happy appearance, she seemed to realize that these concerns were needless fears.

“Say, what are you doing here right now?”

Perhaps feeling at ease, the target of Paiway’s interest changed, moving from Parfet herself to what she was working on. Subsequently, Parfet began to merrily explain the answer to what she asked. From this situation it was clear that she was truly a mecha maniac.

“Well you see, I’m replacing this shuttle-kun’s core! That is to say, I’m exchanging it with a healthy replacement crystal copied from our own Pexis!”

“Then, it’s like a heart transplant!?”

Being unable to imagine such a medical way of thinking, Parfet leaned forward in surprise. Then, having heard this, the seemingly happy Parfet followed up on those words.

“Heheh! If that’s how Pai sees it then it must be the case! However, from the start the Pexis that we are using were all copied from the original without any difficulty. Well, even though humanity began utilizing Pexis over a century ago, it’s unknown where the original came from……”


Paiway was nodding to show that she understood, but it seemed like in reality she did not understand. However, paying no mind to that fact, Parfet continued explaining as she joyfully turned to face the console.

“Pai, are you aware of how ships are built to utilize Pexis?”

“……I don’t know.”

Thereupon, Parfet’s expression became increasingly more excited.

“Well then allow me to teach you! Well, just as when trying to grow plants for example, first you insert Pexis crystals into the heart of the ship’s skeletal frame. Then, by stimulating the Pexis’s growth by exposing it to a pulse beam, the Pexis produces a network by arbitrarily extending feelers throughout the interior. Then once you install the necessary control unit the ship is complete! Simple right!? Still though, it’s useless if one isn’t careful here……”

Within Magno’s Family the number one matter that one should be careful about is,’You shouldn’t ask Parfet questions about machines’. Having experienced this for herself Paiway began to experience cold sweat as she tried to rein her in.

“H-hey? Putting that aside, that situation with the doctor, is it okay to leave it as is?”

In order to change the subject, Paiway spoke the name of the Nirvana’s doctor, who’s full name was Duero McFile. Duero was one of the three men of Taraak that were currently aboard the Nirvana. With a brilliant mind brimming with intellectual curiosity, he bore a interest in the women who had come and attacked their ship, and was the person who volunteered himself for acts of medical care, which had not been part of his original plans. For Parfet who had an affinity for machines, she considered the differences between men and women to be only to the extent of a ‘structural discrepancy’, while Duero on the other hand was always logical, and was the type who preferred his own intellectual curiosity. For that reason, between Parfet and Duero, the gap of hostility that ought to exist between men and women being absent, a curious relationship was formed on the Nirvana.

“But isn’t the doctor treating the people of the mission?”

Paiway’s plan had been the smart move, however since Parfet herself had a tendency not to worry about anything she responded with a puzzled attitude. That is to say, the mutual affinity she felt towards the doctor wasn’t to the point that they were always together.

“But, the sweet people of the mission, they called the doctor a ‘good man’!”

Though impossible Paiway tried to fan the flames of jealousy in Parfet. However, Parfet’s expression didn’t change even after saying something to that extent.

“Fu~n……. An environment in which men and women live together huh……. Well then, I’ll have to ask the doctor about it when he gets back,” she said as though it was someone else’s problem. On the contrary,

“Aside from all that, continuing from where we had just left off……”

Saying that, they had returned to the topic of machines of machines that Paiway had averted. At that the shocked Paiway said,

“Sorry! My friend is waiting for me!”

And with that statement, Paiway ran away from Parfet in order to escape.

“……Fu~n……. Such a shame, such a shame……. We’ll have to do this some other time…….”

As she watched the retreating figure of Paiway as she withdrew, Parfet muttered in a self-deprecating manner. It seemed as though she was aware of it herself somehow or another, but when it came to machine talk she would forget herself by accident. Having clenched her fist in self-rebuke, she returned to the narrow core booth as she struck herself hollowly on the head.

Part 2


Outside the Nirvana’s hull a person let out an unsightly sneeze. It was this warship’s only helmsman, Bart Garsus. He, originally being the son of a plutocratic noble, was someone who a a big to do back in his home country, a fact assisted by his well featured appearance. However, having a reputation for avoiding danger, as well as being a misfortunate character, he had been been the only one hiding aboard the warship at the time the two warships had fused. And so, as a result of this his own body had been completely enveloped during the rampage of the Pexis Pragma. Henceforth, the Nirvana had become a troubling system that would not start up if he wasn’t taken inside the crystal. That is to say, it was impossible for him to be separated from the ship.

“……Oo~h why did it have to turn out like this……”

Sniffling with a blank expression, Bart was currently polishing the lenses for the Nirvana’s homing lasers, of which there were several hundred. Regarding this laser, it was a new ability that had been born when they had dropped by a planet a few days earlier, a result of him coming into a contact with a girl of unfortunate fate and become friendly with her. On this occasion, even Bart’s heart matured and urged him not to choose ‘escape’ as he had up until then. Commemorating the young life that perished in vain prayer, although he had shaved off his prided blonde hair, his original disposition had by no means changed overnight.

“Daa~mn it! I’m going to polish all of these at any cost so I can set aside time to enjoy myself!”

As a vein pulsed on his smooth shaved head, Bart clenched his fist in annoyance. However, in the vastness of outer space this shout resounded in vain.


“Loading of the replenished supplies has been completed!”

“Without any problems with the requisition list!”

“YE~ES! With this we can be relieved——!!”

On the bridge that was deserted apart from the three of them, the voices of Amarone, Belvedere, and Celtic joyfully resounded. Their eagerly awaited holiday time had arrived.

“Let’s quickly get in contact with the mission! We’ll have to call back the relief crew!”

Without restraining her excitement, Amarone continued speaking as she noisily clapped her hands. While looking amazed at the situation, Celtic opened a line to Buzam who was on the mission. It was at that moment that it occurred.

‘Is it okay if you wait a bit?’

The room monitor opened, displaying the the face of Parfet who was in the repair booth.


Having shut the hanging console Belvedere responded in confusion. Parfet then spoke as she wiped the sweat off her brow.

‘The repairs on the mission’s shuttle are almost finished, however I want to link a new Pexis system to the core I installed. Therefore, if you don’t temporary abstain from contacting the mission’s main control, I won’t be able to perform the operation……. Can I request this of you?’

By finishing one’s work, a painful situation of being detained by their superiors when it was time to prepare for the journey home could be averted. For the bridge crew trio, that was the exact situation at the present moment.



“……I-it’s okay but……”

Amarone, who had already spring from her seat and been about to start running, sighed as she again lowered herself back into her seat. Even though Parfet hadn’t meant to be malicious, nevertheless her failure was that she hadn’t considered their feelings.

‘Ah, so! Well then if you would excuse me I am already inputting the access point!’

And with that line conveying that only her work was important she severed the communication link. The three on the bridge understood from this that she was entranced by her immediate work to such an extent.

“……Someone……got Parfet completely fired up……”

Amarone muttered with a bitter expression.

“Core maintenance is exceedingly rare……. I guess pipework really lights a fire under her……”

Even Belvedere was struck by extreme dejection.

“Now now, it’s only a matter of linking it to the other system……. The response from the vice commander will be next, and then it will end with the arrival of the relief crew.”

While wearing a twitching smile, Celtic somehow cheered the other two up. In spite of what the pair had said, since this certainly was the last job, they pulled themselves together and faced the consoles.

Having entrusted the access to the bridge crew, Parfet was in a good mood as she once again entered the shuttle’s energy reactor. {TN: The word used here usually means a nuclear reactor but I chose a more literal interpretation based on context.} The small Pexis Pragma from the new core she had installed was releasing a calm light.

“Fufu……no matter how many times I see it, this light is so pretty……”

Parfet muttered with a calm smile akin to one who was witnessing the birth of a new life. For her there was absolutely no difference between the birthing of life and restoring the power of movement.

In regards to the room occupied by the Nirvana’s Pexis Pragma, compared to the size of the core it would be proportional to a large theatre. On the other hand, the one for the small transport shuttle would amount to the space taken up by a single individual.

“Until you’re properly connected to the mission’s main system, I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on you……”

It was just like how when one picks up a stray cat, they secretly raise it as though it was one of their children.

‘Parfet! Do you copy? Is it okay to begin the system link from this point?’

As Parfet was staring at the small Pexis Pragma with a gentle smile, a communication voice from Belvedere rang out. Hearing that Parfet spoke while still smiling.

“OK whenever you are!”


Just as the communication from Belvedere was switched off, the sound of the startup began to resound from inside the shuttle’s energy core. Feeling the dull vibrations that were being transmitted along the surface, Parfet was quite satisfied as she surveyed her surroundings. Considering that it was her, it was likely that she was seeing new life begin to course through it.

Inside the miniature Pexis Pragma, the purified crystal was filled with a turquoise light, and as that luminance intensified crystalline pillars began to grow out from all sides of the small crystalline body. This was the growth of the Pexis.

Detecting all the data that was being transmitted from the mission’s main control, the small crystal extended feelers into the shuttle’s various circuits and seemed to draw them close so as to garb itself. Once the growth was complete, the shuttle would be able to come back to life now that it had acquired a new power source.

“Fufu……it’s time! Do your best!”

Watching with a gentle expression, Parfet murmured as though addressing a baby. The small Pexis crystal continued to form its links as though it had understood her words. And that’s when it happened.


Suddenly, the energy core shook violently together with a thunderous roar that went through her.


Just as Parfet had raised a shout instinctually, in the next moment the electrical power to her surroundings was cut off entirely, enveloping everything nearby in darkness.

Part 3

“Anomaly detected in the mission’s main system! A bug appeared from the downloaded data!”

Celtic reported with a panicked voice as she gazed intently at the nearby console. Hearing this Amarone became confused and checked the Nirvana’s condition. Then, upon seeing the data on monitor her face stiffened in horror.

“NO WAY! Even the Nirvana’s main system has been affected! The auto-protect is in the middle of starting up! The system has been forcibly isolated!”

“It won’t start over here either! Owing to the mission’s main system running wild, the Nirvana’s main controls have been temporarily corroded!”

Following Amarone’s remark, Belvedere spoke in an openly quivering voice due to the commotion.

“In short……what’s the situation?”

As for Celtic who turned back towards the frightened pair, she did not comprehend well what Amarone and Belvedere had said. Although the link to the mission had been severed the instant the situation was detected, they were unable to anticipate the extent of the damage to the Nirvana’s data.


A heavy silence enveloped the bridge. And then, the next moment, together with a shrill alert, the Nirvana suddenly began to violently shake.



At last even Bart who had been polishing the lenses on the outer hull noticed the abnormality. Strictly speaking this was only to be expected given the shocking situation of the Nirvana not moving as expected, suddenly started booting up, and undocking from the mission’s moorings.


With the release of Bart uncouth scream, the Nirvana left into outer space at extreme speeds.

“What is this!?”

Noticing the abnormality, Buzam, who was down on the mission with the rest of the crew, rushed to the docking port, but by then it was already too late, as the Nirvana had flown off into distant space, leaving the majority of her crew behind.



Although furnished with a lifeline that extended from his spacesuit, Bart screamed frantically. However, the Nirvana, having currently fallen into a rampage, was dashing through outer space like a frightened child trying to escape.


“The controls are out of control!”

“Commander!? Captain! Meia! Gasco-san!! Please someone respond, anyone!”

The trio who were left on the bridge were using their consoles to call out in an earnest appeal for assistance. However, with the entire system being down there was no way for anyone to respond to them.

“Fe~~n……what should we do……”

Celtic who was the youngest complained while on the verge of tears. However, Amarone and Belvedere didn’t know how best to reply.

“……Even now, we are so unlucky……”

Crestfallen, Amarone’s shoulders drooped as she sank deeper into her seat. However, despite being constantly aware of how frightened she was, due to her sense of duty as the most senior of them, she stirred herself once more while her face remained resolute.

“Both of you listen!”

At Amarone’s voice, both Belvedere and Celtic looked up in astonishment.

“Remaining on board this ship, including ourselves and Parfet, there ought to be only ten-odd members of the crew! First we must grasp the situation on board the ship! Is that clear!?”

To Amarone’s motion, recognizing there were no choices, the two of them perked themselves up and nodded their assent.


Meanwhile, having been locked inside the shuttle’s small energy core, Parfet was irritated about not being able to move about as she wished.

“YABBAA~~……. I just can’t understand what could caused this to happen……”

She spoke up in a disappointed voice, yet that was not to say that she was particularly comfortable with the present situation. In reality it was simply her own way of showing her discomfort. However, it was a trait of Parfet’s that she was not seen as ever being excessively panicked by anyone who might be observing her.

“Nsho……. For now if the lights aren’t on……I can’t do anything at all……”

As she said that, she groped through the belt around her waist and took out a searchlight. What the light held in her hand brought into focus was the interior that had fallen silent at the apparent death of the entire system. Even the Pexis, which until just now had been continuing to calmly grow, was now devoid of light.

“Wait just a minute, you had only just woken up!”

Glancing at the Pexis that was silent despite her friendly encouragement, Parfet wriggled her body into an upright position and reached out towards the panel.

Releasing the lock, she peeked inside and, as expected, she caught sight of the row of emergency electrical power switches. Grinning as she checked over each of the switches, she started by turning on the switch for the emergency lighting.


Together with a faint startup sound, the interior of the energy reactor core was covered in a red light. While providing the minimum necessary power for startup while minimizing energy waste, she then proceeded to verify that the emergency devices were functioning normally.

I see……. This guy himself seems to be alright……. Be that as it may, it must be due to something occurring in the middle of the system startup, since everything was looking good until we brought it into contact with the main control……”

Although it was a critical situation, nevertheless Parfet made a calm judgement. However, if she were to be isolated in the natural world that was entirely absent of machines, then it would be a different situation. The saying ‘machines never tell a lie’ was one of her personal views. That is to say, it was precisely because it was a case involving machines that she was so calm.

“……Next would be if there were any problems with the other system but……”

When a human being has been isolated, not only are they often overcome by uneasiness by they will often speak out loud to themselves. However, Parfet’s case was slightly different. Rather it seemed that she was conversing with the machine in front of her.

It’s difficult to realize due to the loose-fitting work clothes she usually wears, but Parfet has a quite glamorous figure. Despite the fact that her breasts and buttocks were being compressed in that small space, she still earnestly distorted her body and continued through all of the validation work.

“Even if it’s a little crazy, if it’s to the extent of being able to restore you……”

She was groping around here and there to boot up the shuttle’s computer, and for the sake being to apply some level of treatment to the body of the shuttle, tried to find something somewhere that she had not immediately noticed. However, since she couldn’t escape from this place, the person who could stop the Nirvana from running wild was not available. With she herself being entirely unaware of it, its entire fate had been left up to her.

Part 4

“……No good……. The the entire communication system has been damaged……”

Belvedere, who had been checking through the state of affairs aboard the warship, let out a sigh of dejection. As she had said, regardless of whether it was internal or external, it was currently impossible to get in contact with anyone outside of speaking with them directly with one’s own voice.

“Although we’re still linked to the mission, since it’s through the communication system……. It would not be unreasonable to say that we were outdone from the outset……”

Although it was to be expected, upon hearing the report Amarone’s expression also darkened. In the meanwhile the Nirvana was still charging aimlessly into the void. The more time that passed the more difficult it became to return to their comrades.

“Perhaps a rescue signal, are the markers unusable? If would could at least notify them of the approximate direction we went……”

Celtic made a suggestion as though to say there was nothing to lose. However, before she could finish explaining her suggestion Amarone shook her head in regret.

“I already thought of that……. Among the emergencies systems, the only ones that are usable are the emergency life support equipment and the emergency power supply……. Presently, in terms of what is shown on our consoles, aren’t they only displaying an error for the alert data? It’s impossible to even voluntarily begin something to investigate within the ship……”

“……The heck, it’s not like everyone was left behind is it? Even if it’s only a small number of people if they don’t understand then……”

To Celtic’s words that she had muttered to herself, Amarone also strongly nodded in agreement.

“That’s right……. All the more so since some of them might be injured. ……However, as for how we would go about contacting them……”

Although they were successively stating points of concern, they weren’t coming up with any solutions. They were only becoming more perplexed.

“Rather, shouldn’t we go looking for them?”

Unsure of what to do, Celtic slouched forward. It wasn’t an unnatural response giving the anxiety they had to bear with. However, even in regards to this Amarone shook her head just like before.

“Everyone else ought to be thinking the same! In that case where do you think they’ll come looking for us?”

Celtic was taken aback by Amarone’s inquiry.

“! The Bridge!”

“Indeed. Therefore, we had best not move from this place. Dispersing personnel more than this will only serve to increase the level of danger……”

In response to Amarone’s remark, the remaining two nodded their emphatic agreement.

“In that case, right now we ought to be repairing the communication system, as well as trying to somehow or another bring the ship to a stop!”

Being proactive even if only to a small degree, Belvedere clenched her fist and strengthened her tone. Hearing that Celtic suddenly thought of something and turned to her console.

“That’s it! We’re certain that Parfet ought to be in the repair booth right!? I’ll try to call out to her somehow!”

As Celtic said, if they could get into contact with Parfet, the probability of escaping from this crisis would go up.

“Well then, we’ll entrust communicating with Parfet to Celtic! Bel! We’ll devote ourselves to gaining control of the engine system and open external communications!”

In acknowledgement of Amarone’s statement, Belvedere emphatically nodded her assent.

Originally the pair had distributed the duties, with Amarone being in charge of the long range sensors and Belvedere being in charge of the short range. For that reason, the data displayed on their consoles would only have subtle differences.

“Understood! I’ll think about a way to stop the engines. Amar if you could handle the communication system!”

If this had been an ordinary day it would be sufficient for the three of them to wait for orders from the experienced Magno or else the composed Buzam who always passed down logical judgements, but right now that alone wasn’t enough. If they didn’t decide for themselves, there wasn’t any else who could make a decision.

“After all, we’re not just some simple computer terminals! Even if it’s only us we have to show everyone that we can do it diligently!”

Amarone muttered as though reprimanding herself. Hearing that, Belvedere also grinned as sweat formed on her brow.

“If we return safely from this, we’ll be absolute heroes! The event crew will hold a grand party to celebrate!”

“And then, we’ll get a satisfying vacation!”

While eagerly attempting to access the system, Amarone gave Belvedere an impish wink. Having somehow regained their calm while in a state of isolation, the three of them had only just begun to take progressive action.

With each of them being split up, and while being in a situation where they couldn’t contact each other, both the bridge crew as well as Parfet in the repair booth had begun to endeavour to escape from this crisis.

As though not having any awareness of their efforts, the Nirvana, having fallen into a rampaging state, was plunging through space as it strayed.

“You wild horse! Prepare to be tamed!”

Despite being alone, who even until now had been abandoned in the vastness of outer space, there was Bart shooting of insults. As he eagerly hauled himself in using his only lifeline, he was endeavouring to somehow grab hold of the warship’s outer hull.

However, much like a kite caught in turbulence, due to the Nirvana repeatedly making entirely unpredictable changes in trajectory, they would be pulled apart even as he reeled himself in, thus he would approach only for it to repeatedly get away.

It was very much in apt accordance with his description as a ‘wild horse’.

“GODDAMN IT——! Hold still for just a minUUTE!”

As his body was jolted every which way, Bart was shrieking and screaming angry words. And then, it happened. Suddenly, the Nirvana which had changed directions was now rapidly approaching in Bart’s direction.

“WA——! IDIOT! WATCH IT∼∼∼∼!”

His eyes widened as Bart issued a command, but the Nirvana didn’t stop for that. Bart was slammed onto the outer hull of the warship in what could be described as an unpleasant fashion, and while he achieved his desire of grabbing hold of it, he lost consciousness due to the shock of the collision. As expected, he was the one who always drew the short straw from among the Nirvana’s crew.


Within the narrow energy core of the shuttle, there was once again the sound of something starting up. Having verified the sound with the listening device attached to her left ear, Parfet spoke up timidly.

“……Launch computer automatic voice response system……”

In response to Parfet’s utterance, the console speakers within the energy core emitted an unpleasant ‘GARIGARI……’ sound. Squirming around within the small space, she had finally managed to discover the control console from memory, but in a betrayal of Parfet’s expectations the monitor didn’t boot up. Nevertheless, after attempting several methods, by connecting her own data terminal, she was somehow able to call up the shuttle’s main console.

Holding her breath Parfet stared at the speakers, however the system unfortunately did not boot up successfully, and thus no reply was issued.

“Haa∼∼∼∼∼∼∼……. This was no good either huuh……”

She had just attempted the last technique that she had desperately thought up, but even though she had known it was inapplicable, Parfet still let out a sigh of immense disappointment. She had always told herself that, if she invested all of her energy, then the machine would always respond. She had always believed so. And that, precisely because of this notion, the Nirvana had thus far come to escape from numerous crises.

Conversely, even though she had squeezed out all of her knowledge, for the machine not to respond despite her attempts to gain access was an immense disappointment for her. However, this did not cause her to think badly of the machine. She felt down because she felt that she had yet put enough of her effort into pondering it.

“It’s not that I particularly think you’re bad okay……. It’s the humans who are detestable for not providing diligent maintenance regularly after all……”

Parfet was muttering with a meek expression just like how one would address a sick child.

“Using you as they please when you’re in good condition, cursing machines of all types when their condition deteriorates……. Finally in the end they nonchalantly throw them away without so much as hesitating……. Really, that’s just how humans are isn’t it……”

Perhaps due to her disappointment over the main system not booting up, even her tone was gradually becoming dejected. And then, as she stared at the presently silent Pexis crystal, her mind revisited the various machines and systems she had seen up until now.

Just like the other crew members, Parfet was originally from Majere unit that was closed down. Both her parents were fortunately in good health, and even now were living quite well at the pirates’ hideout. However, with her parents having both jointly managed a store, for her as an only child the computer was her only playmate. At first she had played games and education programs like other children, but before she realized she had come to enjoy conversing with the computer itself. These conversations as they were called were various. Beginning with what’s known as the voice reply system, she gradually took an interest in the programming and systems. And then finally, it reached the point when she herself was repairing any abnormalities that the computer developed.

She was desperate whenever she was in the midst of repairs. She would address the machine exactly like she would encouraging a friend who was on her deathbed. By earnestly exerting herself to that extent, in almost every case the machine would be restored to normal functionality. There was no doubt in her mind that these results were ‘the machine responding to her friendship’. Since then, Parfet had come to believe that even machines had were uniquely alive.

Before she realized it Parfet was rushing out of her house, and was visiting the various systems and machine facilities within the unit. With each new machine she came in contact with, the number of ‘friends’ she had increased even further. Thinking it curious that she as a child would hold such an interest in complex machines, in most cases, the adults allowed her to come into contact with the machines. As these cases accumulated, by the time she realized it Parfet had mastered various repair techniques.

However, on the other hand, possessing a personality that plainly differed from ordinary children, she grew distant from children her own age as well as her parents. Thus, due to her trauma from this, she came to embrace the idea that ‘machines become broken because they are treated rudely by human beings’.

Just because she would say that ‘machines are friends’ did not mean that her social disposition was poor however. Given that she perceived that ‘whether human or machine, the difference is only a systemic discrepancy’, whether it was different personalities or different programming, she didn’t think any less of them. As a result of this she also perceived the differences between men and women as a ‘structural discrepancy’, and thus what Paiway called her ‘relationship with the doctor’ didn’t arouse any misgivings for her.

Be that as it may, since she spent a proportionally greater amount of time fiddling with machine, she was certainly not all that skilled at communication. That being the case, in spite of the defect of having difficulty understanding the circumstances of other and what they were thinking, since joining Magno’s Family she had instead become part of ‘the normal group’. This was due mainly to how, of the people gathered by Magno’s Family, many of them bore emotional scars.

She was particularly close with the rookie Dread Team Pilot, Dita Liebely. Referred to as ‘UFO mania oddballs’, Dita and Parfet came to understand each other through their discussions of the structure of UFOs. Dita had been treated as an oddball, but now,  together with the boy Hibiki Tokai from Taraak, apart from being the pilot who flied the miraculous fused robot ‘Vandread’ that was created by the Pexis Pragma running wild, the Nirvana would no longer exist if she were not around. Even so Parfet’s attitude towards her continued to remain unchanged since before.

For her, understanding ‘the structural discrepancies in everything’, and thereby abolishing the discrimination towards everything, could possibly be the essential factor that brings everything together in the near future.

“It’s not that you don’t want to respond. It’s that you can’t respond even though you want to isn’t it? In that case I can do something about that!”

Parfet, who having momentarily been feeling dejected, while reminiscing on the joyful times she had successfully repaired the machines she had encountered until now, once again raised her head as she roused herself. She would proactively devot her very best. This was Parfet’s zone of excellence.

OO∼∼∼∼KAY NOW! Think……there was that sound of starting up, so until then the system was functioning……. For it to not speak even though it wants to……. That’s it! It’s a different language! That is to say that it’ll be fine if I can translate it!”

As continued speaking to herself, Parfet joyfully went to work.

“Rather than forcing it to use my language, I’ll simply match it’s language……”

While declaring that, she pulled the data terminal she had connected some time ago over, and changed the language databank over to random mode.

“Alright! How’s this!?”

She stared as the speakers with an expression that was brimming with confidence. Thereupon which,

‘……Vun……ji……jiji……mAIn sYSTEm aCCEss complete ……starting voice reply sYSTEm mODe…………pLEASe sTATe your inquiry’

The response was most certainly a machine voice.


Even Parfet instinctively took a triumphant pose. At last, it was at that moment that her desire came through.

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      1. There’s also someone else who appreciate your work in translating the extra stage novel! I’ve been searching for years for some kind of translation of the story that has occurred at the end of the second stage of Vandread!


      2. Trust me I’ve been there. I only figured out translation a year and half ago. So when I went looking for a new project, I remembered that long held desire to read Extra Stage.


      3. Hello,

        Just want to let you know I too appreciate what you are doing. I just recently finished the Vandread anime and saw in the Wiki that there was a light novel of it. From the updates, I see only chapter 8 is left. I hope you will continue to finish it. Thanks for the hard work!



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