Vandread Extra Stage COMPLETE!!!

At long last, Vandread the Extra Stage is done! Well, there is still the afterword, but the novel is complete. Check one off the to do list.

With that finished, I’ll be moving on to Slashdog ch 3 next. I haven’t forgotten about Railgun, but Slashdog is my main focus. On the bright side, wordpress appears to have offered a new editing format that, if appearances can be judged, might expedite my work on Railgun when I do go back to it. So far, my experience is that the new style will allow me to implement my custom page formatting without having to constantly switch between a visual and HTML editor like I usually do.

Some people have asked me about the DxD Harem King Memorial volume that recently came out. It does seem that there will be a team effort to translate it at some point, but it’s still in the discussion phase so there’s no time table as of yet.

14 thoughts on “Vandread Extra Stage COMPLETE!!!

    1. Afterwords are like author commentaries. They discuss the specific volume, offer acknowledgments to their editors and publishers, thank the fans, etc. They are not story chapters (though occasionally they hint at future developments).

      All story chapters are finished. There is no story telling what happens years later.


      1. I see. Also seeing how you were able to answer my question, I should tell you that you might wanna highlight the Hibiki and Dita chapter to get access. And delete the Afterword, seeing how it’s nothing important.


  1. Hello! I really love and enjoy the effort you put into translating the Vandread extra stage LN! I’m a bit confused about something however: where exactly can I find the last 3 translated chapters? The last one I could find was Ch.5 which was Gascogne’s story. I tried looking through your posts about the last three chapters but they had no link to view the chapters. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something, I’m just a bit confused about it overall!
    Thank you regardless for taking your time to translate the chapters, I’ve enjoyed reading every one of them ^-^


  2. Hi, first off thank you so much for your translation of The Fallen Dog God—SLASHDØG— as I am quite a big fan of Highschool DxD in general and as this series is related to it find it incredibly interesting as it expands the universe. For one thing I find little Vali to be rather adorable, and the sacred gears in this story to be rather interesting considering what they are. Still even more I’m immensely curious about the Himejima clan which seem to play a very big role in storyline in this series (or at least volume 2 and 3) is Japan’s most prominent clan in DxD in regards to supernatural while having ties to Shintoism and Four Sacred Beasts and Dragon of the center Kouryu. We only get hints of them in the main story of DxD which I always found to be a immense shame.

    Still that being said and with all do respect do you mind if I can try and see if I can find you some help translating The Fallen Dog God—SLASHDØG—?

    Waiting several months for a single chapter is a bit of a patience tester. I know this may be pure selfishness on my part and indeed I mean not disrespect towards yourself or speed you go at. I’m happy that someone is even translating this series in the first place. Still I find myself burning immensely with curiosity with what happens next and wishing for things to go a little faster. Thus my asking if you would be alright if I went around and asked if anyone would be willing to help you with your endeavor. Granted I doubt my efforts may bear much fruit and odds are you’ll still be stuck alone with lone but dignified effort of translating series piece by piece but I would at least like to try if that is alright with you.

    So once again I would like to respectfully ask if I may be allowed to see if I can (hopefully) find you some competent help with the SLASHDOG series.


    1. Personally, I’d prefer if you didn’t. Translating a novel piecemeal can be very disorienting since terminology usage will often be inconsistent (see EX as an example). I understand that translations are slow in coming at times, and my best advice is to be patient. I often wait months or longer to see novels I follow get updated. Add in the fact that I had prior projects that needed attention, and you get longer delays. That’s part of why I prioritized finishing vandread: to clear time for Slashdog and (eventually) my Toaru translations.

      That said, I do know that Daniel yang is looking for help with the Dx volumes due to time constraints on his free time. Additionally, I have received requests for the Harem Memorial volume. If you know someone willing to chip in on those I will gladly refer them to the appropriate individuals.

      In any event, I would like to thank you for your offer and kind words. I can assure you that I am continuing work on Slashdog, having all but finished the first 2 parts of the next chapter since completing vandread.


      1. Okay I will respect your decision on the matter and do my best to resolve myself to patiently wait for the completion of SLASHDOG volume 2 and 3 whenever you get around to it. Granted I really am brimming with curiosity about the Himejima clan and Shintoism. Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity are the 3 biggest religions in Japan so I felt it was a shame that canon DxD didn’t explore this angle a bit more. I mean you would think the Japanese gods would have more say what is happening in their country but they seem to be content just letting things be since none of them showed up or appeared. Even Buddhism was lightly touched upon in DxD granted is was in the later volumes but still.

        As far as Daniel Yang looking for help, in that case I’ll see if I can convince anyone to lend a hand there are a few people who may take a interest as doing something mainstream like DxD could also help lead people to check out the other novel on their site. I’ll just give it my best shot and hope something turns up then.

        Once again thanks for all your effort with SLASHDOG in the first place it’s not like I’m unappreciative for all you have done after all and I do enjoy the series quite a bit. Take care and I hope you have a Merry Christmas since that will be coming up soon enough.


    1. Typically, the afterword is merely the author’s comments, acknowledgements, and occasionally a discussion of plot ideas that didn’t make it into the final work. I’ve never seen one that contained stories. Considering that Wikipedia has no citations and barely acknowledges the other 6 light novel volumes, I’d take what’s written there with a grain of salt. After all, it states that Parfet was stranded outside the nirvana, when in reality it was inside, and mentions Misty becoming a godmother, when the novel had her being used for an event poster essentially.


      1. Yeah, it’s weird that they put those added information there out of nowhere. I wasn’t really ready to believe their inputs with Jura and Barnette, but I was curious if there was a continuation of Hibiki and Dita’s story. The ending was good nonetheless. Thanks for the clarification and reply though.


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