Vandread Extra Stage Chapter 6

Fusion Point

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Part 1

Having saved Taraak and Majere from the crisis, the Nirvana made a triumphant return to the hideout that was their home. After the battle, the crew members slept for a few days as though they were dead, but after Magno and Buzam attended a meeting to discuss the future of Taraak and Majere, the situation suddenly changed. In an astonishing situation it was decided that the hideout of ‘Magno’s Family’, who ought to have been outlaws who had harassed both countries, was to become an intermediary base for the sake of men and women cohabitating. In a sense, it was the same as how, back when Japan had been closed to foreigners, ‘Dejima’ was created to trade with foreigners. {See Dejima}

Naturally, though Magno was vehemently opposed, concerning those additional men and women serving as envoys of Taraak and Majere, who had no experience having cooperative relations, they were relying on volunteers. As for the outcome, at the recommendation of Buzam who was a man, Magno acquiesced with extreme reluctance.

Hibiki Tokai, Bart Garsus, and Duero McFile, at the request of Buzam took on the obligation of selecting the men who would be newly experiencing men and women cohabitating at ‘Dejima’. For that reason, without a chance to settle in at the hideout, they had gone to their home planet of Taraak along with Buzam and Pyoro.

In the midst of a reluctant farewell to their ‘comrades’, most prominently Meia, Jura, and Barnette, Hibiki and Dita, having finally realized their mutual feelings of love, expressed their honest feelings for the first time. Temporarily receiving Hibiki’s ID Chip which she treasured as an amulet, Dita accepted his farewell, but, as she stared at Hibiki’s figure as the shuttle slowly started up and steadily moved away, her patience ran out in the end and she began running towards the shuttle.

“No way! Dita is also going!”

“Don’t! Don’t be a fool!”

Although the surprised Meia hurriedly commanded her, Dita was no longer listening. As large teardrops that would splatter at any moment formed in her eyes, Dita frantically dashed towards the shuttle. Seeing this Hibiki displayed an honest smile for the first time and reached out a hand towards Dita.

“Dita! Come!”

Already the gate was beginning to get stored away. However, not at all hesitating due to that, Dita put aside all her doubts and jumped towards Hibiki’s hand.


The one letting out a sigh from her mouth that was open at an angle was Jura. However, opposite to her manner of speaking her expression remained calm. Perhaps even though they didn’t say anything, everyone had expected it would become like this for those two.

Thus, with the last minute addition of Dita, the ‘Delegation’ for the sake of cohabitation set a straight course for Taraak.


A few days after that, those who had seen off Hibiki and the others were enjoying a holiday of doing as they please in order to recover from the exhaustion from their long trip. Barnette was immersing herself in maintaining her ‘collection’ that had remained in her room in the hideout, and Jura, who had been ignored by her, was feeling sullen even as she was continuing to lecture the hideout’s doctor while showing her ‘Hello Baby’. Having a reunion with her parents after such a long time, Parfet had distanced herself from strange machines and was telling them the tales of heroism from their long journey.

In the midst of this, Kalua, who Ezra had given birth to during the journey, had changed into the crew’s idol. It seems this was especially due to it being an environment of only females. With all eyes gathered on the baby, the crew members were continuously visiting Ezra and Rebecca’s living room.

“KYA——! She laughed, she laaaughed∼∼!”

“Soo cuuu∼∼te!”

“Hey hey, can she already hold her head steady?”

The crew members who had surrounded Kalua were repeatedly firing off questions. At first Ezra had dealt with them gleefully, but, as one would expect from having the crew members visiting everyday, she couldn’t conceal her fatigue.

“E-Eeh……. She has already become able to crawl, and it wouldn’t be strange for her to be able to walk soon.”

Ezra had replied with a feeling of confusion, but it could be observed from the situation that there was something she wasn’t saying behind that stiff smiling face.

“Everyone, though it’s wonderful that you went out of your way to come, would you mind leaving soon? It’s Kalua’s naptime.”

Kalua’s Oma, Rebecca, arise from her chair upon noticing Ezra’ situation. With a smiling face she urged the crew members towards the door.

“AH! S-Sorry!”

“My apologies, we were completely entranced by Kalua-chan……”

At the hideout, the one who held the number 2 seat after Magno was Rebecca. Before that solemn attitude the crew members dejectedly filed out of the pair’s room.

“……Phe∼∼∼∼∼∼w……. I wish they weren’t like this everyday……. Even with that strange robot not being here, we haven’t had any time to relax recently……”

Having shown the crew members out, Rebecca muttered what Ezra had been thinking deep down.

“Pyoro-chan would bright red in anger if he heard that. Besides, everyone can’t help but to feel pleased at Kalua-chan’s having been born.”


Despite breathing a sigh of relief at being liberated from the crew members’ visit, Ezra’s face wore a bitter smile. Seeing that, Rebecca spoke in astonishment.

“Isn’t because you have such a lenient attitude that everyone comes here so rudely?”

With Ezra making such indecisive statements as usual, and moreover in spite her having come to her aid, Rebecca expression became a noticeable pout. It was an act that was impossible to imagine considering her usually firm attitude. It seems that was the to extent she trusted Ezra and only Ezra.

“Oh my, it’s the time I had planned to do kitchen work.”

In contrast Ezra completely overturned her understanding of the situation. Subsequently, Rebecca puffed up her cheeks like a child and then picked up the complaining Kalua.

“Were you listening, Kalua? Fahma is heartless huh? Even though your Oma wasn’t around for your birth……”

However, for Kalua who couldn’t  understand the meaning of what was said, she merely looked around in confusion. While giving a sidelong glance at Rebecca behaving like that, Ezra peered at the apathetic behavior of Kalua.

“It can’t be helped right? After all there was no way to know I would be hurled into distant space……. I want you to tell me that you’re happy we returned safely.”

While comparing the faces of Rebecca and Ezra, Kalua was as expressionless as usual. Just by seeing the innocent expression on their child’s face gave the pair a feeling of happiness that words can’t describe.

“Fuh……certainly……. You did make it back safely.”

Rebecca once again muttered while gazing at Ezra’s face. After which, Ezra also resumed her meek smile.

“For certain……I was happy when Rebecca came to save us.”

“Fuh……since it’s now I guess I can say this, but when we reached the detention facility’s cells the very first face I looked for was Ezra’s.”

“I’m so happy!”

“However, that’s a secret from the Captain! Since getting one’s priorities twisted is quite serious……”

“Fufufu……that is serious!”

In the living room where parents and child were now alone, a calm period of rest had returned. And then, Ezra and Rebecca experienced the peace that had finally returned permeating them.


“Huh? Surely that girl is……”

“Aah……the girl who came from Pluto huh?”

The maintenance crew members, while cleaning the floors on the terrace at the highest level of the hideout, had noticed a truly lonely figure loitering around. That person was Misty Cornwell. As the maintenance crew members had said, in order to notify them of the Earth’s ‘Reaping’ plan, she had been a messenger who had embarked from Pluto. However, though she ’embarked’, that did not mean that a specific destination had been established. For the sake meeting up somewhere with the descendents of Earth that had been been scattered amongst unknown other colonized planets, there had been only one person roaming the cosmos. She, having been placed into a cold sleep capsule by her parents, had drifted in space for more than sixty-three years. And thus did she have a destined encounter with the Nirvana that was aiming to return home.

Along with Misty who had been in refrigerated hibernation, they had been entrusted with a valuable message capsule from the people of Pluto that she had been carrying with her. However, when the Nirvana had tried to decipher it, it was infected with a computer virus that had been loaded inside the capsule. Consequently, Ezra became trapped inside of the ship’s elevator when the systems had suspended operation, resulting in Kalua being delivered by the pair of fellow passengers, Hibiki and Dita. After which, Kalua’s first cry within the narrow elevator served as the password for rescinding the virus, becoming the primary cause for the Nirvana escaping from a crisis.

As for the message Misty had brought, it came as a great shock to the crew members of the Nirvana and Magno in particular. Together with the image of their home planet ‘Earth’ covered by ugly gears, they learned of the disaster which was the Earthlings turning to social isolation and self-preservation. Subsequently, with this incident as motivation, the crew of the Nirvana renewed their decision to fight to survive the ‘Reaping’.

Since being safeguarded by the Nirvana, Misty had joined the Nirvana’s crew as an assistant to the operation crew members. However, since Pluto’s environment had values similar to those on Earth where men and women lived together, she at first felt a large gap with the environment of Taraak and Majere where men and women lived separately. For this reason Misty found herself at odds with every member of the crew, and did not integrate all that effectively with them. With her willful character being a primary contributing factor, she even went as far as to antagonize Dita as a love rival over Hibiki. However, being motivated by an encounter with the Pexis that was a different kind of isolated life-form, and experiencing the kindness of Meia, Dita, and the others, she was able to release the feelings of ‘loneliness’ she had been concealing inside her small chest. Since then, Misty who had honestly opened her heart built up several achievements as member of the crew, and by now everyone had approved of her as one of their comrades.



Staring into empty space with a vacant expression, Misty hid her face and let out a large sigh as she recalled it. Though she may have experienced sixty-three years of cold sleep, her outward appearance was only that of a fourteen-year-old girl. Upon seeing the crew members’ delighted figures at returning to the hideout that was their home and being reunited with their parents and sisters, she found herself feeling homesick.

She didn’t regret being charged with a mission and departing her homeworld. However, with sixty-three years having passed since she left Pluto until today, it seemed likely that her parents were no longer living. On the contrary, even if Misty were to return to Pluto today, there would be nobody there that knew her. Her own history was exactly like that of ‘Urashima Tarou’. {TN: Time dilation paradox, where one returns home to discover years have passed.} The isolation unlike that of the fable had cast a dark shadow over her heart.

“……Hibiki and Dita have gone as well…………”

Dita, with whom she had recently been getting along with, was now journeying to Taraak together with Hibiki. Misty had been told that it was fine to fondly make use of Dita’s own room, but each time she discovered a keepsake from the journey within that room, a sense of emptiness surpassing the relief at having survived the fierce battle surged up from within her. Misty had lost her objective. In the upheaval of the battle against Earth, she was enveloped by a sense of purpose in having risked her life to deliver the message. Since that feeling had sustained her, from the moment peace was restored Misty began to harbor doubts about what purpose she herself should live for, as well as the meaning of her life.

“……I’m not needed here anymore……”

A pessimistic murmur escaped her mouth. Those words which she had spoken on reflex steadily strengthened her feeling of isolation.

With the light of the stars pouring down on the terrace, the surroundings were beautifully illuminated. However, for the current Misty, it felt like nothing but a cynical spotlight exposing her isolation.

Since some time ago, a figure had been silently watching that lonely figure of Misty. It was the Dread Team Leader, Meia. Her lips firmly sealed, she was simply gazing fixedly at Misty. Like Misty her personal history was as a person without a single relative. Even though it seemed that her Oma was the only one still alive, until this day their situation was one of living separate lives altogether. For Meia, the degree of pain Misty was experiencing deep down was understandable. Purposefully and without calling out to her, she calmly left that place as though she had suddenly thought of something.

Part 2

“You want to apply to change crew stationing?”

The astonished voice of Gascogne resounded within the hideout’s conference room.

“Yes, I believe that the procedure requires that I obtain everyone’s permission first……”

Before her, who had looked back over her shoulder in astonishment, stood Meia looking as expressionless as always. Unable to read her true feelings, Gascogne squinted in bewilderment and her tone became serious.

“……Even compared to you usual unexpected requests I cannot understand your true intentions……”

Although she couldn’t grasp what she was thinking, Gascogne had no intention of doubting Meia’s judgement. During their long association, she understood full well that Meia was not the type to make emotional decisions. However, for Magno’s Family to decide to change the crew arrangements, it was essential that they obtain the consent of their direct leader. For Meia to have expressly come and and stood before Gascogne and the others to ask this, it was obvious the subject of this was not a direct subordinate of hers.

“Exactly whose station do you want to change?”

Magno, who was leisurely sipping tea, asked Meia with a smiling face. She alone was quite pleased at Meia’s growth that allowed her to express her honest feeling on a daily basis. Even for today’s proposal, as far as Magno was concerned she was treating it like the request of an adorable grandchild. And then, as Meia was gazing Magno’s dazzling smile, she answered with a lowered gaze as though perplexed.

“……Yes…………. It’s Misty.”

As soon as she heard that Gascogne put on a confused expression.

“!? Misty? Is there some kind of problem with that girl?”

Thinking that another quarrel might have occurred, Gascogne leaned forward with a knitted brow. However Meia shook her head and calmly denied this.

“No……. That isn’t the case……. Still though……”

Although she had denied Gascogne’s words, for some reason Meia discontinued her words, mumbling in confusion. For some reason she was having feeling of embarrassment over the fact she was doing something for the sake of someone else. Having seen through that confusion of hers, Magno spoke as her wrinkled face again warped in apparent happiness.

“Fufufu……. No need to be shy, Meia. Speaking frankly now, what is it you want to do for Misty?”

Faced with the attitude of the veteran Magno, even the theorist Meia was overwhelmed. Her true feeling having been seen through, Meia spoke with a faint blush on her cheeks.

“……I want to, give her a purpose…………”

From those words, Gascogne, Magno and those who were present sensed everything. Realizing the kindhearted Meia’s feelings for her comrades, the pair exchanged a satisfied glance, and Gascogne calmly spoke to Meia.

“In other words, you’re saying it’s fine so long as Misty, who has come to feel she has no place to belong, were to discover a posting she was enthusiastic about, right?”

“Yes, is there good place for that? I’ve also been considering various things, but this sort of thing isn’t my strong point……”

Apparently pleased that her proposal had been accepted, Meia leaned forward and continued piling on her words, a rarity for her. Seeing her like this, Rebecca was dumbfounded. For her who had been left behind at the hideout, she found the numerous transformations in her comrades since returning from the long journey to be astounding. The changes in Meia in particular were the most remarkable. Having changed completely from before to the point she can now talk to another person while smiling, she now seemed to Rebecca to be an entirely different person.

“……Seriously, just what the heck kind of miracle happened on that trip……”

Although she was smiling, Rebecca muttered while half in shock.


In the midst of that, Gascogne who had been thinking suddenly raised her head. She apparently had hit upon an idea of some sort.

“What is it?”

Meia immediately reacted to Gascogne’s attitude and waited for what she’d say next. Gascogne then grinned broadly as she spoke to Meia.

“It’s the ideal place!”

Towards Gascogne, who for some reason was putting on airs as though planning something, even Magno urged her to answer having become impatient.

“What? Say it already.”

Gascogne then loudly cleared her throat and turned to face Magno.

“Yes……. I heard that a grand memorial celebration is being planned for the men from Taraak that were about to receive……”

“? ……In other words, you mean the event crew?”

Rebeca gave voice to what she presumed was Gascogne’s true intention. When she heard that Gascogne gave a big nod of affirmation.

“Quite right! Misty was originally from Pluto. She’s familiar with the world where men and women coexist. If it’s about how to smoothly build a relationship with men, I believe she’ll be quite useful on that level……”

As soon as she heard that, Meia’s expression suddenly brightened. More than anything she felt the desire to pray that Misty to become aware of ‘her own usefulness’. Gascogne’s proposal provided exactly that.

“Thank you very much! I’ll inform the person herself at once!”

Unable to conceal her joy, Meia gleefully left the conference room. As they were gazing dumbfoundingly at this situation, everyone present was surprised at the sudden transformation in Meia’s attitude.

“……She really has changed huh…………”

As Rebecca reflexively muttered that, Magno glanced over at her with a satisfied smile.

“It’s due to the various things that happened during the journey……. Not just Meia, everyone changed. Even Gascogne, BC, and even I myself……”

As soon as they heard that, Gascogne and Rebecca who were present both looked at Magno with wide open eyes.

“!? No way! You captain!?”

Faced with the pair whose features became ones of blatant surprise, Magno was astonished.

“W-What’s with both of you! There’s no need to make such faces, is there!? You should say that even I learned an abundance of different things! If not do you think I’d be doing as those guys in the government said and doing something like opening up this hideout! Isn’t that right!? Gascogne!?”

Although she was someone who had experience 108 years of life, it was this unforgettable innocence that was Magno’s charm. Even Gascogne who had raised the topic, and was watching the enraged Magno who wore a strained smile, her expression became deeply emotional as she recalled the various incidents from the long journey.

“……Certainly, that is the case. The miracles we were shown by the Pexis. The people of each planet we visited. The matter of Hibiki, Dita, and the others……. Even I truly feel that way. You could say that God arranged for this journey for the sake of reminding us of something important that we had forgotten……”

Listening to Gascogne’s words Magno also gave a big nod. However, for Rebecca who hadn’t participated in the journey, she alone wore a dissatisfied expression.

“Aren’t you saying something from a considerably high place, Gascogne? I’ve heard it said that mankind decides for himself.”

To Rebecca who was sullenly pouting, Gascogne displayed a grandiose smile worthy of her skill.

“Be at ease! It’s not necessary for you to change!”


Pleasant laughter resounded in the conference room. Each time a problem had occurred up until just before, it should have had been the place where everyone wore a grimace of bewilderment. Without such gloomy subjects, faced with the atmosphere of the conference room that had become a place where they could discuss future prospects, Magno once again experienced the joy of peace having been achieved.


“To start with, at the moment the men’s ship arrives the location will be the docking port……”

“As expected, should we have a grand cheerleading and brass band greet them here?”

“Even if the brass band is fine, think about how to do the cheerleading. Seeing as they’re from Taraak they’re unlikely to dance.”


In the event crew planning office, they were naturally in the midst of planning the ‘Commemoration Ceremony’. Given that all the production data of the women who had gathered came from an all women’s society, it couldn’t be helped that those who grew up on Majere without understanding men wouldn’t be able to imagine ‘a world where men and women peacefully coexist’.

“Excuse me……”

The door behind the event crew members, whose mouths were bent into the shape of a ‘へ’, opened, and an uneasy voice was heard entering. Surprised, everyone present looked back, and standing there as though feeling lost was the figure of Misty.

“……Onee-sama……no, I am speaking of Meia-san, she told me to come here but……”

In front of only people she didn’t know, even the usually confident Misty couldn’t hide her nervousness. The event crew members wore common uniforms of violet staff jackets and sunvisors with built in intercoms, and as a result it was difficult to distinguish them from one another at first glance. With that being a possible factor, Misty became increasingly nervous, to the point where she was fretfully shaking with both arms crossed in front of her body.

With her gaze fixed upon this girl, the foremost member of the crew who had surrounded the conference room table was standing there. Since based on her apparent age she clearly held seniority over other members, it could be surmised that she was the leader of the event crew.

“Aah! Misty right!? We heard about you from Gasco-san! This is great! Please participate in the meeting!”

Before Misty could name herself, the leader of the event crew had half forced her to sit down at the table. It seemed it couldn’t be helped given the special nature of their work, but the event crew members generally moved about energetically and restlessly. Seeing that appearance of theirs, Misty felt increasingly uncomfortable.

“Well, then would you please tell us about it right away?”

The leader suddenly began talking to Misty who was overcome with surprise.

“!? Eh!? W-What……do you mean?”

Becoming impatient with Misty who completely didn’t understand her meaning, the leader began to once again speak quickly.

“Why exactly did you come here? Weren’t you called here for the planning of the Taraak & Majere Interaction Commencement Commemoration Event? Remember just which person here knows about a society in which men and women coexist? Indeed! There is noone other than you, Misty. So with that said do you understand what you should be doing?”

With the leader quickly rattling on to the extent she was tempted to ask just when she had time to breath, Misty was completely caught off guard. Without giving her a moment to get a word in, the event crew members goggled at her without hiding their impatience at the situation. Her present state was like being surrounded by a group of chattering Barts and impatient Barnettes. With no place for even an ordinary person, Misty, who had been tormented by a feeling of isolation, steadily atrophied and remained silent.


From the shadow of the door, Meia silently observed the figure of Misty who had be thoroughly overwhelmed by the energy of the event crew members. Although she was just as expressionless as always, her true emotions were full of feeling of anxiety over Misty. However, right now, she was adequately aware that the friendly help she herself had offered had ended up having the opposite effect on Misty. For that reason, silently left that place without saying a word. Being in a truly new environment, she understood that the most important thing for Misty was to form new human interactions.

Thus, she would make sure that Misty who had become a member of the event crew formed new human interactions within the group.

Part 3

“Sensor response! It appears to be a Taraakian escape pod approaching at high speeds!”

Celtic, who was on duty in the hideout’s control room, cried out with a surprised expression.

“Taraak!? Can you determine who is onboard?”

Upon hearing the report, Rebecca requested details with a tense look on her face. However, when Celtic replied it was with a look of bewilderment.

“……About that…………”

Rebecca spoke emphatically as she reprimanded the hesitating Celtic.

“Don’t make me say it again! Give me a report on the crew! Under the circumstances we may be forced to shoot it down!”

Although they were obligated under the decision to commence interactions, Taraak and Majere originally had a relationship of mutual hostility. It was possible that there was a group of extremists who were dissatisfied with the decisions of their leaders, and that they were now scheming to engage in subversive activities against the women’s hideout.

“Escape pod has approached even further! It’s approaching directly as it slips through the asteroid belt!”

The report from the operations crew member raised the tension among the control room crew members. Having heard that, as Rebecca gave her a threatening look, Celtic spoke while feeling half bewildered.

“……Regarding life form reading on the escape pod, there are none……. Instead……”

“Instead what!?”

Seemingly impatient with Celtic’s unclear report, Rebecca rose from her seat and looked at Celtic’s console for herself.

“……!? Certainly there is no human life form response……. However, considering this data fluctuation it’s clear that someone is piloting the pod……. Celtic, do you have any idea what this is?”

As Rebecca peered into her face while voicing her lack of satisfaction, Celtic who had been asked this became increasingly uncomfortable as she replied together with a sigh.

“……Haa……. Perhaps……”


“PYORO TWO∼∼∼∼∼∼!!”

As soon as the escape pod’s hatch was opened, the one that jumped out from within was the white, egg-shaped navigation robot, Pyoro. Shortly thereafter a report came in from Buzam who was on Taraak. The content: Pyoro had lied about showing Dita around the Taraak neighborhood, and then escaped by stealing an escape pod once he saw an opening. As anticipated by all present, since Pyoro wholeheartedly wished to meet up with Kalua he had come back to the hideout.

‘He’ had originally been a guide robot carried aboard the ship from the colonization ship era. It had been left laying about as junk inside the battleship ‘Ikazuchi’ that Taraak had built in order to demonstrate the dignity of men. However, since it was necessary to monitor Hibiki who had been a stowaway, ‘he’ had been booted up for the first time in a century to serve as a sentinel. Subsequently, it was then that it ended up being enveloped by the Pexis rampaging along with Hibiki, and as a result, it strangely gained human-like ’emotions’. Since then, he would on some occasions, being bound by the values it had acquired, speak its honest observations in a manner unlike humans who won’t always say what they want to, while on other occasions it, being linked to the Pexis, would be used to deliver a message from the Pexis to the humans. Although he was thought of by the crew members as an impertinent robot with a sharp tongue, ‘he’ had been accepted as a member of the crew. However, the sole point of annoyance was ‘his’ words and deeds in regards to Kalua.

During their journey to their homeworlds, Pyoro and the rest of the Nirvana’s crew had viewed documentary footage from the colonization ship era. Naturally it showed a ‘family’ consisting of a father, a mother, and their children, the sort of thing that would be considered an ordinary family in our world. However, for the crew of the Nirvana, for whom the natural environment was one of men and women living separately, this came as a major shock. With that incident as a starting point, the relationship between Hibiki and Dita began to change, but for Pyoro the ‘Family Documentary’ took on a completely different meaning.

This was the existence of an ‘infant’ that was shown within the image. He took great interest in how a human almost the same size as ‘him’, in a manner not at all unexpected would steadily experience ‘growth’ and would become a ‘big human’. Perhaps I myself may be able to experience ‘growth’, was the thought that sprouted within ‘him’, and ever since then he had become quite attached to the ‘infant’ inside of Ezra.

During the time Ezra was trapped in an elevator, when Hibiki and Dita helped her give birth, Pyoro had naturally made quite the clamor. Since then, before anyone had realized it ‘he’ begun treating Kalua as though she was one of his own children. Pyoro began taking care of Kalua like a babysitting robot. This wasn’t a problem for ‘he himself’, but the degree of doting was shocking to Ezra who was her real mother.

After the fierce battle against Earth had ended, Pyoro had naturally desired to stay by Kalua’s side. However, being dragged along by Hibiki, ‘he’ was semi-coercively kidnapped and taken to Taraak. It was therefore a serious matter that this Pyoro had come back in the escape pod. Rebecca in particular, as Kalua’s oma, was rushing to the docking pod with a distorted expression.

“So you would destroy the precious environment of a parent and child being alone together then!”

Although the fear of an attack by extremists had ended, as far as Rebecca was concerned Pyoro’s existence was just as damaging as such large subversive activities. Even for her who was usually level-headed, from her gait as she ran through the hallway one could say that her usual composure couldn’t be felt at all.


“PYORO TWOO∼∼∼∼∼∼! WHERE ARE YOU, PYOROO∼∼∼∼∼∼!? For the sake of Pyoro Two Pyoro has risked everything to return, PYORO∼∼∼∼∼∼!”

In a place away from the worried Rebecca, having rushed out of the escape pod, Pyoro had proceeded to enter to hideout at extreme speed.

“AH! Hey! You can’t!’

“You haven’t been given permission to come aboard yet!”

Despite being commanded by the members of the security crew, Pyoro completely turned a deaf ear. Having an antigravity device built in from the start, Pyoro’s ability to evade in any direction made capturing him an impossible task.

“HEY! If you don’t behave, I won’t go easy even if it’s you Pyoro!”

Losing her temper the security crew member aimed her shotgun at Pyoro. However, Pyoro’s momentum gave absolutely no indication of stopping.

“I have braved dangers over a great distance to return here so I can meet up with Pyoro Two, pyoro! That kind of threat isn’t scary at all, PYORO!”

Together with those courageous words, Pyoro, faced with the crewmember bearing down on ‘him’, continued to use nimble movements to aim for the interior.

“AH∼∼∼! GEEZ! Hold still!”

Becoming frustrated at the skillful evasions of capture, the crew members words and actions slowly began to be filled with anger.

“You! If you don’t stop this now I really will destroy you!”

Although being on the receiving end of words approaching abusive language, Pyoro did not hesitate and fled into one of the hideout’s vents. The size of the hole was too small for humans to enter. Naturally it was sufficiently large for Pyoro to pass through, but not for the security crewmember chasing ‘him’ who could only stamp her feet in frustration.

“KII∼∼∼∼∼∼! I absolutely won’t allow it! I’ll tear you to pieces once I find you∼∼∼∼∼∼!!”

“Try it if you can, pyoro! If you do such a thing I’ll come back to haunt you, PYORO∼∼∼∼∼∼!”

With that parting threat the impertinent Pyoro vanished into the vent. It was at that moment when, too late, Rebecca finally came running up to the security crew member from whom Pyoro had successfully escaped.

The dumbfounded Rebecca in a panic leapt towards the wall-mounted console and yelled loudly into the speaker system.


[Ezra! Where are you!? Is Kalua alright!?]

The voice of the panicking Rebecca was being transmitted to Ezra who was in the living room. From the state of her voice, it was clearly understood that it was a serious state of affairs.

“Both Kalua-chan and I are in our room. ……What’s happened?”

While confirming that Kalua was in the next room safely playing with her toys in her crib, Ezra asked her own question through the console while feeling uneasy. Following this, Rebecca responded with a semi-indignant reply.

[That strange navi-robo came back!]

“Oh my! Pyoro-chan!?”

Not understanding the situation, Ezra spoke with a happy smile on her face. She was honestly pleased at Pyoro’s return. However, judging from the premonition of strife in Rebecca’s voice, at the very least she was not pleased about Pyoro’s return.

[It fled into a vent without even complying with the security crew’s restraints! That guy is targeting Kalua! Even if that guy doesn’t intend on harming her, if we leave things as is the system will be disrupted. Lock the room and don’t take your eyes off of Kalua!]


The power of Pyoro’s emotional attachment to Kalua was something Ezra understood better than anyone. She had accordingly accepted that Pyoro held no ill will, so presently, rather than feeling concerned about Kalua, she was concerned about Rebecca. In other words, to put it simply, it could be said that, when it comes to Kalua, Pyoro and Rebecca are competing for the paternal role.

“You are truly quite fortunate huh……”

While wearing a bitter smile on her face, Ezra gently picked up Kalua from her crib. She didn’t expect Kalua to understand what was said, but she did simply stare up at Ezra with a blank expression.

“If Pyoro-chan and Rebecca could get along, everything would be fine huh……”

While gazing at Kalua’s face, Ezra spoke to herself while letting out a sigh. Although the world was now at peace, it would be a bit longer before tranquility visiting Ezra’s heart.

Part 4

“We’re switching over to the facility’s internal sensors. We must absolutely not allow ‘that thing’ to get close to Kalua!”

Having returned to the control room, Rebecca muttered with her brow furrowed in loathing as she gazed at the monitors. She hated Pyoro who had revealed his reckless competitiveness over Kalua, and rather than them having been outwitted by him, what had wounded her pride was that he was simply acting as he pleased. Certainly for Rebecca, who even when Magno and the others were absent, used severe methods to maintain public order within the hideout, acts of rebellion were impermissible. However, since the Nirvana had returned, in regards to the state of confrontation between Rebecca and Pyoro, the crew members who observed it couldn’t suppress bitter smiles.

From Belvedere, who was facing the console with a complex expression, Rebecca wanted an even faster response than was usual for her who usually didn’t conceal her impatience.

“Belvedere! There’s nothing on the monitors! Have you switched over the sensors yet!?”

“S-Sorry……. If Pyoro-kun were a lifeform we could instantly locate him, but to probe for the reaction of a specific machine……”

Although it was a hideout, the inside was a space station packed full of complex equipment. As Belvedere had said, finding Pyoro who was not a lifeform was no easy work. Nevertheless, it was a bad time since, for the sake of the men that Hibiki and the others were bring back, the hideout was presently in the midst of being remodelled. With the construction work being focused on each level’s residential area, even ordinarily there was confusion. Even if there were a reaction shown on the monitor they couldn’t determine if it was construction machinery or Pyoro.

“We can’t interrupt the interior design construction! As far as locating Pyoro-kun goes, it’s an impossible task……”

Belvedere was the one who reported while feeling confused, but Rebecca’s reply was severe.

“I thoroughly understand that! However, ‘that thing’s’ behaving as it pleases to such a degree is contrary to the order of ‘Magno’s Family’! By all means we must apprehend ‘that thing’ before it attacks Kalua!”

Even the crew members couldn’t object to upholding ‘the order of Magno’s Family’. Starting with Belvedere, the control crew members set out to work on changing over the sensor type.


“!? ……How exaggerated……”

From the end of the living room Ezra muttered as she gazed ahead with her mouth open. Before her eyes there were fully armed security crew members standing there. Certainly, as Ezra had muttered, it was going a bit too far. However, having obtained permission from Rebecca, the security crew members were entering the living space. On top of two in the corridor, there were three security crewmembers apiece distributed to each room. The imposing presence was to the degree that even Kalua was clinging to Ezra in a frightened state. Although they were being guarded by the security crew, as far as the parent and child were concerned, it was a continuous arrival of visiting crew members with no apparent end.

“……Phew…………. A leisurely afternoon nap is impossible then……”

Ezra, whose naptime had been stolen for the second time that day, sat down in annoyance……”


While the hideout was in an uproar, Pyoro who was the source of the turmoil was in the vents that spread out throughout the hideout like a maze.

“Fufufu……. Human beings are such inconvenient living things, pyoro. Since they can’t even live if there’s no oxygen……. Because of that I have the advantage, pyoro! Since after all the vents are connected to everywhere, pyoro……”

It seemed that he had not taken refuge in the vents on a whim. As Pyoro had muttered, the vents, which supply oxygen that humans require to live within the hideout, were invariably built to be connected to every place. In other words, with the oxygen supply being beyond indispensable, quarantining him was not an option. In that case, outside of them unskillfully moving through the passageways, there was little danger of anyone getting in his way.

“Pyoro-two∼∼∼……where are you hiding, pyoro?”

While showing a seemingly sad digital expression, Pyoro surveyed the pitch black interior of the vents. Even if they couldn’t get in his way, in order to determine Kalua’s whereabouts he would need to access the main system. As soon as Pyoro contacted the main system, Rebecca and the others would be notified of his presence. In order to ensure that didn’t occur, it was necessary that he use the best of his own abilities to reach Kalua’s location.

Pyoro extended antenna from his body, and as though pricking up his ears gathered voices from his surroundings. By relying on the voices of the crew that could be faintly heard through the walls of the vent, he was pinning down Kalua’s position.

“Just wait, pyoro∼∼∼!! I’m coming to meet you right now!”

Just like a lone hero sneaking into enemy territory, Pyoro voluntarily charged into the hideout even while covered with dust.

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  1. Tell me they get back to Misty eventually

    When watching the anime ending I though Pyoro leaving didnt need to happen, glad he is back to where he wants to be


  2. you r like a hero! do you know where i can get the original mangas? is there anyone translated? thank u very much for everything!


    1. If you’re talking about the manga, that was fully translated as I recall. You can probably find it on just about any site that hosts translated manga. Do note though that the manga’s story is entirely different from that of the anime and light novels and isn’t very long.

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    1. This chapter is the next one. I’m about half done with the next part, which when complete will mean chapter 6 as a whole is about half done. I expect to be posting updates once every week or two. That said, I am also working on another project so my attention may be divided at times.


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