Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 4

Calming Place

Part 1

“The cause has been identified?”

Buzam was interrogating the leader of the engineering crew with a severe expression. Parfet being absent at the moment, she was the one serving as a substitute. Since she was usually grouped together with the engineering crew members, this was her first time being invited to a commander class conference. The situation felt tense as she stood before the executive leaders of Magno, Gascogne, Buzam, and Meia.

“It’s not that we’re accusing you of anything in particular. Just explain it to us calmly. Come now, don’t distance yourself even if you’re being glared at by BC like an opponent of some kind okay……”

Having noticed the leader’s tension, Gascogne dropped some frivolous talk to diffuse the situation. ‘BC’ was a nickname for Buzam used by Magno and Gascogne. It was taken from the initials of Buzam A. Calessa, but at the same time, since she concurrently held the posts of Executive Officer second to Magno as well as the Chief of Staff, she held both the second-in-command and third-in-command positions, so this meaning was also included.

“……Since we had been feeling relieved after having completed the maintenance on the mission’s main system, it seems there was a problem in bypassing the subunit……”

Perhaps because Gascogne’s timely help wasn’t particularly successful, the engineering crew leader’s voice was stiff.

“In short, you’re saying you’ve concluded that this was the cause of the Nirvana’s rampage?”

Buzam pushed for a reply with her follow up. Thereupon, the leader nodded timidly.

“Parfet had been repairing this mission’s transport shuttle. Perhaps, given that she was replacing the core, it’s likely she thought to try and access the main control here……”

“So a bug arose, caused harm to the Nirvana’s main control, and that’s the situation……”

Having finally come to understand the situation, Buzam pondered as she folded her arms in order to work out a countermeasure. Subsequently, as though guiding her thoughts, Gascogne once again spoke up.

“Even if we were to give chase and forcibly seize it, we have the shuttle and Dita’s Dread here, and beyond that it’s only the abrasive onii-chan’s Vanguard……”

Abrasive onii-chan was a nickname for Hibiki. Having heard that, Buzam immediately understood what Gascogne was trying to say.

“A long range search seems impossible for Hibiki and Dita’s Vandread Dita. Our only choice is to send out the shuttle initially, and as soon as it can identify it to some extent, have Vandread Dita pursue. ……Be that as it may, if we could at least identify the direction it flew off in……”

Buzam’s expression was stern as she pondered.

“Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if our colleagues who remained on the warship were to somehow resolve it and return……”

Magno had purposefully fired off such frivolous talk, but contrary to her words and facial expression she had immediately stumbled on what Parfet and the others had been planning themselves.

“From what we have confirmed, including Parfet, Amarone, Belvedere, and Celtic, there are seventeen crew members remaining on the ship. Adding Bart in makes eighteen. If they can gain control over the main controls, there’s sufficient likelihood of them returning on their own.”

Meia supplemented this as she read off the available data. Everyone felt that they wanted to believe those words. However, understanding that they should consider all possibilities Buzam deliberately offered candid advice.

“I similarly wish to believe in the crew members. However, we cannot conclude that all of the crew members remaining on the warship are in sound condition. Considering all possibilities, we should be looking for a method to seize the ship.”


Hearing Buzam’s instructions, leaving aside Gascogne, the the leadership members stood up simultaneously. Within each of their minds, they were all overcome with the shared feeling of wanting to pray for the safety of the crew members who had remained.


“Everyone, I just hope you haven’t been hurt……”

In the mission’s viewing lobby Paiway muttered in apparent sadness. Although she herself had avoided the disaster by a paper-thin margin, having been conversing with Parfet until the last minute, she was even more worried than the others. As she gazed out into empty space with moist eyes, Duero gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

“There’s no need for you to worry. The remaining crew members are amazing people across the board. Even Bart has become reliable compared to before. Rather than feeling anxious right now, we ought to be planning for when everyone comes back.”

It appeared that Duero was encouraging her. Subsequently, Paiway looked up at him with an uneasy expression.

“Aren’t you worried Doctor? About Parfet……”

Then, having heard this, Duero calmly smiled and spoke.

“Far from how she appears she’s actually stout-hearted. She’s also intelligent. Even I have been repeatedly surprised by that……. I am confident in her safe return.”

Having heard this Paiway smiled with apparent relief.

“……That’s certainly true.”

From Duero’s language, Paiway finally noticed the deep mutual trust the two of them had for each other.


Around the time when her colleagues were expressing worry about her, Parfet herself was in the middle of grappling with the shuttle’s main controls. Although access had now become possible, the available program was considerably restricted. To use a human simile, it was like trying to get answer out of an inflexibly stubborn person.

“Aren’t there any methods available for establishing contact with the outside?”

‘ContacT wITh the outside has been ComPLetelY severed”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not data transmission! Is it possible from here to understand the situation outside?”

‘SubJecT of inQuiRy wAs nOt unDerStooD.’

By hook or by crook, Parfet had been trying to extract information, but she had been considerably less fortunate than she had hoped. Nevertheless, she hadn’t given up as she continued to search for possibility for survival.

“Then I’ll change the inquiry! Is it possible to start the shuttle’s engines?”

If she could operate the shuttle’s engines it would mean she could operate the main controls.

‘NO! It iS imPossiBle to stArt up tHe shuTTle’s enGineS……’

“The reason being?”

‘CoNNecTion wiTh tHe enGine hAs nOt bEEn eSTaBLiSHed’

“Why, why not establish it?”

‘LiNk wITh mAIn sYSTEm hAs nOt bEEn eSTabLisHed.’

It was an answer even children could understand. However, even though her brow was sweating Parfet continued to persistently ask question. If she couldn’t get a direct answer, she would cover everything narrow down an alternative method to choose from. However,  this would require a considerable amount of concentration and patience. Nevertheless Parfet gazed intently at the console as she continued conversing with the computer.


“Hello, can you hear? In anyone is there please answer!”

Celtic’s constantly hoarse voice was continuing to call out. However, in spite of her frantic appeals, there wasn’t anyone who had replied as of yet.

“This is no good either then……”

Amarone murmured as though about to cry. Whether internal or external, all means they had for obtaining information on the present state of the Nirvana were unavailable.

“The engine system isn’t responding at all either……. This whole time I just keep getting the same response. ……Access impossible, access impossible……”

The three of them had momentarily uplifted their feeling, but when all of their methods made absolutely no difference their despondency at the situation gradually became stronger.

“……Like this we’ll end up lost in space until we die huh……”

Having succumbed to anxiety, Celtic muttered such utterances. As soon as they heard that, both Amarone and Belvedere felt a chill run down their spines.

“Hey now, that’s not funny! You should sincerely apologize for that!”

Rather than to reprimand Celtic, Amarone had raised her voice in order to suppress the uneasiness in her own heart.

“I can understand if you’re anxious, but saying such timid things is no good, Cel!”

Belvedere, who apparently felt considerably shocked as well, rebuked Celtic with her arms crossed over her large breasts.

“The next time you say something as timid as that I’ll throw you out into space!”

Puffing up her dark brown cheeks, Amarone scowled at Celtic. Thereupon which Celtic’s shoulders drooped in apparent dejection as she murmured in response.


It happened just as she said that. Suddenly Belvedere turned her head to Amarone who was on her right and raised her voice.

“Amar, what did you just say!?”

“S-sorry……. I didn’t mean to speak so harshly……”

Thinking that she was reprimanding her for her rebuke of Celtic, Amarone also drew back. However, that wasn’t what Belvedere was talking about at all.

“Not that! The part about expelling into space!”

“Like I said, it was a mistake to say that……”

In contrast with Belvedere who was feeling excited for some reason, Amarone was stumbling over her words in bewilderment. However, Belvedere did not appear to be angry. Having realized this, Celtic inquired about her suspicions.

“What are you trying to say, Bel?”

At this, Bel turned to face Celtic and joyfully shouted.

“It would be good if we were expelling into space, right?” {TN: Bel’s way of speaking leaves it vague as to WHAT she’s talking about expelling, so Amar and Cel are left confused thinking she’s talking about a person.}


This time Amarone and Celtic raised a shout simultaneously. This was because they couldn’t understand what Belvedere was trying to say.

“Just calm down, explain it properly!”

As Amarone leaned despite her doubts, Belvedere excitedly began to explain her idea.

“Like I said! By manually opening the control thruster nozzles, we can purposefully cause a plasma emission! If we do that wouldn’t everyone who comes looking for us be able to follow the trail the Nirvana leaves behind?”

Finally understanding what Belvedere was trying to say the duo became gleeful.


“Great idea, Bel! Why didn’t you just say as much before!”

However, that was not all there was to Bel’s idea.

“Just a second, wait until I’m finished you two! We have one other advantage in regards to this!”

“Come on then! Don’t keep us in suspense and just spit it out already!”

Her anxiety from earlier had vanished, and Amarone now felt as joyful as if everything had already been solved. While reigning in her own excitement, Belvedere elucidated another point to those girls.

“Look here! If we were to open the nozzles on only one side wouldn’t it change the warship’s trajectory? So you see if we were to vary which ones were open after making the calculations, then with a bit of skill wouldn’t we be able to steer back towards the mission as we pleased?”

“KYA∼∼∼∼∼∼! Amazi∼∼∼∼∼∼ng!!”

Even before Belvedere finished her explanation, Amarone and Celtic were raising shrieks of joy. Just as Belvedere had said, it was certain that they were able to plot a return route without restoring the controls.

“Agreed, agreed! I absolutely agree with what you said!”

Amarone cried out repeatedly as her dark brown skin flushed ever further. Celtic as well was already moved to tears, nodding her head continuously as her eyes teared up.

“……However though……”

Watching the excessively joyful pair, Belvedere hesitantly muttered. Subsequently, the pair suddenly stopped moving as they noticed her appearance.


The idea had restored their hope as great trouble. Raising the negative point that they didn’t want to hear, Belvedere knitted her brow. Subsequently, Belvedere leaned forward in apparent embarrassment. The other two brought their faces closer. A moment of silence enveloped the bridge. And then, a moment later, Belvedere resolved herself and muttered a few words.

“……Who is going to do it?”


Just as they heard what Belvedere said, Amarone and Celtic both faced each other at the same time. Naturally it wasn’t a job that anyone wanted to do. However, even for an engineer opening the nozzles was a difficult task. Not only would failure mean ruining everything but it was impossible to deny that it would be life threatening. It was only a theory which, the moment it encountered any real life difficulties, would be like everyone spitting into the wind.


And then at that moment, it happened. The gazes of all three of them became locked on a small speck up above.

“EH!? What, that’s……”

The trio’s jaws dropped in astonishment at what they saw, which was the figure of Bart struggling to reach the glass canopy that covered the bridge. Noticing this Celtic muttered a few words as she stared aimlessly at Bart.

“……It’s here……. Someone has come.”

Part 2


Using the speaker Parfet began to gradually understand the situation she was facing.

“What is the most recently recorded data on the main system?”

‘dUe to oUTBREAk of sOMe kINd of eRROr, oPENINg of tHe rECORDs is iMPOSSIBLe……’

In order to avoid wasting energy, except for the minimum necessary life support systems, nearly all of the equipment inside was dead. In the environment that was gradually becoming stifling, Parfet continued to persevere as she spoke to the computer despite the sweat forming on her brow.

“Well then, can you determine the cause of the error?”

‘dUe to tHe dATa bEINg iNCOMPLETe it is iMPOSSIBLe to dISPLAy……’

“It’s fine if it can only be understood to a certain extent! Show me!”

‘tHIs iNQUIRy is aBSTRACt……. uNaBLe to rEPLy……’

To this accommodating machine voice, as one might expect even Parfet let out a sigh.

“Fuu∼∼∼∼∼∼∼……. It’s been a long time since I had such a difficult adversary……”

Likely feeling fatigued from concentrating on the issue, as she looked away from the console speaker she had been motionlessly gazing at without blinking up until now, Parfet spoke to the air in exhaustion.

“……Even I’m becoming overwhelmed thinking about this situation……”

Parfet did nothing but aimlessly gaze into space with a vacant expression. Since she had been locked inside the shuttle’s reactor core already four hours had passed. If she considered the fact that there had been no aid or inquiry from the outside during this time, then it wasn’t only her in the shuttle who was affected by the total system failure, but she surmised the Nirvana itself must be affected as well.

“……If it’s come to the Nirvana’s main system freezing as well……. Surely then Amar and the others are out of reach huh……. Our comrades on the mission ought to have notice the abnormality  somehow…….…….”

While pondering over the situation up until now, she hoped to somehow derive a solution. However, this served only to add to the oppressive situation, as Parfet’s thoughts merely kept coming back around to the same points.

“U∼∼∼∼∼∼∼n……how, how!! Pull yourself together, Parfet!”

While repeatedly striking her own head whose thoughts wouldn’t settle, Parfet tried to regain her calm somehow. However, since a change of scenery was impossible under the present conditions it was difficult to recover her concentration.

“A∼∼∼∼∼∼∼ah……normally at this time I would go for a change of pace by chatting with someone however……”

Parfet let out an idle complaint due to her exhaustion. Then, she was struck with astonishment at the words she had spoken unintentionally.

“Hm!? Chatting……is it…………. Fufun……that’s not so bad huh.”

Perhaps having struck upon something, Parfet began chuckling to herself. Having pulled herself together she then she extracted her own personal databank from the belt about her waist, and joyfully began operating it for some reason.

“Even if it’s a conversation with the same machine, it should be entertaining!”

Cut off from all communication with the outside the enclosed space was isolating. Normally it wouldn’t be strange for one to have panicked from not be able to endure it. However, for her who had experienced being alone since she was a child, she had become aware of various methods for distracting herself from her loneliness.


“EH———!? You can’t be serious!?”

Having just barely managed to climb his way to the bridge canopy that was his goal, Bart let out a scream of surprise. Beads of cold sweat were drifting after being released by his entire body that was clad in a spacesuit.

As for what had frightened Bart to this degree, that would be the request made of him by Amarone and the others. Having noticed Bart’s presence through the canopy the bridge crew directed him with hand signals indicate which way. Crawling along the bridge canopy as they told him, once he had barely managed to reach the right side Bart, by means of the letters written on the data plates of Amarone and the others, had just become aware of the present situation.

As far as Amarone and company were concerned, in addition to using the most primitive of hand gestures, they could convey information to Bart by entering it on their data plates and showing them to him through the glass.

“Well then…………I should be getting back inside…………so I can enter the navigation chamber!”

Bart, who was not carrying a dataplate, had to convey his intentions with gestures. However, once the bridge crew understood what he was saying they all simultaneously shook their heads.

“Why is that no good!? …………EH!? All ship functions have stopped? ……It would be pointless for me to come inside the ship? Well, what is it you’re saying then!? Are you saying I should just continue to hang on like this!?”

Frustrated over being unable to effectively communicate, Bart’s tone was angry. Although his words could not be conveyed, having understood that Bart was indignant from his actions, Belvedere and the others smiled bitterly in amusement.

“Don’t laugh! I’m getting frantic out here!”

Bart was steadily raising his voice even further. Faced with such a reaction Amarone once again indicated the test that had been entered into the data plates. Despite his indignation, he was still attentive to any new information that was provided. Endeavoring to set aside his frustration, Bart eagerly read the text.

“Mm? ……What the!? Not only can you not stop the ship, you can’t even control it with a manual throttle……? Because of that somebody has to go to the starboard side to manipulate it directly……hmmm……I see now……hm? So, that’s what the problem is……? EH, why?”

When she realized that he had properly read the text, Amarone would immediately pull the data plate towards herself, and while grinning broadly would enter more text. As for Bart’s situation, as he waited for the sentences to be completed, he would gaze intently at the movements of the bridge crew members like an animal being teased with food. Due to how ridiculous of a scene this was, Belvedere and Celtic were off to the side laughing.

“DAAMMMIIT∼∼∼∼∼∼! You guys, I’ll remember this!”

Just as Bart was pouting in anger, at that moment he read the new lines of text on the data plate from Belvedere, and the blood drained from his face.

“……The issue is, that in order to open the manual control, it’s necessary to manipulate it from outside the ship. Moreover, the person who’s able to do this……who……is it…………? …………EH!? EEHH!? T-then, do you mean……?”

His expression stiffening, Bart timidly pointed at himself, to which the bridge crew trio’s smiling faces all nodded.


For second time in a short period Bart raised a shriek. His surprise wasn’t unreasonable. Being several hundred meters long, the Nirvana was a huge warship. Even if it was only half that distance from his position at the bridge to the starboard arm, it was still a considerable distance to cover by crawling.

Clinging to the warship after such great pains, it could be said to have been a great struggle just to have reached the bridge. Not even Bart was able to simply accept such a proposal.

“N-no way! The number of hours that would take, after I only just barely managed to make it back here after great pains! You want me to do that again…………hmm!?”

To Bart’s who was protesting frantically, Amarone was now showing another sentence with a serious expression on her face.

“……Right now, there are only ten-odd people remaining on the ship……moreover, they are separated without any means of contacting them……. We can only rely on you……is that, so?……”

As he read the words Bart’s expression continued to harden. Having become aware of the critical situation, he couldn’t pull out now. If it was the him from before he would still have been pessimistic in words and deeds. However, the present him had changed slightly. At the ‘Disease Planet’ they had visited a short while back, where he had experienced coming into contact with a misfortunate little girl named Shirley, he had abandoned the option of ‘running away’. Having understood everything he let out a single huge sigh, and started to creep across the canopy moving towards the starboard arm. Nonetheless, he was muttering several complaints as usual.

“……Geez, why is that only I have to go through such suffering! AH∼∼∼∼∼∼! I’m the most unhappy person in the universe————!!”

On the hull of the Nirvana that was still continuing to wander off course, Bart shouts echoed in vain.

Part 3

‘Transfer of read information has concluded. Please state your question.’

A masculine sounding voice was heard within the shuttle’s energy core. This didn’t mean that Parfet had managed to escape from the crisis. She was still alone inside.

“Mufuh!! A great success!”

Having heard the voice Parfet seemed happy for some reason.

‘The current inquiry is too abstract and incomprehensible.’

The male voice could be heard coming from the console speakers. Furthermore, judging from the content of its language, the other party seemed to be the shuttle’s main system.

“That just now wasn’t an inquiry. After this I’ll be having you carefully relate various things to me, Doctor!”

What was heard from the speakers had been Duero’s voice. Selecting his voice from her own database, in which the crew’s voice patterns had been recorded, she then input his personality as best as she could figure it. The result, the shuttle’s main system was now dealing with her ‘like Duero’ would.

“Even if we end up talking around in circles I won’t get quite so irritated if it’s with the doctor after all!”

Although her cheeks blushed to some extent, Parfet muttered her satisfaction.

Originally, with her having been raised on the female-only planet of Majere and with Duero being raised on the male-only planet of Taarak, both their cultures and sense of values were considerably different. Moreover, one of them specialized in the field of engineering while the other was in the field of medicine. Even until the present, whenever they would converse they would always have to speak to each other while bridging that gap. In a word, towards Duero who would cock his head, the one who had at first sensed puzzlement had been Parfet, but now it had come to be that she enjoyed the gap itself. With his personality being such that his emotions didn’t show on his face and his purely logical way of thinking, Duero was a person who was similar to a computer. For that reason, Parfet had chosen him to be her conversation partner to unwind with.

‘Please state your inquiry.’

Duero’s voice called out from speakers again. Subsequently, Parfet responded this time teasingly.

“You’ll answer whatever I ask then?”

Having completely relaxed in spite of the confined space of the energy core, Parfet peered into the console with her chin resting on her hand.

‘I will answer to the extent that I am able to. My present self is not omnipotent.’


Having carefully reviewed the personality data, one could say that the response was exactly like Duero himself. Seemingly satisfied with the date she had input herself, Parfet happily piled on more questions.

“Well then, what can you tell me about the situation?”

Completely different from how she’d been until now, Parfet was now making inquiries while relaxing. Given that it was her it it didn’t seem likely that it would be the case for just any human voice to be speaking. It was certainly because she felt that Duero was someone she was close with, and thus for her it was the best camphor medicine. However, regarding this emotion that was ‘love’, unfortunately due to having been raised on Majere Parfet did not recognize it as such.


“Hi, HII……. Dammit! This frame is huuge!”

Although he was venting his frustration at the Nirvana, Bart was eagerly heading for the starboard arm. Still in the situation of straying of course while making violent changes in trajectory, his field of vision was spinning due to disorientation. While he was focusing his attention solely on the task as hand, the vibrations that assaulted him from time to time threatened to throw him into outer space.

“KUU∼∼∼∼∼∼! That was wrong of meee! Since I apologized don’t get angry!”

Unlike before, he now had to advance without using the lifeline. If he was even slightly careless he would be thrown into the vastness of space, and would then be left behind. Being anxious about that, he advanced along the hull of the ship while carefully planting his limbs as he went. He had already lost sensation in his hands. However, notwithstanding his complaints his sense of duty was fired up as he endeavored to reach the starboard arm.


“……Is he alright…………”

Her face pressed to the bridge’s canopy, Celtic was watching Bart’s movements with concern. Although they had easily forced him to work, it was work that was life threatening. She couldn’t help but to worry when she thought about how they had incited Bart into an emergency situation.

“…………Yeah……he should be…………”

Even Amarone wasn’t unconcerned about Bart. However, it did nothing to change the critical state of affairs. Supposing if he failed, this would all come to nothing. So that it wouldn’t come to that, she thought that they ought to continue to try and gain control of the ship.

And then, it happened at that moment.


Coming from the back of the bridge was the sound of something striking something. As the three of them looked back in shock, a part of the floor plate opened, and a member of the crew appeared from below covered in dust.

“Thank goodneeess∼∼∼∼∼∼!! Someone was heeeere∼∼∼∼∼∼!!”

Her face already tear-stained from excessive emotions, judging from her uniform she was a member of the security crew.

“Hey, where did you come from!?”

Rushing over to offer assistance, Belvedere inquired with an astonished expression.

“……The hanger bay service entrance…………. Sniff……at the moment the gate suddenly closed, it suddenly became pitch black……”

How many hours it must have taken, struggling on based only on memory. Her clothes had worn through, and her hands and feet were trembling slightly in exhaustion.

“You really wore yourself out huh……right? Is there anybody else?”

While holding out a glass of water she had gotten, Belvedere tried to get even a little information as she empathized with the worn out security crew member.

“Yes……. Behind me, there are two people waiting down below……”


“They’re alright……. However, one can’t walk because of a sprain……. If I learned that you were all safe, I promised I’d come back with a relief squad……”

Having heard that the facial expressions of the trio immediately darkened. Even if they talked about sending relief, there was no one other than the three of them themselves. However, having thought of something Amarone raised her face and resolved herself.

“Since you were able to come all the way until here, is it possible for us to go all the way to the hanger deck?”

In response to Amarone’s sudden statement, Belvedere and Celtic became puzzled.

“Amar, what do you mean by that?”

To Celtic who made an uneasy inquiry, Amarone returned a serious look.

“It’s two blocks from the hanger to the repair booth. In other words, if we can make Parfet will be there!”

When they heard that the pair of them were simultaneously surprised. Judging that Celtic and Belvedere had understood what she was trying to say, Amarone, looking serious, faced the security crewmember and spoke.

“I’m afraid to say that we are not currently in control of the ship. Therefore even if we were to say we’d send relief the only ones who can go are us……. However, we intend for everyone to return safely! For that reason we need you to cooperate as well!”

When she heard that the security crewmember nodded her soot-covered face.

“It’s agreed then! Well then, I’ll entrust this place to Bel and Cel! I’ll take the medical kit and head for the hanger!”

As she said that Amarone rose from her seat.

Even under such circumstances they weren’t giving up.  They had come this far while overcoming many hardships during this long journey due to the faith of the Nirvana’s crew.


‘Cannot assure sufficient power, it is impossible to open the bulkhead.’

“However, if we let it end having not deactivated the double layer locks, I can’t even get out of here.”

Inside the shuttle’s energy core, ‘Duero’ and Parfet continued to converse. Although it wasn’t the case that they’d solved nothing at all, compared to before Parfet’s expression had completely calmed down. Even while conversing with ‘Duero’, she was able to find the time to repair that which was within arm’s reach.

“The core link is currently stopped part way……. Isn’t it possible to make use of the current connections?”

‘It has stopped in the middle of overwriting the main engine. Establishing a detour will be difficult.’

Having heard that Parfet raised her head in surprise.

“Doctor? Just now, did you just say difficult?”

Subsequently, the machine that was ‘Duero’ gave an answer lacking in emotion.

‘Certainly, I did say that……’

Hearing that Parfet’s face lit up with joy and she looked at the console. After going round and round in conversing with the computer she had discovered a means of survival.

“If it’s difficult, then that means it’s not impossible right? How would we go about establishing a bypass?”

A surprising discovery had appeared inadvertently during their conversation. As far as Parfet was concerned, it was only natural that it happened at this moment. She couldn’t get a hint from arguing with the monotonous computer voice. And yet it was only a short while after choosing ‘Duero’ as her conversation partner that it successfully bore fruit.

‘In order to establish a detour, firstly, it is necessary to input new designation protocols. I will then be able to assist in establishing the the detour.’

“In other words, I just have to input a new program for releasing the bulkhead locks right? Then it’ll be possible to open the bulkhead, correct?”

Discovering a possibility of survival, Parfet’s tension was steadily rising.

“I’ll invest all the rest of the energy there as well! I’ll use all of the emergency energy and concentrate it all at once! Is that possible?”

To Parfet who was rattling on in considerable excitement, the real Duero would respond indifferently as though in rebuke.

‘If power is invested in only the unlocking of the bulkhead, even the life support equipment will be suspended. That is a dangerous choice……’

However Parfet’s expression was full of hope.

“If it opens, I’ll be safe since I’ll have gotten outside! Any other questions, Doctor?”

‘……It is not my place to ask questions……’

“OK! Well then, let us begin at once!”

As she said that, Parfet, having regained her spirit, began typing a program into her data plate at a mind-numbing pace. Due to her trust in machinery and her sense of security when with Duero she was brought one step closer to ‘life’.

Part 4


At the Nivana’s starboard arm, Bart’s joyful voice resounded in a place where no one was around to hear. He had finally managed to reach the designated control thruster. Due to the fatigue in his limbs, his body was trembling continuously all over. However, there was no time to rest. After all every moment that passed took the Nirvana further away from their companions.

“DAMMIT∼∼∼∼∼∼! I’ll earn my time off at any cost!”

Even though his motivation was only partially remaining, Bart creeped towards the control thruster’s control panel. And then, as he crawled into the inside of the bulkhead, it happened.


He inadvertently looked back over his shoulder where an unthinkable spectacle had appeared without warning.

“NOWAH∼∼∼∼∼∼! GO AWAY! STOP∼∼∼∼∼∼!”

That Bart had begun to panic was not unreasonable. As for what it was, along the rampaging Nirvana’s forward trajectory extended a huge asteroid belt. On top of having lost control, if they were to plunge into that when they couldn’t raise the shield, the Nirvana would be pulverized in an instant.

“Don’t! Please don’t, watch oouutt!”

Having sensed the situation Bart frantically began tampering with the thruster control. If he didn’t at least manage to open the thrusters on one side, the Nirvana would plunge into the asteroid belt.

“Hurry! HUURRRYY——!”

Rebuking himself like that Bart eagerly pulled the open-close lever for the thruster. However, the lever had become stiff and as such wasn’t easy to move. Even as he was doing that, a mass of rock flew right past Bart. The asteroid belt was now right in front of him.

And then at last, after enough time had passed a massive mass of rock appeared that would smash the Nirvana to pieces.


Bart reflexively raised a scream, and a moment later.


Together with that violent sound the top and bottom of the thruster hatch opened, which started emitting plasma with earth-shattering force.

“!? ……W-what’s this!?”

As he narrowed his eyes at the dazzling flash that had suddenly occurred right in front of him, Bart muttered with a dumbfounded and bewildered expression on his face.


“KYAH∼∼∼∼∼∼! YEAH∼∼∼∼∼∼!”

Around the same time as Bart was overcome with surprise, on the bridge Belvedere and Celtic were raising a cheer as they embraced one another. As for the reason, that would be that the security crew member who had utilized the emergency access module had been successful. Since it was a semi-forced method for invoking the system, its use was prohibited barring cases of extreme need. Moreover, it was something that was usually only used in places requiring security like the cell block. By collaborating with this, Belvedere and Celtic were aiming to forcibly access the main system. Naturally, it was a desperate plan in which they didn’t know what would happen. The result, the computer had judged that a strange program had infiltrated from the outside, and had therefore decided to invoke an emergency.

“It was only by chance, but it’s nice that we’ve stopped for the time being!”


Belvedere and Celtic had matching joyous faces on the verge of tears. However, although it had worked out in terms of the results achieved, supposing they had opened the thruster in a different place Bart would have been turned into space dust. Even if it hadn’t had been Bart out there whoever it was wouldn’t let such forceful methods go without complaint.

In any case, the Nirvana, instead of continuing to rampage and crashing into something in the asteroid belt, had now comfortably abandoned itself to the void of space as though exhausted from its full power sprinting up until now.



Together with a solemn roaring sound the shuttle’s bulkhead slowly opened. It seemed that the oxygen inside was already bottoming out, as the sudden pressure change set Parfet’s ears ringing with a ‘KIN’ sound. Despite simultaneously feeling a slight dizziness, she had slowly lowered herself to the floor of the repair booth when her joy-filled eyes fell upon the figure of Amarone. Although she was also covered in dust, she had been just barely able to reach the repair booth from memory.

Perhaps since she was joyful about being able to confirm the safety of Parfet who had escaped from a crisis, Amarone had tears forming in her eyes and was complaining to her about something. However, the buzzing in her ears not having subsided, Parfet could only dimly stand there in shock.

“……Hehe……sorry, Amar……. I don’t understand what it is you’re saying……”

Finally able to breath the outside air, despite her head still pounding dimly Parfet began to take a few unsteady steps. And then, turning back once more to look at the worn out shuttle, she smiled calmly and muttered.

“……Thank you…………Doctor……”


Due to the escape from the Nirvana’s rampaging condition as well as Parfet’s return, the extensive problems with the main system were successfully restored in less than one hour. Be that as it may, as a result of Belvedere and Celtic’s desperate plan, the steering system had suffered major damage. However, having managed to contact the search party that was looking for them with the means of communication restored, the bridge crew trio of Amarone, Belvedere, and Celtic were able earn their a vacation with a half-day postponement.

On the other hand, Bart was the one who had frantically made his way to the starboard arm, though the outcome was of him not producing any results, and moreover, for a short while, he was left unnoticed by everyone. Afterwards he was remembered in Celtic’s report and finally rescued, but it goes without saying that by that point he had yielded to despair.


“Parfet! Although the cafeteria air conditioning is okay, can you look at it? Some kind of dust is falling from it.”

“Hey, Parfet. My room’s ceiling is making a strange noise! Fix it will you!”

“Ah, Parfet! Did you repair the regulator like I asked?”

The Nirvana had returned to being the same as always, and like always Parfet was flooded with various orders.

“OK! I’ll look into it after mealtime! ……Aah, that room huh……. That should be the place where Amarone forced her way through……. I’ll ask Amarone if she happened to drop anything. ……AH! The regulator!? I get to it right after this!”

Even with the crew’s selfish requests, Parfet was never once unpleasant and would reply with a smiling face. However, today there was one difference with Parfet. That was that there was a place she was going to even if it meant postponing all of her work.


“Doctor, you here?”

The place Parfet was visiting was the medical bay. Her goal was the ‘genuine’ Duero. At that moment, he was in the middle of collecting the results of the physical examinations on those of the crew who had been left behind on the Nirvana.

“Your diagnosis results are favorable. There’s no need to worry.”

Although his gaze stopped on Parfet’s figure, Duero’s expression was unchanged and his tone of voice remained indifferent. However, as far as the current Parfet was concerned, such was the way he interacted when he was extremely glad to receive her.

“It’s that time right? Aren’t we going for tea together?”

Parfet invited Duero with a carefree attitude. Without showing surprise at being invited Duero responded while continuing to gaze at the patient charts.

“This is almost over so there’s no particular need to hurry……. Do you have any questions about anything?”

At this point, Parfet relaxed her mouth in response to Duero’s unadorned manner of speaking. She believed that the data she had input herself was considerably pertinent.

“Not really……however, there’s a surprising discovery I want you to discuss with me.”

Hearing that, Duero’s expression became one of apparent surprise, as he took his eyes of the patient charts, and answered while once again looking at Parfet’s face.

“……I’ve come to realize various things from our conversations, and I’m sure it had the same significance for you.”

“Well then, we really are compatible comrades who were born in different places right!?”

As she said that, Parfet took Deuro’s arm with apparent glee. While Duero’s face remained blank his mouth let out a small laugh as he spoke.

“Fuh……as always you say some interesting things…………”

“Right? Now then! Let’s go have some tea! I’ll tell you all about the time that I was trapped!”

“Oho, that is most interesting……”

As the pair talked to each other with smiling faces, they left the medical bay in each other’s company. As soon as she saw the state of the two of them, Paiway was left speechless in sheer amazement.

They were men and women who had been born and raised under the twisted values of Taraak and Majere, but having climbed over that wall ‘after being subjected to great instigation’, they had developed a relationship where each of them recognized the other as a fellow human being. Perhaps, when it came to eliminating the walls between the two warring planets, these two might be the ones to do it.


Thus, it was at this moment that for Parfet the true meaning of rest time had arrived.

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  1. Thank you so much. I have been looking to acquire a copy of the extra stage novels but I could never find them. Finding your translation has been the best thing that has happened to me in months. Thank you!


  2. Sorry for the delay with part 2. I plan to focus on Extra Stage going forward but I do have stuff going on in real life as well. Volume 1 will become more of a side project. I’m also considering another VN project but that won’t be until Extra Stage Chapter 4 is done.


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