Vandread Volume 1 Illustrations


Cover Art


Hibiki Tokai: “I’m not going to run away anymore. The fact is I’m different than before.” Third class citizen from the men’s planet of Taraak, machine mechanic. Has a rather short temper.                                                                            Dita: “I have always believed. That you would certainly come to save me.” Pilot for Magno’s family of female pirates. UFO enthusiast.
Meia: “Dread teams, moving to intercept!” Female pirates battle group leader. Rigid yet popular for her kindness.   Jura: “U, u~n, whaa~?” Female pirates pilot. Voluptuous and possesses a beautiful face yet is often complaining.    Buzam: “Didn’t you come here for the sake of establishing a testimony for yourself?” Female pirates executive officer. Although a sharp individual, she has ulterior motives. Goes by BC.    Paiway: “Not until all the male germs are completely dead.” Female pirate nurse. A considerably selfish self-proclaimed idol.
Vandread Dita Overall height: Approximately 30m;  Main body weight: unknown;  Overall weight: unknown;  Crew: 2 people;  Primary Armaments: Back equipped cannons×2;  Notes: Transformation combination