Slashdog update: Loli Akeno

So the Loli Akeno——I mean, Slashdog volume 3 prologue is now posted. Be advised that I have changed the navigation menu to try and clean it up for easier navigation (apparently on mobile devices it simply lists every submenu item instead of sorting them into sub-submenus like it does on desktops). While this reduces the amount of scrolling you’d need to do on a mobile device, you will have to access the Slashdog chapters through their respective volume’s parent page.

For example, to find the new chapter, go under DxD universe, and under Slashdog Series select Slashdog Volume 3. Then click on the link to the prologue once the page loads.

Please note that I have only applied this to Slashdog so far. I may simplify the VN menu later. Vandread will stay as is until I find time to devote to that series.

Slashdog 2 ch 7 is finished

This may have been the longest chapter in the volume. At the very least, it was the longest segment yet to be translated. The remaining 3 or 4 segments include only a few subchapters and the afterword. Overall, the volume has now hit 91% completion.

A lot happened in this chapter, and a lot more has been revealed over the course of this volume. Look forward to the conclusion.

Another chapter

Here it is. Slashdog 2 chapter 6 is done. Things are really heating up. And cooling down I suppose.

The thing that really gets me though is……did I really just finish a whole chapter in only a month? How long have I been capable of this? I wasn’t even devoting 100% of my free time. I went to movies, rewatched the entire TWGOK anime, and I even just recently finished playing Rinne Utopia.

Am I setting standards that people will hold me to now? What have I done?

Slashdog Chapter 5 is finished!

Another chapter finished. A lot of interesting developments this time. New characters making their debuts, a new sacred gear appears, and more. The next segment is a non-numbered chapter, so I expect it to go rather quickly. Stay tuned.

In unrelated news, I recently learned that my TWGOK sugoroku translation has been turned into a fully scanlated game board image. There’s a link in the comment section of the translation’s page. Check it out if you’re a fan of TWGOK.

Overall, Slashdog 2 is now at 63% completion.

Index PSP Patch Complete

So the patch is done. It can be found here:!yQ0B0ARA!7haRldyFs7Dz-Xxjd7MjxWAT6VhhY3BT5ZzFvy-GrvU

To apply the patch, simply drag the ISO file for the game onto the application as indicated. I’ll also be posting this link on the main Index PSP page.

EDIT: A number of people have reported the game crashing on real hardware. To fix this, under recovery menu, go to advanced and make sure the option “force high memory layout” is disabled.