Slashdog Volume 2 COMPLETE

All except the Afterword that is. The final chapter and all the subsequent mini-chapters are now fully translated. I’ll apologize in advance for any inconsistencies with terminology or titles. I plan to try to establish some consistency when I do my readthrough prior to adding it to the DxD novel database.

Some thoughts I’ve been having about terminology. I’ve already taken to using a slightly unorthodox approach to the names of the Four Fiends and the Four Divine Beasts and the Yellow Dragon. While I originally used the Japanese names exclusively, sometimes annotated with the English translation, during my work on this volume I decided to use the Chinese names with the Japanese readings appearing as rubies above. I did this primarily due to Koga’s forced artificial Balance Breaker specifically using the Chinese name of his Fiend, thereby drawing readers’ attention to the name usage. The Japanese name is still technically the reading in all cases except for Koga’s BB, so I’ll be including both readings to in order to indicate as much.

I’m still using the Japanese names for the Four Divine Beasts and Ouryuu when they’re speaking of the characters instead of the beasts themselves though and plan to keep it that way. The Japanese pronunciation is how you say their names after all, even if the characters are the same as the Chinese name. This is also an easy way to tell the difference between whether the character or the beast is being referenced.

What I am debating though are the terms Four Fiends and Four Divine Beasts themselves. I could arguably write them as Sì-xiōngShikyou and Sì-shénShishin, which would also match with how Si-xiong is used in activation of Koga’s BB. (As an aside, Ishibumi indicates that the latter term is read Shishin, but most other sources I’ve checked have it pronounced Shijin). On the other hand, readers are probably more accustomed to the current forms (plus I’d rather not rename the ‘Four Fiends Project’).

Going forward, I’ll be finishing the afterword first, then transcribing the text onto the Occult Research Club website where it’ll be open to editors. October promises to be a crazy month unfortunately, but I do want to try and knock out a chunk of Railgun PSP chapter 4, which is fortunately nowhere near as long as chapter 3 (though who knows how complex it’ll be). I’ll move onto Slashdog 3 no later than December if all goes well, possibly earlier. Vandread volume 1 is still on hold but I would like to finish it someday.

9 thoughts on “Slashdog Volume 2 COMPLETE

  1. Hey man, its awesome to see people taking interest in psp games in 2019. Have you ever considered the tenchu san and kurenai games? they have official english ps2 releases so it shouldn’t be too far fetched right? Any reply is appreciated, thanks in advance


    1. I’m not familiar with those series myself. In any event, I’m just a translator. I do very little technical work on patches. If as you say there are existing translated versions, all you should need is someone to transcribe the text and patch the game. Not much for a translator to do.


  2. Hey, JeruTz! Great job with finishing Volume 2! My only real issue with your translation was with Freed’s master’s last name. I’m pretty sure I translated it as the Italian name ‘Salo’ after trying the Japanese in Wikipedia.

    About using the Chinese names. I personally was using them for some time in order to separate the sacred beasts from their “owners” who received the beasts’ names by tradition, and then naturally extended to the fiends as well. Well, I do admit to preferring the Chinese names due to feeling that they looked cooler as being another reason. Anyways, while it’s fine to include the rubied Japanese names, I don’t think it’s necessary to use them every time the names appear, but that’s up to you. As for the group names: I’d suggest using the Chinese names with the original translated names rubied instead of the Japanese (it’s not like you were really using the Japanese before that) while you could reverse the main & the ruby for the Four Fiends Project. In other words, use Sì-xiōng with ‘Four Fiends’ rubied for the group, and Four Fiends with ‘Sì-xiōng’ rubied for the project. Also use Huanglong with ‘Yellow Dragon’ rubied when mentioned as “part” of the group name.

    Anyways, once again: Thanks for the hard work. I’m looking forward to Volume 3.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. Your way of applying rubies does sound reasonable.

      Regarding David’s last name, the literal romanization is “serro”. A quick search turned up Cerro as the closest sounding Italian name.


    1. Unfortunately I’m not all that skilled at making pdfs. I’ll try to see if I can get someone else to put one together. In the case of EX, I’d expect top secret to be part of a larger document covering the whole of EX, which might still need some editing.


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