Slashdog ch. 4 updated

Slashdog has now been updated to LN version through chapter 4. I’ll be moving on to chapter 5 next, though I will be busy with spring cleaning for the next couple of weeks. I might be able to finish 5 by the end of the month, but I can’t make any guarantees.

For Vandread, I might begin work on the final Extra Stage chapter after Slashdog ch. 5, or I might wait until I’m further along. In any case, I would like to finish both the Extra Stage translation and the Slashdog update before starting on Slashdog volume 2.


Extra Stage Chapter 7 Complete

Vandread Extra Stage is now complete up through chapter 7. This time we focus on Misty, with Rebecca, Ezra, and Meia all playing roles as well (oh, and Pyoro was there too I suppose). With this, there’s only one chapter remaining, fittingly named for our favorite main characters who have somehow managed to not make any major appearances the entire volume.

That said, I won’t be starting the final chapter immediately. First, I plan to devote some time to finalizing the Slashdog update. Things will be busy towards the end of this month so I doubt I’ll have as much time to translate after next week, but things should pick up again in early April.

A lot of exciting things to look forward to. Slashdog volume 2 is about to be released, Extra Stage is almost finished, Salshdog volume 1 will soon be fully updated, and there’s still two chapters left in Railgun PSP. I may even announce a new project at some point in the not too distant future, so stay tuned.

January Progress Update & Project Discussion

It’s been a while since my last post so I wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been working on. As many of you may know, Slashdog has begun publication as a light novel series. While the first volume is merely an edited version of the web novel, volume 2 is scheduled for release in March and promises to include new content.

Presently, I have been making my way through the first volume and comparing it side by side with the web novel to discern any differences. I am updating the translation to match the LN version while also correcting many mistakes from when I first debuted the work. I should be finished before the next volume is released.

For my other active projects, Railgun PSP and Vandread Extra Stage, I will continue working on both, though Slashdog will be the main focus of my efforts. Both projects are nearing completion though and with any luck will be finished no later than June or July, and possibly before that.

Going forward, I intend to maintain only 3 active projects at a time, which I’m designating as A, B, and C. Slot A is reserved for all future Slashdog releases and will receive the largest share of devoted time and effort. B and C will be roughly equal in terms of time devoted.

While this may be a little premature, I do have some ideas for future projects to replace Railgun and Extra Stage which I wanted to share:

Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble: The third Raildex PSP game and a prequel to the Endymion movie. Based on what I’ve read about it, it contains 4 distinct stories. One of these is apparently identical to the Road to Endymion SS, but the other 3 are otherwise untranslated. I haven’t played the game yet so I’m mostly unsure of the format, but it appears to divided into events rather than chapters like the previous two games.

Vandread: I previously began work on the first volume of Vandread and would like to return to it at some point. The series has a total of seven volumes, including Extra Stage, so I doubt I’ll be able to finish the whole series myself. That said, should there be a lack of interest, I may choose to sideline the project due to the fact that it differs little from the anime.

Gundam Novels: As a Gundam fan, I think I would enjoy the challenge of translating a Gundam novel, and there are plenty of untranslated ones to choose from. While I did consider finishing the mostly translated Gundam UC, at the moment my inclination is towards the two volume Gundam F91 novel. The main reason for this is that F91 is one of the most neglected parts of  the Gundam franchise. Originally planned as an anime, the broadcast was scrapped partway through production, resulting in what essentially amounts to a single compilation movie to cover everything. I think that the series that launched Crossbone Gundam deserves better than some choppy movie. A two volume novel might just do the trick.

I have some other ideas as well, but I think these should be enough for the moment. Let me know what you think or if you have any other suggestions I might consider. Be aware though, I won’t be starting any new projects until after finishing the present ones.

Railgun PSP Chapter 3 complete

So it’s been awhile since my last major upload. But at last, Railgun PSP Chapter 3 is finished. A warning to those of you who are ready to just jump in and get started: this chapter is huge. It’s larger than the previous two combined. Moreover, there are some complexities specific to this chapter that may make it tricky to determine where you should go next. For this reason, I highly advise taking notes of your decisions as you read. If you do find yourself getting turned around, let me know in detail and I’ll try to give you proper direction. If necessary I make create a faq page for some of the more confusing sections.

So for what’s next, I’m sorry to have to say that I will be taking a short break from Railgun and Vandread. Instead, I will be spending the next short while on updating Slashdog. For those who haven’t been following, the web novel Slashdog, my first ever translation project, was recently republished as a light novel. My next project is going to be updating the existing translation to better reflect the new version. This will be a multi-stage process. First, I plan to do a final edit on the web novel version, from which I will produce a final PDF version of the web novel. After that, I will update the translation on my blog and on B-T. This will include any changes between the two version as well as the added illustrations.

This hopefully won’t take too long to complete. I intend to focus on Vandread for a bit afterwards before returning to Railgun.


An update on Slashdog.

So the first volume of the Slashdog light novel series has now been published. Sorry to break the news but it’s a published version of the web novel. All I’ll be doing for this volume is adding illustrations to my existing translation and checking for any changes. I’m aiming to finish railgun chapter 3 first though so it’ll be a few weeks before any changes are made.

Vandread Extra Stage 6 Complete

The sixth chapter of extra stage is now fully completed. Just two more to go before the entire volume is done. In other news, Railgun PSP chapter 3 is just short of 50% complete, which also puts me more than halfway done with the entire game.

As much as I might like to make grandiose promises about upcoming releases though, I do need to bring up a point from reality. I will be starting training for a new job at the end of September, a fact which is (for me at least) a matter great excitement. Naturally this will mean less free time, especially during the early part of October when I expect my translations to all but grind to a halt. On the bright side, this will be my permanent career if all goes well, so once I’m settled in things might speed up a good amount.

Lastly, while I would very much like to pick up the new Slashdog when it comes out in November, I won’t be making any guarantees at this time. I don’t plan to make a decision until late October at the earliest and even if I do decide to pick it up it may not be for a couple of months.

Slashdog Teaser

Four years before Rias Gremory met Hyoudou Issei——.


That 〈Blade〉 of the abyss met a black-winged man and a white dragon boy——.


Hey black dog, are you human, or else——.

Your 〈Blade〉 is a prohibited means of cutting even God——.

The further you sink to obtain strength, the more human you are——.


We have to shake off our pursuers in order to survive. Even if it’s a close friend——. –One of the students who survived: Minagawa Natsume


It was said they possessed the ‘Independent Avatar’-type prototypes.


Hello, Tobio. I’m Suzaku. Himejima Suzaku. Your——relative. –Next head of the Five Principal Clans’ Himejima Family: Himejima Suzaku


The ‘blood’ that dwells within his body draws him into a strange and supernatural world against him will.


Heh, your is a dog huh. This is a cat. For me it’s a spear that pierces everything. –One of the students who survived: Samejima Kouki


However, Ikuse Tobio’s dog grows a demonic blade that has excessively unusual power.


I am only here on behalf of Suzaku. To be honest, it is preferable not to be involved with thee. Thou——the blade of everlasting darkness. –Next head of the Five Principal Clans’ Kashihashi Family: Kashihashi Seiryuu


The ones Tobio and the other meet——is a group of families with supernatural powers who have protected this country from the shadows.


It seems we are closely linked. My family and the black winged group that is. –Executive of the ‘Utsusemi Agency’: Himejima Hanezu


However, those five families carry darkness.


Since I’ve been dispatched to the Far East, whether fallen angels or witches I take them all on at once! –Young agent from the Vatican: Freed Zelzen 


This series of events have completely changed his destiny, perhaps more than he thinks.


……Likewise, since there’s no fighting, I’ve weakened……!!! It’s because of him, the Governor-General!!! –Leader of the Grigori: Kokobial


That man’s grief has actually changed him——.


KAKAKA!!! How interesting!! That these two monsters would be born from the Five Principal Clans at the same time!! It’s unbearably amusing!! –Next head of the Five Principal Clans’ Shinra Family: Shinra Byakko


……Uuh, how scary how scary. Gathering the ‘Incarnations that destroy even God’ in such a manner……! –Next head of the Five Principal Clans’ Doumon Family: Doumon Genbu


Unusual power summons unusual power, the mysterious summons the mysterious.


Everyone, everyone, you should all sprout flames! –One of the witches: Walburga


Malice, fresh malice has awakened——.


If that is truly inside all of you, I want to fight it by any means. –The silver-haired boy possessing a Heavenly Dragon: Vali Lucifer


He’s yet to see his lifetime rival. However, until that time playing with the dog of ‘Black’ isn’t so bad——.


I see, those kids are……. Fine then, I’ll take responsibility. –Leader of the Grigori: Baraqiel


That encounter was linked by a strange destiny——.


Surely, this is destiny. Since similar things dwell within both me and you. –The young girl who uses magic: Ice Princess Levinia Reeni


That girl was also born with something mighty residing within her——.


No matter what kind of person you are, no matter what you become, since for me Tobio is……. –Female childhood friend: Toujou Sae

If he touches that dark blade, if he uses it, that important boy will be swallowed by darkness.


You possess that dog.

You understand?

That ‘Dog’s’ black blade——it’s something beyond humanity.

……However, if you become our ‘Blade’, we can kill them together.

Those people——.

–The black-winged man: The Governor-General of the Grigori: Azazel


The conflict that occurred four years before Hyoudou Issei met Rias Gremory——.

Different from the red dragon of just rule and the white dragon of military rule, this is the tale how the black dog came to walk the path of conflict——.

The entire truth has been revealed——.


If it’s the power to save everyone, the power to resolve everything, then I will fight.

Even if it’s this blade that can destroy even God.

Come, let’s go ‘Jin’.

–Master of the black dog ‘Jin’: Ikuse Tobio