Index PSP Final Chapter

Part 1


White Player: “I see.”

White Player: “I have been peeking in on this time period and had merely forgotten.”

White Player: “Forgotten that I was truly in a period that is further in the past.”

???/Red Player: “So then which will it be?”

Red Player: “You and I, we needn’t only manipulate only ‘this time period’ where we presently are.”

Red Player: “To only do it here is meaningless.”

Red Player: “For some reason or another, the changes here will homogenize before we manage to return to our points of origin,”

Red Player: “so as long as the waves are small they won’t be noticed.”

Red Player: “However, you and I are gradually expanding the effective range of our powers.”

Red Player: “Before long, it will reach the point where the ‘future time period’ where I am and the ‘past time period’ where you are will be directly interfered with.”

White Player: “Manipulating time……is it?”

White Player: “If that’s the case, then this time period we are in can become anything and everything we imagine right?”

Red Player: “However a problem has arisen.”

Red Player: “Time is a straight path. The past, present, and future are all tied together.”

Red Player: “There are no parallel world, nor are there multiple universes.”

Red Player x2: “To say that time is a rubber band, and there’s a board with countless nails driven into it like a pachinko machine, the question is ‘which nails’ will we hook it onto, and that’s all there is to it.”

White Player: “So the Academy City of this time period we are investigating is a type of ‘nail’ then.”

White Player: “And you and I have been competing over it.”

Red Player: “Indeed, for example if we were to obtain the power to directly interfere in our respective time periods,”

Red Player: “if we each shifted the rubber band as we pleased our actions would result in failure.”

Red Player: “Even though we have no interest in the other time period, it’s because time is tied together.”

Red Player: “Thus this is inefficient.”

Red Player: “Even though we ought to possess such a wonderful power, in the end it happens that we can’t accomplish anything with it.”

Red Player: “Just like right now.”

White Player: “……”

Red Player: “Shouldn’t we, in order not to compete with one another, unleash our power efficiently?”

White Player: “The consequences you repeatedly adjusting the hanging rubber band, how will that affect ‘this time period’?”

Red Player: “Who knows?”

Red Player: “As you have experienced often yourself, did history change frequently each time,”

Red Player: “or else did a ‘great vacuum’ appear in the timeline that wasn’t able to cope with it?”

Red Player: “In any case, for us who are at least 2000 years before or afterwards, it’s not really any of our concern.”


Red Player: “So that is your reply huh?”

White Player: “In any event, you are mistaken.”

White Player: “Supposing, even if the future time period is something that absolutely cannot be reached in one’s lifetime,”

White Player: “and even if the past time period is something that is already no longer remembered”

White Player: “even so to permit something like that,”

White Player: “wouldn’t that be precisely as irresponsible as kicking the can down the road?”

Red Player: “Breakdown in negotiations, huh.”

Red Player: “Even if that is the case it doesn’t matter.”

Red Player: “Since it’s useless to adjust the hanging rubber band, it’s fine if I just erase your ‘presence in this time period’.”

FIGHT (Kamijou Touma & Index VS. Fuse Kazakiri)


Red Player: “I’m not done yet.”

Red Player: “I am right. I will demonstrate that to you.”

Red Player: “Besides, the humans of this time period, even they desire this after all.”

Part 2

Red Player: “Even the people of ‘this time period’, don’t they hate being nothing? Don’t they hate being called ordinary?”

Red Player: “If there’s no trouble it’s dull and uninteresting!! If there’s no excitement they’d die!!”

Red Player: “Strong abilities!! Unforeseen magic!! Excellent battle results!! The fruits of victory!!”

Red Player: “Without those sorts of things they’d be left behind in the blink of an eye.”

Red Player: “In that case, shouldn’t we bestow those things upon them?”

Red Player: “If it’s ‘this time period’, we possess the power appropriate to do that!!”

Red Player: “As thanks for providing such modest acts, it isn’t bad that we magnify that power.”

Red Player: “Isn’t that right!?”

White Player: “You’re wrong.”

White Player: “Certainly, they do enjoy watching conflict.”

White Player: “The greater the stimulus the stronger the memory that is left.”

White Player: “However”

White Player: “what they wanted to see, that wasn’t trouble at all.”

White Player: “The true identity of the stimulus they desired, it was to find the place where the other person could smile.”

White Player: “Where rather than from sadness, they can shed tears of joy.”

White Player: “Therefore, it is unnecessary to produce such a dangerous thing.”

White Player: “Gentle tears are the same as diamonds.”

White Player: “The moment people try to manufacture them, they lose their brilliance.”

FIGHT (Kamijou Touma & Misaka Mikoto VS. Accelerator & Misaka Imouto)

Red Player: “I’m not done yet.”

Red Player: “It’s unfortunate, but no matter what you say, the ‘time period’ here is distorted.”

Red Player: “Here, the merits of everything is decided purely by the first, and so the story is one conflict.”

Part 3

Red Player: “I’m not done, yet. My ‘presence in this time period’ has not vanished.”

Red Player: “I can still fight!!”

Red Player: “No matter how much lip service you provide!! No matter how much you brandish your faith in the goodness of people!!”

Red Player: “Here and now we shall decide this ‘by the fist’!!”

Red Player: “The last one standing is the one whose position is justice!!”

Red Player: “With that method, the one the world itself is constructed from!!”

Red Player: “In that case the one that wins would be superior right?”

Red Player: “I trample you!! I’ll plunder you!! I’ll make a heap of your self-merit!!”

Red Player: “For us who are capable of bestowing the blessing of perfect power upon every time period and receiving the maximum reward,”

Red Player: “even if the method be violence, we ought to use it!!”

White Player: “In that case come then.”

White Player: “I’ll teach you something other than catharsis.”

White Player: “After finishing this by the fist, I’ll teach you to look forward to their smiling faces.”

FIGHT (Kamijou Touma & Kanzaki Kaori VS. Misaka Mikoto & Mugino Shizuri)

Red Player: “I’m not……I’m not done, yet!”

Red Player: “After all, we’re different from the people of’this time period’!”

Red Player: “Even if you strike down a person from ‘this time period’, it won’t result in the destruction of my interference power!!”

Part 4

White Player: “Hmm……at this rate it won’t end even if we wait for eternity……”

White Player: “Hm? This is……”

Kamijou Touma: “It seems something is going on here, although I don’t understand it all that well.”

Kamijou Touma: “Pretty soon now, shouldn’t even my serious illusions be shattered?”

White Player: “As one would expect, the hero is here huh. Oh yes, I would appreciate if I could cooperate with you.”

White Player: “That guy is essentially a magician from the future.”

White Player: “Though he’s been here for quite sometime he hasn’t inflicted any conclusive damage.”

White Player: “For there to be a butterfly effect is also impossible.”

Kamijou Touma: “Will it fine then?”

White Player: “If it’s your power we should manage somehow.”

White Player: “Imagine Breaker {Kanji: Illusion Killer}.”

White Player: “That guy’s power is magic.”

White Player: “Even though he himself is in the future, since he’s focusing his power to change ‘this time period’, he ought to be outputting it in this world.”

White Player x2: “If you can destroy that, it ought to completely destroy the ‘special thing’ that serves as his link.”

Kamijou Touma: “In that case, let’s do it.”

White Player: “You understand then?”

Kamijou Touma: “It’s fine.”

Kamijou Touma: “This body, just this once I’ll entrust it to you.”

FIGHT (Kamijou Touma & Accelerator VS. Acqua of the Back & Kanzaki Kaori)

Red Player: “It’s disappearing……? My magic, my power, my point of influence in this time period is……?”

Red Player: “Surely not, this this cannot……!!”

Red Player: “Not yet, I can still fight, still figh———!!”

White Player: “In the end, except for violence, to the last you had nothing to rely on did you?”

White Player: “However, as your existence proves, there is a future.”

White Player: “Before returning, I pray that you discover something different.”

White Player: “……Now then, with this the battle for ‘their time period’ has ended.”

White Player: “Since the ‘adversary’ is now gone, I have also lost any reason to be here, right?”

White Player: “Now then”

White Player: “To put on the last finishing touches.”

White Player: “You’re still there aren’t you?”


White Player: “If you would listen to my last request.”

White Player: “You who destroyed the ‘presence in this time period’ the opponent possessed”

White Player: “Now, ‘the 1 other person who possesses that’, it’s his turn to be erased by you.”

Kamijou Touma: “You……”

White Player: “No, that does not mean that I’ll be completely destroyed.”

White Player: “Although it may be small and meager compared to them”

White Player: “I’m sure there’s a stimulating smiling face, one just for me for when I return to my own time.”

White Player: “With that right hand, save me by destroying my illusions.”

Kamijou Touma: “Are you sure……that’s okay?”

White Player: “I’ve said it many times. For me there’s my own time period.”

White Player: “Well then, this is goodbye.”


3 thoughts on “Index PSP Final Chapter

    1. If you mean the lines he says as he’s fighting, most of those are just grunts or simple lines. If you mean the post-battle dialogue, those lines are all generic with little relevance. As for the pre-battle cinematics, there are some unique lines used when facing specific characters, but it’s not uncommon for these to not be used in story mode.

      In any case, I don’t have any plans to translate these lines at this time. My forte is written Japanese after all.


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