Vandread Extra Stage Illustrations


Right to Left: Belvedere “Our turn at last!” Celtic “To be the leading characters!!” Amarone “Thanks to that I’m exhausted already……”


Kahlua’s innocent laughter echoed throughout the hideout.
Cause the job of Reg is to smile!! Smile, smile~~!!


Hibiki “That which I must surpass is myself!” Pilot of the humanoid powered suit “Bangata”.  First generation of those who embarked on the colonization ship.  Dita “Once more, won’t you call me……by my name……” As a dread fighter pilot, she’s has a passionate UFO mania.She and Hibiki love each other (?).  Meia “I have decided that I will not let you die!” Dread team leader. During the long journey her feelings of compassion for her companions blossomed.  Jura “Jura here, it must be time to get started.” Highly prideful, her domineering attitude leads to many misunderstandings. Dread pilot.

Gascogne “You parasites just keep on multiplying huh.” Reg System Shop Manager. Has a big sister’s strong sense of responsibility. Her name is often abbreviated as “Gasco”.  Barnette “I’ll leave the followup to you! I expect nothing less than perfection!” Team leader for Dread Team Number 2. Her hobby is collecting small armaments.  Parfet “I even surprised someone like myself.” Chief engineer. Has no other interests outside of machines. She has a ‘Natural Relationship’ with Duero. Paiway “I’m going to stop checking up on people kero~~!!” Nirvana’s only nurse. Enjoys keeping a notebook with memo checks of other people’s secrets.
Magno “Everyone, don’t be slackin off now!” Leader of the pirates. Commands the hidden pirates magnificently.  Buzam “All warships deploy for battle!” The executive officer who calmly and cooly assists Magno. In reality was a spy from planet Taraak .  Duero “……Extremely interesting.” An intellectually curious person in charge of medical care. A man who always makes decisions calmly and cooly.  Bart “No matter what happens, I’m not budging from this spot.” Nirvana’s navigator. Once was an easily excited person, but changed from that after the death of a girl he encountered during the journey.
Ezra “You’re truly a happy child huh.” Bridge operator. Gentle disposition. Gave birth to her daughter Kahlua during the journey.  Rebecca “Something changes when you become a parent.” Pirate’s 2nd squad leader who after consolidating the teams. She’s Kahlua’s Oma (father).  Pyoro “Pyoro Two~~~~!” Navigation Robot that changed when the Paksis ran wild. Is he human or more than human?  Misty “Keep persevering, Onee-sama!” Having departed from Pluto for the sake of notifying about Earth’s plans, she was the messenger who had been drifting in space.


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