Index PSP Misaka Mikoto Chapter

Part 1


Shirai Kuroko: “Onee-samaa, why won’t you just give up already?”

Misaka Mikoto: “There’s no reason to give up. It’ll be complete after one more right?”

Misaka Mikoto: “It’s the special decal ‘Shocking! Chocolate Gekota Season 7’!”

Misaka Mikoto: “For me not to obtain it, when it’s my dream number 107.”

Shirai Kuroko: “Dream, is it. So what kind of decal is this?”

Misaka Mikoto: “‘The Dehydrated from Carelessly Napping on the Balcony Gekota’ Killa Decal!”

Shirai Kuroko: “……I wish that I had thought not to ask.”

Shirai Kuroko: “Be that as it may, for you to continue doing this every day.”

Misaka Mikoto: “I only have one a day, it can’t be helped since there’s an unspoken agreement when it comes to purchasing them.”

Misaka Mikoto: “If it’s like this, I’m going to untiringly continue to pursue important matters.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Now then, today I’ll draw it for sure! Dream number 107!”

Shirai Kuroko: “Chi, hold it just a minuuuute! Hide yourself! Onee-sama!!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Hold it a second, w-what is it all of a sudden!?”


Misaka Mikoto: “H-him!!”

Shirai Kuroko: “Surely, the 2 of you arranging a date……there’s no way such a thing happened is there?”

Misaka Mikoto: “T-t-t-t-t-t-that’s wrong! It’s just a coincidence like always!!”

Shirai Kuroko: “If that’s the case then it’s not necessary to meet him face to face.”

Shirai Kuroko: “That gentleman, I wonder what in the world he could be doing in that convenience store……?”

Misaka Mikoto: “We just finished hiding for the moment, however I wonder if it wouldn’t have been particularly okay to just greet him as usual……”

Shirai Kuroko: “Onee-sama? What did you just say?”

Misaka Mikoto: “I-I didn’t say anything did I!?”



Kamijou Touma: “Excuse me! This ‘Gekota Chocolate’, is it okay if I take all of it?”

Kamijou Touma: “Indeed, all of it. If you have any in inventory I’ll buy those as well.”


Misaka Mikoto: “I-is that the forbidden ‘buying in bulk’!?”

Shirai Kuroko: “What’s so astonishing about that? He simply must be collecting decals as well.”

Misaka Mikoto: “That’s wrong! Even when I spoke to that guy before, he had absolutely no such interest.”

Shirai Kuroko: “It doesn’t seem to be something that’s that popular, especially if since it isn’t very eye-catching.”

Misaka Mikoto: “It can’t be allowed. Such a buyer. It ought to be unthinkable for any lover of Gekota.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Without exception such individuals would be dealt with one by one.”

Shirai Kuroko: “W-what an exaggerated expression……however, a-apart from that……”

Shirai Kuroko: “Ah, Onee-sama!?”

Misaka Mikoto: “Hold it right there!”

Kamijou Touma: “Geh……! Why here……!”

Kamijou Touma: “Y-yo, Biribiri. My bad but I’m a little busy. I don’t have any spare time to accompany you today.”

Misaka Mikoto: “You, what are you buying?”

Kamijou Touma: “Heh? Well, that’s kind of……”

Misaka Mikoto: “Those are ‘Gekota Chocolates’, didn’t  you say before that you are entirely uninterested in that?”

Misaka Mikoto: “But even so why are you carrying a box under your armpit after having purchased all of them?”

Kamijou Touma: “Ahh well see, for some sudden reason recently, Kamijou-san has started to fancy these chocolates, hahaha.”

Misaka Mikoto: “One a day.”

Kamijou Touma: “Eh?”

Misaka Mikoto: “Anything else is discourteous to ‘Gekota’. Return the box.”

Kamijou Touma: “What are you saying all of a sudden? I don’t understand what the problem is!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Hohou, if you’re still going to play dumb.”

Kamijou Touma: “To begin with, as far as this Gekota is concerned, it seems to be just a simple strange frog character. However reluctantly——ohto.”

Misaka Mikoto: “——It’s not.”

Kamijou Touma: “Heh? What’d you say?”


Kamijou Touma: “O-oi. Wait a moment Biribiri.”

Misaka Mikoto: “No excuses! The rage of all the Gekota fans in the world——receive it for yourself!”

Kamijou Touma: “Uwaaa! What is all this!? What’s with the anger, you. Wai……WAAA!!”

Misaka Mikoto: “AH! He escaped! Wait right there!”

Shirai Kuroko: “O-Onee-sama!!”

Part 2


Kamijou Touma: “DAH! That girl, what happened all of a sudden?”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Oya Kamijou Touma. What brings you to a place like this in such a hurry?”

Kamijou Touma: “It so good to meet you here! I’m being chased! Please help me!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “If you’re being chased, that is indeed quite dangerous……the opponent, is it a newly arrived magician?”

Kamijou Touma: “It’s close enough to be one! Even I don’t understand their motive! In any case if there’s a place to hide———!”

Shirai Kuroko: “Target discovered! Onee-sama, he’s over here!!”

Kamijou Touma: “Uwaah, I’ve been discovered!?”

Misaka Mikoto: “That’s as far as you go! Prepare yourself!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “Please wait. It is impossible for me to forsake someone who is being pursued for no reason.”

Misaka Mikoto: “I should have realized that you’d hide behind some woman of strange appearance!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……Strange, appearance……”

Shirai Kuroko: “Ara ara, it’s unlikely that this Oba-san’s fashion sense is that of Academy City.”

Kanzaki Kaori: “……Have you resolved yourselves? The 2 of you that is.”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto & Shirai Kuroko VS. Kanzaki Kaori & Kamijou Touma)

Kanzaki Kaori: “Kuh, you, why is it that you’re so obsessed with him?”

Misaka Mikoto: “This is a battle I would gamble everything I believe in on——”

Misaka Mikoto: “Indeed, it is a crusade!”

Kanzaki Kaori: “I-I see. So this is a deed for which you have already completely resolved yourself……”

Kanzaki Kaori: “How about it? Kamijou Touma. In regard to fulfilling her request——”

Kamijou Touma: “No no no, I’ll be completely burnt black without understanding the reason!

Kamijou Touma: “Sorry Kanzaki, thanks again! See ya!”

Misaka Mikoto: “You won’t escape again! Hold it right there!!”

Part 3

Kamijou Touma: “Haa, haa. What in the world was that……”

???: What is it that you’re doing?”

Kamijou Touma: “Uwaah!”


Misaka Imouto: “What is it that you’re doing here, says Misaka as she repeats the question.”

Kamijou Touma: “O-ooh, it’s Imouto huh. You surprised me. I thought for sure you were the older sister.”

Kamijou Touma: “That’s right. You see right now I’m being chased by your older sister.”

Kamijou Touma: “I don’t understand the reason at all. Are there any thoughts come mind for you?”

Misaka Imouto: “Is that so……says Misaka as she pretends to think while accessing the Misaka Network.”

Misaka Imouto: “A conceivable reason for Onee-sama’s hostile actions directed at Kamijou Touma——”

Kamijou Touma: “O-ou.”

Misaka Imouto: “The matter of you ‘thick headedness’, says Misaka as she raises the most likely candidate.”

Kamijou Touma: “Hah? Just that?”

Misaka Imouto: “In addition there’s ‘rudeness’, ‘low IQ’, ‘bad taste in hairstyle’, ‘smelling of sweat’, ‘fool’……”

Kamijou Touma: “Ju-just a minute there. You’re making feel a little depressed……”

Misaka Mikoto: “Finally found you! Hand over that thick-headed, rude, low IQ fool right now!!”

Kamijou Touma: “OWAH! She caught up to me again!”

Misaka Imouto: “……Although the Original is saying it, being spoken to like that by another person is a little maddening.”

Misaka Imouto: “Says Misaka as she exposes her hostile thoughts.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Ah, just a minute you, hand over that fool behind you immediately!”

Misaka Imouto: “Onee-sama, this person who is standing behind me, he’s not at all that cruel of a person,”

Misaka Imouto: “Says Misaka as she corrects your misunderstanding.”

Misaka Mikoto: “W-what is this.”

Misaka Mikoto: “I don’t particularly think it’s to that extent either, I just said it in the heat of the moment, the heat of the moment——”

Misaka Imouto: “This is a good opportunity.”

Misaka Imouto: “Which of us is qualified to lay claim to this, let’s decide that with brute force,”

Misaka Imouto: “Says Misaka as she challenges her superior.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Hey you, what are you saying all of a sudden—!”

Misaka Mikoto: “For this reason——eei, being so troublesome, I don’t care even if you get injured.”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto & Shirai Kuroko VS. Misaka Imouto & Kamijou Touma)

Misaka Imouto: “As expected, the Original possessed the ability of the Original,”

Misaka Imouto: “Says Misaka as she again realizes the difference in ability.”

Kamijou Touma: “Y-you guys, sisters should fight each other, absolutely not.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Haah? What are you saying?”

Kamijou Touma: “Now shake hands.”

Misaka Imouto: “Personally, I have no reason to argue with Onee-sama, says Misaka as she replies.”

Misaka Mikoto: “W-well even for me, it’s not that I particularly enjoy fighting with you guys……”

Kamijou Touma: “Hey, you as well.”

Shirai Kuroko: “M-me as well?”

Kamijou Touma: “At any rate, with this it’s been reconciled. Are you going to release you hands?”

Kamijou Touma: “And so. So——”

Kamijou Touma: “——Seeya!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Ah! H-hey!! Hold it right there!!”

Part 4

Kamijou Touma: “Escape escape escape, somehow or another I need to escape……!! OWAH!?”


Sasha: “KYAH!?”

Kamijou Touma: “S-so sorry. Huh, Sasha Kreutzev!?”

Sasha: “My first question, when you’re going somewhere, do you not look at what’s ahead of you?”

Kamijou Touma: “I apologize for that. Right now some incomprehensible circumstances have befallen me.”

Sasha: “My second question, how much longer are you going to remain on top of me?”

Kamijou Touma: “Uwa, wawawa, sorry! I’m caught on the metal fasteners on your outfit.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Y-y-you, what do you think you’re doing in such a place!?”

Shirai Kuroko: “My, how shameless! Onee-sama, you mustn’t look!!”

Kamijou Touma: “You’re wrong! It’s a misunderstanding! It’s a false accusation!”

Misaka Mikoto: “To the end, you’re going to continue treating me like a fool……”

Sasha: “Towards me, hostility is being directed……?”

Sasha: “My first question, is there a good explanation for those hostile actions?”

Misaka Mikoto: “It’s not towards you. I’m after the guy next to——”

Sasha: “My second question, isn’t it the same one way or the other?”

Sasha: “Presently, as far as an attack directed at the man who is currently with me is concerned, it’s the same as an attack against me.”

Misaka Mikoto: “T-t-t-t-t-t-together with you, what’s this all of a sudden……!!”

Kamijou Touma: “O-oi, you guys, wait a moment, let’s discuss this amicably——”

Sasha: “So you have no intention of ceasing your attack then.”

Sasha: “Well then, my response is justified as legitimate self-defense against hostile action.”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto & Shirai Kuroko VS. Sasha Kreutzev & Kamijou Touma)

Kamijou Touma: “Owowow ouch……. Are you injured at all? For having gotten you wrapped up in this, it’s somewhat my fault.”

Sasha: “My first opinion, if that’s what you’re considering, there is no reason for me to wage war against you.”

Sasha: “Ending a fight by pretending to have lost is a typical method of mine.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Stop hiding and come out already!! You hear me! Come out!!”

Shirai Kuroko: “Onee-sama, although I’m pleased that you haven’t been sticking to this gentleman to such a degree……”

Sasha: “My first question, even now, for her to still continue searching for you……”

Sasha: “Perhaps, is it somehow related to that box you are carrying?”

Kamijou Touma: “A-aah this huh. See well……”

Kamijou Touma: “That’s it. Though I should speak to her apologetically, here”

Sasha: “My second question, this is……what is this? Confections?”

Kamijou Touma: “However it’s a rather poor one. Look, there are decals in here.”

Sasha: “My first personal thought, I am not aware of the circumstances, but this appears to be something important.”

Sasha: “Understood. Regarding this matter, let’s just say that with this we’re even.”

Kamijou Touma: “Indeed. Well I have to already, so see you.”

Shirai Kuroko: “We can’t find him huh. Perhaps he’s out of breath somewhere, or possibly……”

Misaka Mikoto: “He escaped huh? I’ll track him down even if I have to drag him out by the roots.”

Part 5

Kamijou Touma: “Haa, haa. Did I lose her?”

Kamijou Touma: “That Biribiri, what’s up with her……”


Oriana: “Ara, if it isn’t you boy.”

Kamijou Touma: “Oriana!? Owah!!”

Oriana: “You shouldn’t run away. Onee-san would be saddened by that.”

Oriana: “Hmm, that Ojou-san?”

Misaka Mikoto: “Fufuun. I won’t let you get away again.”

Kamijou Touma: “Geh, Biribiri!! How did you find out where I was!?”

Oriana: “……Fuun, so that’s it. Say, Ojou-chan?”

Misaka Mikoto: “W-what it is. I have business with that fool over there.”

Oriana: “That’s no good. Right now, this boy is in the midst of adult time with Onee-san after all.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Ha?”

Kamijou Touma: “Heh?”

Oriana: “You don’t get it? I’m saying that this doesn’t involve you.”

Misaka Mikoto: “W-what are you saying, I have pressing business……”

Oriana: “Oh well. You’ll be welcome back after a few years. Tsurupeta-chan.” {TN:Tsurupeta is slang for a flat-chested prepubescent girl)

Misaka Mikoto: “TSU, TSURU!? What!?”

Shirai Kuroko: “Those words just now, there’s no way I can possibly overlook them.”

Kamijou Touma: “O-oi, what are you saying? Haven’t we deviated from the main point?”

Misaka Mikoto: “SILENCE! You womanizer! I’ll electrolize you entirely into dust!!”

Oriana: “Ara, please do not include myself  as well in such stimulating things.”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto & Shirai Kuroko VS. Oriana Thompson & Kamijou Touma)

Oriana: “Ara∼ I’m sorry, Onee-san surrenders.”

Kamijou Touma: “Just a moment, all of you……this is just an extreme misunderstanding.”

Misaka Mikoto: “What misunderstanding!! This female person, wasn’t she just saying this sort of thing and that sort of thing!?”

Shirai Kuroko: “MAAH! How repulsive!!”

Kamijou Touma: “It’s not like that! Oriana, please say something!”

Oriana: “Boy, you ought to learn how to handle females a little.”

Kamijou Touma: “No, this has nothing to do with me after all.”

Oriana: “Onee-san has things to do, so to all those here sayo∼nara∼”

Oriana: “See you then. Ahh, that was quite amusing.”

Kamijou Touma: “Oriana-san!? Oi, ooii!!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Now then, prepare yourself.”

Kamijou Touma: “Wait! Listen to what I have to say, Biribiri! If you let me speak I’ll explain!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Eeh, you’ll say something to whitewash everything. Explain your relation to that woman!”

Kamijou Touma: “That’s not right! Oi!”

Part 6

Misaka Mikoto: “So then, I going to settle things here and now for that time that you escaped!”

Shirai Kuroko: “Be ready!”

Kamijou Touma: “Hiiii!”


Itsuwa: “Excuse me, is something the matter?”

Shirai Kuroko: “Mu, who is this?”

Itsuwa: “Umm, you could say I’m acquainted with Kamijou-san, how should I explain it……”

Misaka Mikoto: “Another new woman huh, hohou.”

Itsuwa: “New woman, did you say?”

Kamijou Touma: “Like I said, how many times do I have to tell you it’s not like that?”

Kamijou Touma: “Whether it’s Sasha or Oriana, we don’t have that sort of relationship!!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Well then, what sort of relationship is it. Please tell us all about it.”

Kamijou Touma: “T-that……has nothing to do with you.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Oh so you won’t tell us then! It must be that sort of relationship then!!”

Itsuwa: “……”

Kamijou Touma: “Say, I keep telling you guys. Listen to what I’m saying properly.”

Itsuwa: “Umm, how to say it.”

Kamijou Touma: “Uh-huh uh-huh.”

Itsuwa: “For some reason, regarding Kamijou-san I……have a bad feeling .”

Kamijou Touma: “Indeed indeed, regarding Kamijou-san a bad……wait, HUH!? What’s this!?”

Misaka Mikoto: “See, as expected this understanding person understand it.”

Itsuwa: “I’m sorry, Kamijou-san. I, I’m on this side.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Like she said, it’s punishment time.”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto & Itsuwa VS. Kamijou Touma)

Misaka Mikoto: “Now then, that box that you’re carrying if you’ll please.”

Itsuwa: “Be so kind as to hand it over.”

Kamijou Touma: “For what reason. It doesn’t make any sense to do so.”

Misaka Mikoto: “I-it is our right as young maidens to confiscate it!”

Itsuwa: “It is indeed. Though I don’t fully understand it……”

Kamijou Touma: “Mouuu, you think I would just give them up!!”

Kamijou Touma: “Secret technique: Kamijou-san-style vanishing into the crowd method!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Ah, wait!”

Shirai Kuroko: “With such a large number of people, even my Teleport can’t be used.”

Shirai Kuroko: “Onee-sama, isn’t this enough already?”

Misaka Mikoto: “No way! After coming this far I won’t be satisfied if we didn’t see it through until the end!”

Shirai Kuroko: “Hah, of course of course……”

Shirai Kuroko: “Oh! Sorry, Onee-sama. It’s a summon from Judgement.”

Shirai Kuroko: “I have to go.”

Misaka Mikoto: “OK, I understand. Thank you. Aah, just one small favor if you will——”

Itsuwa: “We-well then with this I……”


Kamijou Touma: “What the hell is this!?”

Kamijou Touma: “Whether it’s Oriana, whether it’s Itsuwa, women are so incomprehensible! I don’t understand it at all!!”

Part 7

Kamijou Touma: “Fuh, I guess I’ll hide here for a short while……”

???: “Good day, it’s been a long time.”


Kamijou Touma: “Kazakiri!? Why are you here?”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “I came because you are being monitored on the network.”

Kamijou Touma: “That’s right, Birbiri’s partner was from Judgement after all……”

Kamijou Touma: “Could it be, they’re using the surveillance system of Academy City to capture me!?”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “So it seems.”

Kamijou Touma: “That goes beyond abuse of authority! How the heck can they do that!”

Misaka Mikoto: “By applying available resources such that the scope doesn’t cause interference with everyday duties.”

Misaka Mikoto: “However even so this is the end!”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “Please wait.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Y-you were together with them back during the terrorist attack at the underground shopping mall……”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “The injuring of this person, that’s something I will not permit.”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “This person, he’s a precious person to me.”

Misaka Mikoto: “‘Precious person’ huh……”

Misaka Mikoto: “Say, that person’s ability, you’re also aware of it right?”

Misaka Mikoto: “Even if I attempted to wound him, I wouldn’t be able to wound him——”

Misaka Mikoto: “I’ll tell you all about it after I catch him.”

Kamijou Touma: “Damn, here comes the electric shock……!”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “Watch out!!”

Misaka Mikoto: “My electric shock was erased……?”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “……”

Kamijou Touma: “Kazakiri, you……”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto VS. Kazakiri Hyouka & Kamijou Touma)

Misaka Mikoto: “A-are you okay. Though I did attack you by mistake……”

Kamijou Touma: “Kazakiri!? You, your body……”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “It’s fine. I just can’t maintain the convergence of the force field.”

Kamijou Touma: “I-is that so? Thank goodness.”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “Un. Putting that aside we’ll still get along as friends. Right?”

Kamijou Touma: “A,aah. Thank you.”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “I’ll return. We’ll see each other shortly, so makeup with——”

Kazakiri Hyouka: “Let’s play together again”

Kamijou Touma: “Bye.”

Misaka Mikoto: “So, since that girl said it, let’s split them okay?”

Kamijou Touma: “Naturally. Though I didn’t want to say that……”

Kamijou Touma: “After all, this was something I did while thinking about your sake.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Eh?”

Kamijou Touma: “And so having said that, you’re going to have to chase me more! Seeya!”

Misaka Mikoto: “What do you mean by that! Hold it right there!”

Part 8


Mugino Shizuri: “Ha—, at the end of the daily work, I’m restricted to a salmon lunch—”

Mugino Shizuri: “However, salmon lunch is something that never betrays me. Aah, so delicious.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Huh—? Although, I have a feeling that yesterday was salmon lunch as well, huh—?”

Misaka Mikoto: “Hold it—! Just let yourself get caught already!”

Kamijou Touma: “Even if you tell me to wait, only a fool would wait in a time like this.”

Mugino Shizuri: “……What was that. Well, let’s leave the fools alone. Now, salmon lunch——”


Misaka Mikoto: “Gyah, I’m sorry!!”

Mugino Shizuri: “WAH! My boxed lunch……aah……”

Misaka Mikoto: “U-umm, I’m so sorry. For knocking over your boxed lunch.”

Mugino Shizuri: “Sorry……are you?”

Mugino Shizuri: “Oi you, wait just a minute you fool.”

Kamijou Touma: “Eh——”

Misaka Mikoto: “It was just a mistake——”

Mugino Shizuri: “In today’s generation, it’s inexcusable to just end things with a simple ‘I’m sorry’!”

Mugino Shizuri: “Such a fellow, isn’t he an absolutely unforgivable person? You understand that?”

Misaka Mikoto: “Gege! You’re from that time I sneaked into that research facility……!”

Mugino Shizuri: “It’s you, rank 3. Isn’t this just great.”

Mugino Shizuri: “For both myself, as well as my salmon lunch, I’ll have you apologize in the netherworld!”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto & Kamijou Touma VS. Mugino Shizuri)

Kamijou Touma: “Wait! We were wrong! We think it was a really bad thing we did! That’s the truth!”

Mugino Shizuri: “If you really think so, then you’ll immediately turn into atomic dust.”

Kamijou Touma: “We’ll prepare a replacement boxed lunch! How does that sound!!”

Mugino Shizuri: “Uh……” (TN: This line was immediately after a stomach growling)

Kamijou Touma: “You’re hungry aren’t you? Right? that’s why go and immediately prepare one.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Prepare one you say, me!?”

Kamijou Touma: “You were the one who knocked over her boxed lunch!”

Misaka Mikoto: “T-that is so.”

Misaka Mikoto: “W-well now, you’ve heard of the topic of Tokiwadai, the one about the super delicious salmon lunch.”

Misaka Mikoto: “We’ll go purchase one……okay?”

Mugino Shizuri: “……Don’t keep me waiting more than 5 minutes.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Then just wait for a little bit! Damn it, why isn’t Kuroko around at times like this!”

Kamijou Touma: “My bad about that. Well with that taken care of, I’ll entrust it to her and disappear myself. Seeya!”

Misaka Mikoto: “What’s up with him. Well, it’s fine so long as she comes back with the salmon lunch.”

Part 9

Kamijou Touma: “Shit, what is it with today……”

???: “Put your hands up.”

Kamijou Touma: “HII!?”


Last Order: “I wanted to say that line at least once, says Misaka as Misaka decided to suddenly appear.”

Kamijou Touma: “Heh? So you’re not Birbiri huh. Haaaa, don’t startle me like that.”

Kamijou Touma: “Right now, I’m going through some extreme hardships——”

Last Order: “Due to the Misaka Network, I’m aware of the main points of the situation already.”

Last Order: “Says Misaka as Misaka responds while puffing up her chest.”

Kamijou Touma: “Perhaps then, are you here to help me hide?”

Last Order: “That was my intention. Though I will be accepting a reward of course——”

Last Order: “The contents of the luggage you are carrying, I’m aware of what it is, says Misaka as Misaka gets to the main point.”

Kamijou Touma: “Uh. We’ll talk about a reward afterwards. In any case can you lead me to a place where Biribiri won’t find me.”

Last Order: “Contract established, but before that, aren’t you thirsty? Or perhaps are you hungry?”

Kamijou Touma: “……What is it that you want to eat?”

Last Order: “As can clearly be seen, Misaka who is in Misaka’s growth period isn’t faltering!!”

Last Order: “Perhaps a family restaurant would be good, or else a ramen shop perhaps? Now, the latest gourmet map——”

Kamijou Touma: “O-oi, although it’s find to waver between two choices, let’s go someplace where we won’t stand out so——”

Misaka Mikoto: “I∼fou∼nd∼you∼!!”

Kamijou Touma: “GAAH! She found meee!”

Last Order: “Muh, if it’s for the sake of my reward, I’ll display my attitude even if it means taking on the Original!”

Last Order: “Says Misaka as Misaka enters combat readiness!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Ho∼u, if that’s the case I’ll just punish you together with that fool!”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto VS. Kamijou Touma & Last Order)

Misaka Mikoto: “Now it’s finally over.”

Kamijou Touma: “UUUh, there’s nothing that can be done……”

Last Order: “Being so merciless when your cute little sister was the opponent, says Misaka as Misaka raises a complaint.”

???: Well, you’re so-called complaint is the reason I bothered to show up here……”


Misaka & Kamijou: “Accelerator!?”

Accelerator: “You guys, it looks like I owe you a small debt huh? And don’t tell me you forgot about it.”

Kamijou Touma: “Oi, Biribiri! Do something!”

Misaka Mikoto: “E-even if you tell me to do something……what should I do.”

Last Order: “Even if it’s yooouuu, Misaka will turn off the calculations if you continue to act violently.”

Kamijou Touma: “Seriously……”

Accelerator: “Aah? Now you’re ignoring me? Not acting all big and important, Level 0.”

Kamijou Touma: “I’m not ignoring you! There’s no reason for me to ignore you!”

Accelerator: “Annoying pipsqueak. Move it.”

Accelerator: “Think this discussion is over? You guys, I’ll be settling things with you who oppose me.”

Kamijou Touma: “Biribiri, you get out of here.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Get out of here, what are you going to do?”

Kamijou Touma: “Just go! Hurry!”

Misaka Mikoto: “I-I got it.”

Accelerator: “You seriously plan on relying on that right hand of yours? Let’s go then!!”

Kamijou Touma: “Uooooh!”

Accelerator: “Tch, why you, you plan on facing me the same way?”

Kamijou Touma: “Uoooooh, Accelerator!! See you lateeeeeer!!”

Last Order: “He got away, says Misaka as Misaka’s mouth is agape.”

Accelerator: “Tch……. What the hell was that about?”

Part 10

Kamijou Touma: “Haa, haa……I thought I was going to die.”


Index: “Touma! Touma! When you didn’t return I was worried so I came to look for you!”

Index: “It looks like you’re okay though. So, is that it? Is that it? You seriously bought it?”

Kamijou Touma: “Ahh. And I was somehow able to desperately defend them……here.”

Index: “Waah, thank you so much, Touma. Well then, I’ll immediately……”

Misaka Mikoto: “Hold it right there! Take you hands off that box!”


Kamijou Touma: “……You guys huh, what the hell is it this time!?”

Shirai Kuroko: “This is Judgement!! I have returned to professional duties, you see.”

Kamijou Touma: “And I say that I don’t recall doing anything that would lead to me being detained by Judgement!”

Misaka Mikoto: “There might not have been any before, but there is now!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Even Gekota is crying after all!”

Kamijou Touma: “That’s surely just frog singing.”

Misaka Mikoto: “That’s not what it means! It’s talking about all your wrongdoings!”

Kamijou Touma: “Don’t make strange accusations! Just ask that shopkeeper!”

Index: “Touma?”

Kamijou Touma: “Index, wait here. You understand?”

Misaka Mikoto: “It seems that negotiations——”

Kamijou Touma: “Have broken down yes. Okay, I get it. Let’s put an end to this.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Just what I wanted!”

FIGHT (Misaka Mikoto & Shirai Kuroko VS. Kamijou Touma & Index)

Kamijou Touma: “Damn it, it’s no good huh……!”

Kamijou Touma: “Index, this is a last resort!”

Index: “I understand!”

Index: “If we’re going to get caught, I’ll just have to eat all of them at once!”

Index: “Itadakimasu!”

Misaka Mikoto: “Just a second! That’s sneaky! Aaah, my Gekota Chocolate!!”

Index: “Mugumugumugu……Puhah! Gochisousama!”

Kamijou Touma: “Where……,where……,where……!”

Kamijou Touma: “……Alright!”

Misaka Mikoto: “AH! That’s dream number 107!!”

Kamijou Touma: “Well done, Index!”

Index: “Un!”

Kamijou Touma: “Here you go, Biribiri.”

Misaka Mikoto: “……Eh?”

Kamijou Touma: “You wanted it didn’t you? This decal.”

Misaka Mikoto: “You’re giving it, to me? Why?”

Index: “Touma went about collecting that decal for Short-hair.”

Index: “Since you’re always fighting over some misunderstanding,”

Index: “He wanted to use that decal as a means for reconciliation, and so he consulted with me.”

Kamijou Touma: “I-Idiot……!”

Kamijou Touma: “Ah—it’s not like that. Since Index said she wanted to eat that chocolate, I ended up buying it for her.”

Misaka Mikoto: “You……”

Kamijou Touma: “The decal was simply a bonus. Besides if I had handed over the box, would you have eaten it?”

Misaka Mikoto: “While it’s not unreasonable……”

Kamijou Touma: “You see? Something like throwing away the chocolate just for the decal, that’s something Kamijou-san cannot allow.”

Shirai Kuroko: “A—ah, it seems this case was just what I thought it was.”


Kamijou Touma: “Ah—. Well—, about the only one per day, I didn’t realize there was such a rule so……”

Kamijou Touma: “For having gone about it in such an underhanded manner, I’m sorry.”

Misaka Mikoto: “……”

Kamijou Touma: (Uh. A-as expected the state of her mood hasn’t improved……)

Misaka Mikoto: “…………. Well……, than——”

Kamijou Touma: “Hmm? What is it?”

Misaka Mikoto: “That’s why, you see, thank——”

Kamijou Touma: “However, you know Biribiri, you didn’t have to chase me all around like that.”

Kamijou Touma: “Getting that worked up over just 1 decal.”

Misaka Mikoto: “……Ha?

Misaka Mikoto: “The entirety of today, you think I was angry only about the decal?”

Kamijou Touma: “What, did you want the chocolate too? If you eat like that you won’t grow any taller you know.”

Misaka Mikoto: “Hey you, in truth, you don’t understand anything at all do you……”

Index: “I may not be aware of the situation from before you got here, but I can picture the general idea.”

Index: “Touma’s bad habit emerged again didn’t it?”

Kamijou Touma: “What would that be Index?”

Kamijou Touma: “Oh that’s right, I should ask Oriana and Kanzaki what they eat to grow as tall as that——”

Kamijou Touma: “H-huh? Misaka-san? Are you angry about something?”

Shirai Kuroko: “Onee-sama, excellent! Please go right ahead!”


Misaka Mikoto: “You——complete idiooooot!!”

Kamijou Touma: “Owaaaah!!!”

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