Vandread Volume 1

“Rather than just for me to just end it all like this, I’ll decide for myself how I want to live by any means!”

Third class citizen Hibiki from the male-only planet of Taraak sneaks aboard the extra large battleship Ikazuchi as a result of unusual circumstances. However, it comes under attack from the Magno’s Family pirates from the female-only planet of Majere! It is Hibiki’s first encounter with those who are said to ‘eat men’s innards’ but——. The current much talked about work from the most attention grabbing production company GONZO. The greatest Sci-Fi anime, now here in novel form. (It is fully loaded with beautiful women as well♥)

—Back cover description.


Chapter 1: Men are from Planet Taraak, Women are from Planet Majere

Chapter 2: A Gallant Entry, the Female Pirates of Magno’s Family

Chapter 3: The Men Who Were Left Behind

Chapter 4: The ‘Proof’ of Hibiki, the ‘Strength’ of Vandread

Chapter 5: Impossible to Control! The Combined Battleship

Chapter 6: The Name of the Danger is ‘The Harvest’