Index PSP

This is a game that was only released in Japan. It covers much of the events shown in the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index. That said, there is a considerable amount of game exclusive content. At first players can only play through Touma’s chapter. After completing it, the others become available. Note, the Misaka Mikoto chapter is unlocked by having a save file for the Railgun PSP game on your system and the final story is naturally unlocked by completing the other five. The Main Story Scenes are scenes that appear after completing a certain number of routes.

Thanks to assistance of Kotcrab and ItsumoKnight, a full English translation patch is now available. It can be found here:!yQ0B0ARA!7haRldyFs7Dz-Xxjd7MjxWAT6VhhY3BT5ZzFvy-GrvU

EDIT: A number of people have reported the game crashing on real hardware. To fix this, under recovery menu, go to advanced and make sure the option “force high memory layout” is disabled.

Below you can find the text for the story mode as originally posted. Note that it may not match the patched text precisely due to editing made during the patch’s production.

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