Slashdog Chapter 3 Complete

The 3rd chapter of Slashdog 2 is finished. Things really start to heat up in this chapter and even I’m itching to see what happens next.

Before I do though, I want to finish Vandread’s afterword. It should only take me a few days at most. I might knock out a few scenes of Railgun as well, but Slashdog is still my primary focus.

11 thoughts on “Slashdog Chapter 3 Complete

  1. Thanks for the translations. Will you be updating soon with more Slashdog Chapters. Last update was Ch 3 of Vol 2 I believe back in Dec. So to clear up my Confusion Slashdog is A Prequal to Highschool Dxd and Slashdog 2 is a Sequal to Slashdog or just a continuation from Slashdog 1. Not really following no more after the Whole Is Shin a Reboot or Continuation of Dxd Vol 25 still confused there too.


    1. I took a break after chapter 3 to focus on another project. I finished that a few weeks ago and have been making significant progress on chapter 4.

      Slashdog is a prequel of sorts, but it also qualifies as a spinoff. Moreover, it is also a reboot of an earlier, unrelated series by the same author, but that’s not too important. Shin DxD is a pure sequel.


    1. I’m nearing 50% completion after less than a month. I can’t promise it’ll be done before May, but I doubt it’ll take much longer of it isn’t.


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