Vandread Extra Stage 6 Complete

The sixth chapter of extra stage is now fully completed. Just two more to go before the entire volume is done. In other news, Railgun PSP chapter 3 is just short of 50% complete, which also puts me more than halfway done with the entire game.

As much as I might like to make grandiose promises about upcoming releases though, I do need to bring up a point from reality. I will be starting training for a new job at the end of September, a fact which is (for me at least) a matter great excitement. Naturally this will mean less free time, especially during the early part of October when I expect my translations to all but grind to a halt. On the bright side, this will be my permanent career if all goes well, so once I’m settled in things might speed up a good amount.

Lastly, while I would very much like to pick up the new Slashdog when it comes out in November, I won’t be making any guarantees at this time. I don’t plan to make a decision until late October at the earliest and even if I do decide to pick it up it may not be for a couple of months.

4 thoughts on “Vandread Extra Stage 6 Complete

    1. Haven’t forgotten about it. I’m currently jumping between a couple different projects and had a couple months of little progress. With any luck the next chapter will be finished some time in December.


  1. Woah I’m so glad I found your blog, just when I got nostalgic for Vandread and ended up marathoning the second season today. It’s lucky that you updated just a few days prior so I know the blog still active!! I hope you finish the Extra Stage translation soon, but no pressure! Enjoy your new job! (It’s funny, I’m actually going to train for a new job that might be a permanent career at the end of the month as well. Anyway~)


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