Index PSP Sasha Chapter

Part 1


Sasha: “My first explanation, ‘Angel’s Tear’……a gem by that name has been brought to Academy City.”

Sasha: “That is an object with the interesting history of ‘Surely if it is used, one can converse with angels’.”

Sasha: “My second explanation, assuming that this legend was true”

Sasha: “Then having fallen into the hands of the science side it ought to be recovered.”

Sasha: “For that reason, we have infiltrated that Academy City——.”



Oriana: “Just because Onee-san is working as a mercenary hired for money, by no means am I cooperating with the Russian Orthodox Church.”

Sasha: “My first question, are you dissatisfied with something?”

Oriana: “Not at all. So long as I receive that which I’m to receive, I’ll do it even if there should be a bad aftertaste.”

Oriana: “That’s what was guaranteed after all.”

Sasha: “If so, should we finish this quickly?”

Sasha: “In order to recover the ‘Angel’s Tear’.”

Part 2


Oriana: “The laboratory that’s researching the ‘Angel’s Tear’ is just a little bit farther.”

Oriana: “By the way you—”

Oriana: “All things considered, you possess an unusual ‘constitution’.”

Sasha: “……,”

Oriana: “Even if you feign ignorance Onee-san can see right through it.”

Oriana: “In addition to the ‘Angel’s Tear’ seizure operation, you have your own motives relating to that don’t you?”

Sasha: “My first answer, even if I have a ‘motive’ of my own it is not a distinct one.”

Sasha: “A supplemental explanation,”

Sasha: “Speaking of what I do know, inside my body, for some time now,”

Sasha: “has in truth been charged with an amount of ‘Telesma’ equivalent with of one of the archangels.”

Sasha: “Up until now this power has not disappeared, and as such the side effects from it haven’t passed either. For that reason……”

Oriana: “So for the sake of curing that, you wish to learn the name of the angel so as to thoroughly converse with it right?”

???: “‘Angels’ are unscientific, and therefore should be placed in the hands of magic.”


Tsuchimikado Motoharu: “While that may be a strong argument, there isn’t any reason it must be the Russian Orthodox Church in particular is there nya—?”

Sasha: “……My first reply,”

Sasha: “In this time of crisis, there shouldn’t be a case of conflicting interests for us who are on the same magic side and yet……”

Oriana: “Considering that man’s situation, I wonder whether it’s Academy City or the English Puritan Church,”

Oriana: “Which one would think to profit from the use of the ‘Angel’s Tear’.”

Stiyl: “Presently we’re on this side.”

Stiyl: “We are not concerned with the fate of the ‘Angel’s Tear’. If we’re betrayed by this man we’ll kill him.”

Stiyl: “And so, therefore, there’s no need to worry. The Russian Orthodox Church should resign from here.”

FIGHT (Sasha Kreutzev & Oriana Thompson VS. Stiyl Magnus & Tsuchimikado Motoharu)

Stiyl: “The runes have been completely destroyed. This is as far as we go Tsuchimikado.”

Tsuchimikado Motoharu: “……Kuh, why won’t you consider washing your hands of this?”

Sasha: “My first personal opinion, even if I’m admonished by the vanquished, should I then consider acquiescing?”

Sasha: “Supplemental explanation, even if we were to simply withdraw there’s would not appear to be sufficient cause to do so.”

Sasha: “Supplemental explanation, since you were made to admit defeat a moment ago, we will be advancing as hastily as possible.”

Part 3


Sasha: “My first answer, there are strange legends regarding the ‘Angel’s Tear’.”

Oriana: “It’s external appearance is that of a standard size gem right.”

Sasha: “My second answer, they are generally on the level of ‘the owners each suffered mysterious deaths’ but,”

Sasha: “In the case of the ‘Angel’s Tear’ the circumstances are unusual.”

Sasha: “Supplemental explanation, ‘if used one will certainly be able to converse with an angel——”

Sasha: “——however should one fail they will certainly be visited by death’, something to that effect.”

Oriana: “So we can conclude that that’s it then, the reason why Academy City is studying it ‘scientifically’.”

Sasha: “My third answer, they are currently treating it as part of geology.”


Itsuwa: “So you really are up to something……”

Itsuwa: “If you hadn’t gone so far, the situation wouldn’t have ended up being so difficult.”

Sasha: “My first answer, this again?”

Sasha: “In this emergency, we of the same magic side should not be wasting any time in joining forces.

Itsuwa: “It’s unfortunate, but the ‘Angel’s Tear’ isn’t the only problem.”

Itsuwa: “Magicians of the English Puritan Church have been injured at the hands of the Russian Orthodox Church.”

Itsuwa: “……Did you really not expect it to come to war?”

FIGHT (Sasha Kreutzev & Oriana Thompson VS. Itsuwa)

Itsuwa: “‘The Angel’s Tear’, why would you go to this extent for it?”

Itsuwa: “Even right now, you could still unravel the tangled threads……”

Sasha: “My fifth answer, if the situation were not of this degree we could ignore the ‘Angel’s Tear’,”

Sasha: “Please step aside quickly. After all, you lack the ability to continue participating in this battle.”

Part 4


Oriana: “Fuun……. That takes care of all the private security and researchers.”

Sasha: “My first explanation, I hadn’t thought we’d be able to sneak in with so little fuss until now.”

Oriana: “Ufun. After all, Onee-san works effectively to earn her fee.”

Oriana: “……is what I’d like to say, however it looks as though there was an earlier visitor.”

Sasha: “My second  explanation, somewhere in this facility, there ought to be the place they were storing the ‘Angel’s Tear’.”

Oriana: “That reminds me, the ‘Angel’s Tear’ is a type of sapphire right?”

Sasha: “My first answer, the color is completely translucent, and only in the center is there a golden glow.”

Oriana: “……How strange. I wonder how it came to be categorized together with sapphires.”

Sasha: “My second answer, the ingredients of the jewel are similar to those of rubies and sapphires.”

Sasha: “Supplemental explanation, these gems may differ by color,”

Sasha: “but there’s no difference in the ingredients that come together in crystalline structure.”

Oriana: “So then, what makes the ‘Angel’s Tear’ different from rubies and sapphires”

Oriana: “can be said to be caused by something that’s inserted into the crystalline structure.”

Sasha: “My third answer, that explanation is the ‘scientific’ one and is not the sole explanation.”



Kanzaki Kaori: “So this is the ‘Angel’s Tear’. We were barely able to get to it before the magicians from the Russian Orthodox Church……”

Index: “It’s so pretty. It’s bewildering just being able to touch it.”

Sasha: “Replying in brief, I won’t permit you to touch it.”


Kanzaki Kaori: “Misha Kreutzev!? What’s this level of archangel doing in Academy City!?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “If it’s come this, then this ‘Angel’s Tear’, as expected it has that much magical value……?”

Sasha: “……? I do not know who it is you have mistaken me for.”

Sasha: “My first question, will you surrender the ‘Angel’s Tear’ or won’t you. I demand an immediate answer.”

FIGHT (Sasha Kreutzev & Oriana Thompson VS. Kanzaki Kaori & Index)

Kanzaki Kaori: “W-wha the heck is this, what do you intend to do……?”

Sasha: “……I see no need to answer that.”

Index: “That thing, wouldn’t it result in something terrible should you make a mistake in the usage method!?”

Sasha: “My first answer, I don’t at all think that it will cause something terrible.”

Sasha: “Once we have speedily departed from Academy City, this turmoil will have been resolved.”

Part 5


Sasha: “My first question, is this the direction of the escape route?”

Oriana: “Unquestionably. Onee-san was originally a smuggler you know.”

Sasha: “……,”

Oriana: “So, this ‘Angel’s Tear’, is that really the key to curing your constitution?”

Sasha: “My first answer, there is much I do not understand.”

Sasha: “However, if it’s this, then if with this spiritual item I can learn the name of the angel, then possibly……”


Accelerator: “Shitheads……. Hey you guys, what have you been doing in this town?”

Sasha: “My second question, are you a pursuer from Academy City?”

Accelerator: “All I understand is that you guys attacked a research institution.”

Accelerator: “Seems it has something to do with that ‘Angel’s Tear’.”

Accelerator: “When it was noticed that something had occurred, we were sent here to stop it.”

FIGHT (Sasha Kreutzev & Oriana Thompson VS. Accelerator & Last Order)

Sasha: “My first personal opinion, this is different from Telesma……”

Sasha: “However this composition……”

Oriana: “So it seem, someone has foolishly started to summon something like an angel.”

Sasha: “Impossible.”

Oriana: “‘Angel’s Tear’. Could this be from analyzing it scientifically.”

Sasha: “My first question, what do you mean by that?”

Oriana: “Simple.”

Oriana: “Already, they have succeeded in their plan for replicating the ‘Angel’s Tear’.”



Sasha: “My first personal opinion, the instant we find the practitioner, we must not fail to stop the spell.”

Oriana: “However, how do we go about looking for him? If we make use of a detection spell……”

???: “That won’t be necessary. It seems that you guys have been searching for ‘this’.”


Sasha: “My first question, that’s……the ‘Angel’s Tear’ is it?”

Kihara Amata: “Precisely, this is the artificially created one.”

Kihara Amata: “Fuun hey you……. You’ve seen this ‘formula’ haven’t you.”

Kihara Amata: “However, the fact that your comrades could not explain what happened, it is possibly beyond a doubt due to you being the genuine article.”

Sasha: “My second question, you are……?”

Kihara Amata: “Quite so indeed indeed it’s just like that.”

Kihara Amata: “Using this guy we researched, I plan to use it in a moment to summon something interesting.”

Kihara Amata: “However this stone though, it’s actually quite convenient.”

Kihara Amata: “At any rate, the true purpose of utilizing the light stimulus is an eraser to erase a person’s soul.”

Kihara Amata: “Therefore I created a vessel for the sake of cramming that beast inside of.”

Oriana: “……!?”

Oriana: “Ara, if that is method, then instead of obtaining an angel,”

Oriana: “I wonder if the vessel it was crammed into was ‘you’ yourself if it would have destroyed you.”

Kihara Amata: “That’s correct.”

Kihara Amata: “Therefore I had not choice but to take over someone.”

Kihara Amata: “For example……that one you guys beat down a short while back, that shitty brat called Last Order!!”

Kihara Amata: “Gyahahahaha!! That monstrous fellow with the pretension of a knight has been taken down!”

Kihara Amata: “With this securing Last Order isn’t so difficult! You see!?”

Sasha: “My second question, what is your goal in causing all of this?”

Kihara Amata: “Are you an idiot? Surely you’re an idiot!!”

Kihara Amata: “The train has already left. Do you really think it’s possible to get off now!?”


Kihara Amata: “Your turn puppets. Smash this shitty woman!!”

FIGHT (Sasha Kreutzev & Oriana Thompson VS. Misaka Imouto & Misaka Imouto)


Sasha: “My first answer, with this……”

Kihara Amata: “Like I said, there’s no getting off midway.”

Kihara Amata: “I have already gathered the AIM diffusion fields. The new vessel that I’m seeking.”

Kihara Amata: “However that person wasn’t earnest. How will that immense power rage when it loses its place to go, I’ll be observing that.”

Sasha: (……’Angel’s Tear’, a mechanism to produce something with the same constitution as myself through so-called artificial means.)

Sasha: (……Where that’s concerned, the place that mass of energy that’s lost its place to go would head for is)

Sasha: “My body!?”



Kazakiri Hyouka: “…………”

Sasha: “This is surely……”

Kihara Amata: “Excellent excellent excellent! As expected, no even better than expected isn’t it!”

Kihara Amata: “This has surely used up all my luck as a scientist! ‘m trembling!”

Sasha: “My first question, are the wages from the time of the contract insufficient cause to act?”

Sasha: “Beyond this point, it is not necessary that you accompany me.”

Oriana: “That’s for sure, if that which was crammed in there were to explode from inside its body,”

Oriana: “wouldn’t we personally be completely torn apart?”

Oriana: “I’m not pretending to be tough here, but please obediently depend on this Onee-san.”

FIGHT (Sasha Kreutzev & Oriana Thompson VS. Fuse Kazakiri)

Sasha: “……My first answer, although it’s been settled for the moment,”

Sasha: “Just doing this is insufficient to settle the root cause.”

Sasha: “Even for Academy City, for them to be taming such a terrible monster as this.”

Part 6


Sasha: “My first answer, the important spiritual item was related to engels,”

Sasha: “but with this just much did not result in an improvement to my constitution.”

Vasilisa: ⌈……,⌋

Sasha: “My first question, recovery? Not disposal?”

Vasilisa: ⌈……,⌋

Sasha: “My second question, by no means are you thinking that,”

Sasha: “you aren’t intending to utilize the ‘Angel’s Tear’ in the realization of the project right?”

Vasilisa: ⌈……,⌋

Sasha: “My third question, through the analysis of this, searching for the correct defensive policy, ”

Sasha: “My personal opinion, it is said to be similar to living.”

Vasilisa: ⌈……,⌋

Sasha: “My second answer, work is work.”

Sasha: “I was responsible but, for arguments sake if the ‘Angel’s Tear’ were to be utilized in accordance with its original function,”

Sasha: “we would respond with suitable actions, that’s all.”


Sasha: “My third answer……now then, I have recovered the spiritual item revealed to have a connection to angels.

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